When one chooses to entitle the substance of an article with the rather esoteric description of ‘black magic’, one risks fostering perceptions other than what may have been intended. What one may find conjured in the minds of the general public, at least in America, when confronted with the terms black magic, is most likely an image of the fictional Harry Potter, waving a wand accompanied by the reciting of some indecipherable incantation. However, given that everything in this world one perceives through the prism of television represents not solid reality but an illusion, or tricks of light and sound, the terms ‘black magic’ seem therefore appropriate.

Though one may not find fault with the majority of those unfamiliar with contemplating the esoteric, what was witnessed on September 11, 2001, was neither a terrorist attack, nor merely the controlled demolition of three or more buildings.

Rather, what occurred on that fateful day was something of much deeper significance, a message sent to the masses as to just what it was their elite bettors were doing to them and what it was they planned to do in future.

Stay tuned folks, for, what follows is nothing short of an attempt at explaining the true esoteric significance of September 11, 2001.

One encounters much discussion as to theories concerning what occurred on September 11, 2001. Inevitably, these discussions fall within certain accepted parameters, even among those in the so-called truth community as well as those more inclined to believe the conspiracy theories promulgated by the mainstream media sorcerers. Be that as it may, perhaps one can consider another alternative, a deeper, more esoteric theory.

What shall be presented in this two part series of articles, is a theory that shall examine those elements of the 9/11 event that perhaps never seem to loom prevalent in the public mind, one that is more subjective than the standard ‘conspiratorial’ analysis. Before one delves into that esoteric analysis, which shall be presented in part II, there is the subject of perhaps the most notorious boogeyman ever created, Osama bin-Laden.

As one shall soon observe, this boogeyman, like so many other mythical characters created throughout history, was a complete phantom, a pipe dream created in the bowels of Langley’s sub-departments by digital manipulation and film production wizardry. In the final analysis, perhaps that is moot, for the psychological effects of the bin-Laden myth turned out to be just as effective would he had been an actual villain.

The myth of bin-Laden was long in the making, a fictional narrative transformed into solid reality in the public consciousness by the media sorcerers. The bin-Laden myth and the fictional ‘terror’ narrative synonymous with 9/11, was merely a cover story for the international banking cartels in collusion with ruling elite royal families and their use of US and NATO military security, to secure full ownership and distribution of the multi-trillion dollar Afghan heroin trade.

The mainstream stories reinforced by actors posing as geopolitical pundits concerning the Afghan invasion by the Soviet Union back in the late 1980’s and the later invasion by US forces are pure bunk. Both armed occupations of Afghanistan were done for the same reasons, to provide security for the multi-national bankers and the ruling elite royal families as they attempted to negotiate and consolidate control over the the nation’s primary export, the profitable poppy crop. The stories of the ‘Russian Vietnam’, ‘the war on terror’, removal of the Taliban for humanitarian reasons and ‘the hunt for bin-Laden’ are mythical fantasies created for the equally fantastical public school history books. Equally fantastical, are the alternative notions that the US invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan were undergone for the acquisition of fossil fuel deposits. The argument being, the US was running out of fuel, and was therefore justified in carrying out an invasion to preserve Western material hegemony. In truth, anthropological and scientific studies have conclusively demonstrated the earth’s oil supply is abiotic, and therefore naturally regenerated from deep beneath the earth’s surface and ocean floor:


Lawyers, drugs, and money

The ruling elite royal families and their colluding minions at the Crown Temple bank have little tolerance for the emergence of upstart competitors or challenging threats to their global commercial hegemony. With various competing tribal interests in Afghanistan perpetually struggling for supremacy over this profitable heroin trade long prior to 9/11, the ruling elites saw a golden opportunity to consolidate and subsequently monopolize profitable business interests, much as they had done in Southeast Asia decades before, and on the Chinese mainland long before that with the establishment of the East India Tea company royal charter.

Drug money, once laundered through corporate business entities appearing legitimate, can be then utilized to underwrite stocks, bonds, private non-profit foundations registered under the tax code 501 C-3, gold and silver default swaps, in addition to well protecting the tax positions of the ruling elite families.

