American Camelot: the Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (part 1)

The Kennedy myth still looms large in the American psyche.

Images of Camelot, seeded from the Technicolor and black and white cinematic mists of the past, have since manifested into mythical and yet indelible panoramas in the American memory. In the case of establishing the Kennedy myth, the American media sorcerers wove an intricate and captive web of mythical magic that has held America spellbound for well over half a century.

Now, here at, one attempts to break the spell.

Although, the media sorcerers did their work well, there was little room for failure. It has often been said, the more colossal the lie, the more prone people are to believe it.

In the case of the Kennedy Camelot myth, the monstrous lie has managed to conceal an even greater truth, a truth that may shock one to the very core.

Stay tuned, for the revelation of the truth, though never comfortable, just may liberate one from that monstrous web of unconscionable lies known as American history.

Any student of American history may wonder, though regime changes are made every four to eight years in America, how it is the political status quo, no matter the intervening ideology of either political party, remains constant. Could it be, because those candidates the public ‘elects’, are in fact operating under pseudonyms and fraudulent personas in order to keep hidden an abiding secret the general public aren’t privy? Could it be, these ‘presidential candidates’ are in truth, relatives of a royal bloodline, that for centuries, has ruled over what Carroll Quigley, in his seminal tome ‘Tragedy and Hope’, termed ‘the Anglo-American establishment’?

Research indicates this to be so.

The names and the monikers of political ideologies and candidates may differ and alter, and yet the hidden ruling power remains predominant, untouched and untouchable. Considering further still, could it be the idea of democracy is merely a cover for the same brand of royal tyranny that has existed since the Middle Ages? Could it be, the only thing that has changed are the masses rose colored perceptions, while the brutal reality remains constant and undisturbed?

Well, folks, one shall delve further, beginning an examination into one of America’s most heralded families, the Kennedy’s.

It has often been written by mainstream historical scholars the Kennedy family represented American royalty. This royal construct, in large part, paradoxically turns out to be the kernel of truth at the heart of the Kennedy family myth. It must be understood, the written and oral substance of American history, if not global history, is nothing if not wholly mythological, a magical process of scholarly spell casting. The key to understanding the Kennedy myth begins with an examination of the so-called family patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy. It is said the Kennedy family gained it’s fortune during the period of American alcohol prohibition during the roaring 1920’s and depression era 1930’s. Many historians point to the impetus for the government’s decision to have been morally based, but that turns out not to be true. The ruling elite royal families possessing controlling interest in the American corporation, will stoop to any nefarious means necessary in maintaining and consolidating their commercial monopolies, including putting any upstart competition out of business.

This also means, if competition grows to threaten any of their profitable markets, they will use the government on the one hand, and on the other the organized crime syndicates, to shut down that market, so as to effectively disrupt, buy out, or eliminate any competing interests. This was the method of operation utilized during the so-called American alcohol prohibition era.

This ensured, that when the market opened back up and became ‘legitimate’ again, the ruling elite families would be the only ones left to profit-since any competition during the prohibition period, due to either strong arm thuggery or more subtly persuasive means, now fell under their corporate umbrella-while at the same time maintaining the illusion of an open and free market. The same method of operation was effectively utilized to establish anti-trust legislation during the Teddy Roosevelt administration.

Roosevelt anti-trust scam

Theodore Roosevelt, who became the singular heroic figure of the mythical ‘rough riders’ for allegedly leading his troops in a brave charge up San Juan Hill during the Spanish American war, also became publicly renown for his stance on establishing corporate anti-trust legislation.

Though to the public, the prospect of enacting such legislation appeared to put a cap on corporate pirates and act as a legislative deterrent to the raiding and monopolizing of commercial markets, this also, like the prohibition act, has been demonstrated to be an historical misrepresentation. One must remember, the ruling elite families, in order to shield themselves from legal and moral culpability, always look to  psychologically trick the public into consenting to the inherent criminality of their unlawful syndicates.

