The tragic Charles Manson family murders came to signify a cultural signpost that ultimately defined the American 1960’s. It has been both written and said the gruesome murders marked the end of an historical era best remembered as one of peace, love, and revolutionary social and cultural change.

But, what if the historians are wrong? Does that which is recorded in the history books even reflect an accurate portrayal?

Or, as such in depth examinations performed here at have revealed, were the Manson Family murders merely a theatrical stage play presented to the public in the form of an actual historical event?

The answers to those pertinent queries may both shock and dismay. For, it turns out a former US president present in the White House during 9/11 and the infamous character known as Charles Manson may have more in common than one ever realized!

Once again, one finds the credulity of the documented details of an American historical event crumbling under investigative scrutiny.  In truth, even under the most minute scrutiny, if one knows the telltale signs, the Charles Manson murders represented a classic example of military psychological operations. In this case, not only does one find  LAPD colluding with military intelligence, but working in close cooperation with the Los Angeles County court system in staging what amounts to a farcical miscarriage of justice, as well a pure Hollywood production. But, anyone having perused the material here at is well cognizant the concept of Justice doesn’t exist for the common man, but only for the ruling elite royal bloodlines owning and operating the United States corporation.

Once again, the prevailing question as to why an event such as this would be manufactured and sold to the public as actual looms large. Given that both the counter-culture and civil rights movements had been thoroughly infiltrated and government controlled by the arrival of the heralded ‘summer of love’ in 1967, the ruling elites felt it necessary to stage a nationally publicized event which would not only psychologically shock the public through fear into believing that resistance to the status quo was futile, but would also serve to distract attention away from the unlawful activities of the Rockefeller and Rothschild families in their ongoing monopolization of all human and natural resources in Southeast Asia.

Of course, for this operation to achieve the desired psychological effect, the nature of the crime would have to be graphically gruesome, and much like the Colleen Ritzer psychological operation pulled off in my hometown of Danvers, Massachusetts  (see: The terrorists are here at home), involve innocent and comely female victims that would immediately serve to galvanize the emotional investment of the general public. And like the ‘Ritzer’ operation, the psychologically divisive racial element would have to be present (the character of Manson is quoted as saying the murders would bring about a race war or ‘Helter Skelter’).

Because, let’s face it folks, in order to maintain hegemonic control, the ruling elites have to constantly divide the masses along racial, social and economic lines. This way, the masses are constantly in a state of chaos, chaos that the ruling elites, through the enactment of new sets of laws can subsequently reshape into a preferred order. The murders of Sharon Tate and coffee heiress Abigail Folger by a crazed band of hippies lead by perhaps an even frighteningly crazier ‘hippie’ guru in the personage of one Charles Manson fit the bill rather nicely and went a long way in achieving the aforementioned goals of the ruling elite royal families. Though the general public may have been familiar with actress Sharon Tate’s Hollywood composed biography, they were less familiar with the biographical details of her father’s military career, United States army Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tate. The role of Tate’s father would of course never make it into the official reports issued by the mainstream media sorcerers, much less find their way into the US public school history books.

The ‘colonel’ of truth amid the lies

The Manson family murders represent a prime example of black magic. Despite the media sorcerers informing and accentuating the Satanism angle of this story, there is in fact no spiritual angle to the concept of black magic as it appears in the modern and post-modern milieu. Black magic, in the context of operations like the Manson event, are pure psychological and emotional manipulations of mass human energies to satisfy social and political agendas. For, the ruling elites, unlike their proletarian subjects, are not prone to subscribing to the mainstream spirituality or exoteric philosophies offered by any of the world’s major religions. The ruling elites worship a god of a much more material kind, in the form of money and power. Concocting and performing public theatrics containing strong psychological components such as the Manson family murder hoax is but one part of a grand formula to consolidate these very dual objects of their prime desires. Satanism is merely another psychological tool utilized to induce public intrigue, interest and emotional involvement.

The likes of Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tate and his Hollywood daughter Sharon Tate are but useful and minor handmaidens for the furtherance of grander social and political agendas. Although Paul Tate is reported to have recently died in 2005, there was no media confirmation and no major announcement of such, perhaps for very good reason. As one shall soon observe. Details of Paul Tate’s military career are hard to come by. However, one has been able to determine that Tate was stationed overseas in Italy with military intelligence as part of CIA’s Operation Gladio, a program of psychological terrorism to destabilize Italy’s left wing and democratically elected government. From there, Tate was brought from overseas for a billet headquartered in San Pedro, California, which happens to be in the vicinity of CIA’s Lookout Mountain, a military installation that during this era featured Hollywood style full size movie studios, equipped with the latest state of the art production and post-production cinema technology.

