What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part II)

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part II)

Upon making yet more startling discoveries having to do with the JFK assassination, one felt perhaps additional installments were necessary.

These new discoveries shall fully demonstrate, beyond shadow of doubt, the event known to American history as the JFK assassination was nothing more than a grand psychological operation executed in joint cooperation and on behalf of the ruling elite families by a major branch of the international intelligence octopus, CIA, army intelligence, and selected high-level masonic initiates of the American entertainment and music industries with royal European lineage.

Though it may seem inexplicable, perhaps even contradictory to what most have been conditioned to believe, sometimes the truth can be discovered from the most unlikely and unexpected of sources.

Oftentimes folks, Hollywood’s fantasy and fiction are utilized to conceal objective truth.

One only has to remain observant and attuned to what would have ordinarily remained hidden behind the veil of social and psychological programming and conditioning.

To break through to the other side, one must learn to read between the lines, as it were.

A reexamination of key scenes from Oliver Stone’s 1991 blockbuster Hollywood film production, JFK, has revealed fresh, significant discoveries, clues which most incredibly, were conspicuously left right out in the open but went unnoticed by the America public – until now, that is.

In fact, it has become abundantly clear Oliver Stone AKA Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg, in his efforts to produce a piece of epic cinema – though presented to the public in the guise of speculative fiction and rife with sinuous paths leading only to dead ends of misdirection, disinformation and melodramatic sensationalism – has perhaps wittingly provided the general public with a direct road map to the truth.

Considering director Stone’s (play on words through created pseudonym=masonic cornerstone) genuine identity, it is clear the criminal ruling elite’s, either out of arrogance or as a method of mocking the conditioned naivete of the general public, cannot help but leave their signatures or fingerprints behind as clues.

Also, while recently reexamining the characters of John F. Kennedy’s First Lady Jaclyn Onassis and, Oswald’s alleged Russian mistress Marina with fresh eyes, one has managed to unearth yet more stunning discoveries and the presence of host actors whose names will appear most familiar to loyal readers and regular visitors.

Stay tuned folks, for one believes plausible answers to the mysteries that have for so long been buried deep beneath the mainstream and accepted narrative of this most legendary historical event can now be revealed. Continue reading “What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part II)”