As a registered American voter, you may want to consider a pertinent question: has any candidate, “elected” to public office, ever truly served your vested interests?

Now, suppose you were to learn, many of those alleged to be current presidential candidates were actors but, in addition, were also either Hollywood actors or European royals in disguise?

Believe it or not folks, in the case of Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, empirical analysis proves, she is not who she claims to be.

Neither, for that matter, is the democratic presidential hopeful claiming to be “Beto O’Rourke”.

In fact, regarding Gabbard,  you will immediately recognize her host actor. You’ve seen her before, not only portraying a role associated with a familiar former family that once occupied America’s White House decades ago, but you’ve also seen her on the silver screen, starring in a plethora of Hollywood roles under another familiar identity.

But wait, there’s more.

What if you to learn, there exists a greater connection – more so than previously imagined –  between our old friend “Joe Biden” and the “president” now occupying America’s most prestigious address?

The true owners of the US corporation – the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – also own the office of US president.

Oftentimes, as our investigations have demonstrated, they choose to install a royal family member disguised under a fabricated character scheme, someone upon whom they can rely, to not only protect their vested interests and maintain the status quo (while selling the line they’re campaigning for “change”), but someone upon whom they can also rely to forward their social and political agendas and, of course, to stay on-message while well-maintaining the integrity of their character scheme.

Such fabricated characterization schemes, as we’ve come to learn, are always augmented with a character pseudonym, compete with a created backstory or biographical account, one that can be readily verified and corroborated by willing third parties, parties which – often anonymous public officials or administrators – also happen to belong to the highest ranks of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triad.

In still other cases, though the royal family members are the candidates that ultimately win the prize – amid media-driven soap opera contrivances – the field of challenging candidates, particularly at the earliest stages of the campaign, are filled out with Hollywood character actors and other theatrical performers from either the music or commercial television broadcast industries.

The 2020 presidential candidate Americans have come to know as “Tulsi Gabbard”, as it turns out, possess genealogical relations to an ancient and prominent royal European family line, one with direct ties to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Regarding the hidden identity of Gabbard’s host actor, both her hidden mother and father will seem familiar to Newsspell’s loyal readers. Not only are both of them familiar as active participants in the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation but both, in decades past, have previously portrayed high-profile theatrical roles at the White House.

The hidden mother of Gabbard’s host actor, in fact, is yet another current leading democratic presidential candidate for 2020, and she not only simultaneously portrays the role of a state senator from Massachusetts, but is also one of Hollywood’s most veteran performers, and is well-known to television as well as movie-going audiences.

The first clue alerting us to the possibility Congresswoman Gabbard’s presidential candidacy may be a theatrical performance, are the connections to the US military documented in her official biographies.

But as everyone shall soon learn, it is much more likely, Congresswoman Gabbard is a veteran of Hollywood rather than the battlefield.

In fact, the latest announcement from her campaign indicates that she will, for a period of two weeks, be serving out an active-duty military billet, slated for overseas in Indonesia.

While watching her perform in the video, displayed above, you will notice Gabbard’s eyes, ever -so-subtly, darting towards a teleprompter stationed directly below her on the floor of the studio’s set. While she is subtly checking her scripted lines, it becomes very clear, Gabbard’s host actor is well-practiced at this process.

As an actor, her professionalism is well-enough disciplined in making certain, as it were, to stay on-message, even at the risk of flubbing her lines.

Scrutinizing Gabbard’s performance more closely however and, we will notice, she has unique tendencies – both verbal and physical mannerisms – that help to give the identity of her host actor away.

For some unknown reason, and despite all her experiences performing before both the public and the bright glare of the camera, there are times when Gabbard’s host actor simply cannot resist – which shall be confirmed when compared to performances from her host actor, displayed in an additional video example, available below – slipping ever-so-slightly but, nevertheless, amusingly out of character.

You will have already noticed, while viewing her performance in the previous video excerpt, Gabbard utilizes unique hand gestures while speaking, gestures that are uniquely and identifiably associated with the congresswoman’s well-known host actor. We are also about to observe and hear audio-visual evidence, which corroborates – beyond shadow of doubt – Gabbard’s speaking voice also possesses a unique and readily identifiable quirk in common with that of her well-known host actor.


According to her official biographies, Gabbard was elected to the Hawaii state house of representatives at the tender age of 21, making her the youngest woman ever elected to a US state legislature. Of course, right from the beginning of our examination into “Tulsi Gabbard”, we notice the number of 21 which, of course, is the occult alchemical code of 777 in disguise. When taking a look at Gabbard’s DOB – alleged to have been April 12, 1981 – we observe more evidence of telltale occult and numerological markers.

