To many sports fans, this installment may be perceived as an unfortunate plunge into absurdity’s bottomless abyss.

Nevertheless, as always, one is determined to proceed, despite the risk of offending the overly delicate sensibilities of those stricken with acute psychological and emotional weaknesses.

We have learned, during the course of our previous investigations into the world of professional sports, it has become possible to arrive at the following conclusions: 1.) Sports are primarily a profit driven arena of organized spectacles that, though appearing to be legitimately contested athletic competitions, consist of theatrically scripted outcomes which are controlled by high-level masonic initiates, whom, in cooperation with local, state, municipal, and federal officials – whether indirectly or directly – actively collude with the vested interests of the gaming industry headquartered both, domestically, in Las Vegas and, overseas, in the royal principality of Monaco, 2.) The contrived and highly-controlled arena of professional sports exists not only as a potent vehicle to widely promote the covert goals of social and political agendas, but to create modern heroic myths that allegorically mirror occult and pagan oriented myths or legends.

In perhaps no other professional sporting spectacle has this state of routine affairs become more historically evident than in the sport of American professional boxing.

In this installment, we will examine the career of one such professional boxer, Carl “The Truth” Williams, who, as it turns out, not only faked his death in 2013, but has been identified as the perpetrator of, what could be considered, the grandest of masquerades ever staged in the storied history of the world of professional sports.

You will notice that, at approximately 17 seconds into the video footage featuring Carl “The Truth” Williams, a slew of numbers are displayed at the bottom, numbers which not only represent numerological markers and hold symbolic occult significance, but numbers which are designed to communicate a specific message. These are numbers which are left conspicuously visible to provide clues to those with the wherewithal to recognize the numerological translation of a series of numbers into a cohesive message consisting or words; a public missive or even billboard, of sorts.

Freeze the video frame and you will observe the following: 19 Won, 2 Lost, 15 KO’s.

The number of 19 is symbolic of Baal or the Eye of Horus, the Sun, which is the occult pagan object of reverent worship for those among the highest ranking initiates of the Templar/ Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate.

The Eye of Horus is also symbolic of a masonic candidate’s spiritual illumination through the anatomical activation of the pineal gland or the third eye.

Eye of Horus:

The number of two is symbolic of the twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin, pillars which can be found in every Grand Masonic lodge in either America or Europe.

Pillars of Boaz and Jachin:

The twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin are said to hold the symbolic key to the secret of modern Freemasonry, and are related, in both masonic and biblical lore, to the building of King Solomon’s Temple.

The Freemasons of ancient times, were said to have been the meticulous builders of all Western Europe’s most grand cathedrals. The structure of classical pillars that buttressed these massive medieval-era cathedrals – whether fashioned in the Ionic or Corinthian style – were constructed with an ingenious idea in mind.

Remarkably, the builders knew, the sound material and geometrical foundation used to maintain the structural integrity of their magnificent cathedrals had to be balanced on the profound principle basis of oppositional forces, opposing forces which, even today, are often symbolized by the Sun (male principle) and the Moon (female principle).

This is a concept that, in a more profound philosophical sense, is known as duality.

This is also why the twin pillars, belonging to any masonic lodge, can be seen placed upon or near tracing boards, which are customarily colored in black and white, colors which are symbolic of both the esoteric male and female principles.

The key to spiritual enlightenment for any masonic candidate, claim masonic scholars, is in finding one’s personal balance between these pair of polar opposites. This symbolism of duality has been carried over from its architectural origins in the medieval era and into the modern and post-modern ages, and even into the realm of both politics and international finance/banking.

If you look closely at the royal coat of arms which represent not only the most prominent royal families of Western Europe but, also, those of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, you will readily notice this principle has been cleverly encoded.

The esoteric principle of philosophical duality, symbolized by the masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin or the right hand/left hand spiritual path, was exactly what William Shakespeare AKA Sir Francis Bacon and King James’s 47 scholars meant, when it was written: “Life is a mingled yarn, good and evil together.”

The twin masonic pillars are also integral symbolic totems of the Kabbalah’s tree of life.

Referring back to the numbers, displayed without coincidence in the video featuring Carl “The Truth” Williams, and considering their occult significance,  we also notice the number 15 or 6, which is the sum of 3+3 or 2 3’s/33. The number of 33 is, of course, symbolically representative of the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and a number with which, through our past investigations, we’ve become very familiar, as it relates to the conceptual phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

However, if we endeavor to sum the first two sets of numbers observed in the video frame – 19+2 – we get 21 or 3 7’s/777.

Though the triple 7 code has been referred to before in many past installments, perhaps now, a deeper elaboration, as to its symbolic meaning, is called for.

The number of triple 7 is an angelic number and, collectively, joins together the principles of the man, 700, the cosmic plans, 70, and their image in the Archetype, 7. According to Rene Felix Allendy, the renowned early 20th century French psychoanalyst (Anas Nin was documented to have been one of his more renowned patients), occultist, and freemason, the triple 7 is what is termed the “universal organization” or the “general evolution”.

