Emotional hysteria is never conducive to dispassionate objectivity, which is necessary for capable, penetrative analysis of world events. While broadcasting images of what appears to be a war-ravaged Gaza and delivering ham-fisted propaganda disguised as “news”, the MSM knows this all-too-well. Held in the grip of television’s beguiling spell, blinded by ideological extremes, a majority of the targeted population becomes incapable of observing they’ve been thoroughly manipulated into warring with each other. But such skillful con artists have always repetitively utilized the power of suggestion, accompanied by neural linguistic programming, stage managed images, and scripted messaging broadcasted through electronic mediums, to peddle outrageous lies as absolute truth.

For the past several decades, since the post-WWII period, such blatant but nevertheless skillful con artists have managed to persuade Western audiences, specifically American ones, selling them on the idea there is a bloody and protracted war ongoing in the Middle East.

More recently, social media outlets – specifically, that digitally platformed abomination known as TikTok, targeted at demographics consisting of the cerebrally stunted, the emotionally juvenile, and those prone to gullibility – have developed into the MSM con artist’s invaluable primary weapons of psychological warfare, trusty handmaidens with which to market their egregious war propaganda.

Repeatedly, both Americans and the world-at-large, have been told the State of Israel and the State of Palestine are opposing factions involved in bloody armed conflict.

But what if both sides were discovered to be in on the ruse, covertly cooperating in the execution of a grand confidence game which, for decades, overseen, managed by the United Nations, has been theatrically staged for ulterior motives?

In fact, upon further investigation, a former leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization – “Yassar Arafat” – has been identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by one of popular music’s most legendary and iconic personalities.


Though, as usual, the following argument(s) may be considered highly controversial – come what may. There are several points to be made which will demonstrate beyond all doubt that, for the past several decades, the appearances of armed “conflict” between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine, including Gaza, have been wholly manufactured and stage managed. Everyone will take note that the letter ‘S’ in the term ‘state’, when used in a legal context as opposed to vernacular, is capitalized. From a purely legal standpoint, the capitalization of the term which contractually designates official statehood is what binds all nations to the control of the City of London’s Crown Temple. The City of London, a private principality, operates as but one part of a triune system of global governance along with Washington D.C. (AKA United States/Virginia Company), and Vatican City (Holy See/Swiss banking consortium).

download (1)[5260]

Both Israel and Palestine – as are all nation states (AKA commercial/corporate markets), established solely for the commercial exploitation of human and natural resources – are not independent nations, but corporate States (AKA Crown Estates) operating under the legal but unlawful jurisdictional umbrella of the Crown Temple in the City of London, and are, therefore, by legal declaration of Statehood via internationally recognized contract, subject to the jurisdiction of Admiralty (AKA Maritime) Law.

Though Crown Temple (AKA one square mile) in the City of London is itself incorporated, its four courts (Inner/Middle Temple/Lincoln’s and Grey’s Inn), located at Chancery Row, are unincorporated. The Courts of Crown Temple exist as private societies without charters and statutes. Because of this prevailing status quo, no legal claim, enquiry, or lawsuit can be brought against them.

According to an article published at jewishlearning.com, the British mandate under Viscount Herbert Samuel, appointed the first High Commissioner of Palestine dictated that, “From 1923 on, therefore, until the end of Britain’s tenure in 1948, the government that functioned in Palestine was unique among League {of Nations} ‘A’ mandates. Far from nurturing the local population to self-government, it was a Crown colony in all but name.”

Yet another article, published at jta.org – SEE: https://www.jta.org/archive/palestine-as-crown-colony-is-proposed – all but confirms that the Crown Temple bankers were setting Palestine/Israel up for the same legal trick they played on the American colonies, centuries earlier. Though both were granted the right of self-determination, self-governance – which is the right to “elect” carefully selected Crown agents/private lawmakers as political representatives – the land was still owned under allodial title by the Crown corporation and subject to Crown liens, taxation, while their respective monetary currencies (AKA debt, usury instruments) would be printed, supplied by districted central/merchant banks, private subsidiaries controlled by City of London’s Crown Temple. The article at jta.org reports that on February 18, 1935, Moshe Smilansky, then president of the Jewish Farmer Association and one of the leading figures in Palestine, presented a proposal that “the Jews of the world concentrate on a demand that Palestine be declared a crown colony, with a view to eventually becoming one of the British dominions.”

