The MSM, while acting on behalf of the thirteen families, remain the masters of mass distraction.

Although the alleged death of legendary NBA star Kobe Bryant seems to have recently and all-too-successfully directed mass attentions away from the event(s) unfolding in Wuhan, the capital city of the Chinese province of Hubei, there remain several pertinent facts left unreported by the MSM.

These unreported facts remain pertinent, in so far as their relation to a complete understanding of the global economic transition – the distribution of economic and industrial supremacy from the West to the East – which has been underway for some decades now.

This global economic transition is being incrementally implemented under the guise of several concurrent psychological operations which, by now, have become well-known to the general public, in both America and the West: LGBTQ/gender equality, 3rd wave feminism/women’s empowerment, white nationalism/supremacy, racial equality/division and, of course, “climate change”.

The narrative details of the alleged crisis event reportedly taking place in the Chinese city of Wuhan have collectively culminated in the execution of a carefully orchestrated psychological operation and emergency crisis simulation, one which has been systematically and deliberately aimed at a Western audience.

While paying close attention to a bevy of news reports regarding the unfolding event in Wuhan, the face of one particular “journalist” during an interview with the CBC – the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – happened to have emerged and caught one’s undivided attention.

Turns out folks, the journalist in question, “Jaime Santirso”, is a well-known and award-wining actor/comedian.


The following is a rather brief analysis concerning the “death” of NBA legend Kobe Bryant who had, before his alleged demise, been hampered with apparent legal imbroglios.

Remarkably, there seems to be a tie-in – though admittedly, it is somewhat oblique – between the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan and the most recent tragedy of the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

The nexus between the pair of stories appears to be the pharmacological-industrial- complex.

Since 2017, Kobe Bryant Inc. (legal representation held on retainer) had been involved in a trademark dispute with Hi Tech Pharmacal over the name of a diet supplement marketed as “Black Mamba.”

Before Hi Tech was recently acquired by Akorn, German Pharmaceutical Fresenius Kabi, and Merck KGA in 2018, a pair of Hi Tech’s CEO’s, Jeff Wheat and Brandon Schopp, were indicted on charges of manufacturing and distributing controlled substances.

Merck, of course, is one of the globe’s largest manufacturers and distributors of not only pharmaceuticals, but also vaccines, and the pharmaceutical giant is certainly no stranger to multi-billion dollar lawsuits or glaring public controversies.

In 2012, Merck was hit with a class action lawsuit which claimed the pharmaceutical giant had, by demonstrating monopolistic and anti-competitive behavior, violated the Sherman Act and made false claims to the US corporate government about the effectiveness of its mumps vaccine.



SEE also:

But research has availed more about Bryant’s legal disputes.

Before filing suit against Hi-Tech, in 2010, Bryant was reportedly involved with a legal dispute regarding the naming rights to a high-end Japanese beef called Kobe beef. Oddly enough, the beef had not been exported from Japanese shores until July of 2012, when shipments of the delicacy began to arrive in Hong Kong, China.

The Wikipedia entry for Bryant’s S-76 helicopter (sums to 21/777 and 3/EE=33 in Reverse Full Reduction) which was alleged to have crashed into a mountain in Calabasas, California on January 26 (12/21/777) at 9:45 (18/666), features details which are heavily coded with gematria, particularly the numbers 777 (intelligence joker code), 33 (high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry), and 8 (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits).


At any rate, it seems highly unlikely the reams of detailed information found at Wikipedia could be officially compiled and accurately published a mere one day following the alleged crash, and before the completion of an official investigation by either local authorities or the FAA.

Historically, and as we’ve learned from past investigations, such fabricated reports and false claims of deliberately staged air crashes – for example, those involving pop music stars Buddy Holly, Randy Rhoads, the Hindenburg incident, and 9/11, to name but a few – have been utilized many times before, to facilitate the smooth transition of various character modification schemes, and for the purpose of committing massive insurance fraud through the filing of false death claims.


Though the latest emotionally and psychologically-laden pandemic reportage propagated by the MSM represents an operation consisting of mere propaganda, and targeted directly at the general public in the US and populations residing in the West, clear and objective analysis of its pernicious substance remains instructive, in determining not only its deceptive method of operation but, also, its covert objectives.

