Actors Starring as 2020 Presidential Candidates? Part III

Though the stunning revelations found published in the pair of previous installments may have been difficult for most everyone to accept, nevertheless, yet another presidential candidate has proved not only, to be a manufactured persona portrayed by a well-known Hollywood host actor hiding behind a deceptive mask, but an actor who, as it turns out, is no stranger to the oval office at America’s most prestigious address.

Truly, upon further investigation, there appears to be every indication the crop of presidential candidates for 2020 have been collectively cast, to put it most accurately, in a farcically conceived, low-brow reality-television masquerade.

On this occasion, we shall center our investigative efforts upon the presidential candidate known as “Beto O’Rourke”, a name which, surely, represents one of the most ludicrously fabricated pseudonyms that only the most creatively bankrupt Z-grade Hollywood script writers – in cooperation with cubicle dwelling hacks at CIA’s sub-departments in Langley — could ever conceive.

Not only has O’Rourke’s hidden host actor – like that of another current presidential candidate, “Joe Biden” – served in the scripted role of US president before, he also once starred in a highly-rated television show production which claimed to be “about nothing”.

If one word could be used to characterize the fabricated persona of “Beto O’Rourke”, it would be transparent.

Though appearing boyishly congenial and, superficially at least, even benevolent, O’Rourke’s persona is the sort cut from the typical cloth best-characterized as that which resembles an adequately competent but low-grade insurance salesman or that of the well-intentioned but slightly obtuse city council administrator.

O’Rourke’s public persona presents the sort of typical middle–classed and provincial suburbanite who, while usually found married to the mildly attractive but average soccer mom, and though appearing capable and even skilled at spicing up the mood at the dull company outing or the uncomfortable gatherings of annual company Christmas parties with offerings of casual and even mildly amusing banter – the sort of persona which can also be relied upon to remember your name and, perhaps, even the names of your spouse and children – is also usually found to be given over to the sort of pedestrian wit which will never be mistaken for possessing the capacity nor the reputation for profoundly sweeping observations.

Indeed, beneath an attractive surface’s thin veneer, the manufactured persona of “Beto O’Rourke” exemplifies the sort of thinly-masked mediocrity which, while earnestly seeking affirmation, approval, and even sympathy from the general public, can always be found attempting to eclipse the grandest of those accomplishments that are generally, but secretly, acknowledged to exist well-beyond the scope of its limited grasp.

In other words folks, “Beto O’Rourke” is a political hack.

Nevertheless, O’Rourke’s hidden host actor – accomplished as he is – plays his scripted role well, a role so well-played, the majority of the American general public – not surprisingly – seem to have wholeheartedly accepted him as a legitimate presidential candidate.

Then again, could it not be reasonably imagined, there still exists a cross-section of the American public which still believes the scripted spectacles of professional wrestling and, those of all televised professional sports, are legitimate displays of competitive athletic contests?

While viewing O’Rourke’s performance in the video, pay close attention to the physical mannerisms and gestures he employs while making his address to the assembled audience, for these are the characteristics that will prove, once again, to be among the telltale clues in helping us to confirm the familiar but covert identity of his host actor.


Most of one’s loyal readers will surely have noticed that the video displayed above, which features O’Rourke while speaking at a campaign stop, is entitled “I can think of nothing more American”.

The title emanates from a statement O’Rourke is quoted as having made in reference to the controversy generated by certain professional participants in the scripted arena of sports, specifically those of the NFL, who collectively decided – or most likely, while acting under direction, were prodded – to follow the lead of Colin Kaepernick in kneeling rather than standing for the pre-game ceremonial playing of the American national anthem.

Kaepernick, of course, is a government paid social agitator/Marxist “change” agent and,  through research published in a past installment, was also proved to have been the host actor hidden behind the portrayal of the allegedly slain popular music entertainment figure, the “late” Nipsey Hussle.

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When asked to address this fabricated issue, candidate O’Rourke offers a tortured explanation as to why – when asked by an audience member alleged to be the offspring of a military family – he could think of “nothing more American”.

Here, in this instance, O’Rourke is offering a sly, if not mocking, revelation that is, no doubt, lost on his audience.

Under the surface, the true significance of O’Rourke’s statement remains mysterious, to not only those among registered voters, but to the American general public.

In making this statement, O’Rourke is indicating he is more than cognizant of a fact which most Americans remain grossly unaware. They are unaware O’Rourke’s remark was made in reference to the masonic rituals held in secret by those among America’s so-called “founding fathers”, most of whom, if not all, were not only sworn esquires of London’s Crown Temple, but were numbered among the highest levels of Scottish Rite masonic initiates.

The taking of the knee to which O’Rourke refers, is not only part of a masonic initiation ritual, it is also required of those receiving a royal title or a knighthood when presented before a sitting royal monarch.

In telling the assembled audience during his campaign stop “I can think of nothing more American” when referring to the “controversial” actions of a gaggle of NFL players, his disingenuous response covertly informs them America is still a Crown Temple colony governed by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families and, in theory at least, exists as a democratic republic, under the legal auspices of global Admiralty Law.


