“Jane Pauley”: Who’s Behind the Mask? Part II

“Jane Pauley”: Who’s Behind the Mask? Part II

Surely, there are those visitors, arriving at Newsspell for perhaps the first time, finding it difficult to grasp the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, much less finding it comfortable to even contemplate the idea that many – if not most – of the television news journalists with which they’ve grown familiar might be European royalty disguised by pseudonyms, CGI layering, and other post-production audio-visual effects.

Perhaps – through no fault of their own – they’ve never considered that the royal families of Europe, well-intermarried and in partnership with those among the lesser known thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, also happen to be among the majority shareholders of the very television networks which they tune into on a nightly basis to receive what they’ve been conditioned to trust as accurately reported news and information.

It follows then, the very “news” and “information” – and the accompanying audio/visuals – the general public implicitly trusts as an accurate portrayal of domestic and world events are, collectively, tantamount to a sinister carnival of distorted images, images designed to reflect the economic, political, and social visions of the ruling elite families.

In such a sinister fashion, the content of “news” and “information” are conveniently delivered to the general public by genealogical relations of these same royal families while hidden behind their calculatingly crafted disguises.

In part II of this installment, our further examination of the royal family relations of “Jane Pauley” AKA Queen Mathilda of Belgium will reveal, she is not only related to the royal family of Monaco and the British royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (a family line which is derived from a German royal house) but, by virtue of those facts, her career arc as a mainstream “journalist” was undoubtedly formulated and created to serve the vested financial and political interests of her European royal family relations.

Accordingly, such turns out to be the case with the Fox network’s Ann Coulter, another of Pauley’s contemporaries (the details of which are coming soon in Part III), who is a close family relation of perhaps the biggest player (a certain Hollywood mogul who has appeared in numerous past installments) in the phenomenon known as Post-Modern Reality Simulation and, she is also, a European royal princess in disguise.

But, that’s not all folks.

Where is all this leading, you might wonder?

Well, regarding “Jane Pauley” AKA Queen Mathilda of Belgium, we are about to discover a remarkable connection to – sensational though it may seem – the recently disgraced high-finance mogul Jeffery Epstein, who, as it turns out, is also a completely fabricated media character and portrayed by a royal host actor, a prince belonging to the royal family of Monaco, one with genealogical connections to a royal family numbered among the most powerful of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the Grimaldi of Genoa, Italy. Continue reading ““Jane Pauley”: Who’s Behind the Mask? Part II”