Of course, we’ve seen this sort of manufactured hysteria before: SARS, bird flu, Ebola, measles outbreak, etc. etc..

The MSM wants you to believe your government and the scientists working in cooperation with them have your best interests at heart and that you should, therefore, willingly and unquestioningly, give over your complete autonomy and remain vulnerable to their prefabricated solutions in obedient response to a manufactured crisis scenario.

Everyone should also note, the ownership of the patent(s) for the coronavirus, which was manufactured by the CDC, is held by, none other than, the US corporate government.


However, while the media is making a genuine effort to thoroughly convince the public to trust the authority of governments who they claim are acting in their best interests, certain facts as to the behavior, identification, and treatment of viruses remain unknown to the general public.

This is the sort of ignorance the MSM, the pharmaceutical/vaccine producing cartels, and the so-called “experts” working in the medical profession hope to play upon to secure the general public’s complete trust.

Below, you will find an excerpt from an article concerning the research of Doctor Hyeryun Choe, a professor from the Scripps Institute in Florida. According to the article’s introduction – SEE: – Doctor Choe and her research team have focused their work towards acquiring a greater understanding as to how viruses enter and exploit healthy human cells.

Apparently, Doctor Choe and her research team have been able to identify certain cellular recptors which, as it turns out, are vital to the understanding of how viral glycoproteins bind to certain host receptors.

One of the most interesting facts found in the article, primarily concerns the application of vaccines which are commonly utilized to target specific viral strains:

“Viruses hijack healthy host cells, exploiting resources and reproductive machinery for rapid replication. However, a major consequence of speedy reproduction is the increased risk of random genetic mutation, which can result in a myriad of unique viral strains. Therefore, viruses are very difficult to treat. Vaccines that target a specific viral strain could become ineffective in the long-term. This is because viruses could genetically alter to become resistant to the antibodies raised by a vaccine. Ultimately, a conflict exists between humans and viruses, with each side battling to overcome obstacles created by the opposition.”

The substantive interpretation to be derived from Doctor Choe’s statement regarding vaccinations and their lack of long-term effectiveness in eliminating the spread of viruses is rather clear. And yet, in lieu of known health prevention solutions which could strengthen the human immune system in the face of viral attacks, ones which could also limit and even mitigate the spread of viral pandemics, the MSM, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and CDC, continues to peddle the implementation of widespread vaccinations, and actively works hand-in-hand with the government of the US corporation to legally mandate vaccination programs.

Given, the government of the US corporation holds over 19 patents for the coronavirus, great powers of deductive reasoning are not required in reaching a definitive conclusion as to why it would be profitable to saturate the public with carefully orchestrated and fear-based psychological operations amplified by propaganda founded upon the premise of vaccinations as the only solution to prevent the spread of a pandemic.

Great percentages of the general public, however, remain unaware both the pandemic and the ensuing crisis have been deliberately manufactured, in cooperation with corporate governments and their CDC and UN conspirators.

It appears, the complete military lockdown of Wuhan, the capital of China’s province of Hubei, has been strategically executed, and also appears similar to what occurred in Boston in the immediate aftermath of the alleged bombing in April of 2013.

In the case of Wuhan, however, rather than a simulated bombing scenario, a staged pandemic crisis was utilized to achieve similar objectives.


With a population of eleven million, Wuhan is divided into 13 districts (Hunger Games, sound familiar?) and is the capital of China’s Hubei province. Reportedly, Wuhan is a thriving industrial hub, and it is also the headquarters of China’s largest state-owned car manufacturer, the Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

Wuhan is often referred to as the “river city” and the “Chicago of China.”

Apparently, however, Wuhan isn’t the only Chinese city to have been compared to America’s “Windy City”.

Chongqing, a city with a population of over 32 million, has also been dubbed the “Chicago of China” and, back in 1918, the Chinese city of Hankow was afforded a similar comparison.

According to an article posted at, the city of Zhengzhou has even “expressed its desire to be China’s ‘Chicago of the East’.



In addition to being recognized as the political, economic, financial, commercial, cultural, and educational center of Central China, what the MSM hasn’t reported and, most likely, will never reveal, Wuhan is one of 160 cities worldwide to be listed among those belonging to UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network of Sustainable Development, and is also listed as a Beta world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.

