America’s war for independence: Revolution or hoax? (Part IV)

Despite claiming the previous installment in this series concerning America’s mythical founding was the penultimate, one had forgotten of the promise to examine a rather seminal historical event prior to the American revolution. The alleged Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770, is said by American historians to have been a pivotal event in the escalation of simmering hostilities between American colonists and occupying British regular forces. One feels compelled to mention, research into this particular event represented an historical treasure trove, and truly served to bolster one’s premise that American history is indeed, nothing more than a scripted stage play.

Like many other events recorded in the historical annals, there are many inconsistencies to be found in various textual accounts. There are also some rather curious details involving the alleged victims of the event that history has not bothered to qualify or explain with a great deal of depth or regularity. As one shall soon observe, the alleged Boston Massacre, the tragic event that was alleged to have inflamed the colonies against the occupying British forces, may just be nothing more a propagandized hoax. Continue reading “America’s war for independence: Revolution or hoax? (Part IV)”