However, there was one small problem for the ruling elite families, in justifying what is normally termed in the world of corporate business as a ‘hostile takeover’. They needed a sizable armed force with which to permanently secure their newly acquired business interests. This is where creating a casus belli, or raison d’etre for involving the military might of US and NATO armed force comes into play. The appearance of overwhelming support and active consent on the part the American people specifically and the populations of the Western hemisphere in general, in order to justify the conscription of their sons and daughters to yet another foreign land most could not likely locate on a global map, had to be adequately manufactured and subsequently assured.

In the cinematic reality created by the ‘War on Terror’, 9/11 was the perfect casus belli, and the myth of Osama bin-Laden, like Blowfeld in the classic James Bond 007 films, represented the perfect villain. Unknown to America at the time, however, one of the host actors subsequent to 9/11 that portrayed the fictional villain of Osama bin-Laden, was later to become a US senator, then shortly arrived on the national political stage as an upstart candidate for the US presidency.

Yes folks, the villain known as Osama, became Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, also known as a famous 90’s television personality starring in a ‘show about nothing’.

The phantom president without a past

With the ruling elite families having perpetually secured ownership, production, manufacturing and distribution of the US money supply in 1913, full control over the political system and the office of the presidency was, from that time forward, all but a foregone conclusion. Upon gaining controlling interests in not only the Crown Temple London banking consortium, but over the personal wealth of the royal family and the crown jewels, the patriarch of the reigning titans of European finance, the Rothschild family, Lord Mayer Amschel Rothschild, was soon quoted as remarking:

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

Although, some doubt has since been cast as to the authenticity of that quote issuing from the Rothschild patriarch, the disastrous effects of the establishment of the Federal Reserve in America, essentially a London Crown Temple subsidiary and controlled by its board of directors, nonetheless became well visible going forward. Since 1913, all ‘elected’ presidents have been puppets, and more recently, nothing more than blackmailed actors and dilettantes born to wealthy families connected to the peerage. Though the media sorcerers may have repeated and reinforced the mantra Barack Hussein Obama had hailed from obscure stock and unfortunate social and economic circumstances, that notion turns out to be both a figment and a manifest lie.

While that perspective always serves to manipulate and galvanize the emotional investment of the general public, it was, in the case of Barack Obama, patently and blatantly false.

In truth, the man who would be president and arrived on the American political scene having delivered an emotionally resonant and glowing address to the delegates of the Democratic presidential convention in 2004, hailed from social and economic privilege. Soon after coming to prominence, questions began to float as to how a previously unknown figure, from allegedly obscure origins, could ascend so quickly to the top of the American political summit.

The answers, one shall recall, were both vague and suspect.

And how could it be any other way, when the character of Barack Obama was but the stuff of dreams, fathered by the intelligence sub-departments at Langley.

Under even the most minute scrutiny, every detail concerning the former life and true origins of the upstart Senator from Illinois before emerging on the American political stage in a golden halo, appeared manufactured by an elite team of script writers, on loan from Hollywood movie studios. Turns out, Barack Hussein Obama was a character, starring in the tailor made role of political messiah straight from central casting. But, the host actor portraying the role of political messiah Obama, had previously played a role far more villainous:


Has one never considered, the characters known as Barack Hussein Obama and Osama bin-Laden were created as part of a CIA black operation?

A small birthmark on the right cheek positioned just above the right side jawline and centimeters below the right side cheekbone structure is the telltale and distinguishing forensic feature establishing the identity of the host actor portraying television comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and the mythical characters known to the world as Osama bin-Laden and Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama’s forged certificate of live birth, the contradictory accounts of his manufactured biographies, the suspect sealing of his dubious academic records, both from California’s Occidental College and Columbia University, along with the shocking accounts from former classmates and professors from the prestigious institutions Obama is alleged to have matriculated having no concrete recollection of the person known as Barack Hussein Obama; these anomalies are all indicative earmarks defining what is known in intelligence parlance as an intelligence black operative’s ‘legend’.

It is quite reasonable to conclude, given all of these suspect anomalies, that the persons known to the world as America’s 44th president and the terrorist boogeyman Osama bin-Laden, were complete phantoms. The former character was created as a cinematic and holographic savior designed to enthrall, seduce and beguile, while the latter, representing the opposing duality, was a fearful villain, designed to draw out the deepest fears and vengeful hatreds of the masses.

Believe it, folks.


19 thoughts on “9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1)

  1. They always create these dualities, they worship duality, like roman Janus Bifrons. And it translated into reality is good as well, to control the masses.

