Middle East’s War Simulation Spectacle

Middle East’s War Simulation Spectacle

Emotional hysteria is never conducive to dispassionate objectivity, which is necessary for capable, penetrative analysis of world events. While broadcasting images of what appears to be a war-ravaged Gaza and delivering ham-fisted propaganda disguised as “news”, the MSM knows this all-too-well. Held in the grip of television’s beguiling spell, blinded by ideological extremes, a majority of the targeted population becomes incapable of observing they’ve been thoroughly manipulated into warring with each other. But such skillful con artists have always repetitively utilized the power of suggestion, accompanied by neural linguistic programming, stage managed images, and scripted messaging broadcasted through electronic mediums, to peddle outrageous lies as absolute truth.

For the past several decades, since the post-WWII period, such blatant but nevertheless skillful con artists have managed to persuade Western audiences, specifically American ones, selling them on the idea there is a bloody and protracted war ongoing in the Middle East.

More recently, social media outlets – specifically, that digitally platformed abomination known as TikTok, targeted at demographics consisting of the cerebrally stunted, the emotionally juvenile, and those prone to gullibility – have developed into the MSM con artist’s invaluable primary weapons of psychological warfare, trusty handmaidens with which to market their egregious war propaganda.

Repeatedly, both Americans and the world-at-large, have been told the State of Israel and the State of Palestine are opposing factions involved in bloody armed conflict.

But what if both sides were discovered to be in on the ruse, covertly cooperating in the execution of a grand confidence game which, for decades, overseen, managed by the United Nations, has been theatrically staged for ulterior motives?

In fact, upon further investigation, a former leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization – “Yassar Arafat” – has been identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by one of popular music’s most legendary and iconic personalities.

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