O’Rourke’s official biographies tell us that, beginning in 2013 until early in 2019 and prior to deciding to become a US presidential candidate, he served as Texas’s representative for the 16th congressional district in the US House of Representatives. Before that, we are told O’Rourke’s only other experience holding public office spanned the years 2005 to 2011 as an elected member of El Paso’s City Council.

Certainly, you’ve already detected the presence of numerological markers in just some of the pertinent details thus far drawn from O’Rourke’s official biographies.

Primarily, we notice the presence of the 777 code. Notice too, that O’Rourke’s alleged tenures – in terms of time served – on both the El Paso City Council and in the US House of Representatives, when summed together, equal 12. When applied to the occult principle of mirrored reversal, 12 is equivalent to 21 which, in turn, equals 3 7’s or 777, the intelligence joker code.

Secondarily, we notice the presence of the number 16, which divides into 2 8’s or 88, for the symbolic number of Saturn, and the Eye of Horus or the Sun which, as we’ve learned, is the covert object of venerated worship for those initiated into the highest ranks of the global Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate.

As for the City of El Paso, Texas, it is a metropolitan area teeming with both a military and a federal presence, and it is home to not only Biggs Army Airfield and Fort Bliss, but William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

From our past investigations into celebrity personalities that allegedly hailed from the state of Texas, we have learned the state of the “Yellow Rose” is also a hot bed of intelligence activities and in this regard, it turns out, the City of El Paso proves to be without exception. DEA’s number 7 domestic field division, intelligence center, Joint-Task Force North and, as well, the US Border Patrol Special Operations Group are all headquartered within El Paso’s city limits.

The predominant existence of this sort of expansive intelligence infrastructure would certainly be convenient for both the creation and continued maintenance of a fabricated political character and, especially, one designed with presidential ambitions in mind.

Even while taking the previous information into account, it would seem patently obvious – at least from the standpoint of objective political analysis – O’Rourke’s political resume prior to the announcement of his presidential intentions reveals a paucity of in-depth experience at the federal level.

Logically, even if we are to assume the US presidential campaigns and the election are held as legitimate political exercises, should it then not become logical to also assume, O’Rourke’s rather limited prior experience serving in public office effectively eliminates him from the voter’s consideration as a viable candidate for US president?

As we shall soon observe, however, O’Rourke’s character has much in common with another fabricated historical character portrayed by his host actor, one who recently went on to become US president while similarly lacking substantial prior political experience, a character affiliated with a renowned Ivy League institution at which O’Rourke is also alleged to have matriculated and graduated from.

Alleged to have been born on September (9/6/33) 26 (2 6’s/12/21/777), 1972 (28/2 8’s/88/aces and eights/Saturn/the Sun), Robert Francis O’Rourke’s official biographers claim he was christened with the nickname of “Beto” during his infancy, an odd name which, O’Rourke’s biographers also claim, is a common Spanish-Portuguese moniker given to those with first names ending in -“berto”.

While you’re contemplating the veracity or, most likely, lack thereof, of O’Rourke’s official biographers, it should also be pointed out that, in terms of the presence of numerological markers, the name “Beto” sums to 6 (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) in English Ordinal gematria and, when summed in Reverse Full Reduction – wait for it folks – equals 21 (777/3/EE=33).

These revelations, concerning connections to intelligence, accompanied by telltale numerological markers, are not the only remarkable biographical elements related to “Beto O’Rourke”.

O’Rourke’s official biographers go on to inform us not only was his alleged mother the proprietor of a high-end furniture store, she was also the stepdaughter of Fred Korth, who served as the Secretary of the Navy during the JFK administration.

As one’s loyal readers, by now, have become all-too-aware, our numerous investigations into JFK AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper (brother to Danish Prince Consort Henrik AKA iconic Hollywood actor(s) Jack Nicholson/Jon Voigt) have confirmed every recorded and generally accepted historical event associated with President “John Fitzgerald Kennedy” – including his concocted PT 109 story, the melodramatic tale of the “Cuban Missile Crisis” and JFK’s “assassination” — to have all been completely staged and farcical hoaxes.

As for O’Rourke’s alleged “late” father, Pat, official biographies indicate he was an associate of Jesse Jackson, and served in the capacity of Texas’s state party chairman for Jackson’s 1984 and 1988 presidential campaigns, respectively.

As one’s loyal readers have also discovered, Jesse Jackson – like Colon Kaepernick and a long line of other such minor figures recorded throughout American history – is a Marxist agitator who, in turn, was associated with not only Al Sharpton AKA television personality Geraldo Rivera, but directly associated with the so-called Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s, a Marxist social revolution manufactured by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, and led by Martin Luther King (AKA Hollywood actor Sidney Poitier/former Philadelphia mayor Wilson Goode) yet another of history’s Jesuit-trained Marxist agitators, a fabricated historical character named after Martin Luther, the 16th century Jesuit counter-intelligence/double agent who successfully fanned the flames of the divisive Protestant Reformation.