In essence, the esoteric secrets of the triple 7 code are what conceptually defines “general evolution”, which is routinely acted out in the material realm through the theatrically oriented character conversion schemes common to the phenomenon we’ve come to identify as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Simply put, the triple seven code is the synthesis of first, the summoning of ideas and then, secondarily, the delivery and actualization of those ideas from the spiritual realm of the mind into the material world in the form of archetypes, symbols, and images. Finally, these monumental symbolic images, become foundationally integral to the memories of the general public’s collective mind, memories which are repeatedly reinforced and promoted through the effective vehicle of mass communication media.

In other words folks, this concept of the triple 7 code contains the occult secret as to how and why archetypical myths, historical and otherwise, have been structured and are routinely created.

To perhaps describe this esoteric process more plainly still: a well-trained actor assumes a transformative role (700), and while following the plans of its scripted portrayal (70), develops and transforms the material characterization to symbolize the archetypical idea or spiritual essence of a heroic, revolutionary and, or mythical image in the material world (7).

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When we total the troika of numbers, 19, 2, and 15 that are present in the video, we arrive at the sum of 36 or 3 6’s/666, the occult number of man.

During the interview portion of the video, Williams utters the bold statement, “I am the uncrowned king.”

In an esoteric sense, and at this juncture during this particular era, could this mean the professional athlete, Carl “The Truth” Williams, was preparing, or being prepared by his masters in the upper echelons of the masonic order, to make a paradigm changing transition into another character, a character whose emergence would signify the creation of an indelible and even heroically mythic image, one that would become permanently fixed in the collective minds of sports fans in both America, and throughout the world over?

Perhaps, a further and more thorough examination of Williams’s official biographies – and as we’ve learned, they usually do – will provide the necessary vistas of insight.


From the beginning of Carl Williams’s official biographies, we learn the place of his birth was Belle Glade, Florida. Here again, with the word “Belle”, we encounter yet another occult signifier. “Belle” is a reference to the Sumerian and pagan god Baal. “Belle”, when summed in English Ordinal gematria, arrives at 65 or 11, a number which, as we’ve learned, exists as symbolic of the masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin. When summed in Reverse Ordinal gematria, we arrive at the number 52 or 7, the Kabballah’s Zayin, or the archetypical mind weapon. When we sum 11X7, we get the number 77 which, as we’ve also learned, represents the cosmic plan for one who is undergoing the angelic process of transformation into an archetypical or mythically heroic image.

The question remains: what heroically mythological figure – in the context of the world of professional sports –  did the former and “late” professional boxer known as Carl Williams transform into?

Summing the word “Glade” into English Ordinal gematria, we get the number 29. When the nine is reversed or repositioned, according to the law of occult or esoteric reversal, we get a 6 (2 6’s=12/21/777).

To any newcomers – arriving for the first time, here at Newsspell – this process of discerning biographical clues may seem odd or unorthodox, to say the very least. Nevertheless – when considering an objective discernment as to the true nature of reality – consider, if but for a moment, this quote attributed to the ancient philosopher, Confucius: “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”

Continuing on, with our biographical examination, Williams’s biographers tell us he was born on November 11, in 1959, and that he spent most of his childhood in South Jamaica, Queens, New York. When added together – 11 for the month of November and the number of the day – we get 22 which, in Freemasonry, signifies a candidate who has achieved the level of master builder. Regarding the alleged year of Williams’s birth, 1959, when each number is summed, we get 24 or 6 which, again, is equivalent to the number 33, or the very number which signifies the highest degree attained by those freemasons belonging, by virtue of solemn oath, to the Scottish Rite.

Whether you are a newcomer or a regular and loyal visitor to Newsspell, one has to admit, the repeated appearance of these numbers existing as numerological markers, when so oftentimes included in celebrity biographies, more than likely, are never due to the sheer vagaries of happenstance nor coincidence.

In the interregnum, between his childhood formative years and during the time he was alleged to have begun his career as a boxer in the professional ranks, Williams’s biographers don’t seem to provide any modicum of great detail as to the nature of the athlete’s life, other than to include rather vague indications that life for Williams, while growing up in the neighborhood of South Jamaica, was particularly rough, perhaps even perilous.

“I’ve been fighting all my life. It was just a matter of deciding I wanted to pursue it in the ring instead of the street,” Williams is quoted as once having said, regarding his choice of profession.

At the age of 19 (there’s that number again, the symbolic number of Baal or the Sun) and before finally joining the professional ranks, Williams began to box locally, in and around the New York area. Williams’s official biographers indicate he began to train at the Daniel M. O’Connell Park Gym, located in Saint Albans, New York. Not yet being able to afford the cost of operating a motor vehicle, as well as eschewing the use of public transportation, we are told Williams daily trekked a six mile distance to the gym complex in Saint Albans from his home in South Jamaica.

