It becomes important to realize, nothing one sees broadcast by the media sorcerers is real.

It is all a carefully crafted illusion, designed to shape the public mind like clay in the hands of the potter. In fact, any story publicized widely by any major network one cares to name, one can be certain it was purposely created just for ratings, for PR serving a specific agenda, or to generate massive profits derived from advertising and marketing campaigns.

It is even more important to realize, that those ensconced in the alternative media utilize the same method of operation. One thinks they may be giving you a non-mainstream version of events, but they aren’t. All they are essentially offering, is more of the same, just marketed in a different colored package.

For weeks now, both camps of sorcerers in the mainstream and alternative media have ballyhooed the idea presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may be suffering from Parkinson’s.


As has been outlined in one of my earlier posts, Hillary Clinton is merely a scripted character played by a host actress, and the entire presidential election process is pure bread and circus, about as genuine as artificial flavoring. And yet millions keep consuming the pablum, inhaling hours of dross as if it were mothers milk.

It also bears repeating, that the entire political system is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the London Crown Temple bankers, who also own and operate all the networks. Look closely, and one shall find Goldman Sacks listed as major stockholder in Time Warner, National Amusements, and Viacom . They are the holders of every major corporate umbrella, under which is gathered all major Hollywood studios and television networks. This  includes the loud mouthed, professional agitating shill Alex Jones, and his lying cohort in shameless disinformation crime, David Icke.

Yes, they are all in the same shady ballpark, and as for the alternative media perhaps giving one some shred of truth, don’t believe it. One can choose to paint a rancid garbage can gold, but at the end of the day, it still sits in the alleyway befouling the nostrils.

On an elementary level, media stories like the one we’re about to look at, are merely PR campaigns for the brands chosen for mass consumption by the corporate Crown Temple bankers. Ostensibly, they greatly focus fickle public attentions on a specific nodal point, all designed to keep the couch potato sheep riveted to their high definition big brother screens, feeding them daily and heaping doses of corporate propaganda.

But keep in mind, while one’s attention is glued to the screen, one is transformed to a suggestible mindset dominated by alpha waves, while the media sorcerers exploit valuable advertising blocks, advertising which will later compel you to pull out your credit card and shop until you drop. This, in turn, keeps the debt based economic system from collapsing like the deceptively weak house of cards it truly is. The Crown Temple bankers business is in creating more debt currency, profiting further from advertising commercial products on their corporate owned television networks. Each time one feels thoroughly compelled to spend, you are perpetually feeding the vicious economic boa constrictor strangling America, in fact the entire world.

The fake Clinton feinting spell is yet another example of the media sorcerers attempt to focus the scattered attentions of the masses. Even the most cursory of analysis will soon bear that out.  We shall start, by noticing the favorite tool of these media magicians is used again here in this story, as usual. The science of numerology coding is the television magicians most telltale tools. Though not obvious to most, the name of the character Hillary Clinton sums to 33. This is not only the number signifying the highest degree in the rites of Scottish masonry, but 33 is also a reference to the number of biblical fallen angels cast down by God from heaven. Added to that, this little feinting spell of Mrs. Clinton took place on September 11 (the numerology destruction code 9=Satan’s number, 11=code for the twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachim, or master apprentice).

If one looks very closely at the media footage of Clinton’s so-called collapse, it is easily observable that the prone figure is no more than a mannequin. The actions of the secret service are even more suspect, and they seem to deviate from regular protocol when Clinton finally emerges walking alone through the cheering crowds, the camera tellingly panned far off, as if the media sorcerers are actually hiding something in plain sight.

If one carefully attunes auditory senses when watching the videos derived from network footage, one may hear the dropping of a coin just before Clinton collapses. To my mind, this may signify the tolling of ‘hell’s bells’, but that may only be speculation. Nonetheless, this incident is nothing more than a scripted theatrical charade. One must be ever vigilant when it comes to the foul demonstrations of the media sorcerers, for they are the masters of illusion, and purveyors of lying deception.

Further, there is a so-called doctor named Ted Noel (yet another fake moniker summing to 33), who claims through the most superficial analysis, to have intimate knowledge Hillary Clinton has been stricken with Parkinson’s disease. This is of course pure hokum, for one can clearly observe Noel is no more a doctor than the hapless actor who played the Sandy Hook coroner. It is truly mystifying how these scoundrels sleep at night, or dare look at their own wretched reflections in the mirror without it cracking. Perhaps, they find the material reward received ample justification for condemning one’s eternal soul, that is if they had one to begin with.

