Wuhan psychological operation has everyone in check?

Wuhan psychological operation has everyone in check?

The MSM, while acting on behalf of the thirteen families, remain the masters of mass distraction.

Although the alleged death of legendary NBA star Kobe Bryant seems to have recently and all-too-successfully directed mass attentions away from the event(s) unfolding in Wuhan, the capital city of the Chinese province of Hubei, there remain several pertinent facts left unreported by the MSM.

These unreported facts remain pertinent, in so far as their relation to a complete understanding of the global economic transition – the distribution of economic and industrial supremacy from the West to the East – which has been underway for some decades now.

This global economic transition is being incrementally implemented under the guise of several concurrent psychological operations which, by now, have become well-known to the general public, in both America and the West: LGBTQ/gender equality, 3rd wave feminism/women’s empowerment, white nationalism/supremacy, racial equality/division and, of course, “climate change”.

The narrative details of the alleged crisis event reportedly taking place in the Chinese city of Wuhan have collectively culminated in the execution of a carefully orchestrated psychological operation and emergency crisis simulation, one which has been systematically and deliberately aimed at a Western audience.

While paying close attention to a bevy of news reports regarding the unfolding event in Wuhan, the face of one particular “journalist” during an interview with the CBC – the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – happened to have emerged and caught one’s undivided attention.

Turns out folks, the journalist in question, “Jaime Santirso”, is a well-known and award-wining actor/comedian. Continue reading “Wuhan psychological operation has everyone in check?”