And now folks, for the coup de gras. In this installment, one shall reveal how NASA has really been spending America’s precious tax dollars. Throughout the decades, since its inception, NASA has sold itself as an agency dedicated to the exploration of space and all related astronomical scientific inquiry. While claiming to be preoccupied with the study and pursuit of scientific truth, the true purpose of the historically hallowed space agency has been positioned just beyond the general public’s purview and perception.

That is, until now.

In truth, NASA represents a PR firm for the department of defense, and a social engineering laboratory for London’s Tavistock Insititute.

Lately, in fact, NASA seems to be preoccupied more with social engineering rather than the engineering of space rockets. Be that as it may, there is yet another highly touted NASA project: CERN. Technologically intricate and massive in scale, CERN has swallowed up billions for an ultimate purpose perhaps even more fantastical than the agency’s alleged deep space missions. Although NASA’s description of the true purpose of such a behemoth project remains rather obscure, educated speculation leads one in curious, if not startling directions. From what one has been able to glean thus far, the main component of CERN is a supercomputer called D-Wave, with which NASA scientists claim they can predict the behaviors of various particles of matter. One believes this ‘supercomputer’ may be tied in with the NSA’s Total information Awareness’ surveillance grid. The D-wave supercomputer may be dialed in with government agencies responsible for assisting Homeland Security with executing HSLEEP drills. Working in conjunction with CERN’s D-wave supercomputer may facilitate coordination between various government agencies, private contractors, and local and state law enforcement in flawlessly executing emergency preparedness drills, which are later sold to the public via the corporate owned media as real world crisis. But, that subject shall be dealt with in yet another installment, coming soon. For now, we shall primarily deal with the issue of the latest anomalies discovered in the most recently released set of NASA’s official photographs, claiming to represent objects on the surface of Mars.

One promises, the following evidence presented in demonstrating NASA’s epic fraudulence is inarguable and positively shill proof, as well comical.

Bring it on NASA fan boys and girls, and internet trolls, prove one wrong! 

Former ‘astronaut’ Don Petit is on record stating that NASA’s Apollo moon technology had been ‘destroyed’ and that it would be ‘too painful to build it back up again’:

Considering the Apollo missions were hailed as mankind’s most astonishing engineering and scientific accomplishment, would it not be considered logical to preserve this technology, if not only for the purposes of scheduling and executing future return missions, but at the very least for preserving a firm historical record at which future generations might marvel? As if the inherent absurdity of a former ‘astronaut’s’ statement were too inconceivable to contemplate, NASA’s latest official photographs of the Martian surface represent an even grander absurdity still. Even from a cursory glance, what is depicted in the NASA photographs does not appear to resemble the topography of Mars, but something else entirely. What that something turns out to be, may give one pause when considering the scientific validity and credibility of NASA. Could there be an actual psychological methodology at work when considering the mountainous lies NASA has erected? Could it be, if is there is any science being conducted by NASA, it is in the realm of sociology and psychological operations, constantly testing the emotional reactions and gullibility of the general public?

But first, before divulging an analysis of the latest NASA photographs from Mars, one shall recall similar anomalies regarding past NASA space missions. Turns out, through the years, NASA has foisted prevarications so enormous, one recalls this pertinent statement from the infamous Bolshevik counter-intelligence agent and international banking puppet Vladimir Lenin: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.


Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, who worked directly with Stanley Kubrick in bringing to life the groundbreaking film 2001: A Space Odyssey, described the Apollo missions as ‘a hole in mankind’s history’. What exactly was Clarke referring to, did he mean to imply the Apollo missions were not as advertised? How is it, a science fiction writer was privy to the minute details of the Apollo missions? Turns out, science fiction writers such as Clarke were counted among the many ‘technical advisers’ working on the feasibility of the Apollo missions. This seems to square with yet another eye opening statement from former ‘astronaut’ Don Petit, that ‘the only limits to a human future in space exist in the imagination’, rather than within the parameters of any sort of technical limitations. After all, who would possess a more expansive imagination, possessing the requisite creative flair in composing the sort of propaganda necessary to bolster the credibility of NASA Apollo missions in the minds of the public, more so than a prominent and prize winning science fiction author? Could it be these denizens of the NASA vision, the very same propagandists charged with shaping global perceptions of a human future in space, may also on the other hand be attempting to inform the public that NASA’s daring explorations into the unknown of mankind’s last frontier, take place not in deep space, but on the sound stages and movie lots of Hollywood?

The definitive answer would seem to be in the affirmative.

It is indeed unfortunate many still do need heed the message put before their very eyes.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


In the course of revealing the decades long dossier rife with NASA’s massive lies and deceptions, one now fast forwards to 1986, to the the Challenger space shuttle mission that allegedly met a fiery demise exploding in mid-air over the Atlantic soon after launch. Before getting to the details, regular followers of will recognize the numerology of the number seven and its relationship to the square and compass symbolism of the high masonic orders. True to the deceptive nature of the high masonic orders, the Challenger disaster was nothing more than a staged tragedy with all the trappings of dramatic and epic theatricality. Extensive research has uncovered that not only are six of the original seven Challenger ‘astronauts’ still alive, their deception has not even been very cleverly hidden:

The most hallowed passenger aboard the Challenger mission on that fateful day, ‘teacher’ Christa McAuliffe, played a rather deceptive trick on the public by using her middle name rather than her first, which is Sharon. Sharon McAuliffe is now a Syracuse law professor. Judith Resnik, a Challenger mission specialist, alleged to have perished in the fiery disaster, miraculously emerged unscathed from the Challenger wreckage to become a professor of law at none other than the home of Skull and Bones, Yale University. Challenger pilot Michael W. Smith, rather than plunging to a watery grave in the freezing Atlantic in 1986, is now counted among the living as a professor at the University of Wisconsin. Considering the blatant nature of this particular deception only serves to demonstrate the degrading and utter contempt NASA harbors for the overall intelligence and perceptive abilities possessed by the general public. That’s right folks, they have stolen billions of your tax dollars over a period of several decades, and used it to mock you with nothing more than computer generated space images, fatuous and pseudo-scientific speculative voodoo, and badly conceived space opera theatricality aided and abetted by Hollywood cinematic wizardry. American Siren - 3D


On June 8 2017, NASA posted their latest photographs, allegedly taken by the MRO, or Mars reconnaissance orbiter. Given it has been conclusively proven NASA has not, and likely never shall, travel into deep space, the very existence of the MRO, the Mars rover, or the verifiable existence of any other equipment launched by NASA towards a specified deep space target is indeed dubious.

NASA claims the MRO has snapped close-ups of Mars North Pole region, but in perusing the photographs, it is clear, once again, NASA is performing a psychological operation on the general public. A research assistant, who wished to remain anonymous,  took some valuable time to examine the images in NASA’s photographs. What he found is indeed stunning, and at the very least, comical. But first, one can judge for themselves here:

Upon examination, the photographs turn out to be gross misrepresentations. In truth, they are extreme close-ups and distortions of rather mundane objects rather than accurate photographic representations of objects existing on a planetary body floating through the deep vacuum of outer space. One of them turned out to be a close-up, with extreme lens distortion properties added in for effect, of a vinyl record and a fruit juice stain spilled upon a varnished wooden table.

After several minutes of hilarity, one finally composed themselves to finally finish this article. If one still believes in the credibility of NASA, scientific or otherwise, one can only say that juvenile faith in the claims of those in so-called positions of authority cannot possibly hold out against genuine inquiry into the truth for very much longer. The veil of lies is cracking folks. There is only one question remaining; is one courageous enough to tear it completely down?



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