Surely, there are those visitors, arriving at Newsspell for perhaps the first time, finding it difficult to grasp the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, much less finding it comfortable to even contemplate the idea that many – if not most – of the television news journalists with which they’ve grown familiar might be European royalty disguised by pseudonyms, CGI layering, and other post-production audio-visual effects.

Perhaps – through no fault of their own – they’ve never considered that the royal families of Europe, well-intermarried and in partnership with those among the lesser known thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, also happen to be among the majority shareholders of the very television networks which they tune into on a nightly basis to receive what they’ve been conditioned to trust as accurately reported news and information.

It follows then, the very “news” and “information” – and the accompanying audio/visuals – the general public implicitly trusts as an accurate portrayal of domestic and world events are, collectively, tantamount to a sinister carnival of distorted images, images designed to reflect the economic, political, and social visions of the ruling elite families.

In such a sinister fashion, the content of “news” and “information” are conveniently delivered to the general public by genealogical relations of these same royal families while hidden behind their calculatingly crafted disguises.

In part II of this installment, our further examination of the royal family relations of “Jane Pauley” AKA Queen Mathilda of Belgium will reveal, she is not only related to the royal family of Monaco and the British royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (a family line which is derived from a German royal house) but, by virtue of those facts, her career arc as a mainstream “journalist” was undoubtedly formulated and created to serve the vested financial and political interests of her European royal family relations.

Accordingly, such turns out to be the case with the Fox network’s Ann Coulter, another of Pauley’s contemporaries (the details of which are coming soon in Part III), who is a close family relation of perhaps the biggest player (a certain Hollywood mogul who has appeared in numerous past installments) in the phenomenon known as Post-Modern Reality Simulation and, she is also, a European royal princess in disguise.

But, that’s not all folks.

Where is all this leading, you might wonder?

Well, regarding “Jane Pauley” AKA Queen Mathilda of Belgium, we are about to discover a remarkable connection to – sensational though it may seem – the recently disgraced high-finance mogul Jeffery Epstein, who, as it turns out, is also a completely fabricated media character and portrayed by a royal host actor, a prince belonging to the royal family of Monaco, one with genealogical connections to a royal family numbered among the most powerful of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the Grimaldi of Genoa, Italy.


In the previous installment, in addition to unmasking the true identity of American television journalist “Jane Pauley”, the author posed a hypothetical question: what’s in a name?

In that previous installment, it was revealed that Queen Mathilda of Belgium AKA Jane Pauley is formally known as Mathilde Marie Christine Ghislaine d’Udekem d’Acoz.

As it turns out, the name of Ghislaine has a connection to not only the recently disgraced financier “Jeffery Epstein”, but is also connected to another disgraced financier from the past, Robert Maxwell, through one of his alleged children, Ghislaine Maxwell.


After clicking the link to peruse the content of the article published by the New York Post, you will immediately notice an occult legend referenced in the headline.

The wording found in the Post’s headline –  “rose from the ashes” –  is a reference to the legendary tale known to ancient Greek mythology concerning the Phoenix bird, which symbolizes the cyclical regeneration process of death and rebirth, or, on a deeper occult level, the rising of the sacred oil along the human spinal column (classically symbolized by the serpent) from the lower anatomical depths, to ignite the divine potential lying dormant in the pineal gland, or the mythical third eye.

Far below, are listed a pair of links to images drawn from an article published in the London Daily Mail, dated 2016, concerning the disgraced Bear-Stearns financier, Jeffery Epstein.

The following pair of images featuring “Jeffery Epstein” and his “mystery woman” – if one employs a critical eye and knows what to look for – are filled with shocking revelations.

The Daily Mail’s headline accompanying the “controversial” photos is quite amusing, especially after having compared the British periodical’s pair of images to those of Prince Albert II and his consort, Princess Charlene, displayed above, in the footage of the video excerpt.

Yes folks, as you carefully scan between both sets of images, and while comparing between those of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, and “Jeffery Epstein” and his alleged “mystery woman”, you will incrementally but undoubtedly come to a rather unnerving realization; you are looking straight down into the deep and surreal rabbit warren of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Additionally, also keep in mind, what we have learned about Andrea Casiraghi AKA “Eric Dubay”, the “late” Stefano Casiraghi AKA American news journalist Brian Williams/former US president George H.W. “Poppy” and Neil Bush, and Princess Charlotte Casiraghi AKA American congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Ivanka Trump/Hollywood actress Allison Williams.

Apparently folks, those aren’t the only members of Monaco’s royal family who have been active and willing participants in perpetuating the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

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While looking more closely at the published images of “Jeffery Epstein” and his “mystery woman”, you may begin to also notice Epstein’s age is listed as 63 (occult mirrored law of reversal=36/3 6’s/666).