Today, the States of Israel/Palestine are controlled by the UN (United Nations) which legally, by declaration of charter, is a Crown Temple and acts as a front for the City of London (AKA one square mile) and the Swiss/Vatican banking consortium. It is no coincidence that the UN was established via legal charter on October 24, 1945, and that, a mere three years later, on May 14, 1948, Israel declared Statehood, meaning, it contractually agreed to become a Crown Temple Estate controlled by the City of London. These pair of nearly converging historical events were entirely calculated for three reasons: 1.) to establish Israel as a football for geopolitical intrigues, 2.) to establish, magnify the UN’s role, in the form of the UN Security Council, as a prime arbiter in international and geopolitical affairs, and 3.) to establish Mossad and thus expand the Jesuit’s global intelligence complex into the Middle East.

Furthermore, it is a matter of public record that “terrorist” faction PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was created by CIA, trained by Operation Paperclip German National Socialists, and managed by British intelligence, while Hamas, according to tribune.com.pk, was created by Israel and controlled by Mossad to counter-balance the PLO and its militant leader, “Yasar Arafat”, who, as alluded to in this article’s introduction, has been identified as an intelligence controlled fabricated character scheme.

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicates that Richard Starkey/Ringo Starr, a former member of the Beatles, a cultural phenomenon created by London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and handled by British Intelligence, was modified into the portrayal of the media-driven fabricated character scheme known as “Yasar Arafat”, alleged to have been the long-time leader of “terrorist” group PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization).

Richard Starkey/Ringo Starr (AKA Yasar Arafat) is the hidden son of Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg (AKA FDR/Harry Truman/Walt Disney/Fred Astaire/Jimmy Stewart/Henry Fonda/John Foster Dulles/Ray Bolger/Walter Cronkite/Abraham Zapruder/Al Jolson/Glen Miller). Interestingly, while Richard Starkey/Ringo Starr (AKA Yasar Arafat) served as the drummer for the Beatles, “Fred Astaire”, one of Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg’s modified character schemes, as seen in the video excerpt posted below, also played the drums.

As everyone will surely observe in the images posted immediately below, the epidermal contours, shapes of the respective ears are identical. Further and extensive ear biometric and image comparison analysis confirm this observation. In addition, as observed in the following series of images, extensive teeth analysis confirms that the respective cuspids – encircled in red marker – are identically shaped and contoured.

Below: Yasar Arafat, Ringo Starr






More tellingly, while Israeli officials are quoted in the article at tribune.com.pk to the effect that, in retrospect, they lament the creation of Hamas as perhaps ill-conceived, the article also reports, with the creation of Hamas as a “lesser evil” during the 1980’s, there existed a consensus among Israeli officials, “that the dividing of the Palestinian people would help the interests of the Jewish state.”

SEE: https://tribune.com.pk/story/2302309/how-and-why-israel-helped-create-hamas

Dividing populations into opposing factions is a hallmark of psychological warfare, a time-tested tactic of effective population management and successful but tyrannical governance.

Indeed, since 1948, the UN, too, has benefitted from maintaining the appearances of the Israel/Palestine “conflict”, which, over the decades, has widened its bureaucratic scope, international prestige, and diplomatic profile as a “peacekeeper” and chief arbiter in geopolitical turmoil. Moreover, there exists ample evidence, the Israel/Palestine “conflict” has increasingly served as a smokescreen for the implementation of the UN’s Seventeen Sustainability Goals (AKA the Jesuit’s Fourth Industrial Revolution/”Build Back Better”).

For some time now, UN connected bureaucratic organizations have been active in the Israel/Palestine region.

As shall be further detailed, while working in accordance with the UN’s sustainability goals, Israel’s “Smart Cities Institute” – SEE: https://israelsmartcities.org/projects – is now actively transforming selected Israeli municipalities, as well as cities in Europe and China, into AI/digitally controlled “smart” human resource habitats.


