American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (part II)

The illusion created by the media sorcerers is unraveling.

In previous installments the subject of Rothschild corporate monopoly interests creating fictitious off-shoot family bloodlines to increase family profits was outlined.

That theme shall prove prominent once again.

Right now, actors are operating under pseudonyms posed as ‘elected’ politicians in American federal, state, and local governments. So it is with the mythical characters one recalls encountering in the American public school history books. American history, as seen in historical news reels does not reflect reality but exists as a cinematic production, created just like a Hollywood movie, complete with scripts, actors, and producers.

One would never think to entertain the idea an historical figure like Ted Edward Kennedy was merely a character created for the purposes of mythical posterity.

And yet, one finds that is precisely so.

Therefore, one’s deconstruction of perhaps America’s most legendary family dynasty continues.

Warning: The following may cause one to alter their perceptions of reality. 

The story of the Kennedy dynasty reads like an epic tome thematically rife with drama, triumph and tragedy. To one not so inclined towards inquisitiveness, the Kennedy myth exists as an engrossing, if not thoroughly beguiling tale. To those regular readers here at however, one’s inquisitive nature is allowed to pierce the veil of myth and observe that the mythical story of the Kennedy dynasty is in truth a fictional tale, as far removed from reality as the tale of George Washington chopping down his backyard cherry tree.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Though emotional investments disallow the majority to divorce from their belief in the overpowering spell of myth, the perceived integrity of such fantastical tales can only hold out under truth’s detailed scrutiny for so long. Recently, there seems to have developed a disturbing trend suggesting those seeking ultimate truth may harbor a mental ailment requiring either medication or psychiatric assistance. Too often, one notices the disturbing effectiveness of this sort of nefarious and cowardly labeling. After all, those of a puerile mindset are more prone to desire reality spoon fed by those in positions of so-called authority than having to labor in discerning it for themselves

One shall recall in a previous installment reports were made no one in fact recalls the character of Barack Obama spending any significant time on the college campuses where it is claimed he attended classes. See: 9/11: Terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part II) 

So it is with Ted Edward Kennedy.

It is claimed he attended Harvard University. Yet hardly one significant anecdote from anyone, whether it be professors or alleged classmates and graduates seemingly exists. If they do, the details of such accounts greatly alter with each retelling. This is the primary telltale sign something is amiss with the early biography of the late Ted Edward Kennedy. But there are other anomalies as well. In 1964, during a campaign run for the US senate, it is alleged while traveling in a private Aero Commander 680 (note the numerology: 8+6=14, or double 77, the joker code) from Washington to Massachusetts the plane ran into bad weather and crashed in an apple orchard in Southampton.

While it is alleged the pilot and his aide Edward Moss were killed, Kennedy was miraculously pulled from the wreckage by another US senator Birch Bayh. It seems the concept of the air disaster is a rather popular and all-purpose meme used repeatedly by the ruling royal Rothschild bloodlines. Once again, there is a numerology nexus contained in this story line. Both Bayh and Kennedy were born on the 22nd of the month (February 22 for Kennedy and January 22, or 3/22 representing the notorious Skull and Bones for Bayh) representing double 11, or Scottish masonic rite ‘master builder’.

That’s right folks, the use of numerology codes represent metaphorical bricks utilized to build a story, or myth that later becomes fixed as material reality in the public mind.

It is claimed, Kennedy’s wife Joan carried the load of the senate campaign. Despite a lengthy convalescence, Kennedy nonetheless emerged the victor in the ‘election’ and retained his US senate seat for Massachusetts. Not to be overlooked in this manufactured story of the Kennedy plane crash is the symbolism of the apple. Indeed, the apple is not only synonymous with the allegory of the biblical story of Adam and Eve found in the book of Genesis, but is symbolic of the pineal gland, or the ‘third eye’.

See: The Biggest Secret of the Bible (Part III)  

The Rothschild family is expert at media manipulation. They never allow a crisis to go to waste. The media sorcerers are their ever present handmaidens. And, in this instance, the Rothschild’s attempted to turn tragedy into political capital. What occurred subsequent to this ‘airplane crash’ was no coincidence. Soon after recuperating from his hospital convalescence, Kennedy went on to champion a new universal health care bill. One doesn’t have to be a Harvard MBA to comprehend that to the Crown Temple bank and the Rothschild family, health care is a profitable business, consuming on average over 9 to 10 percent of the total US GDP, or gross domestic product. Health Care also promotes dependence on government services, as well providing additional billions of profits for the lucrative insurance industry racket.



The legend of Chappaquiddick is a hoax.

