A Trip Down Memory Lane: Lorena Bobbit

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Lorena Bobbit

This news story is an excellent example of the actor based reality used to propel what in retrospect, represented a not so subtle attempt at public denigration of the male sex.

On it’s face, the Lorena Bobbit story was beyond ridiculous in the extreme.

Nonetheless, the manufactured human drama of the Lorena Bobbit story managed to capture the attention of the masses, and sucked them headlong into yet another manufactured vortex of psychological warfare perpetrated by the MSM.

Once again though, and after much arduous examination, yet another legend of the music and Hollywood entertainment industries was discovered to have portrayed the starring role.

Her name is known to millions and shall very soon be revealed.

Though well-disguised in the role of Lorena Bobbit with dark hair dye, a doe-eyed stare and an Hispanic accent, the character’s host actor was eventually spotted without much difficulty. Continue reading “A Trip Down Memory Lane: Lorena Bobbit”