According to the webpage at israelsmartcities.org, several municipalities – Holon, Haifa, and Harish – are now transitioning into “smart” cities, in accordance with the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen sustainability goals. But it is also working towards achieving identical objectives in Paphos, Cyprus, Nice, France, and Lisbon, Portugal.

At israelsmartcities.org, under the subtitle “Smart Living & Resident Engagement,” the institute outlines how it plans to transition cities not only in the EU, but also in China with the installment of cutting-edge digital technologies controlled by AI systems.

On its webpage, the Israel Smart Cities Institute declares itself as, “A large consortium of 17 participating institutions leading transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and China.”

The webpage then goes on to explain how the institute plans to achieve digital transition for municipalities targeted for transformation into “smart” cities in the coming decades. When one finally gleans the significance of the technical and bureaucratic jargon utilized in the following paragraph, drawn verbatim from israelsmartcities.org, the dark and truly dire implications for the future of humanity are made entirely comprehensive.

1.) Describe state-of-the-art policies and strategies (regional/local) to facilitate digital transition to data-driven decision-making for urban planning and governance in respect to air pollution, transport and mobility, and data sharing for inter-municipality cooperation, 2.) Identify major opportunities and challenges from the outcome of the ‘Community of Communities’ by analyzing the results of the CoC inputs through, e.g., emotion analysis, 3.) Identify the digital transition components starting from Big Data analysis and citizen’s contributions in Living Labs in China for initiating and creating socially integrative cities and facilitating sustainable development in order to support testing, monitoring, benchmarking and assessing impact for promising pathways, services, technologies, and scenarios.

In other words, according to the Smart Cities Institute of Israel, in the near future, the populations inhabiting Israeli cities, as well as those populating municipalities in the EU and in China, will be virtual prisoners in “smart” human resource habitats while perpetually monitored, surveilled – behaviors, thoughts, emotions, etc. etc. – by sophisticated digital systems controlled by artificial intelligence technologies.

Does that sound like a future humanity should be looking forward to – an absolutely despotic, dystopian nightmare?

As for me – no thanks!


Extensive research indicates, there are several UN bureaucratic organizations now active in the Palestine/Gaza region. Based upon this, it seems far better to conclude, the “war” in Palestine is being used as a manufactured media-driven facade to better conceal the UN’s activities which seek to transform the entire region – including Israel, Palestine, and Gaza – into a digital “smart” grid controlled by the UN which, in turn, is nothing more than a front for the Crown Temple in the City of London and the Vatican/Swiss banking consortium. To this end, it seems more than likely, not only has the UN contributed to the perpetuation of the illusion of an ongoing “war” in the region of Palestine and Gaza, but also deliberately created water, fuel, and electricity crisis in the region, thus artificially creating the appearances of necessity and even demand for “renewable sources” of energy.

Since the turn of the 21st century, the UN has been active in both the Gaza region and in Israel implementing the seventeen sustainability goals of its Agenda 2030/2050 (AKA Jesuit’s Fourth Industrial Revolution/”Build Back Better”). One UN bureaucratic organization in particular, UNOPS (United Nations for Project Services), consisting of corps of civil, electrical, building/architectural engineers, and IT specialists, has been erecting “renewable energy solutions” for households in Gaza.

“UNOPS provides meaningful technical expertise to countries in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change,” according to UN Secretary General Antionio Guerres.

UNOPS is headquartered in UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark, a kingdom ruled over by a slew of royal perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, including Crown Princess Mary (AKA Megan Kelly/Nicole Simpson/Laura Ingraham/Harris Faulkner/Erin Brockovich/Ronnie Abrams/Vera Farmiga/Kamala Harris/Rochelle Walensky), Crown Prince Frederick (AKA Pete Buttigieg/Bradley Manning), and Prince Joachim (AKA Dan Abrams).

SEE: Bankman-Fried Trial Judge Royal Impostor

Unmasking Rochelle & Loren Walensky

Erin Brockovich East Palestine’s Fake Savior

Mayor Pete is a Royal Impostor

Not only that, but a UNOP’s webpage designated for posted tenders offering jobs to civil and construction engineers, indicates that controlled demolition and rebuilding or refurbishing of outdated or dilapidated structures in the region of Gaza has also been ongoing for more than a decade.