For those unfamiliar, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) is, according to Wikipedia, “a specialized agency of the United Nations based in Paris, France, with a “declared purpose to contribute to promoting international collaboration in education, sciences, and culture to increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed by the United Nations Charter.”

UNESCO, of course, is tied in with both the World Bank, and IMF (International Monetary Fund) which are, along with the Federal Reserve in America, subsidiary banking establishments of Crown Temple in the City of London. In 2015, UNESCO, in cooperation with financing from the banking establishments of Crown Temple’s middle temple and George Soros AKA Dan Rather/King Constantine II of Greece, established eight (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits) goals (Millennium Development Goals) as part of its Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development programs.

The Millennium Development Goals are as follows: 1.) To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger (Euthanasia/eugenics/population growth control) 2.) To achieve universal primary education (standardized indoctrination/dumbing down of youth) 3.) To promote gender equality and empower women (feminism/LGBTQ/trans-gender propaganda/equality of outcome based on gender/race identity in lieu of meretricious/objective evaluations) 4.) To reduce child mortality (state mandated abortion/sterilization) 5.) To improve maternal health (universal and substandard health care) 6.) To combat HIV/Aids, malaria, and other diseases (strictly enforced/state mandated vaccinations) 7.) To ensure environmental sustainability (state control of food/water consumption/forced migration into walled urban, stack and pack/mixed-used settlements with 24 hour surveillance) 8.) To develop a global partnership for development (incremental introduction of global virtual economy, global feudalism, and elimination of private ownership/private property/middle-classes).

But don’t take the author’s word for it.

You can investigate for yourself, by clicking the following links, listed below, and learn what UNESCO’s creative cities program is all about, and also learn if the city in which you currently reside has agreed to its terms and conditions as a signatory.

One thinks you’ll discover that, it is no coincidence, there are several American cities among the UNESCO’s list which have – like China’s Wuhan – played host to crisis simulation events involving citywide security lockdowns.

It should also be noted, Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Notice the number of 17?

17, of course, sums to 8 (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits) which, in occult circles, symbolically represents new beginnings.


SEE also:


UNESCO is also partnered with an organization called Disrupt and Innovate, an organization which describes itself as a “Future Civil Society Organization” – a project by the International Civil Society Centre – provides a platform for civil society professionals and activists to discuss the topics that will determine the sector’s future.”


From their website, the organization goes on to claim, “the platform takes its starting point in the book The Hedgehog and the Beetle – Disruption and Innovation in the Civil Society Sector, written by the Centre’s Executive Director Burkhard Gnarig.” The site goes on to detail that Gnarig was once the CEO of Greenpeace, and that he has actively participated in a number of major UN conferences, as well as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


One of the first reports of Wuhan’s coronavirus “crisis” came to my attention via the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and UAP Channel. As you will see, just after the teleprompter reading CBC news anchor goes into her scripted and neural-linguistically programmed spiel, she introduces “Jaime Santirso”, a “journalist” employed by the Spanish periodical, El Pais.

Beginning at 2:48 in the following video, excerpted from UAP Channel, you will immediately notice that not only is the “journalist” known as “Jaime Santirso” seated in front of a green screen he also, periodically, peers down to check his scripted lines written on his off-camera teleprompter.

While listening intently, you will also begin to notice, his Spanish accent seems very affected.

There is a good reason for this.

Because “Jaime Santirso” is a well-known actor/comedian who once portrayed the characters “Ali G” and “Borat”.

One of the most telling moments of the CBC segment featuring Santirso, however, comes at 5:48, when we hear Jaime say, “everyone is very supportive of the action the government is taking…everyone is sure they’re doing the best they can for public safety.”

You will also notice, while Jaime is spewing his scripted and corporate government approved propaganda, the camera cuts to a red octagonal sign, written in English: “STOP, please check at Nursing Station before entering.”

Before entering what – the Hollywood designed movie set?

Where have we seen a sign like this before?

Remember this, folks, from Sandy Hook?

Sandy Hook: “Everyone must check in”:

Mandarin is the predominant dialect of Chinese spoken in Wuhan, and throughout Hubei province.