Most conspicuously, we observe the number 12 which, when put to the occult law of reversal, once again equals 21 or 777. But, when we sum together each number of the alleged year of Gabbard’s birth, 1981, we arrive at 19, a number which is symbolic of the Eye of Horus or, as it is better known, the occult object of symbolic reverence for the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, the Sun.

However, when we add together 19 with the 4th month of April, we get 23 or 2 3’s, for the number of 33 (high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry). Examining Gabbard’s (bogus) biographies, we see her biogrpahers have alinged her character with a brand of  recognizable globalist propaganda, telling us she was raised in a multi-religious and multi-cultural household. It is also claimed, Gabbard is Samaoan, and was born on the Hawaiian island of Tutuila.

Get it folks, Tutuila/Tulsi?

Furthermore, Gabbard’s biological mother, so it is alleged, though born in Decatur, Indiana of German stock, is a practicing Hindu.

Wow folks, it appears, when fabricating this particular character, the biographers at Langley (CIA) extended themselves further than Stretch Armstrong, in checking all the proverbial boxes to create what they reasoned would appear to the American people as an alternatively centrist Democrat, a presidential candidacy with the potential to attract the attentions of not only conservatively-leaning democratic voters, but the votes of progressive Republicans who may also – depending upon the perceived likeability of the candidate – choose to identify as libertarians.

At this juncture of our investigation, it becomes clear, Gabbard’s candidacy represents a political Trojan Horse wheeled before the general public.

Though Gabbard’s candidacy may appear as a benign and even reasonable alternative to her array of wildly progressive political colleagues, her candidacy quite simply represents an identically flawed product wrapped in a shiny package that only appears to be different.

The creators of Tulsi Gabbard’s political characterization undoubtedly but cynically reasoned the military oriented components of Gabbard’s biography would amply suit to woo the votes of progressive Republicans to the Democrat’s favor in the 2020 presidential race, enough votes to dump the dreaded Donald Trump.

As for the details of Gabbard’s “military record”, it is alleged that, in 2003 (2 3’s/33), while still serving in the State Legislature, she volunteered for a “12-month tour of Iraq, and served as a medical operations specialist and a military police officer.”

Certainly, everyone noticed the number 12/777 present within the latter quotation, which was excepted from Wikipedia.

Furthermore, it becomes necessary in pointing out, it is extremely rare to discover military personnel serving dual billets during a single tour of duty.

But apparently, Gabbard’s official biographers didn’t think she appeared heroic enough and so, in addition to being stretched thin serving as a medical corpsman and MP, they also claim Gabbard served with Logistical Support Area Anaconda while in Iraq, a unit which Wikipedia claims “had the nickname ‘Mortaritaville” because of the high frequencies of Iraqi insurgent mortars targeting it.”

Wow folks, Gabbard’s biographers really outdid themselves, in creating a Hollywood-styled 21st century super girl, setting Gabbard’s character up to appear to the American public as the distaff version of Doctor Oz, Columbo, and Rambo, all in one – how simply sensational!

Clever, huh?

Cleverly-minded indeed but, on the other hand, cynically calculating and ultimately sinister!

This only proves to affirmatively demonstrate, in creating candidates such as “Tulsi Gabbard”, the ruling elites and their political scribes belonging to the masonic ranks are always willingly capable of playing the full political spectrum to their advantage, in both psychologically and emotionally manipulating the American people towards supporting the covert end game of their social and political agendas.


While scrutinizing the performance of “Tulsi Gabbard” in the video that appears earlier in this installment – at approximately 1:30 – you will begin to notice her speech displays an acute tendency towards a unique quirk. This unique tendency of Gabbard’s also appears to be augmented by particular hand gesticulations.

Though these mannerisms seem to be habitual with Gabbard’s portraying host actor, they seem nearly identical to those of the character known to Americans as Chelsea Clinton (who performs in the video, displayed above). Despite “Tulsi Gabbard” doing her best to subdue these unique tendencies during the entire duration of her CBSN interview – pauses riddled with “um’s” which are almost always followed by uniquely identifiable hand gesticulations – such habitually acute mannerisms still appear to manifest.

These sorts of acute problems are often found commonly particular to the habits of second and third-tier actors. Whether performing on the theatrical stage, the silver screen or on television – regardless of the variation of the scripted character roles they have been cast to perform –  such difficulties always seem to unfortunately manifest for those substandard actors lacking the requisite discipline in further honing their craft to a fine edge.