Detailed information available at their webpage confirms this.

SEE: https://www.unops.org/news-and-stories/stories/providing-reliable-and-sustainable-energy-to-the-people-of-gaza

“Since 2006, Gaza has suffered from electricity shortages,” claims unops.org. “This further exacerbates already difficult living conditions for the majority of its two million residents who live on just a few hours of electricity every day. A lack of electricity further poses risks to the health and safety of Palestinians living in the area, who often resort to using less sustainable and potentially dangerous forms of electricity and light such as batteries and candles. In an effort to respond to the ongoing crisis, UNOPS – with funding from the government of Japan – supported the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority (PENRA) to provide renewable energy solutions for households across Gaza. In support of PENRA’s aims to achieve 10 percent of domestic electricity generation to come from renewable energy by 2020 – UNOPS installed hybrid solar systems, with a peak capacity of around 3 kilowatts on the rooftops of household.”

Somehow, despite these alleged “electricity shortages”, yet another UN affiliated organization, UNRWA (United Nations Relief & Works Agency), which, according to one of its webpages, even has its own television station, has been working in the Palestine region since 2021, setting up digital infrastructures such as remote/virtual learning systems for Palestinian schoolchildren and their teachers, including DLP (Digital Learning Platform), LMS (Learning Management System), EMIS (Education Information Data Collection System), and Telemedicine, an electronic medical records “Mother and Child” digital application. It should also be noted that, since 2016, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization), in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiques, has been actively managing two UN World Heritage sites in the Palestine region, one of which is in the city of Bethlehem.

SEE: https://www.unrwa.org/who-we-are/modernizing-unrwa

Nevertheless, the UNOPS webpage goes on to describe its “transparent” process for assessing energy vulnerabilities in Gaza.

“Using a transparent process that assessed vulnerabilities, beneficiaries were selected from the most vulnerable affected populations, with a focus on women.”

Of course, among the UN’s seventeen sustainability goals is the global promotion of women’s “empowerment” (AKA feminism).

“Since its creation 70 years ago,” crows a pronouncement at sustainabledevelopment.un.org, “the UN has achieved important results in advancing gender equality…”

As confirmed in an article published at crisismagazine.com, the ideology of feminism (AKA women’s empowerment) or gender equality derives from Marxism, a paradigmatically transformational socio-political philosophy which, though largely attributed to Carl Marx and Frederick Engels, originally emanated from the mind of Jesuit scholar Luigi Tapparelli d’ Azeglio.

“The gender revolution is fundamentally Marxist,” reports crisismagazine.com. “Whether people are consciously aware of it or not, the root of gender ideology is Marxist, and its gambit is the construction of the egalitarian society through the obliteration of the division of gender. And the gender revolution is one of the prongs in the full-throated attack on the family.”

To help amplify this point even further, crisismagazine.com includes a quote from Marx’s lesser-known text, “The German Ideology”.

“There develops the division of labor, which was originally nothing but the division of labor in the sex act, then that division of labor which develops spontaneously or ‘naturally’ by virtue of predisposition.”

Paul Krause, author of the article published at crisismagazine.com, entitled “Marxism and the Gender Revolution,” while elaborating further on Marx’s reasoning, insightfully illuminates the genuine objective of the LGBTQ+ and feminism movements, which is to fundamentally androgenize humanity to thereby eliminate gender inequality.

“The genus of inequality, the division of labor, is ‘the division of labor in the sexual act’. It is this division of labor in the sexual act that recognizes the distinction between male and female, which establishes the consciousness of division from which all later divisions of labor and growing inequality flow. If the sexual act and the division between genders is the very root of all inequality, the only means by which inequality can be negated is through the androgenization of human nature, wherein the sexual difference between man and woman is abolished.”

Substantiated by the preceding information, one seems overwhelmed by an unassailable conclusion.

While simultaneously posed as a global savior, the UN is not only helping to protract a manufactured simulated “war” between Israel and Palestine, but while promoting subversive socio-political ideologies in service to the further implementation of its Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen sustainability goals, the UN has also covertly declared genuine war on human nature and indeed on humanity itself.