This method of deceptive operation, particularly when examining American history in retrospect, becomes glaringly evident, and has been utilized time and again. None more glaring case was evident than with the enactment of the heralded anti-trust busting legislation introduced by the Theodore Roosevelt administration. The legislation was designed to destroy or limit the market intrusion of competitors and preserve the hegemony of royal family business interests. It is often said, if one wants to determine and identify the genuine criminals, one must determine who benefits. The overwhelming beneficiaries of both the anti-trust and prohibition acts were the same royal family bloodlines established the Federal Reserve central banking system in America in 1913.

This is the Rothschild family bloodline known as the ‘Golden Fleece’, hidden throughout American history, the same bloodline sitting on the royal thrones of Great Britain and Europe. The Rothschild’s are the major stockholders of the Crown Temple London bank, the same bloodline directly descended from Calpernius Piso (AKA Josephus, or Joseph, the father of the mythical Jesus in the Bible).

See: The bible and its biggest secret (part III)

This is the royal bloodline extending back to the Roman imperial families of Nero and Caligula. Throughout the following centuries, this bloodline has hidden the primogeniture of their lineage with an endless array of pseudonyms like Morgan, Guggenheim, Oppenheimer, Percy, DuPont, Russel, Bush, Roosevelt and yes, Kennedy. As one shall presently observe, these ‘fake’ offshoot families are begun with fake deaths of family members, who soon assume another identity of prominence complete with manufactured family legends or stories that generations of the general public read about and are taught from fraudulent public school history books. The key to the root of the creation of the ‘Kennedy’ dynastic myth, begins with the ‘death’ of one of Theodore Roosevelt’s relatives, Quentin.

Quentin Roosevelt

In past posts, one has outlined the concept of host actors assuming the roles of important historical figures. One must comprehend, the concept of ‘fake news’ is nothing novel. It is only that now, the concept of ‘fake news’ is being cleverly spun; an Orwellian psychological operation to ‘black wash’ those attempting to expose the crimes of the ruling elites. Without doubt, the same royal family of ruling elites and their noble relatives have owned and operated the news media since before the mid-eighteenth century. This is their most valuable tool in securing an indelible and perpetually mythical image for history’s posterity. The royal elite family’s ownership of the American media played a key role in establishing the storied mythical proportions of the ‘Kennedy dynasty’. To pinpoint the true origins of the Kennedy family, one must travel back to the period of the early twentieth century during the first world conflict. Quentin Roosevelt, during this time, was the youngest of the Roosevelt siblings.

It is claimed, Roosevelt perished in a plane crash serving as a military pilot during the first world war at the callow age of twenty. This tragic incident turns out to be yet another of American history’s manufactured myths.

Turns out, this is the ruling elites method of perpetual operation, creating mythical historical accounts to facilitate the ongoing profitability of family commercial business interests. As they did in taking keen advantage of the exploding commercial potential of the developing pop music entertainment industry in the 1950’s and 60’s, the Rothschild’s saw an opportunity to monopolize the lucrative American liquor manufacturing and distribution business, before the end of the first world conflict.

To ruling elites like the Rothschild’s, money, when used skillfully and judiciously, is a loaded weapon. Politics, represents both the will and the means to pull the trigger.

In order to facilitate this grand business opportunity, the Rothschild’s first used their political clout to enact the prohibition statutes. Secondarily, they had to ensure key family members were put in place to manage and manipulate the business proceedings to their sole advantage.

This is where the roles of Quentin Roosevelt, AKA Joseph Kennedy, and his cousin, James Roosevelt, came into subsequent play. After the legislation was enacted, Kennedy and Roosevelt were charged with coordinating the activities of key family political puppets placed in the American congress, and the Rothschild controlled organized crime street rackets, to eventually actualize and consolidate monopoly control of the liquor business, a monopoly still existing today.

The subsequent profits, totaling in the billions, were then utilized to manipulate Franklin Roosevelt into the office of the American presidency.  From there, with Franklin dominating the American political stage, the business interests of the Rothschild’s were extended even further into what would become the massive American steel production industry.

With these profitable monopolies well in hand, and with total control of London’s Crown Temple bank in tandem with the British monarchy, Rothschild family financial and political control over the entire Anglo-American corporate complex, came to be all but assured going forward into the foreseeable future.

In the following installment, one will detail the identities of other prominent Kennedy family members.

Believe it folks, this is not to be missed.

Stay tuned as well for part II of 9/11: Terror’s symbolic black magic, coming very soon.



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