Also, you will take notice, not only does Epstein’s “mystery woman” (Princess Charlene of Monaco) appear to have been deliberately posed in the photo, the number 44 is conspicuously visible on the license plate of the New York City fire rescue vehicle. This more than implies, the blue lodges (those initiated into the first three lower degrees) of the American masonic network are actively involved in the execution of manufacturing news stories and are endeavoring – with direction from those initiated into the higher Scottish/York Rites – to deliberately bamboozle the American public.

In gematria, 44 is the destruction code.

While scanning the images with even greater clarity, you will also notice that, to the immediate left of the license plate’s pair of 4’s, the letter ‘W’ remains conspicuously visible.

Certainly, this is no coincidence either.

The letter W, in English Ordinal gematria, equals 23 (2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry). But, invert the W and we will observe the letter M, which when turned clockwise, becomes a 3 (Three/EE=33/high-degree Scottish rite freemasonry).

Yes folks, the real perpetrators of these media-driven gaslighting psychological operations can never resist leaving behind their dastardly occult fingerprints.

Images form London Daily Mail 22 Sept. 2016 (

Additionally, the London Daily Mail, along with other mainstream periodicals, have made much ado about the alleged relationship between “Jeffery Epstein” and the former US president, “William Clinton”, who has been identified as yet another among a slew of American history’s fictional characters portrayed by a gaggle of Hollywood host actors, many of whom are genealogically related to European royal families, and, in turn, to the thirteen, ruling elite families sitting atop the pyramidal summit of global economic and political power.

In the case of “Slick Willie”, the former US “president”, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis have thoroughly confirmed that, beneath a layered mask consisting of strategically placed facial latex stippling, latex nose putty applications, and copious dollops of hair coloring, Hollywood actor Michael Douglas and “William Jefferson Clinton” are, indeed, one and the same.

Michael Douglas:

William Clinton:

By the way folks, Michael’s father, Kirk Douglas – also an award-winning Hollywood actor – portrayed former Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin.

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While everyone is contemplating the sinister implications of the comparison analysis between images of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco, and “Jeffery Epstein” and his alleged “mystery woman”, let’s take a closer look at connections between the name Ghislaine, the late Robert Maxwell, and the recent controversy swirling about “Jeffery Epstein”.

In the case of both sweepingly dramatic and widely promoted narratives involving Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein, we discover further connections to the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and to the British Prince, Andrew.

And, while further considering both Maxwell and Epstein, we shall also discover – perhaps with little surprise – direct connections to the royal family of Monaco.


To reiterate, the Belgian Queen consort, Mathilda AKA “Jane Pauley”, is formally known as Mathilde Marie Christine Ghislaine d’Udekem d’Acoz. After scouring for sources providing any tidbits of useful or pertinent information regarding progeny in relation to the name Ghislaine, we then – perhaps not so incredibly – discover this from

“Princess Ghislaine of Monaco was the wife of Prince Louis II and step-grandmother of Prince Rainier III. She was born Ghislaine Marie Francoise Dommanget in Reims, France, on October 13, 1900, to Robert Dommanget and Marie Louise Meunier. From an early age, she was drawn to the stage and became an actress, working at the famed Comedie-Francaise in Paris.”

Yes folks, each of you read that correctly, Princess Ghislaine was a professional actress, the same profession taken up by her distant genealogical relation, Mathilde Marie Christine Ghislaine AKA “Jane Pauley”, who, for more than 40 years, has acted and pretended to be an American television journalist.

The article, available at the link, displayed above, goes on to say the Princess was often rebuffed by Prince Rainier and other members of the royal family of Monaco, those who, because she was perceived to be an outsider, supposed her prime interest in Prince Louis may have been preoccupied by ulterior motives, motives normally associated with  someone characterized as an opportunistic gold-digger .

Princess Grace, however, Rainier’s royal consort and yet another former Hollywood actress, endeavored to treat her in a more kindly fashion, making certain she received formal invitations to various family gatherings, and that she was recognized at official state functions as befitting someone of her royal station.

Genealogical research regarding Prince Rainier, his consort Princess Grace, and the royal family of Monaco – the results of which have been published in a previous installment – reveal they are related to the powerful Grimaldi family of Genoa, Italy, an ancient royal family line of merchant bankers/noble land holders numbered among the most powerful and influential of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

The royal genealogy of the Belgian Queen consort, Mathilda AKA “Jane Pauley”, extends not only through the Ghislaine line and to the royal family of Monaco, but to the Polish peerage, through the line of Princess Zofia Maria Sapieha.