The MSM alleges that Israeli created “terrorist” faction Hamas attacked festivalgoers attending the Supernova music rave at the kibbutz of Re’im, in the Negev desert on October 7, 2023. After examining the “official” details of this event recorded for posterity at Jesuit/CIA-controlled Wikipedia, it becomes obvious that the account is riven with numerological markers as well as occult symbology.

According to Wikipedia, “At 6:30 am {October 7, 2023} around sunrise, rockets were noticed in the sky. Around 7 am, a siren warned of a rocket attack, prompting festivalgoers to flee.”

October (7) + 2023(2+5=7) + (7) am = 777/Alistair Crowley’s Kabbalistic intelligence joker code

6:30 am = 3 6’s or 666

Then, there’s the dual references to the sun, the first of which is when Wikipedia reports, “around sunrise, rockets were noticed in the sky.” One supposes, Wikipedia’s second solar reference isn’t so easy to detect if you’re not looking for it, but it’s hidden in the name of the alleged location of the attack: Re’im.

RE’IM = I AM RE or RA/Egyptian sun god

Of course, the sun is also prominently featured in the official logo of the Jesuit’s Society of Jesus at Vatican City, which, with its Superior General as commander and chief, controls the global intelligence complex, including CIA, British intelligence (MI6/MI5), and Mossad.

But there’s also the occult reference to the siren. The myth of the siren was first mentioned in the epic poem of Homer’s Odyssey. According to ancient Greek myth, the sirens were dangerous bird women of the sea along with other ancient nautical dangers such as Scylla and Charybdis and, according to occult-world.com, they were “singing goddesses whose alluring voices could neither be resisted or ignored.”

One thinks it’s fair to say with a degree of certainty that, thanks to the MSM, a majority of the American public – the targeted audience demographic for this particular psychological operation – appears to have been beguiled by those very voices.

It should also be noted that not only is there an IDF (Israeli Defense Force) base located in Re’im, but several, according to Wikipedia, scattered throughout the Negev desert. Despite, according to Wikipedia that both “security guards and police were present at the music festival,” several of the festival’s attendees were alleged to have been shot and killed and taken away as hostages on motorcycles.


Just when did middle eastern terrorists turn into the Hells Angels?

But just when one may begin to believe these “official” accounts regurgitated by sources such as the MSM and Wikipedia couldn’t become any more grossly absurd, the latter goes on to report some rather interesting details about the founding of the Re’im Kibbutz, the alleged location of the Hamas “terror attack”.

“Re’im was “founded in 1949,” Wikipedia reports, “by members of the Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation who were demobilized from the Palmach.”

The Boy and Girl Scouts have a connection to Freemasonry, the international sex and death cult controlled by the Society of Jesus in Rome.

According to the masonictrowel.com and a webpage connected to District Grand Lodge of Lebanon which exists under the jurisdiction of Scotland’s Grand Lodge, the Boy Scouts were founded on the principles of freemasonry and that H.R.H. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, son of Prince George, Duke of Kent (AKA Winston Churchill/Alistair Crowley/Bob Hope/Jack Benny), brother of Prince Michael, Duke of Kent (AKA Max Igan) – SEE: Mad Max the Duke of Doom – was president of the Boy Scout movement in 1975.

According to Wikipedia, both the WOSM (World Organization of Scout Movement) and WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) have “General Consultive status with the United Nations Economic Social Council” and that U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (AKA Hollywood actress Annette Bening) was once a Girl Guide and Girl Scout. Beginning in 2013, WAGGGS began a collaboration with London headquartered Unilever’s “Dove Self-Esteem Project”, a program designed to improve the “body confidence” of girls. Everyone may recall, it was pointed out in the previously published article – Former IMF Chief Caught Off Guard – that Unilever was one of the biggest clients of Baker & McKenzie, the multi-national law firm partnered with Jesuit-trained John McKenzie, which first employed former IMF chief and current European Central bank executive “Christine LeGarde” (AKA Allison Janney/Kathy Hochul).