For those who would fawn before or scorn after these ‘candidates’, it is important to remember they are merely actors chosen to play a role. Therefore, investing great reservoirs of emotional energy towards one extreme or the other is truly wasteful, since the actual structure of ruling governance is perpetually hidden from the masses.

The one’s in total control will surely never subject themselves to the whim of popular elections, for they rule only by dint of proxy. There are no politicians making executive decisions, only actors playing roles and reading scripts. The media sorcerers cast their television spells, and the masters hidden behind the curtain of Oz secretly mock the masses as they react predictably  without fail.

Time and again, those who attempt to penetrate the thick veil of lies surrounding everything in this world, they are jeered and attacked with puerile labels such as “conspiracy theorist”‘ or “tin foil hat.”

Ironic then, to consider the media sorcerers mocking with such childish labels, are truly the only ones filling the world with such conspiracy theories.

Time and again, they proffer absurd accounts of terrorists with box cutters, and wild tales of mentally ill young men with automatic weapons, mercilessly slaughtering school children. Heart strings sufficiently yanked, the public then without fail, generously contributes to the various charitable and non-profit pyramid money scams.

Those who manage to penetrate the veil, will soon discover thick skin is required to navigate the scorn of neighbors, so-called friends, and co-workers hopelessly drowning in the miasma of spells perpetrated by the media sorcerers. They are the victims of cognitive dissonance, constantly fueling the spells of the media sorcerers with mass emotional investment. What they fail to realize, is that if their televisions were to be shut off, or better still discarded, they would find the world a much different place apart from conditioned perception.

Now, we shall discuss a parallel report, issued by the media sorcerers at ABC, who saw fit to air the claim that Hillary Clinton had died. In a demonstration of blatant alternative and mainstream media collusion, a representative of Alex Jones actually inquired of an ABC spokesman if the report had any reliability. Predictably, the spokesman replied that the report was ‘a mistake’, and that the network, with all apologies, was soon to issue a hasty retraction. But it was no mistake. This was a deliberate ploy, to mock not only those perceived to be part of the growing truth community, but the masses of the general public.

Shameful that millions will tune in and consume this excrement, as if it were a delicious bowl of ice cream, never realizing they are being deceived, duped, and ultimately mocked. Scoff if you must, but just consider one thing: After you go to the polls in November, dutifully casting a vote for the candidate of choice, will you not remember the endless parade of republicans and democrats and their empty promises, sense the foul stench still wafting from decades of putrid lies? Will your conscience be assuaged as the country you claim to love crumbles all around, knowing that you merely deceived yourself in voting for the “lesser of two evils?”

Someone once said; the definition of insanity is performing identical actions again and again, and expecting varying, or worse still, better results than previous. There are those who will believe whatever the teleprompter reading dolts at the news desk dish out concerning these so-called candidates.

The real issue of course, is not whether Hillary Clinton is sick or even dying, but did she ever exist in the first place?

The answer, is that she only exits in the minds of the script writers and directors of this political passion play, while the endless array of rotating actors exit and enter from the stage wings.

Meanwhile, millions never notice they are merely the audience sitting in the darkened theater, entertained by one very bad movie.

As a harsh critic, I suggest its time everyone start demanding an immediate refund!


Though there are those who will offer nothing in response to the following other than scornful rebuke and righteous indignation, so be it!

One would do well to remember, the wounds of verbal scorn are most temporary, while the quest for objective truth remains eternal.

It has been written that defeat or victory does not occur on battlefields, rather the determination of conflicts’ outcome is determined in the minds of the combatants, before the actual war is even planned and undertaken. And so it is with the media sorcerers, meting out perpetual psychological warfare on the masses, and they seem to prevail as the victors every time. That decisive outcome however, with the ease of access to important and vital information due to digital technology, is just now beginning to be altered. With increasing and incremental awareness concerning media sorcerers diabolical methods of operation, the pendulum of history, perhaps for the first time during the long epoch of mankind, is starting to swing towards the favor of the masses. The machinations of our so-called ruling classes, are becoming more predictable and clearly observable.

But many more must be made aware.

Many more must cast aside the scales set before hopelessly blinded eyes, and dare peek behind the grand sequined curtain of Oz. No longer can the masses afford to stand silent and pretend to remain pristine while wallowing in the filth of lies.

Hopefully, more voices can be raised before the ruling class firmly and permanently clasp the imprisoning film of duct tape over the mouths of those forever and so profoundly deceived.

