Like the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora, and yes, even 9/11, Manchester was a HOAX. There can be no doubt, that a number of corporate elements have colluded in creating these events and presenting them to the public, in order to sustain and covertly implement social and political agendas. The mainstream media, governments, and law enforcement are working together in cooperation to change and shape the manner in which the general public perceives reality. The Hegelian dialectic is in full effect; prepackaged crisis in tandem with prefabricated solutions to achieve a desired global synthesis.

The Manchester event is but one act in a grand stage play.

The events may be hoaxes, but the psychological effects upon the minds of the masses are no different than if they had been actual terror attacks. Only the most discerning of minds, those able to break through the life long bombardment of psychological and social conditioning, will be able to perceive the actual nature of events.

Ironically, while the elites may be hoaxing the masses, they are also revealing sacred truths.

Now that the particulars of the Manchester simulated crisis have been detailed, one shall, as promised, delve deeper. Those frequent visitors to are familiar with the concept of numerology and masonic symbolism as it relates to the uniform mainstream news coverage of these simulated crisis events. One has detailed how certain numbers, demonstrating symbolism derived from the Kabbalah or Freemasonry, are repeatedly coded into not just the mainstream television and alternative media reports, but magazines, periodicals, and newspapers. But, there exists a deeper layer, an additional system of coding in the form of sacred geometry and even anagrams. One believes, when both the numerology, symbols, and anagrams are combined, an important message is revealed, repeated again and again-truth hidden in a cloak of lies. The question remains-what is the message, and why?


Before proceeding, research has upturned yet another piece of pertinent information concerning the Manchester event. Subsequent to the Queens visit to see the ‘victims’ at the Manchester hospital, a BBC reporter let slip an interesting piece of revealing information. During an interview with one of the victims, it came out that most, if not all, had been the winners of a VIP radio contest. Apparently, these ‘victims’ were gifted with not just complimentary tickets to attend the Ariana Grande performance at the Manchester arena, but each were granted a photo opportunity with the star herself, as well as a chance to meet the sitting British monarch, Elizabeth the second. Could it be, most of these VIP ‘victims’ were already either amputees, or suffered injuries in some unrelated scenario prior to the event? Could it be, each of these drill participants was awarded these VIP perquisites, in exchange for their cooperation and confidential participation, under the guise of some concocted and prearranged radio ‘contest’?

Through in depth research into some of the amputee actors participating in the Boston bombing event, it came to light several were war veteran amputees, having served overseas in the US military, in either Iraq or Afghanistan. It must be remembered, in order for the government, in collusion with the mainstream networks, to sell the idea of a prepackaged drill scenario to the general public as an actual terror event, such simulated scenarios must be made to resemble, as closlely as possible, what would be perceived as real world events. Using amputees as actors posing as crisis victims, would go a long way to satisfying this particularly important criteria.

Here, is a video link to a pertinent example of a military preparedness drill, complete with participating amputees:

From the standpoint of observation, it never ceases to amaze how the British public continue to grovel before so-called ‘royalty’. How is it, in one of the most poverty stricken cities in Europe, in a nation plagued with skyrocketing unemployment rates, a ‘royal’ family is still allowed, in good conscience, by the British public, to live tax free in lavish palaces simply due to nothing more than the good fortune of so-called noble primogeniture?

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.


One may have noticed, that when mainstream news networks report the details of events like the Manchester bombing, certain numbers, or numerology codes, are always repeatedly present in one form or another. For example, one shall use as an example the presence of the number 13.

Dangerous Woman=67, or 6+7=13

Manchester Arena=670 or 6+7=13

Number of bombing casualties (119)= Manchester=119 Ariana Grande=119

In Numerology the fulfillment of 19 (chaos)=119/the 19th prime number is 67 (6+7=13).

The number thirteen holds a very special significance in high degree freemasonry and embodies a concept synonymous with high masonic creed, sacred geometry, and a transcendental form known as Metatron’s cube.

In truth, the detailed numbers coded into these events, including 322 (Skull and Bones), reveal some very deep truths as to how ideas, derived from the divine spark of the human mind, manifest into this three dimensional holographic realm the masses have been conditioned to perceive as materially solid. This is why these events are psychological in nature, directly targeting the human vessels of perception, or what Carl Jung termed the collective consciousness; ideas that first appear in the subconscious, and later, bolstered by emotional investment or triggers, manifest in the conscious mind. Once these new ideas take hold, arranging themselves geometrically in the collective consciousness, they are then perceived as if they were solid reality.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

To many, this interpretation will seem rather abstract.

One must understand, our perception of reality is based on ideas, ideas that when collectively believed, manifest as geometric patterns, ‘rays of light’ perceived as material solid. This interpretation, deals with what are called archetypes, natures initial expression, or nature’s prime mathematical pattern.

Metatron was an archangel (anthropomorphic expression of prime geometric angle) mentioned in various medieval mythologies, Judaic, Islamic, and Christian. Metatron is the equivalent of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth, or Hermes. Metatron was considered to be the scribe of god, or one who understands the root principles of creation. Within esoteric teachings, Metatron has always been considered synonymous with the principles of sacred geometry.

In fact, the archangel Metatron is always pictured in medieval renderings holding a cube.


Leonardo Pisano was a medieval mathematician, an initiate of the ancient mystery schools conceived by Pythagoras that primarily dealt with the study of sacred geometry. When studying the archetype of the Metatron, Pisano was able to make a truly paradigm changing discovery,

This is where the special nature of the number thirteen is derived.

