Surely, one will find the content of this blog controversial, perhaps even offensive. No doubt, one will find the following a violation of their closely held politically correct sensibilities. One has been labeled an elitist, even a rabble rousing anarchist-one who will yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, if only to experience, for amusement’s sake, the ensuing mayhem.

So be it.

Suffering the slings and arrows of scorn and petty hatreds are worth surviving in order to deliver what one divines as the ultimate truth. In the end, it is far better to deliver the awful truth, than offer pretty lies disguised as sincerity. Hard as this may be to swallow, I do not seek approval in the way of personal accolades. Rather, one seeks to spread awareness, an awareness that most will find difficult to accept, and will predictably, in the end, ultimately reject out of hand, merely because the perspectives presented run counter to what they have been brainwashed into believing. The unfortunate truth, is that most are hopelessly lost in a vortex of cognitive dissonance. So much so, that when some semblance of truth is presented, no matter how well stated the case, they will abscond from it. Perhaps, they fear the integrity of well-invested illusions, their very social and psychological identities, will be so utterly shattered, they shall shun being forced to genuinely re-evaluate the world they call reality, and their very place in it.

Rather than deign to countenance objective truth, most are content in being showered with feel-good and emotionally driven platitudes. Alas, that is not the ultimate purpose of this blog, nor the purpose of the following article. Perhaps, those are the very reasons one finds this blog has so few followers. But, not all of the following shall be foul tasting medicine. If there is any sweetness to be found, it is in the solution one shall find offered herein. Suffice it to say, real political change will not come in the form of votes, or protests, or supporting yet another presidential candidate, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent. For just one moment, all I ask, is this: dare to burst your social media bubble, take a look at the bigger picture, and with open mind and unfettered heart, genuinely consider what has been written. And then, at the end, find the time to just think about it!


With the passing of yet another American presidential election, one thought it necessary to remind that once again, the American people have been manipulated into thinking genuine political change may be on the horizon. I am sorry to report that yet again, one has been duped. If one has perused my ongoing series of short articles describing the Crown Temple bank, then one begins to realize the American history taught in schools, both public and private, is a blatant lie. This lie has been foisted upon you simply so that you will adhere to the one concept that governs this planet: Commerce!

Per the legal definitions of terms found in Black’s law dictionary, a ‘person’ is technically a unit of commerce governed by international uniform commercial code. You are a corporation. Corporations are people. That is why, corporations and politicians work hand in glove, and why it is not illegal for big corporate conglomerates to contribute large sums of money in lobbying for overt political influence. This is what is meant by the phrase one has often  heard: ‘money is free speech’.  But, since one is legally termed a ‘person’, or unit of commerce, this means one can be bought, sold, borrowed, taxed, by virtue of being made subject to contracts, liens, taxes, tariffs, as well as terms and conditions set down in legal documents going back to 1066. Before one turns away and clicks off the page, be advised there is a silver lining to be found in this cloud of gloom. Those terms and conditions can be made subject to change, one merely has to acquire knowledge as to how to negotiate.

The elite’s owning and operating the US corporation are relying on the fact that the masses will not generally understand this. They rely on the fact most believe what they have been taught in public school. They want one to think protesting in the streets, attending town hall meetings, voting for or writing to their congressperson are all methods of effecting some sort of political leverage or effectively petitioning for a redress of grievances.

But, this is not so.

These are the beliefs promulgated so that the elites of the Crown Temple bank can maintain their hegemony over the masses. It is also the elites keen understanding of human psychology, in that they understand most will act, except in rare cases-if they act at all- only out of a sense of self-interest, with the ulterior objective in mind of achieving or maintaining some sort of petty social or financial status within their community. What the elites don’t want, is for the masses to collectively realize the politicians in whom they’ve invested votes, time and emotional energy, are not representatives of the common people, but instead agents of the US corporation. Have you never wondered how it is, politicians you’ve publicly supported, can make the most heartwarming of promises, seemingly exalting the highest in human virtue, only to later blatantly ignore those promises, and become inundated by graft and corruption? The process of voting, whether for one’s local, state, or federal representatives, governor or chief executive, is merely an exercise in social pantomime, a carefully crafted stage show.

It is, in truth, an illusion, a cruel canard!

One must finally arrive at the discomforting notion, the power of true governance does not reside with an ‘elected’ president. Rather, the true architecture of governance sits with the international bankers of the Crown Temple in London, and their Board of Directors, stock holders, etc. etc.. But did we not gain independence from Great Britain you may ask? One must realize countries do not exist, there are only corporations, mergers, acquisitions and global commerce.

This is why corporations favor profits over people.

The role of one’s elected representatives is not to secure better terms and conditions for the people, but to secure and maintain a profit for the US corporation and corporate stockholders. For, this is who they truly represent.

However, there is hope.

When one finally considers the aforementioned, is it not possible to exact genuine political change in some meaningful way?

The answer is yes.

The people must first discipline themselves to a collective course of action, by boycotting the very products major Fortune 500 corporations market, distribute, and merchandise. The only manner to effect change must be to hurt the Crown Temple international banking syndicate where it will hurt them the most: by disrupting the smooth course of global commerce. Think about it, if a significant percentage of the mass population decided to boycott the products mass advertised on televisions, radios, and the internet, the bankers would then be forced to come to the bargaining table. It is then, through collective and highly organized efforts, utilizing the very legal system they own, operate and maintain against their own vested interests, that the terms and conditions of the social and economic contract can be renegotiated in the people’s favor.

Easier said than done, I hear one scoff.

Well, perhaps.

But, it is instructive to note, that such change cannot truly be effected on paper, until a change in the public mind at first takes place. Alas, the road to victory is always paved with potholes, and we must all be prepared to successfully navigate them.

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