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As alluded to earlier, the biographical details of O’Rourke’s alleged educational record provide us with not only some key clues as to the possible identity of his host actor, but also lead us to documented connections with certain other fabricated characters we’ve examined together in the past. Although it is alleged O’Rourke attended classes at El Paso High School, official biographers tell us he was also enrolled at Woodberry Forest School, an exclusive and all-male boarding school, located in Madison County, Virginia.

Digging a bit further however, we learn that, along with O’Rourke, Marvin P. Bush, the eldest “son” of George H.W. Bush, also appears on Woodberry’s documented list of “most notable graduates”.

Yes folks, America’s most prestigious institutions have, so often, been found to exist as the most egregious enablers to the ubiquitously sinister and theatrically oriented phenomenon we’ve come to know as Post–Modern Reality Simulation.

While examining Woodberry’s official school logo more closely, we are likely to immediately notice it features what appears to be a chevron (also the symbolic Kabbalah Zayin or 7/the hook, the mind weapon) which, from a varying perspective, could also be perceived to partially represent a masonic square and compass.

School logo of Woodberry Forest School:

After graduation from Woodberry’s prestigious boarding school, O’Rourke went on to matriculate and graduate from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. When examining the list of notable graduates from Columbia, we are apt to discover a familiar name, the name of a man who recently, and for eight consecutive years, sat in the oval office at Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington’s District of Columbia, Barack Obama.

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Here folks, as they say, is where the rubber truly meets the road.


Clues often work on multiple levels, and while O’Rourke’s official biographers offer the general public what appears to be a plausible explanation for his odd name, there exists yet another, perhaps more intriguing explanation.

With our discovery that the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation emanates from the symbolic and ritualistic traditions of freemasonic lore, we have also discovered that, conceptually, freemasonry itself is also closely and historically linked with those theatrical traditions emanating from the medieval era during which the classical literary works attributed to the revered playright, William Shakespeare, were composed.

In the opening scene of Act III in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, we encounter a soliloquy which, while spoken by the main protagonist, is meant to contemplate the idea of “to be or not to be” or the contemplation of suicide’s virtues over suffering an arduous life’s “slings and arrows”.

Could it be possible, the creators of O’Rourke’s fabricated characterization scheme chose to also create his name as a referential anagram to the works of Shakespeare, specifically to the scene written in Act III of Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them?

Could it be, O’Rourke’s masonic masters, the creators and handlers of the character of “Beto” are covertly telling us: Post-Modern Reality Simulation represents a way to achieve a symbolic victory over the Shakespearean “undiscovered country” of death and that, in essence, through the portrayal of several characters within the span of a single mortal lifetime, a victory over life’s “slings and arrows” can be triumphantly achieved, but more than this, a symbolic immortality?


Nevertheless, a thorough comparative image analysis, utilizing ear biometrics and facial recognition, clearly confirms O’Rourke’s host actor has, indeed, portrayed more than one character within the span of a single mortal lifetime.

In fact, Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian who starred in his own eponymously entitled television production, the show that purported to be “about nothing”, has been confirmed to not only have portrayed former US president Barack Obama, but is now currently portraying the US presidential candidate known as “Beto O’Rourke”.

Seinfeld’s presidential character modification scheme known as Barack Obama also posed as the photo-shopped/video morphed image Americans came to know as the notorious 9/11 “terrorist” Osama bin-Laden.

Osama – Obama, get it, folks?

Jerry Seinfeld:

Beto O’Rourke:

Barack Obama:

Osama bin-Laden:

Comparative image analysis confirms the shape and architecture of the ears, lips, noses, architectures of the philtrum and geometry of the septum and, as well, the shape and slope of the brow ridges in comparative geometrical proximity to the unique architecture of the eyes are identical between Jerry Seinfeld, Beto O’Rourke, Barack Obama, and Osama bin-Laden.

If you’re still not yet convinced of the confirmed identity of the hidden host actor behind the portrayal of the US presidential candidate known as “Beto O’Rourke”, then perhaps performing a comparative analysis of your own might help.

Toward that end, below, is displayed a video of Jerry Seinfeld in action while performing his stand-up comedy act. While viewing, pay close attention to Seinfeld’s on-stage physical mannerisms as compared to those demonstrated by Beto O’Rourke in the previously displayed video.










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  1. So what about CIA/Hollywoods use of clones!?? are you saying these are the same persons or clones!??

    1. They are historical characters portrayed by a single – in some cases, more than one – host actor. In virtually every case, research indicates – substantiated by image analysis utilizing ear biometrics, facial recognition and even voice analysis – the host actors are genealogical relations to European royal families.

  2. I see. Thanks for pointing out some interesting things 🙂 how do I delete my misspelled comment??

  3. And with the JFK assassination in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if Beto O’Rourke is secretly related to Kennedy himself or may even be his unacknowledged offspring. He reminds me of Bobby Kennedy, JFK’s younger brother.

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