Giving further consideration to the name of Ghislaine, we find there is also a connection to the British royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, specifically with Prince Andrew, and his alleged relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, one of the surviving children of the late Robert Maxwell. We also find both Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell had connections to “Jeffery Epstein”, who, like Robert Maxwell, was also a notable but disgraced international financier.


Maxwell, so it is alleged, “disappeared” into the Atlantic – wait for it folks – off the deck of his luxury yacht.

Does this account of the “death” of “Robert Maxwell” sound all-too- similar to a story about the alleged tragedy of another European royal you’ve read about before here at Newsspell, about an alleged “boating accident” involving the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi?

Yes folks, all-too-similar, indeed.

Perhaps, the imaginations of the media scribes, those indirectly employed by the Grimaldi family, simply – as so often seems to be the case with such media hacks –  became overly stricken with lassitude?

Maybe, it is time someone advise the Grimaldi family of Monaco’s principality they might wish – in future – to shy away from sailing on the high open seas?


Robert Maxwell, while still living, held the majority of ownership shares in London’s Daily Mirror and, in addition to his well-publicized dispute with Rupert Murdoch, Maxwell was also rumored to have made all major decisions over the Daily Mirror’s editorial content.

As had been alluded to before, in past installments, the concept of the ‘mirror’ holds profound occult significance in the circles of high-grade witchcraft. The renowned occultist, Dion Fortune, once defined the concept of witchcraft as the manipulation and ultimate control of mass human perception.

But, when encountering the popularized story of the rise and equally precipitous fall of the notorious financier/media mogul “Robert Maxwell”, we find ourselves – once again – faced with a cliched and shopworn narrative, of the rags-to-riches variety. As will shortly be proved however, the story of criminal financier “Robert Maxwell” was completely fabricated, and represented yet another classic example of a media-driven and scripted theatrical exercise played out in the public arena.

Immediately, after beginning our investigation into the official biographies of Robert Maxwell, we discover a military connection.

It is alleged, that after escaping captivity from Nazi occupation in the country of his birth, Czechoslovakia, Maxwell joined the Czechoslovak Army while in exile and then, somehow, joined up with the British armed forces. It is alleged Maxwell quickly rose to the officer’s rank of Captain, and was awarded the Military Cross.

During the post-war period, Maxwell began to build his financial empire in the publishing business. From there, Maxwell set his eyes on success in the arena of politics, and served six years (6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) in the British parliament.

The name of “Maxwell” turns up some interesting gematria sums:

English Ordinal/Full Reduction: 90=6/occult mirrored reversal/6=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry

Reverse Ordinal: 99=66/occult mirrored reversal/66=12/21/777/intelligence joker code

Full Reverse Reduction: 36/3 6’s=666

From this point on, while following the chronology Maxwell’s official biographers present to us, we will observe more examples of numerological codes and freemasonic symbolism.

Just take a look at the wartime military award given to Maxwell by none other than the sitting British monarch, Queen Elizabeth:

Yes folks, that is the symbol of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, and the color of purple – observed on the ribbon’s middle stripe – is symbolic of royalty.

Click on the following video link, displayed below, and starting at around the 15:00 minute mark, you will hear the BBC narrator begin to inform us of Maxwell’s documented connections to not only British intelligence, but to KGB and, by extension, Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.

As we’ve discovered through past investigations, all the major intelligence services – CIA, MI6, MI5, Mossad, KGB, Stasi, etc. etc. – are bundled together in to what we’ve come to understand exists as a conglomerate global network, primarily serving the financial, social, and geopolitical interests of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

During the era of the “cold war” between America, its British and European allies, and the Soviet Union, “Maxwell” was known to have a close relationship with Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev AKA Hollywood actor Rod Steiger, who, in addition to having been identified as the hidden father of Marlon Brando AKA Burt Reynolds, portrayed a slew of iconic Hollywood and television characters.

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The video’s narration goes on to further inform us that, in 1949 (=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), soon after resigning his officer’s rank of Captain in the British army, MI6, the British secret intelligence service, agreed to help fund Maxwell’s Pergamon Press, which later developed into a major publishing house.

From there, progressing onward into the era of the 1950’s and 60’s, Maxwell greatly expanded his interests in the publishing business, and acquired majority ownership shares in the British Printing Corporation, Mirror Group Newspapers (which included London’s Daily Mirror) and Macmillan Publishers.

As the narrative content of the video, displayed above, progresses, it appears to fade into the realm of what can only be described as absolute comedy, perhaps even Spinal Tap-like satire. For a man who, allegedly, committed such felonious and even heinous financially oriented crimes, Maxwell is shown to have become comfortable inviting a BBC camera crew into his inner sanctum to record – presumably for the sake of posterity – his private business dealings.

