And now folks, for the coup de gras. In this installment, one shall reveal how NASA has really been spending America’s precious tax dollars. Throughout the decades, since its inception, NASA has sold itself as an agency dedicated to the exploration of space and all related astronomical scientific inquiry. While claiming to be preoccupied with the study and pursuit of scientific truth, the true purpose of the historically hallowed space agency has been positioned just beyond the general public’s purview and perception.

That is, until now.

In truth, NASA represents a PR firm for the department of defense, and a social engineering laboratory for London’s Tavistock Insititute.

Lately, in fact, NASA seems to be preoccupied more with social engineering rather than the engineering of space rockets. Be that as it may, there is yet another highly touted NASA project: CERN. Technologically intricate and massive in scale, CERN has swallowed up billions for an ultimate purpose perhaps even more fantastical than the agency’s alleged deep space missions. Although NASA’s description of the true purpose of such a behemoth project remains rather obscure, educated speculation leads one in curious, if not startling directions. From what one has been able to glean thus far, the main component of CERN is a supercomputer called D-Wave, with which NASA scientists claim they can predict the behaviors of various particles of matter. One believes this ‘supercomputer’ may be tied in with the NSA’s Total information Awareness’ surveillance grid. The D-wave supercomputer may be dialed in with government agencies responsible for assisting Homeland Security with executing HSLEEP drills. Working in conjunction with CERN’s D-wave supercomputer may facilitate coordination between various government agencies, private contractors, and local and state law enforcement in flawlessly executing emergency preparedness drills, which are later sold to the public via the corporate owned media as real world crisis. But, that subject shall be dealt with in yet another installment, coming soon. For now, we shall primarily deal with the issue of the latest anomalies discovered in the most recently released set of NASA’s official photographs, claiming to represent objects on the surface of Mars.

One promises, the following evidence presented in demonstrating NASA’s epic fraudulence is inarguable and positively shill proof, as well comical.

Bring it on NASA fan boys and girls, and internet trolls, prove one wrong!  Continue reading “NASA SCAM IS TAXPAYER BLACK HOLE (part VI)”


Throughout it’s storied history, NASA has made several extravagant claims, many of which have gone unquestioned by media and public alike. NASA justifies it’s continued taxpayer funding predicated on the idea it is performing ground breaking feats of science; astronomy and space travel. But, despite remaining virtually unquestioned, do these extravagant claims bear any resemblance to the truth? Is NASA primarily concerned with the furtherance of scientific knowledge, or is it merely a PR agency for the US government and the Department of Defense? Continue reading “NASA SCAM IS TAXPAYER BLACK HOLE (PART III)”