Per declassified documentation, ‘Lookout Mountain’ installation was utilized to produce covert war propaganda distributed as commercial cinema. Curious to note, various documents available under FOIA regarding ‘Lookout Mountain’ refer to utilizing the Hollywood acting talents of Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, and a young Ronald Reagan. Reagan would go on to a celebrated political career, including election as California governor, serving in the governor’s mansion during the time of the Manson murders. More curious still, are the confluence of Hollywood personalities Reagan, Sharon Tate and Dennis Hopper with the timing of the Manson event. This is where the general analysis of the Manson event becomes utterly fascinating. Hopper was the first to make a statement to the Los Angeles Times regarding  the strange activities going on at the Tate residence prior to the Manson murders:

“They had fallen into sadism and masochism and bestiality-and they recorded it all on videotape too. The LA police told me this. I know that three days before they [the Manson victims] were killed twenty-five people were invited to that house for a mass whipping of a dealer from Sunset Strip who’d given them bad dope.” (note the # 25, or  2+5=7, or the joker code. Also, the ‘G’ in the center of the masonic square and compass represents the idea placed in the public mind) That is precisely Hopper’s role here, to place ideas in the mind of the public, thus stimulating mass emotional and psychological investment in the story of the Manson murders through exotic and titillating details.

There are other possibilities to consider regarding Reagan and Sharon Tate. Could it be Reagan may have been elected governor for the sole purpose of presiding over the Manson event as an insider and a Hollywood veteran sworn to silence? Could it also be that Paul Tate’s promotion of his daughter to various Hollywood luminaries such as Roman Polanski held an ulterior motive for her to perform as an intelligence asset in the Manson psychological operation?

The Church of Satan

The establishment of Anton Levey’s Church of Satan, or ‘Process’ church, happens to coincide very neatly with Paul Tate’s arrival in San Pedro with his family in 1966, a mere three years before the Manson event. Dennis Hopper was reputedly an adherent of Levey’s church philosophies, although it is much more likely Levey’s Process church was a front for military intelligence. It is not unprecedented to utilize Hollywood actors as spies or intelligence assets, and one should be aware there is ample declassified documentation supporting such a notion. See: Celebrities sometimes make the best spies

In considering the involvement of Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tate in the Manson family event, there is a strong link with one of the alleged victims, Jay Sebring, Hollywood’s reputed ‘hairdresser to the stars’. Hair Salons have historically been used as front’s for intelligence operations and used for the purposes of drug money laundering. In the case of Sebring, there is little doubt he was an intelligence asset working under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tate, and his salon served as a staging or planning area for the Manson psychological operation.

One year prior to the Manson event, one discovered that Paul Tate himself had opened up a hair salon in Rolling Hills California, serving an exclusive clientele, exclusive to intelligence assets, that is. There is also the alleged Manson family residence the Spahn ‘movie’ ranch.

Yes, folks, it was called a movie ranch.

A clue to the fact this ‘ranch’ was set up as a headquarters for an intelligence operation is the involvement of the Transcontinental Development Corporation. Transcontinental owned all the Spahn movie ranch’s surrounding property. Transcontinental had financial ties to many of the housing projects built during this era in Laurel Canyon, projects which happened to be in the vicinity of CIA’s Lookout Mountain. Turns out, prior to and during the construction of this top secret government installation, Transcontinental was instrumental in the acquisition of the vast acreage upon which the massive facility would later be erected. Educated speculation dictates Transcontinental was also, like the hair salons of Paul Tate and Manson family ‘victim’ Jay Sebring and Anton Levey’s ‘Process’ Church of Satan, merely a front for government intelligence operations.

At this point, an analysis of the Manson trial itself is moot, once one comprehends the Manson murders were a military styled psychological operation.

In truth, the comments of Los Angeles prosecuting attorney Aaron Stovitz during the public spectacle of the Manson trial sum it up perfectly. When Stovitz was asked by the Los Angeles Times of his impressions regarding the bizarre behavior of alleged Manson family member Susan Atkins, he reportedly said:

“She’s better than Sandra Bernhardt.”

For those unfamiliar with Bernhardt, she was once regarded as one of the finest theatrical performers to ever tread the stage. Curiously, Stovitz was summarily dismissed from the case by LA’s district attorney soon after the comment was published by the Times.

Anton Lavey

Although photographs of Paul Tate are indeed rare and difficult to locate, upon performing ear bio-metric analysis comparison with the slew of those available for the character of Anton Lavey, it can now be reported that indeed, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tate performed in the host actor role of Process church high priest Anton Lavey.