    1. Your analysis is very astute. The dialectical methods of political and social synthesis are symbolically represented, not only in the coats of arms representing the thirteen ruling elite families, but can be seen in an array of corporate logos.

      1. The article available at the link provided is classic disinformation – lies mixed with truth. The names of the families listed are pseudonyms designed to hide their genuine identities, and to hide the fact America is still ruled over by European royalty through the City of London’s Crown Temple. These royal families established America as a commercial market or joint-stock corporate venture to be exploited and utilized – much like the creation of the state of Israel – as a geopolitical tool whenever required. A specific example would be the Grimaldi family of Genoa, Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco. Research indicates – during various historical periods- they have disguised themselves under various names, names such as Rockefeller and Bush.

  2. Yes, I realized it was disinformation in that link, starting with the absence of the Windsor royal family. Grimaldi is another ancient lineage indeed. Thanks for all these precious informations.

    1. Happy to hear you’re endeavoring to continue your own research. The Grimaldi are one of the thirteen families involved in the Jeffery Epstein hoax, and behind the mask of Donald and Ivanka Trump, AOC, Joe Biden and Flat earth internet guru Eric Dubay. Throughout the past, members of the Austro-German von Furstenberg royal family have been disguised as US presidents (Nixon, Eisenhower), and one of them is now behind the mask of a Massachusetts Senator, who also portrays the role of a 2020 presidential candidate.

  3. I find surprising similarity between Eisenhower and Michael Collins, maybe the same lineage. At this point I ask you, who’s behind NASA and Moon landing hoax?

    1. I haven’t looked into this alleged similarity. Nevertheless, Eisenhower is yet another historical character portrayed by a royal host actor, in this case, former Coca-Cola executive/Hollywood mogul Barry Diller AKA Austro-German prince Eduard von Furstenberg, whose spouse is Princess Diane von Furstenberg AKA Barbara Walters. His hidden son was his VP, Richard Nixon AKA iconic Hollywood actor Warren Beatty, whose wife, Annette Benning, is the host actor behind the characters of Hillary Clinton/Massachusetts senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. As for the alleged NASA Apollo missions, Walt Disney AKA Kermit Roosevelt, was responsible for producing the propaganda films of the Apollo psychological operation from its inception. The Roosevelt family is another historical veil to hide their genealogy to the royal families of Belgium and Austro-Germany. Disney/Roosevelt can be genealogically linked to the abdicated Belgian king Leopold III AKA Hollywood entertainment/music Bing Crosby and to the House of Orsini, who along with the Grimaldi are one of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. Here is a link to a video (https://youtu.be/4nMrLcmBCuI) where Walt Disney/Kermit Roosevelt (who also portrayed newsman Walter Cronkite/Adolph Hitler) talks about the days of the Nazi’s, making “films” in South America, and a technological phenomenon called audio-animatronics. He also makes reference to the fact Disney was funded with US government subsidies. Disney has always been a US government front, as is NASA, which, unknown to most, is a sub-branch of the US Department of Defense. All of the rocketry technology developed for the Apollo psychological operation was developed under the auspices of DARPA, which is also a sub-department of US DOD. The purpose of Apollo was to convince and to psychologically embed the idea into the collective mind of the the American general public that rocket attacks from the USSR/Russia existed as a technologically plausible “Cold War” threat.

    1. You will find an entire series of installments, here at Newesspell, concerning the role of the Crown Temple in the City of London which, along with Washington’s District of Columbia, and the Principality of the Vatican, represents but one of the tridents of global governance. I noticed the article also makes mention of Queen Elizabeth’s covert maneuvering to remove Australian PM Gough Whitlam, an event which I’ve made mention on more than one occasion in past installments. To my understanding, the British Crown, a Crown Temple agent/title preserved and protected by the Crown Temple through the masonic Order of the Garter, is granted the legal liberty of not only casting the deciding vote on any legal measure before Parliament, but is granted liberty of deciding who serves in the position of governing PM in any Crown territory/colony. In the case of Whitlam, the Queen decided to execute/utilize this executive power. The Middle Temple/Grey’s and Lincoln’s Court of the Crown Temple – of which the private Federal Reserve is but one subsidiary branch – appoints the Fed’s chairman, while the US president’s executive approval is merely window dressing for the American public.

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