This news story is an excellent example of the actor based reality used to propel what in retrospect, represented a not so subtle attempt at public denigration of the male sex.

On it’s face, the Lorena Bobbit story was beyond ridiculous in the extreme.

Nonetheless, the manufactured human drama of the Lorena Bobbit story managed to capture the attention of the masses, and sucked them headlong into yet another manufactured vortex of psychological warfare perpetrated by the MSM.

Once again though, and after much arduous examination, yet another legend of the music and Hollywood entertainment industries was discovered to have portrayed the starring role.

Her name is known to millions and shall very soon be revealed.

Though well-disguised in the role of Lorena Bobbit with dark hair dye, a doe-eyed stare and an Hispanic accent, the character’s host actor was eventually spotted without much difficulty.

On June 23rd, 1993 (6+2X3/6=12/21/777 intelligence joker code/1993=31/occult mirrored image/13/summit of masonic pyramid) Lorena Bobbit reportedly sought revenge upon her husband for allegedly having committed an act of sexual assault.

Her plan for revenge?

She allegedly sliced and severed her husband’s genitalia with a 12-inch (777/Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code) kitchen knife (occult Mark of Cain), which, according to the narrator in the opening seconds of in the proceeding video excerpt posted below, was found in a “grassy field” at the corner of Maplewood Drive (English gematria sum=624/12/21/777) located several blocks from the Bobbit residence.

The mention of the “grassy field” is, of course, a sly reference to the “grassy knoll” associated with the JFK assassination hoax/psychological operation. As loyal readers have discovered, the ruling elite Jesuit families simply cannot resist heaping all of their media shenanigans into one rancid pile of lies.

After absconding from the family residence and attempting to discard state’s evidence, Bobbit had the presence of mind to call 9-1-1 (masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin). Reportedly, John Wayne Bobbit’s genitalia was surgically reattached at the base in an operation that allegedly took 9 and one-half hours (14/77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation). Before recounting the absurd circus-like proceedings of the subsequent trial, which lasted for three years (3/EE=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) one shall delve into the social and commercial ramifications of the Bobbit case.


Mainstream news corporations create their own content, not only for their own commercial benefit, but for the profitable benefit of their commercial partners in the radio and print publishing mediums.

A widely promoted story such as the Bobbit case carried with it the potentiality for record breaking profits in terms of television advertising revenue, ancillary merchandising, and also provided the opportunity for the creation of spin-off television series and other potentially profitable Hollywood productions. Research clearly demonstrates the Lorena Bobbit story, from a purely commercial standpoint, has been and continues to be a virtual bonanza for the ruling elite families.

It has been estimated by most mainstream sources, that in the immediate wake of the Lorena Bobbit story, several millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars were reaped in terms of commercial merchandising. This is the key to the magic of marketing; to first attract and then to direct the mental intentions of the general public and secondarily, to thoroughly exploit the swarm of mass energy or commercial activity into a windfall of profits.

It is far beyond the realm of coincidence that, time and again, such reliable tactics have been utilized throughout the modern era and now, into the post-modern age.

Nor is it any coincidence, the dramatic narrative of the Lorena Bobbit story was immediately spun off into yet another heavily promoted and profitable tale of sexual imbroglio involving a so-called head of state: the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Clearly, both psychological operations efficiently delivered a generous layering of socio-cultural conditioning, which was designed to set the stage for the divisive “gender” politics that would follow well into the 21st century. Within the narrative details of both the Lorena Bobbit and Monica Lewinsky stories, it is possible to observe how, in retrospect, the socio-cultural groundwork for what would become termed as “patriarchal rape culture,” and the concept of institutionalized female victimhood were both established.

On the other hand, thoroughly concocted stories such as the Bobbit and Lewinksy affairs only serve to minimize the genuine plight of those women whose victimization at the hands of sexual and spousal abuse the MSM chooses to completely ignore.

And why? Because folks, the ruling elite Jesuit families aren’t concerned with genuine social justice, only profit margins.

That is the nature of the cynical manipulations fabricated by the ruling elite families and then dutifully promoted by their spineless and all-too-willing minions employed by the MSM.