It is alleged that on the night of July 19, 1969, police recovered the body of Mary Jo Kopechne from a car submerged near the bridge spanning the Chappaquiddick tidal channel. The registration of the car was traced to none other than Ted Edward Kennedy. It is claimed two fisherman called police about the submerged automobile at approximately 8:20 (2 8’s, a classic Rothschild signature symbolizing Saturn or the fullness of time as in the old adage ‘time is money’). The two fisherman are symbolic of the Pythagorean intersection of the mystical or spirit world and the world of matter. Again, these symbols used in publicized news stories are ideas, which when used in combination with the fury of light and repetitive sound infiltrate the subconscious, becoming dormant memories which can be subsequently brought to the fore and triggered into the conscious mind and constantly reinforced.

This is the essential psychological component used to create timeless myths.

There was also a political component to the story, in that more stringent drunk driving laws were soon instituted in Massachusetts, meaning more business for the courts in the way of collected fines. One should also recall that since the Rothschild family had long monopolized the liquor business, they were in essence double dipping, reaping the profits from not only consumers of their beer and wine products, but profiting on the back end when those same consumers were arrested and summarily prosecuted after having been caught attempting to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence.

There was also the great benefit for the television networks broadcasting the scandal to millions of the intrigued masses, who while glued to their television sets were subjected to consumer television advertisements selling products owned by Rothschild subsidiary corporations.

All considered, what better way to increase profits for the family monopolies than to have a family relative acting out the role of a renowned and mythical public figure embroiled in a theatrically arranged public scandal or emotionally driven tragedy?

And how can one be so certain the Chappaquiddick incident was a hoax one may ask?

Examining the details of the Chappaquiddick incident in order to prove the point is rendered moot by the identity of the root actor portrayed the sympathetic role of the victim Mary Joe Kopechne. One shall recall the story of the pop group the Carpenters and the identity of the host actor of Karen Carpenter.

See: Actors in history’s grand stage play (part III)

Would you believe it folks?

The actress portrayed Karen Carpenter and Hollywood starlet Natalie Wood are identical to the host actress portrayed the designated drowning victim for the Chappaquiddick event. If one is familiar with the biography of Natalie Wood’s career, it is alleged the actress drowned while on a boating trip on November 28, 1981 (yes folks, 2 8’s again the classic Rothschild signature). Perhaps Natalie Woods drowning near Santa Catalina was a sequel to her previous role in Chappaquiddick. The identity of the root actor portrayed all of these public characters was Diane von Furstenberg. The von Furstenberg’s belong to a Swabian noble house located in Germany, a Rothschild banking stronghold.  Furstenberg was also a county of the Holy Roman Empire which played a major role in the history of Europe.

The question many feel bears repeating is how could they get away with faking it-would not someone talk? Well, folks, this is how ‘they’ get away with it-by keeping it in the family, the royal family bloodline known as Rothschild.

Ted Koppel

At exactly 1:05, the identity of the host actor portraying Senator Ted Edward Kennedy is revealed. Ted Koppel was one of the legends of mainstream news broadcasting and for years best known as the sober-faced host of ABC’s prime time news program Nightline.

But, Koppel is yet another character, yet another brand of host actor operating under a pseudonym. Per hand vein pattern analysis and ear bio-metrics, the identity of the root actor portrayed the characters of Ted Edward Kennedy and newsman Ted Koppel was Lord Jacob Rothschild.

Jacob is a member of the British branch of the Rothschild family who have substantial holdings in the Crown Temple consortium of European and American merchant banks including the Federal Reserve. Remember when viewing the picture at the above link that appearances can be altered with prosthetics, makeup, stippling and light projections and other forms of audio and visual trickery to achieve the desired results of the character illusion.

And folks, the Rothschild’s are the masters of illusion.



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  1. Simply fascinating material. I have been tracking actors in the government for around 6 years now but have not done much on these more historical figures. this piece on Camelot is filling in some gaps for me. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the subject. I agree that Hollyweird and Washington have melded together into an odd deceptive force in our lives. I too, believe that Natalie Wood was involved in this hoax as well as Robert Wagner. In fact I have pondered the possibility of Natalie and Robert playing the parts of Jackie and John. Jackie and Natalie have very similar voices. In fact I strongly suspect that Natalie is still acting in D.C. but now as the infamous Nancy Pelosi.

    1. I agree your hypothesis concerning Wagner and Wood are intriguing. However, what I have on the Manson murders and the actor portrayed the young Charles Manson is admittedly shocking. Thank you for your interest in and for the gracious comments.

    1. Thank you so much for your continued interest. I must stress that the identification of the individual actors isn’t nearly as paramount as articulating the main thesis of the ruling elite families and their creation of fictional offshoot bloodlines, not only to create myths directing the masses attentions but to profit from it.

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