Pisano discovered material reality is geometrically ordered by thirteen circles that are found inside the fourth consecutive circle in natures first mathematical pattern. When the centers of these thirteen circles are connected, one arrives at the construction of Metatron’s cube. The depiction of the biblical cross is also a symbolic representation of Metatron’s cube in unfolded form.

Now folks, here’s where it gets deeper.

This is the key to comprehending how the elites are shaping the masses perception of the material world, and how new ideas are manifested into the collective consciousness and thereafter perceived as reality. This is also what is meant by the masonic description of ‘squaring the circle’. Think of one’s graduation from high school or college, when the flat squared plane of the mortar board is placed on your circular head.

Pisano further discovered that our earthly material illusion, embodied in Metatron’s cube, was created by connecting all five of the known platonic solids (Tetrahedron, or 4 equilateral triangles, Hexahedron, or 6 squares, Octahedron, or 8 equilateral triangles, Dodecahedron, or 12 pentagons, Icosahedron, or 20 equilateral triangles). Taking it further, while the first three forms are perfectly blueprinted within Metatron’s cube, the last two are not. Pisano discovered that in order to make complete the illusion of mankind’s collective soul perceived as material solid or flesh, 6 (or 6 cubed, 666, the number of man) additional lines had to be added by the creator, in order to complete the form. If one were to examine the numerical details reported by BBC News, one may be able to readily observe a correlation with the geometric dimensions of the Metatron, representing the building of an idea in the human mind using scared geometry:

22 dead=4 equilateral triangles (Tetrahedron)

116 injured, or 1+1+6=8 equilateral triangles(Octahedron)

# of emergency calls 240 (6) squares (Hexahedron) + # of ambulances 60(6)=12 pentagons (Dodecahedron)

Age of attacker Salman Abedi 22 (4) + time of concert performance 22:30 (7) on 22 May (4)+# of responding police 400 (4)+(1) minute of silence = 20 equilateral triangles (Icosahedron)

The details of this story, the Manchester simulated terror event, reported by BBC News, demonstrate a step by step process of building an idea and placing it in the mind, piece by piece, brick by brick, until the idea becomes so entrenched, it resembles a solid wall in the collective human consciousness-the Metatron, the sacred geometrical form of illusion, suggested ideas consisting of rays of light, shaped into perceivable reality. siren-011971937


But wait, folks, there is a deeper level yet to be discovered, coded into the media reports. What if there was a covert code present in the media reports one could utilize, once discovered, in order to discern, or predict, as it were, what the elites were planning for the masses in concocting these hoax events? What if, there were revelations additionally coded into the news stories in combination with the numerology and symbolism?

Turns out, there may be.

When one takes the phrase from the BBC news report “a number of confirmed fatalities and injuries” this is what one gets: “Unconfirmed mandatory sin, justifiable fear.” If one were to rearrange the sentence still further this is the result: “Unconfirmed justifiable disinfo errata, amen.” Admittedly, this is spooky stuff. However, when one analyzes the second anagram, the words amen and errata immediately stick out. Errata connotes a mistake in printing, or typo. Amen, on the other hand, is an esoteric reference to Amen Ra, the ancient Egyptian sun god. Are the elites admitting to deliberately reporting disinformation, in essence, broadcasting lies? Are they also admitting their god may be the sun, or Lucifer?

In a previous series of posts, How Crown Temple Rules America, one explained the true formulation of global governance covertly hiding behind the veil of national security. The three major centers of global governance are the one square mile within the city of London known as the Crown Temple, Washington D.C., and the Vatican in Rome, specifically the Jesuit order.

A hidden pagan component of the Jesuit creed is worship of the sun.

Not to offend those committed to the Christian or Catholic faith, but Jesus is merely another anthropomorphic archetypal symbol of the sun, with the cross of crucifixion a symbolic representation of the unfolded Metatron cube.

Could it be, the directives for these simulated events are being issued from the ecclesiastical arm of the triad of global governance, located at the Vatican in Rome?

Examining some of the printed news reports in the wake of the Manchester events, one encountered an article entitled ‘British police: Fatalities after incident at Manchester Arena’, allegedly written by journalist Samantha Beach.

Upon further investigation, it turns out, the name of this particular journalist is an anagram: “Cash beneath A.M.” and Cash mean EBT e-ham.”

Now, I’m sure to many, the following interpretation may seem to be a stretch.

However, consider US welfare recipients, commonly issued what is known as EBT cards. Could this mean, that the theme of the next planned simulated event, may have something to do with a manufactured economic collapse? Are the Crown Temple bankers planning to temporarily cut off EBT cards to welfare recipients residing in major American cities, resulting in widespread rioting from protesting minority demographics, thus justifying the establishment of nationwide Martial Law?

While this may remain filed under speculation, a scenario such as this does seem plausible. One recalls Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick calling for ‘residence in place’ in the wake of the Boston Marathon simulation bombing. Could the purpose of that concocted scenario have been a coordinated training exercise preparing for just this future eventuality?

Whatever the case, it is clear, that if one hopes to understand the true significance of current events such as the Manchester bombing, one can never expect to derive any semblance of truth from the mouths of the mainstream media sorcerers at either CNN or BBC.


    1. Very astute observation. Geometrically speaking, all numbers are connected like puzzle pieces. To the best of my understanding of the occult, the number ‘4’ represents the door, or as it relates to the Kabbalah ‘tree of life’, termed the ‘dallet’, the door of perception, through which all ideas are absorbed into the conscious mind. Incidentally, the moniker of the vintage pop group the Doors, is a direct reference to this occult concept.

      1. also, Chinese consider this #4 unlucky and associated with death….it is pronounced “Si”, the same as death 死

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