Then there’s the issue of the Israel Defense Force’s vaunted Iron Dome missile defense system, which, despite, as Wikipedia claims, a siren’s warning of an incoming rocket attack shortly after sunrise at 7 am, failed to effectively respond in an attempt to neutralize or shoot down the “powered paragliders” piloted by Hamas “terrorists” floating over the Israeli border.

One should think that such primitive aircraft would be sitting ducks for the IDF’s comparatively sophisticated “Iron Dome” missile defense system. But apparently, according to an Israeli defense expert quoted at globalresearch.ca and middleeastmonitor.com, “Iron Dome” amounts to a giant “bluff” and a “hoax”.

Wikipedia also reports that, “footage of the attack posted on a Telegram channel, included graphic depictions of murder and hostage taking.”

Or, perhaps better to describe such depictions as graphic fakery, murderous assaults on the intelligence of the targeted audience?

All of the footage which has been alleged by the MSM to include such “graphic depictions” released to the public subsequent to the “attack” in Re’im, when one looks closer, appears to have been theatrically staged with military-grade anatomical simulations and or actors strategically drenched in generous dollops of moulage.

If what’s observed in the preceding video excerpt fails to persuade anyone the present “conflict” in Gaza is in fact a simulation/psychological operation stage-managed by military intelligence, then perhaps the next pair of images might serve to bolster that premise. The first of the following pair of images features an aid worker from the Palestine Red Crescent Society attempting to give CPR to a rubberized military grade simulation doll. The PRCS is affiliated with the Red Cross, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, an organization dialed in with the City of London Crown Temple and the Swiss banking consortium.

Screenshot (37)

The next image features an Israeli grandmother who, it is alleged by the MSM, was kidnapped in a golf cart piloted by Hamas terrorists and then held hostage. By all appearances, this woman seems to have enjoyed her captivity. Notice also, in addition to inexplicably having been given what appears to be a military grade automatic weapon by her “terrorist captors”, she is flashing the occult sign of the Vesica Pices.

Screenshot (36)

Telegram, the cloud-based, cross-platform instant messaging service which first broadcasted footage of the “terrorist attack” at Re’im, is an LLC (limited liability company) registered in British Virgin Islands and headquartered in Dubai, UAE. One of Telegram’s biggest investors is Sequia Capital which, as everyone may recall, was involved in the Bankman-Fried cryptocurrency psychological operation.

Most tellingly, Telegram’s instant messaging service is also connected to and used by MSM sources such as Financial Times, Business Insider, and, wouldn’t you know it, New York Times, America’s newspaper of record for the brainwashed and brain impaired.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, the company “has a complex corporate structure of shell companies to delay complying with government subpoenas.”

Meaning – Telegram was created as a tool of the Jesuit-controlled international intelligence octopus to broadcast propaganda and, with its capability for heavily encrypted “secret chats”, as a communication device for intelligence spooks to send and receive covert messages.

According to several articles, including those published by MSM sources such as foreignpolicy.com and npr.org, Dubai is infested with intelligence spooks connected to CIA and US military intelligence field operatives. As if that weren’t enough, not surprisingly, it turns out upon even further investigation that Dubai is being transformed into a digital “smart” city and has signed on with the UN’s smart cities initiative.

SEE: https://www.digitaldubai.ae/initiatives

Considering all of the aforementioned, neither is it any coincidence that Homeland Security is now begging the US congress to gouge US taxpayers in a call to renew and to significantly modify its already bulging budget appropriations to fight “terrorist threats”.

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  1. What do you suggest insofar as preparing for the rollout of UN sustainability goals? Where to go? Thank you for your work.

    1. Presuming you reside in the US; the implementation of Agenda 2030/2050 has been well underway for some time now. If your town/city has signed on to I.C.L.E.I. (International Council on Local Enviromental Initiatives), it is likely that officials in your vicinity are actively working in coordination with the implementation of the UN’s sustainability goals. Nevertheless, it is not too late to begin frequenting town hall meetings, at least, at first, to take notes and observe first-hand exactly how the agenda is being executed and perhaps to even learn about the specific public/private partnerships acting as financiers.

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