Therefore, don’t you find it odd that the hospital sign would be written in a standardized vernacular of English which is most familiar to Americans?

Could this be because, the coronavirus psychological operation/crisis simulation has been targeted at Western audiences?

Does it also seem very likely, therefore, the hospital scenes observed in the CBC report were not filmed on-location, in Wuhan, but somewhere in the West, perhaps, in America, or even Canada, and scripted, directed, and filmed while using Hollywood extras mixed with smatterings of selected crisis actors?

At 7:03 in the UAP Channel video segment, you will hear Jaime inform the CBC anchor, “the virus mostly targets, eh, old people.”

Whether the general public realizes it or not, Jaime has just revealed the true purpose as to why officials from the World Health Organization wish to especially target older population demographics with compulsory vaccinations, particularly those numbered predominantly among the lower and middle social and economic classes.

Jaime means to inform the target audience, those living in the West, which is now undergoing sweeping economic transition, the true objective(s) of the coronavirus psychological operation: the “baby boomer” generation, while collecting social security and retirement benefits, are too numerous and represent an overall hindrance to the social, economic, and political transformations planned by the thirteen families, changes which they wish to see culminated by 2030.

Observed from the cold and objective business perspective held by the bankers of the Crown Temple and those of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the great percentage of “boomers” living in the West represent excess human inventory whose “carbon footprint” must be either downsized or liquated, for the sake of greater global business efficiency, and for the sake of executing a smooth economic transition of wealth redistribution from that of the Western hemisphere to the East.


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm that the  journalist identified as Jaime Santirso is portrayed by award-wining actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Jaime Santirso:

Sacha Baron Cohen:

Jaime Santirso:

Sacha Baron Cohen:







41 thoughts on “Wuhan psychological operation has everyone in check?

  1. My first thoughts (when I heard the news was much the same)
    …Is he dead?
    …Media distraction/redirection
    …Mass hysteria
    (that’s just on the Kobe side of things)
    *** and much more

    That is the common consensus from me. Is that a good thing? No, but “they” love dividing the people, and this type of scenario is perfect.

    oh look – – squirrel

    1. The event involving Kobe Bryant represents one of the oldest tricks of psychological warfare (sorcery): misdirect the mental focus and mental intentions of the proletariat with bread and circus so they will never gain a firm grasp on the political intrigues of their hidden rulers.

    1. Greta’s host actor is a European royal – the Duchess of Brabant – and she is heir to the throne of what was once known to history as the Holy Roman Empire. Her family, as well as those of the other thirteen families, is heavily invested in the success of the climate change agenda, which has been posed as a geopolitical pretense for the redistribution of economic wealth from the Western hemisphere to the East.

      1. “…. which has been posed as a geopolitical pretense for the redistribution of economic wealth from the Western hemisphere to the East.”

        As well as continued redistribution of wealth from the lower classes to the ruling upper class via crushing taxation, inflation, and price-gouging. The CARES Act is one prime example of this. Over half a trillion first went to big industry (such as shipping and airlines) and the super-rich, and the rest was consumed by inflated prices:

        It’s interesting to note that this bill was first introduced to the U.S. Congress in early-2019 by Democrat politician Joe Courtney from Connecticut. From the looks of it, it’s obvious that this scheme was in the making before the COVID-19 scam came about a year later. Ironically, it was sold as something that would help the “middle class”, but we all know better.

        Here’s it’s sponsor. It would be interesting to know who are his donors or family relations so we can have a better understanding of what’s going on here:

        If you go to Section 4015 of the abovementioned federal legislation, it says that it permits “the Treasury to use the Exchange Stabilization Fund for guaranty programs for the U.S. money-market mutual-fund industry. Any guarantee must (1) be limited to the value of a shareholder’s account in a money-market fund as of the close of business the day before the announcement of the guarantee, and (2) terminate no later than December 31, 2020.” The Exchange Stabilization Fund also played a key role in the AIDS scam (as well as drug-running and money laundering) from decades earlier, which Dr. Fauci had his hands on, btw:

  2. hahah what a shit show! little greta got burned out already, they will start screaming leave greta alone! xD

  3. oh and that PEter Strokz however you spell that very phallic sounding name looks like he could be roman polanski demon spawn Polanski runs Rothshilds own branch of Mossad and Counter Intelligence with CIA and he brags about it. go figure.