Tulsi Gabbard’s host actor is one such case-in-point, and her acute mannerisms exist as key clues which have helped us to positively identify her host actor(s).

Ear biometric, facial recognition, as well as voice print analysis confirm the political character now recognized by the American public as “Tulsi Gabbard” is portrayed by Chelsea Clinton AKA Charlize Theron, the hidden daughter of Anette Benning AKA Hillary Clinton/US senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, and the iconic Hollywood and award-winning actor Warren Beatty AKA former US president Richard Nixon.

Beatty is also the hidden son of Barry Diller/Austro-German prince Eduard von Furstenberg AKA former US president Ike Eisenhower, and the hidden brother of Hollywood music mogul David Geffen AKA fake 1960’s counter-culture revolutionary Charles Manson/country and western music star Willie Nelson.

The royal Austro-German von Furstenberg family tree has a long-standing tradition of close associations with the US presidency.

The late, Academy-Award winning actor Jimmy Stewart AKA Austro-German prince Tassilo Egan von Furstenberg, was also known as 1940’s band leader Glenn Miller, and he also portrayed US president Harry Truman.

SEE: Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

While closely comparing the following images, you will notice – despite the distracting variations of hair colorations, hair stylings, contact lenses, lighting angles, camera lens distortions, and photo shop morphing – there exists a conspicuous and distinctive characteristic – regarding facial geometry – common to all.

Not only are the architectural alignments of the noses, lips, and teeth proved to be identical between all three sets of images by extensive facial comparison analysis, but you will also notice the architectural and geometric alignment of Chelsea Clinton’s uniquely high-set cheekbones, in positional relation to the structures of both the nose and lips, are also identical with that of Charlize Theron, and with that of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi Gabbard:

Chelsea Clinton:

Charlize Theron:

Stay tuned folks, Parts II and III are coming very soon!









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  1. haha why I will never register to vote…and Tulsi Gabbard is clearly another Mossad tranny trained in hawaii like Obama her name backwards is I Slut haha they think they are so funny. Have you had time to read any Pynchon!?

    1. In part II, I will demonstrate that Democratic presidential candidate “Beto O’Rourke” is also a European royal family member with a Hollywood acting resume. As for the works of Thomas Pynchon, I have sought his work out at the local library. Also, in part III, which you will not want to miss, it will be demonstrated the same actor portrays both the current sitting president and, leading 2020 presidential candidate, “Joe Biden”.

    1. It is my hope, you’ll endeavor to effectively use those tools, available at your disposal, to corroborate the investigative results published in the article. There can be no doubt, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and former US president George H.W. Bush share the identical host actor, American newscaster Brian Williams AKA Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco, who is “officially deceased”. Trump’s daughter, the activist Ivanka, is a fabricated character portrayed by Charlotte Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA Allison Williams.

  2. Ctrl+F J**E*W … hmm, nothing.
    Any article discussing a discrete fifth column in American politics and making such an omission is totally disingenuous. Peddling disinformation. Period.

    1. From the first, one expects such a baseless claim, launched from the moniker of “Gigolo” while hiding behind a blank-faced icon, stands on brittle grass and, therefore, cannot be lent any degree of significant probity. Furthermore, and considering your haste in choosing to cast such shopworn accusations, your feeble response is indicative of mental lassitude rather than a counter-argument made from the standpoint of intellectual rigor. If, rather, you chose the latter approach, your extensive research would undoubtedly conclude that, historically, all US presidents have been drawn from the royal lineage of thirteen families – Grimaldi, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and von Furstenberg, to name merely a few – who, throughout history, have hidden behind a numberless series of veils, pseudonyms, religious dogma, and manufactured political ideologies. Your current US president is a hidden member of the Grimaldi family of Monaco, a royal family with a genealogy which can be traced back to the 12th century AD, to the time of the establishment of the Crown Temple, the very headquarters of the global central banking system which includes its corporate subsidiaries, SNB, IMF, and the Federal Reserve. These are the same royal families, some of whom, spanning the last two centuries, have hidden behind the pseudonyms of Rockefeller, Guggenheim, and Rothschild, etc. etc.. Regarding Stefano Grimaldi, he not only hides behind the pseudonym of “Trump,” but he has also been known to the American general public under the pseudonym of NBC newsman, Brian Williams. Rather than casting ad hominem and unfounded accusations, I would urge you to attempt to disprove my assertions with empirically-based research, and a more thorough and cogent counter-argument.

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