Emotionalism is rendered meaningless in the face of objective analysis.

For the substance of any analysis which is underscored by empirical, historical, and even forensic evidence to be considered fully, one must be willing and even determined, like any disposable detritus, to cast the impediments of one’s emotional attachments aside.

Nevertheless, for the majority – time and again – feelings and emotional connections ultimately contain greater consideration; especially, it would seem, when it comes to an in-depth analysis that, most likely, could be construed as an overt and even personal criticism of their favorite Hollywood or mass media celebrities.

Blind adoration is often the result of such childish attachments to celebrity idols.

For a time, at least, there was no bigger media celebrity – or so he proclaimed – than the ‘King of All Media’, Howard Stern.

The celebrity known as Howard Stern is merely another media character operating under a pseudonym.

It turns out, “Howard Stern” is a pseudonym for a prominent European royal, someone who – in the past – has shown himself to be more than familiar with the concept of post-modern reality simulation.

Why did “Howard Stern” so boldly choose to dub himself ‘The King of All Media”?

More-to-the-point, why was it no one in the MSM dared to question the validity of such hubris?

Could it be, his hidden royal family is one of the largest majority shareholders of the Western media/industrial complex?

Did anyone happen to notice Stern’s crack concerning measles vaccinations?

You wouldn’t suppose Stern’s hidden royal family is also a major shareholder of the pharmaceutical/medical complex?

And what of Stern’s prodding the assembled (most likely prefabricated) crowd in New York to do the “Hokey Pokey” (Sums to 136 in English Ordinal gematria/=37/3 7’s/777/intelligence joker code/35 in Reverse Full Reduction/8/aces and eights/Mark of Saturn/Jesuit order)? Did this – yet again – represent another example of the American public fooled into taking part in some sort of secret occult ritual?

By the way, there is a deep occult significance to the number 35, or 3 5’s/555.

555 is a Hebrew gematria contraction, and is transliterated as “hanesher” or as “an eagle”. The eagle is one of the four beasts of the New Testament biblical gospels, the Man, the Ox, the Lion, and the Eagle, or Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The eagle is symbolic of clairvoyance; a creature unafraid to fly straight into the sun. This myth also relates to those of ancient Greece, of the legend of Icarus, and of the sacred emblem of the mountaintop god, Zeus.

The lion, which is symbolic of the sun – the sacred object of veneration for the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate – can be seen in the following image of the royal coat of arms/family crest of Luxembourg:


While you’re musing over those symbolic ramifications, it is more than fair to say a thorough examination of Stern’s official biographies yielded greater evidence of both occult signifiers and numerological markers.

Additionally, the official and accepted narrative of Stern’s show business career arc corresponds with the noticeable biographical gaps of one of his other most famous and well-renowned celebrity character modifications (the identity of which, among several others, shall be revealed in due course).

Before detailing the results of those examinations, a perusal of the “institutional” shareholders of Sirius radio, or as it is more officially known, Sirius XM (sums to 132 in English Ordinal gematria/=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/In occult/high-degree masonic lore, “Sirius” is “Lucifer” or the spirit/source of the “one-thousand points of light” flowing through the pyramid/sun creating the three-dimensional holographic illusion humans perceive as “reality”) reveals the following major players: Berkshire Hathaway, Blackrock, Vanguard Group, Zimmer Partners LP, and State Street Corporation. Collectively, these make up almost 21 percent of the total shareholdings, while the remaining percentage are unlisted.

Loyal readers are perhaps most familiar with Blackrock and Vanguard from a previous installment concerning the subject matter of the Las Vegas shooting psychological operation executed over one year ago.

SEE: Vegas shooting hoax: The real story


Many may wonder how the manufactured biographies of so many celebrity characters can be made to look official.

Regarding their nefarious methods of operation, the telltale hallmarks of the masonic order’s deceptive practices have always featured the bearing of false witness, making false claims, entrapment, and blackmail.

First and foremost, the establishment and mass recognition of such biographical officialdom is a relatively simple matter when one comes to identifying the actual proprietors of the Western media complex.

The hidden owners are the royal families of Europe, many of whom are the former hofjude or “court Jews” of the medieval historical period, now intermarried and intertwined with the global commercial interests of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. Many loyal readers shall surely recall how it was documented that the royal family of Great Britain, the so-called “Windsor” family or House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, have retained sole ownership of ABC and Arnez Productions.