  4. sorry to leave multiple comments!! haha have to get it out before I forget, anyway the black mamba thing I read in In Search of Black Assassins was cos he would get scatter brained on the court and that was like his mkultra word to get him to focus and not be split apart….and the day he died A friend of mine was very upset and was wearing a black mamba shirt I thought it was a Kill Bill reference so I laughed when I saw it and everyone just stared at me was pretty funny then that night I had a dreamed about playing in a video game where I was split into multiple other people was rather weird, before I knew what black mamba meant.

  5. Oh and Helicopter in English Sumerian equals 666. And the Calabasas California 33, do you know of Zachary K Hubbard!? he does great videos on all these psyops and how they are by the numbers and hes on his 21st channel you can imagine they like deleting channels that expose Gemnatria codes.

    1. There is no need to apologize for having left several comments, I appreciate your continued interest in the material published at Newsspell. Your quite correct, the event involving Kobe Bryant is heavily coded with gematria. Nevertheless, gematria is one of those aspects – regarding the occult – of Post-Modern Reality Simulation that is often misunderstood. At the highest degrees of freemasonry and among the highest ranks of the Jesuit order, the light coming through the sun (Lucifer) and the zodiac are both highly revered. All of these events are coded according to the solstices, the zodiac, and the death and rebirth of the sun as it travels across the heavens.

      1. And I suspect that corona really came from Israel as I found articles that its been there since 2007 and Israel has their own biological institute they create vaccines to target certain ethnicities and their own haha since they forget their asian roots ooops! it could have easily been brewing is palestine and iran with all the poor children that get wounded living in filth with Israel spraying sewage all over the place. yes the pimple is coming to a head.

  6. Very good one.
    I think it’s also interesting to consider Wuhan’s geographic coordinates 30 35 N 114 17 E. And the gematria for the name Corona Virus of course. I noticed some recursive 11 encoded in that city. But we would need to further explore that.

    1. Regarding the gematria coding, those are good observations. Furthermore, the timing of the Bryant event and the Wuhan operation are no coincidence. It is obvious the thirteen families wished to induce maximal levels of emotional and psychological vulnerability among the proletariat. Another ulterior political motivation is to establish, in the public’s mind, the geopolitical viability of the UN as the supreme body of global governance. This too, is a distraction. The capitols of global governance – epicenters of executive decision-making – are the Vatican (Jesuit order/center of global administration), Crown Temple in City of London (banking/legal), and Washington’s District of Columbia (military/industrial/complex).

      1. Note that according to media sorcerers narrative, people should be monitored for 14 days for signs of infection with Corona virus. 77 again.

      2. Yes, every bit of “information” the MSM releases concerning this “virus” is coded with gematria. The coronavirus is a multi-national exercise/psychological operation sold to the public as an actual crisis As for monitoring, yours truly is more than familiar with that concept. The local masonic constabulary have been monitoring this blog since its inception. I’m well aware their police informants have been instructed to target this site. I’m also well aware, not only is this site under electronic surveillance, but so isn’t my residence. They justify this continued surveillance by filing false claims and reports to formulate “probable cause.” What’s more, the MSM is folding itself into pretzels explaining the logistics of both the pandemic and the Kobe Bryant ‘copter crash. The “explanations” for the latter are especially amusing, even grotesquely comic.

      3. The police surveillance ramped up when I exposed the Colleen Ritzer psychological operation. This was the alleged murder of a twenty-four year-old (24/6/33) “teacher” by a fourteen year-old (77) African-American student. I exposed the entire story as a hoax as well as the masonic perpetrators. Both the “teacher” and the alleged assailant proved to be photo-shopped simulations created with back dated school year book images. The entire operation was a Homeland Security drill and acted as a cover for a masonic ritual conducted by the local the Eastern Star lodge.

  7. I’m amazed by all the goddess symbolism with the virus. It seems ritualistic with the timing of 2020. I hope it ends soon. I never expected Borat to be involved either.