These seemingly titillating, socio-culturally oriented psychological operations such as the Bobbit and Lewinksy affairs are designed to minimize and infantilize the whole of the general public, which induces everyone – whether male, female or LGBTQ – to become more dependent upon and exponentially vulnerable to the arbitrary “security” (tyranny) of corporate-owned global governance.


According to most mainstream sources, Lorena Bobbit’s first official statement to police and to alleged chief investigator, Peter Wentz (Sums to 912 in English Ordinal/12/21/777/intelligence joker code), was the following: “He [husband, John Wayne Bobbit} always have orgasm and he doesn’t wait for me to ever have orgasm. He’s selfish.”

Lorena’s statement was entered into the official court record and, during the trial’s proceedings, was read out by prosecuting attorney, Mary Grace O’Brien. Lorena Bobbit also revealed during the court proceedings she had been repeatedly abused, not just sexually, but physically and emotionally, by her husband. She also went on to claim her husband engaged in many illicit infidelities and, he forced her to abort what would have been their first child together as a married couple. Turns out however, that none of Lorena Bobbit’s claims, made after the fact, were fully substantiated with empirical evidence.

Here’s where greater legal absurdities come into play.

One does not have to be a legal expert to observe that Lorena Bobbit’s first statement to the Chief Investigator, Peter Wentz, seems hardly indicative or satisfies any known legal definition of rape. Considering the comparatively benign nature of her initial statement(s) to police, it seems difficult to particularize how the argument of Lorena Bobbit’s defense, which rested upon the dubious premise of “a mixture of self-defense and temporary insanity constituting an irresistible impulse,” could have been taken seriously by any sitting judge or sworn jury.

Additionally, though the “court record” appears rife with expert testimony that either attempted to bolster or uphold this rather dubious legal defense, the record curiously fails in particularizing or identifying the source of such “expert” opinions.

In essence, this entire “legal” exercise represented a psychological operation, designed to not only conflate in the general public’s mind the conceptual differentiations between what legally constitutes an accusation and a conviction, but to further alter public perceptions as to what constituted sexual assault and the justifications for vengeful “irresistible impulse.”

In that sense, the outcome of the trial and the acquittal of the accused, John Wayne Bobbit, remained moot from the start.

The media’s use of the moniker “John Wayne” is also tellingly symbolic.

In retrospect, the ulterior motives of the Lorena Bobbit psychological operation were rather transparent, for it served to desensitize entire socio-cultural population demographics, and helped to psychologically normalize vague justifications for the neutering of the male libido as an inherently violent weapon.


Below, L to R: Madonna, Lorena Bobbitt

In terms of comparative facial recognition analysis, the eyes of Lorena Bobbit’s host actor, Madonna Louise Ciccone, give the game away. It seems though, in the case of the media concocted character of Lorena Bobbit, raven black hair dye and what appears to be a well-practiced Hispanic accent were enough to pull off the illusion and keep the host actor hidden from public view.

One must admit, Madonna portrayed the “Lorena Bobbit” role with consummate skill.

But there is a specific reason why Madonna’s host actor is so comfortable with the Hispanic dialect (See: Real deal about 80’s “Material Girl” (Part II). 

Madonna has been featured before here at Newsspell, and genealogically speaking, there can be no doubt she is connected to royal European bloodlines and by extension, to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

But facial recognition and voice analysis prove the pop star known to millions as Madonna is also a character modification of this renowned actor:

Below: Angelina Jolie

It becomes immediately evident, just from the limited sample of images presented here, that every effort has been made to hide the host actor behind the glamorous, Hollywood created character celebrity, Angelina Jolie, with applications of various shades of hair dye as well the application of a myriad of camera, lighting, and lens distortions.

Be that as it may, her host actor isn’t hidden well enough, because facial recognition analysis also indicates the identical host actor has also portrayed this former pop star:

Below: Jennifer Lopez

In the larger scheme of things, a much more pertinent question looms: Does anyone really believe these royal jesters really care about the legitimate problems of women living in the real world or are they just out to exploit the masses to make a profit and manipulate socio-cultural trends to perpetuate their monopolized hegemony over the masses?

Though one doesn’t possess the reputation of a gambling man, one would be willing to lay favorite odds these “celebrities” shilling for the Rockefeller funded feminist and #Metoo movements have ulterior motives in mind that not only run counter to the genuine and vested interests of women everywhere, but to the entirety of humanity.

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