For the longest period, without the majority being aware, the media sorcerers have warned us time and again of their nefarious activities, but through signs and symbols, rather than through the use of direct language. Historically, it has only been through the lenses of retrospective observance, have a minority been able to ultimately learn what it was that actually took place on that fateful day, and perhaps even gleaned how it was accomplished.


Once again, all the media sorcerers tools were on grand display during the coverage of this alleged event; green screen, real time video morphing, photo shop(to create the many victim simulations), neural linguistic programming, (through repetition of propaganda talking points), color codes(through the deployment of color coded terror alert charts), and perhaps the most potent weapon of all of these, FEAR. A population in fear of its own shadow is more likely to be unquestioningly obedient, and more likely to consume, which keeps the debt economic based system alive, not to mention continuing to fill the overflowing coffers of the London Crown Temple bankers.

Now, with the recent marking of the fifteenth anniversary of the momentous event come to be known as 9/11, some of us have been able to dissect and analyze the particulars of what actually occurred. In truth, the particulars become rather moot, in light of the fact the devastating psychological effect remains the same. The trick is to acquire the weapon of foreknowledge, to see it coming before it happens, to realize history, even American history, has been, and will continue to be scripted.  But after much deliberation, and after much exhaustive and sometimes vituperative debate, one fact is clear; the event itself marked a massive psychological operation, a demonstration of controlled demolition sold to the public as ruthless terrorist attack. And once again, it was all a massive canard;  a blatant lie inverted to appear as the unadulterated truth. Throughout history, both in this nascent century and in the last, the media sorcerers have created and propagated enemies, none of them real, and all imagined.

When this realization finally reaches critical mass, when the shackles of the mind tightly fastened by American public education are unlocked, one is finally able to conceive of the massive illusion encompassing human perception. When the doors of perception have been cleansed, it is only then one can observe the world as a truly peaceful place, that there are not, as the media sorcerers would have the masses believe, bands of terrorists who want to kill us simply because they hate our freedom. In truth, none are free, and none are righteous, and the only true terrorists are the crown temple bankers and their handmaidens, the media sorcerers!


Whomever controls the media controls the mind, whomever controls the mass distribution of information, controls the masses. The concept of history itself is one of the primary weapons in the arsenal of the media sorcerers, for it represents the establishment of a psychological foundation upon which is built the creation of myths, an inscrutable citadel placed firmly in the public mind. And myth making is big business, a concept allowing the creation of endless revenue streams; books, movies, and television series. In future posts, we shall examine some major historical events such as 9/11 more closely, if only to observe the same tired methods of psychological operation used time and again. The only thing that has changed, is the tools to achieve victory over the masses on the psychological battlefield.


War as an effective tool to rule the masses requires enemies, all of them fabricated. But why would they do this, you might ask? The Crown Temple bankers and their media sorcerers have stock holders who require the constant generation of profits to justify enormous financial investments. But better yet, war is a tool that bolsters and maintains the global debt economic system for the bankers, creates long running content for the media sorcerers, and keeps the masses howling to their corporate governments to provide more laws, safety and security, which in turn justifies greater bureaucracy. And all of this justified, simply because the masses have been spelled, tricked into observing the world as a potentially violent place, rife with the dangers of terrorist upheaval. In fact, war is a grand cover to justify corporate piracy of natural resources, and with massive armed forces at ones disposal, one can always afford to be ruthlessly political.

The tactics of creating enemies is not new, in fact it is an ancient concept going all the way back to the establishment of the Roman Republic. Cicero, the hallowed Roman senator of the first century, used this technique to maintain his hold over the plebeians, and the powerful Roman senate. The historian Tacitus writes that Cicero had the largest collection of spies in the capital city, and because he was among the richest of landed gentry in all the Roman aristocracy, could support an even larger collection of ruffians, criminals, and all manner of those willing to commit mayhem for a few gold coins in return. Cicero would employ their services to create deliberate criminal mayhem in the city streets, all in an effort to gain more political clout and acclaim. And when the plebeian, much like on 9/11, petitioned the Roman senate for protection and security, Cicero could predictably be found in the Forum, assuaging public fears with honeyed salvos of Roman piety, strength and patriotism.