    1. The symbolism of the goddess – Shiva, Venus, etc. etc. – represents the beginning of the new Aquarian age, which is also synonymous with the number of eight (new beginnings/mark of the Jesuit order) connected with the “late” NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Neither is it any coincidence the woman’s march took place recently. Everything is planned according to occult, numerological, and astrological signs and symbols. As for Sacha Baron Cohen, this is not the first time a Hollywood celebrity or entertainer has worked in connection with one of these media-driven psychological operations. Despite their material wealth and publicized renown, such celebrities are nothing more than what Josef Stalin called “useful dupes.”

      1. In fact, you’re correct. All of these well-promoted psychological operations are masonic rituals which are designed to induce – through emotional manipulation the populace’s mass participation. You won’t want to miss what’s coming up next: more about the Kobe Bryant hoax and his dinner with a dead man!

      2. About the butchery of our skies, the so-called chemtrails, I wonder if they really have the power to influence the global (or local) climate, or it’s something else. Geoengineering, poisoning, electromagnetic engineering, other psy-op or the umpteenth crazy masonic ritual? What do you think?

      3. You may not be aware, I published an installment on the subject of geoengineering approximately one year ago. The article reported on a study, published by a selection of Harvard academics, which essentially admitted the geoengineering process was designed to block the sun’s rays to cool rising global temperatures. The obvious implication here is, they were admitting geoengineering is weather modification, a technology which has been in development since the 1950’s. There are several patents and even international treaties which address the subject of geoengineering. Therefore, your primary supposition is correct; they are utilizing this technology to facilitate a Hegelian dialectic. The thirteen families and their conspiring minions are actively modifying the weather to influence public perceptions and to justify the UN’s Agenda 2030.

      4. What’s worse these scoundrels can cause heartquakes, tsunami and other catastrophes with great damage for anyone they’re targeting

      5. Yes, and in the wake of such catastrophes, billions in profits are made with reconstruction contracts, with investments in the stock market, and with subsequent real-estate deals. The reconstruction projects, of course, are all paid for with the public’s tax dollars. You won’t want to miss the next installment which is coming very soon. I will reveal the genuine identity of the London Bridge “terrorist” who, back in 2019, was alleged to have been killed by London police. I can assure you, he is still very much alive!

  8. Ah, so that comment u have published! The real one gets vanished… Not surprised. R we forgetting something here?
    U connect Gematria with Masons and Jesuits (of course u do) forgetting to mention the fact that, although originated in a previous Assyro-Babylonian-Greek culture, it has de facto a Judeo-Yiddish-Hebrew usp embedded in Judaism through the Kabbalah since the time of Tannaim (1st-2nd century AD).
    So the name, the noun, the letters u should have spelled out in the instance, should have been wait 4 it.. J-E-W-I-S-H ! just like the usp of those ‘lucky ones’ who were awarded back in 2018 by the Han government a 5-year business visa no questions asked (providing no details of travel or business purposes in their application) by the Chinese bureau of immigration.
    Those ‘chosen travellers’ had of course to show only their Israeli passports to be eligible. What a coincidence that within only a few months from that ‘opening’ we had another bankers-industrialists operation – that is what this Coronavirus outbreak is.. the virus is obviously nonexistant but the quarantines and home abductions are very real – going on.

