Like the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora, and yes, even 9/11, Manchester was a HOAX. There can be no doubt, that a number of corporate elements have colluded in creating these events and presenting them to the public, in order to sustain and covertly implement social and political agendas. The mainstream media, governments, and law enforcement are working together in cooperation to change and shape the manner in which the general public perceives reality. The Hegelian dialectic is in full effect; prepackaged crisis in tandem with prefabricated solutions to achieve a desired global synthesis.

The Manchester event is but one act in a grand stage play.

The events may be hoaxes, but the psychological effects upon the minds of the masses are no different than if they had been actual terror attacks. Only the most discerning of minds, those able to break through the life long bombardment of psychological and social conditioning, will be able to perceive the actual nature of events.

Ironically, while the elites may be hoaxing the masses, they are also revealing sacred truths.

Now that the particulars of the Manchester simulated crisis have been detailed, one shall, as promised, delve deeper. Those frequent visitors to are familiar with the concept of numerology and masonic symbolism as it relates to the uniform mainstream news coverage of these simulated crisis events. One has detailed how certain numbers, demonstrating symbolism derived from the Kabbalah or Freemasonry, are repeatedly coded into not just the mainstream television and alternative media reports, but magazines, periodicals, and newspapers. But, there exists a deeper layer, an additional system of coding in the form of sacred geometry and even anagrams. One believes, when both the numerology, symbols, and anagrams are combined, an important message is revealed, repeated again and again-truth hidden in a cloak of lies. The question remains-what is the message, and why? Continue reading “MANCHESTER HOAX: NEITHER BOMBS NOR DEATH (part III)”