Surely enough, after Cicero had gained suitable favor over his colleagues in the senate, the anarchy and mayhem formerly taking place on the streets of Rome would magically disappear, reappearing only when it was once again politically expedient. Julius Caesar, appointed official governor over the territory of Gaul, upon hearing of the power Cicero had gained back in Rome, then decided a similar method of operation might benefit him in his quest for political glory. Being that Caesar belonged to one of the most ancient and richest Roman families, he could afford to hire bands of scribes, themselves the ancient version of our modern media sorcerers. In order to be granted more money and power from the Roman senate, Caesar had his scribes vastly overstate the threat to Roman security from the tribes of Gaul, who in truth had been long since subdued.

When the concocted tales of Caesar’s scribes began to trickle into Rome with great fanfare, tales of great battles and even greater heroism on the part of the Roman governor, Cicero became alarmed. Indeed, when Caesar suddenly returned, camping his legions outside the city gates, the plebeian cried out to the senate to grant him dictatorial powers.  And so it was on 9/11, the perfect political dialectic to shape public perception into giving up their constitutional rights in favor of government safety and security, the grand justification for the existence of what amounts to nothing more than a federal protection racket!

More than a century after Cicero, the emperor Nero would utilize much the same method, creating the perception on the part of the Roman plebeian that the Christians were a threat to imperial security, when in truth they were nothing more than a petty band, harmful to no one. And yet, the emperor overstated the security threat to increase imperial authority, engendering fear on the streets of Rome much as Cicero had a century before. When Nero observed the imperial palace was in fact a crumbling ruin, his Praetorian guard set it ablaze and then in blaming the Christians, rounded them up and arrested them, most appearing in the arena to be slaughtered for public amusement at the hands of the emperors vicious gladiators. In the aftermath, the imperial propaganda against an imaginary enemy galvanized the Roman populace, not to mention convincing the Roman Senate to cough up all the gold in the public treasury to build the young emperor a new palace.

More controversially still, Lincoln utilized the cover of the civil war to petition money from his London Crown Temple banking masters to rebuild Washington, which had become in fact a detritus strewn eyesore. The war, in truth nothing more than a series of military drills and maneuvers built up by so-called historians into massive mythological proportions, was used as a pretense to siphon more tax dollars and create more debt currency for the American corporate owners and operators, the Crown Temple bankers. The civil war freed no one, in fact, from that point on, slavery was ensured for all of us. All of the American people, regardless of social or economic level or racial persuasion, are all just employees toiling on the same plantation. The entire Lincoln presidency, as it turns out, represents myth making par excellence, a paper puppet lionized into demigod.

Similarly, another of our hallowed leaders, FDR, in truth nothing more than a puppet installed by the Rothschild and Rockefeller banking dynasty’s, moved to create war with Japan, thus embroiling America in the alleged second world conflict.These prominent crown temple banking families set their predatory eyes on monopolizing off-shore oil in the Pacific, as well as gaining control of the international heroin trade formerly monopolized by East India Tea company. One of the Rockefeller projects was also the establishment of the United Nations, while the Rothschild’s sought to set up the nation of Israel, which would serve as their own private banking haven, acting as a subsidiary branch of the crown temple banking centers in London and Switzerland. Of course in addition to the Marshall plan, which rebuilt a decimated Europe with largely American tax dollars, the establishment of all this and more was justified by the alleged naked aggression of Adolph Hitler, himself yet another puppet created, funded and controlled by Wall Street bankers. And by the way, have you never wondered why Switzerland remains neutral in all global conflicts? After all, if you were a military commander, would you be inclined to bomb the very country where the masters who hired you keep all their gold?

After the establishment of the United Nations in the wake of the second world conflict, the Rothschild Crown Temple Bankers utilized Israel as a stalking horse to greet opposing Arab nations in the Middle East. With the threat of constant hostilities culminating in the first of Israeli and Arab conflagrations in 1948, the Rothschild’s were able to profit from both combatants, led by crown temple puppets, who needed constant loans to pay for arms and armaments in protection against the many fabricated threats and counter threats. This in turn served to greatly strengthen the newly established United Nations as an international political force, acting as arbitrator in this epic but concocted ongoing dispute. With the crown temple bankers, and their loyal servants the media sorcerers, it is always about the creation of chaos, chaos which is eventually and incrementally shaped into a newly established order in the furtherance of expanding global geopolitical hegemony.


And so, in the fifteen year wake of 9/11, it would behoove us all to remember that our so-called leaders only possess power because we give it to them. And time and again since time immemorial, create enemies to scare us with, which in turn creates greater excuses to bilk the public of greater tax monies. The media sorcerers, in their promulgation of endless propaganda, might convince you this is all necessary.

But don’t believe it!