Regarding this account, we will notice two elements with occult significance: the name of Saint Albans, and the six mile distance Williams is alleged to have travelled to and from the gym on a daily basis, which totals to 12 miles.

The number of 12, when put to the law of occult mirrored reversal, equals 21 or – wait for it folks – 777.

The name of Saint Alban comes to us from stories handed down through the centuries.  Saint Alban, so a consensus of academic scholars claim, exists as the historical protagonist of a hagiographical narrative involving legendary martyrdom – similar to that which befell the mythical Christ – at the hands of the ancient Roman authorities, during the 3rd or 4th centuries AD.

There are those among one’s loyal readers – if memory serves – who might be familiar with the legend of Saint Alban, having encountered details of the mythical tale before, during our examination of the political character known as “Al Gore” AKA Hollywood actor/producer/award-winning Hollywood director Rob Reiner.

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Given the plethora of occult signifiers, which are clearly present in the official biographies of the professional athlete, Carl “The Truth” Williams, could it then become fair to presume that, like so many other celebrity figures examined in past installments, his biographers – by way of covert subversion – are attempting to clue us in to something profound, beyond the mere superficiality of chronological details?

Image comparison, ear biometric, facial recognition, and even voice print analysis clearly indicate our answer to that hypothetical query should be registered in the affirmative.

In fact, the truths of the matter are these: 1.) Carl Williams transformed into Michael Jordan, the centrifigal superstar of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls, an American professional basketball team which, during Jordan’s sparkling tenure, went on to garner six (6/33) NBA championship titles, a triumphant feat left uneclipsed by Jordan’s other character incarnation from the world of professional boxing, Carl “The Truth” Williams. 2.) Though Williams’s biographers claim he died of esophageal cancer, the results of extensive biographical, image and voice comparison analysis demonstrate Williams’s alleged death – as we’ve witnessed on numerous occasions before with so-called celebrity “deaths” –  was more than likely a media generated canard. The alleged date of Williams’s death is also riddled with numerological markers: April 7, 2013 (11/777).

Carl “The Truth” Williams:

Michael Jordan:





13 thoughts on “Can “Carl Williams” handle the Truth?

  1. Wow. The last two installments have been really surprising.

    For me, this is further proof of magnetic rims in the nba.

    1. I must tell you, regarding the connection between Carl Williams and Michael Jordan, everything was a perfect match. Added to this, it became apparent, Williams’s performance in the video expose – when compared to the pitch and nuances of Michael Jordan – that no attempt, in any significant way, was even made to disguise his voice with post-production sound mixing techniques. Nevertheless, you won’t believe, what I’ve got coming up next!

    2. And yes, I think there may be some merit in your premise regarding the use of technology in the NBA to stage manage the outcome of not only championship contests, but perhaps during the regular season as well. In the final analysis, the world of sports – including the Olympic games – is nothing more than a profit-making and theatrically stage-managed spectacle.

      1. Yes that has become apparent to me now.

        There’s a David Blaine clip on YouTube where he blatantly tells us and demonstrates how magnets are used. Truth in plain sight like usual.

      2. Yes, and I speculate there is game-altering technology utilized in the NFL, particularly regarding that aspect of the game involving the placekickers.

    1. As to that, I can’t say definitively. However, the technology utilized in the NFL may be similar to remote control devices that operate on some electromagnetic pulse or soundwave. Whatever the method, it is clear, those with vested interests in any of the popular professional sports leagues, by now, established any number of covertly successful methods of game tampering to grow and protect their billions in profits.

    2. What puzzles me is this: a majority of sports fans will not object to the suggestion the sport of professional boxing and its matches are routinely fixed, but the same suggestion, when applied to either the NFL or NBA, draws disbelief and ridicule.

      1. The nfl with its play by play format seems almost designed to allow for match fixing.

        It’s very strange isn’t it? People can carry a logical train of thought only so far before they slam on the breaks. I’ve often wondered what the motivation is for this. My completely unqualified guess is that fear is the underlying cause, and of what varies between individuals.

      2. The NFL’s rules’ format is purposefully articulated in rather vague terms which facilitates situational interpretation. This means the games can be more easily tailored toward desired or even predetermined outcomes. But let’s face it, our entire society has been infantilized with socially conditioned behaviors. Your latter point is well-taken and perceptive; a majority are stricken with an acute fear of ever having to acknowledge – lurking dormant in the subconscious – what they know to be true.

    1. Great to hear from you again. Hope you enjoyed what I felt was the most beautiful summer in recent memory. I suppose the term corruption would be most apt to describe the global state of affairs. Nevertheless, the thirteen families have designed things that way so that their economic hegemony is always protected, an can never be significantly challenged by us, the proletariat. In other words, ownership, control of the means of production and, yes, corruption is why they win.

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