Does this ridiculous state of affairs – given Maxwell’s criminal allegations – seem, at all, remotely plausible?

Yes folks, the entire BBC video production is a theatrical exercise, starring a larger-than-life protagonist who was portrayed by a royal host actor, and created for the consumption of the general public, complete with sensational deatils one would normally associate with a supermarket-grade spy/thriller novel.

Regarding the extraordinarily salacious details inherent to the popularized narratives of both “Robert Maxwell” and “Jeffery Epstein”, think – for more than a moment – about the method of operation conspicuously on display here.

The ruling elite families set up their own family members – such as “Maxwell”, “Epstein”, Prince Stefano AKA former US president George H.W. “Poppy” Bush and “Neil Bush” who allegedly robbed the Silverado Savings and Loan – as public strawmen to draw in, intensely focus, and profit from the mass energy of the resultant reaction of public ire.

This method of operation is often referred to by veteran Wall Street financial traders as “double dipping”.

While the public is presented with an epic but tawdry boilerplate narrative of men from their own working classes who while appearing, with nothing other than can-do gumption, to have miraculously but triumphantly risen from the humblest socio-economic levels to hobnob with the likes of the rich, famous, and the ranks of royalty, the inevitable denouement of such dramatic stories seems always predictably tragic.

The stories of men like Maxwell and Epstein are always drawn from the identically classical template: the legendary but impetuous Icarus, who while seeking to fly to the very summit of the sky, melted his waxen wings and, after journeying too close to the sun, plummeted back to earth.

Such classically inspired but tragic narratives are designed as epic cautionary tales, of those who, while seeking to satisfy the whims of unquenchable ambitions, inevitably – though they may eclipse the triumph of success for a short time – fall prey to their own petty impulses, insatiable greed, and destructive avarice.

While mainstream television and print outlets such as the BBC and London’s Daily Mail – which the thirteen families thoroughly own – remain content in reporting to the public that men like Robert Maxwell have met an ignominious demise while falling off the deck of their luxury ocean liners, the true story goes unreported.

They will never, of course, report that such stories are thoroughly manufactured and represent profit-driven psychological operations, theatrical television productions starring host actors derived from the family of the ruling elite families who, while the public remains fascinated with their bread and circus, are able to perpetuate and enrich their global mob of gross criminality with utter impunity.

Such epic, media-driven and profitable stories like this – of men like Maxwell and “Jeffery Epstein” – also carry with them a subconscious message to the hoi polloi and to the proletariat: you should never foolishly bother to reach too high because surely, your unfettered, hasty, and undisciplined ambitions to join the ranks of your royal betters – those who secretly rule over you – will only end in infamy, disgrace and, perhaps, even death.

In addition to motives concerning media-driven advertising profits, these sorts of epic media narratives –  working-class protagonists slugging their way to prominence – are perpetually created to thoroughly conceal a primary fact from the targeted demographic of the proletariat: the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families already own everything.

There can be no doubt, ear biometrics and facial recognition analysis have thoroughly confirmed, that both “Robert Maxwell” and “Jeffery Epstein” are two of a pair – that is to say – they are classic examples of the sort of media-driven and fabricated characters the ruling elite families have been creating for decades, since the advent of radio, television and, in this latter-day age, digital technologies.

Not only that, but both characters – Maxwell and Epstein – have been respectively portrayed by host actors hailing from the royal Grimaldi family of Monaco, Prince Rainier III, and his son, the reigning monarch of Monaco, Prince Albert II.

Robert Maxwell:

Prince Rainier III of Monaco:

Prince Albert II of Monaco:

Jeffery Epstein:

Regarding image comparison analysis, you will readily notice there are identical and distinguishing architectural features in the area of the chin between the character of “Jeffery Epstein” and his host actor, Prince Albert Casiraghi Grimaldi II of Monaco.

Many of Epstein’s images have been shot with lens distortion(s) and subtly photo-shopped in post-production, to more completely distinguish the geometry of the Epstein character’s facial structure from that of his well-concealed host actor, Prince Albert Grimaldi II.

You will also notice, the Epstein character is donned with a carefully structured hair piece over his balding pate, which serves to further distort the public’s ocular perceptions, and helps to maintain the concealed integrity of the character’s royal host actor.

The story of “Jeffery Epstein” is merely identical to the media-driven narrative popularly associated with “Robert Maxwell”, save one exception. On this occasion, the “Jeffery Epstein” narrative was spiced with titillating tales of sexual perversion.

Stay tuned for Part III, coming very soon!







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