    1. Surely, you’ve noticed the comment section is equipped with an edit button, a tool which enables and ensures the author’s replies are written with lucid comprehension. I don’t, nor have I ever, endeavored to erase reader’s comments. I take the time to answer every one, even those from the shills and police informants who are paid to harass or derail the author’s considerable efforts. According to Sir Edward Gibbon’s History of The Roman Empire, the Tannaim consisted of laborers, teachers, negotiators, and legislative administrators during the inception of the Roman imperial era. The most renown of these was Josephus, who fought against the Roman general and emperor Vespasian, and later became the emperor’s slave, working in his sole employ. Later, Josephus became a freedman, married into the Flavian dynasty, and was granted Roman citizenship. As for Vespasian, he belongs to a Roman imperial bloodline which can be traced to several of the thirteen families, including the Orsini, the Grimaldi, and even Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; the same bloodlines which, collectively, rule over the globe today. The Roman empire never ceased to exist, that is merely an historical feint perpetrated by academic scholars who are more concerned with maintaining their scholarly and academic tenure, and the accompanying privilege, status, and prestige among their colleagues. Today, what was once known as the Roman Empire exists in the form of London’s Crown Temple, the principality of Washington D.C., and the Vatican in Rome. All existing nations – China and the US included – are merely corporate subsidiaries; geopolitical squares on a grand chessboard – and not independent nations, as you may have been taught through the public school system; a system which has been set up not to educate the masses, but to indoctrinate them into the prevailing global economic system. The thirteen families, throughout the centuries, have hidden behind many veils – religious, political, and ideological – while holding no particular allegiance to any of the correlating cultures or philosophical dogma. Politics, religion, and the ideological philosophies associated with them, are merely used as tools to benefit the continued perpetuation of global commerce. With their complete control and proprietorship over the means of industrial production, the thirteen families are only concerned with expanding global commerce and with the maintenance of their global hegemony over the proletariat. As for the last part of your comment – concerning the alleged “travelers”, which is a code word for those employed by the international intelligence octopus operating under the auspices of the Jesuit order in Rome – you have evaded addressing the overall premise of the article to which you’ve attempted to reply, or to present a cogent counter-argument as to the merits of the global implications, so expressed in the article. I can assure you, the grand plans for the coronavirus simulated crisis event, as well as other previously launched pandemic-oriented operations created to augment its massive psychological effects, were set in motion – years, perhaps even decades – long before your alleged ‘travelers’ were alleged to have dealt with Chinese immigration officials.

      1. Again spreading nonsense for the judeo establishment.
        Tannanim have nothing to with the Romans. They were jewish sages.
        Kabbalah is a judeo plagiarized tradition, not Roman.

        Wll Be warching u.

        P.S. Being the site adm u now exactly what happens to the comments in the comment section.

      2. I don’t think, you fully read the article, much less understood its thematic implications. The historical origins of the Kabbalah are irrelevant to the subject dealt with in the article, As for being watched, this site is already under surveillance. I’m curious, however, you wrote, or attempted to write, ‘We’ll be watching you.” For whom are you attempting to speak?

  9. Again spreading nonsense for the judeo establishment.
    Tannanim have nothing to with the Romans. They were jewish sages.
    Kabbalah is a judeo plagiarized tradition, not Roman.

    P.S. Being the site adm u now exactly what happens to the comments in the comment section.

    1. Furthermore, why – if you find the subject matter of this site, as you seem to be claiming, historically erroneous, and its author so distasteful – would you continue to waste your valuable time coming back so often? In which case, one can only assume you harbor ulterior motives while hiding your identity behind a blank-faced icon?

  10. Sorry, dude. You fucked up. The reporter Jaime Santirso is a real person. He is a known Spanish reporter of a long-established Spanish Newspaper (El Pais).

    Guys, do a Google research every time you read stuff like this. Don´t believe everything you read, such as this crock of shit.

    1. There is no need to offer such a profuse apology. But I would suggest, while you choose to attack the findings of the author while hiding behind a blank-faced icon and what appears to be a pseudonym, your reading comprehension skills may be amiss. The content of the article clearly states, the “journalist” who is “known” as “Jaime Santirso” appears to be, in fact, employed by El Pais, a periodical held in ownership by the media monopoly of PRISA which, in turn, owns Media Capital, the distributor of 20th Century Fox and MGM as a major shareholder. Nevertheless, verifiable empirical analysis clearly exists indicating Mister Santirso is not who he claims to be. Your feeble insistence that he is merely “known” as a “reporter” does not, in any way, serve as an adequate rebuttal which would discount the findings published in the article. Nor, does the fact El Pais is “long established” discount the fact they are not in the business of publishing propaganda which serves to solely benefit and enrich the fiduciary bottom line of its major shareholders. “Brian Williams”, a proven liar who admitted prevaricating about an alleged Iraqi helicopter attack while employed by the “long established” corporate network of NBC, is also “known” to tens of millions. Are you so obtuse as to suggest that public notoriety alone establishes journalistic credibility? Empirical and verifiable evidence exists Williams’s professional name is also a pseudonym used to conceal his real identity, Stefano Grimaldi. Furthermore, I would suggest, until you can present adequate and verifiable counter-evidence without resorting to vulgar ad hominem, it is your claims, Sir, rather than those published by the author, which are tantamount to a “crock”.

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