Charles Manson

The character of Charles Manson has become almost iconic in the American imagination. His performance at the trial subsequent to the alleged murders and in the various interviews conducted from prison by mainstream news personalities have become the stuff of legend. One believes however, not only has Manson never spent so much as one hour in prison, but the character itself has been portrayed by a rotating cast of host actors. Turns out, the identity of some of them one would happen to immediately recognize. Speculation indicates the host actor during the Manson trial may have been Dennis Hopper, since ocular height comparisons between Hopper, who reportedly stands at five feet, eight inches, is more than comparable to that of the Manson character apprehended and standing trial. Voice print and facial recognition analysis of the Manson character immediately subsequent to the trial and while serving the initial portion of his sentence post 1969 however, indicates a most shocking revelation:

George W. Bush

The timeline of Bush’s ‘official’ biography states he was commissioned into the Texas Air National Guard in 1968. However, accusations of negligence are well-documented regarding his attendance of regular drills, and became the focus of controversy during Bush’s election campaign for the US presidency in 2000. Could it be, his lack of diligence in attending to his duties as Air National Guardsman between the years 1968-70 were due to the fact he was covertly working with Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tate in preparation for his starring role in the Manson Family psychological operation as Charles Manson? Was the controversy during his presidential campaign over his lack of military drill attendance in his youth just a massive cover story concocted by his father’s friends at CIA? After all, one shall recall, George H. W. Bush, prior to becoming Ronald Reagan’s successor as President, was Director of CIA.

Voice print comparison analysis of Manson’s audio portion in the above video with audio from George W. Bush indicates this may have been so.

If so, folks, one could make a cogent case for the fact perhaps George W. Bush may be overdue for an award from the Hollywood academy for not only his role as the bumbling 43rd US president, but for his even more convincing portrayal as one of America’s iconic historical villains.


Upon recent and further investigation, and although it may be likely George W. Bush may have played a role in the Manson psychological operation, the main host actor portrayed the character of Charles Manson has now been identified as Hollywood mogul David Geffen.  See: Is it live or is it Milli Vanilli?

George W. Bush is an fabricated character scheme portrayed by Brian Williams AKA Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco. Currently, Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi also portrays Donald J. Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

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    1. This story of the Kennedy’s goes much deeper and encompasses the whole of what is perceived as 20th century American history. Understanding that the Kennedy assassination was a mythical narrative is the key to unlocking the truth which the ruling elites have kept the masses from discovering by marketing a myriad of assassination ‘conspiracy theories’.

      1. Deception is profitable. Think too, of how this filters down to the proletarians feeling as if they have to put on an act in pretending to like performing jobs they secretly despise.

  1. Very good article, Manson/Bush II story, the same actor for the usual masonic staging, the Man-son/Mason affair, like Kennedy’s affair, Moon landing spectacle, but also science, wars, instruction, religions, tv, media sorcerers, and many other things, are a great example of psy-o, always strictly connected to hollywood industry/business. And in this whole Manson affair, I wouldn’t underestimate the role of Polanski, a truly abject being. He the director of Manson staging, like Kubrick of moon landing hoax.
    Yes, it’s very profitable for them, in every way. And it’s a great example as the Masonic royal elite run this world for centuries. For instance, they use the so-called wars, just as strategic recontruction of populations and territories.
    First of all the mental control of the masses. A mind game. This world is a big hoax.

    1. I thank you for your gracious interest in thee material published at Newsspell. Your point about the royal families is very astute. They never abdicated their rule over their kingdoms, and established America as a profitable commercial joint stock venture. This thesis was articulated in Sir Francis Bacon’s text, The New Atlantis, a text that has been largely hidden from the American public in lieu of historical texts that merely regurgitate the contrived narratives taught in American public schools and on university campuses. In fact, during the 20th century, the thirteen ruling elite families, who contrived the world wars, Korean and Vietnam conflicts – conflicts which were exercises in controlled demolition and strategic relocation – psychologically manipulated America’s tax payers into funding the reconstruction of Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan by creating a slew of geopolitical boogeymen, all of whom were royal family members in disguise. If you consult the work of Anthony Sutton, the Soviet Union was merely a stalking horse/paper tiger. The materials for the USSR’s infrastructure and military largess were financed and the materials provided by the West. The so-called “Cold War” was a classic example of a geopolitical psychological operation utilizing Hegelian dialectical principles. From the larger perspective, these same ruling elite families – who still own majority shares in the television/print media – are still utilizing similar psychologically oriented tactics on the populations of both America and the West.

      1. I have nothing to add, I totally agree. Thanks alot for the tips. I’ll take a look at it.
        The instruction system is the same of a breeding.
        And they are always there in their thrones to run the world. They are deception masters.

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