American Camelot: the Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (part 1)

The Kennedy myth still looms large in the American psyche.

Images of Camelot, seeded from the Technicolor and black and white cinematic mists of the past, have since manifested into mythical and yet indelible panoramas in the American memory. In the case of establishing the Kennedy myth, the American media sorcerers wove an intricate and captive web of mythical magic that has held America spellbound for well over half a century.

Now, here at, one attempts to break the spell.

Although, the media sorcerers did their work well, there was little room for failure. It has often been said, the more colossal the lie, the more prone people are to believe it.

In the case of the Kennedy Camelot myth, the monstrous lie has managed to conceal an even greater truth, a truth that may shock one to the very core.

Stay tuned, for the revelation of the truth, though never comfortable, just may liberate one from that monstrous web of unconscionable lies known as American history.

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