Many of these “blue-chip” ownership shares are secreted away from prying eyes and held within byzantine trusts overseen by international bankers. Such ownership shares are also hidden within a labyrinth of financial networks which consist of established holding companies publicly labeled among limited partnerships.

Secondarily, such fabricated celebrity biographies are made to seem authentic and authoritative through repeated narratives which are verified by reporting third parties employed by MSM, most of whom are not only secretly connected to European royal families, but with the highest levels of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate.

Mass human perception is not only manipulated and ultimately shaped through the repetition of historical narratives, but – as defined by the renowned occultist Dionne Fortune – such effective repetition represents the hypnotic essence of black magic.

Yes folks, the majority have been subjected to mass hypnosis and ultimately – from repeated exposure to the onslaught of the mass media’s false narratives broadcast through the television medium  – acute psychosis.

How else would the pharmaceutical and other illicit narcotics industries reap such substantial profits?

Allegedly born January 12, 1954 (12/21/777/intelligence joker code), Howard Allen Stern, (Sums to 189 in English Ordinal gematria/9/6 in occult mirrored reversal/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/72 in Full Reduction/2 7’s/Lucifer’s lightning/angelic transformation/189=18/666) based on the overwhelming popular success of his radio show, The Howard Stern Show, became the self-proclaimed “King of All Media”.

Once again, however, we are faced with an official celebrity biography which traces Stern’s ascendance to stardom from that of rather humble beginnings. It is claimed Stern gained his first experiences working in the medium of radio while matriculating at Boston University. As has been detailed before, Boston was the first city – during America’s late 18th century colonial struggle with Great Britain – in America to have establlished a masonic Grand Lodge.

SEE: America’s war for independence: revolution or hoax? (part II)

After suffering in relative obscurity at various radio stations located in Connecticut, Detroit, and in Washington’s District of Columbia, Stern began a twenty-year career employed at New York’s WXRK (Sums to 76 in English Ordinal gematria/13/summit of masonic pyramid/23 in Reverse Full Reduction/2 3’s/33); a show which quickly entered syndication in 1986 (33) and was placed in 60 (33) markets and attracted over 20 million listeners (2/masonic pillars of Boaz/Jachin).

Subsequent to being awarded syndication, Stern received a plethora of awards, winning Billboard’s Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year eight times consecutively (aces and eights/Mark of Saturn/ the Jesuits/44/Destruction code).

Simultaneously, Stern became subject to heavy fines from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), fines which reportedly summed to over 2 and one-half million dollars (7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon).

Later, in 2004 (6/33), Stern became the highest paid on-air radio personality in the history of the medium when he signed a contract with Sirius for a reported 500 million (2 3’s/33).

Perusing the biographical details of Stern’s earliest childhood and adolescence provides us with more key clues as to the identity of his host actor. Officially, Stern was the second child (twin masonic pillars/Boaz/Jachin) born to Jewish parents of Polish and Austro-Hungarian descent, Ben (sun/pagan object of Templar/Jesuit/Masonic veneration) and Ray (ray of light/Lucifer) Schiffman. It is alleged Stern’s father, Ben, served in the US Army on Long Island and in California during the Second World conflict, giving us – unsurprisingly – another typical biographical connection between a high-profile show business character and the military.

It is alleged Stern’s father was also the owner of Aura Recording Inc., a sound engineering studio located in Manhattan, New York that specialized in the recording and cutting of commercial jingles, and audio dubbing for animated cartoons.

While still in his youth, Stern allegedly took five years of piano instruction (2 3’s/33) and while still in high school – and this represents a key clue as to the identity of another of Stern’s famous character modifications – he formed a band with two of his classmates called the “Electric Comicbook”, performing on lead vocals and keyboards.

Yes indeed folks, it may be fair to describe the character of “Howard Stern” – for the duration of his entire career in the public eye – as nothing more than the creation and high-maintenance of a comic book character; a purveyor of low-grade entertainment marketed solely for the consumption and amusement of the lowest brow of population demographics and thoroughly utilized to covertly promote the social and political agendas of his ruling elite masters.

Suffice to say, when it comes to the creation or modification of a fabricated show business character such as “Howard Stern”, owning a recording studio would be most convenient for performing voice synthesis overdubs/video morphing/CGI/mocap post-production, and other audio/visual/photographic trickery.

Notice too, the proper noun attached to Ben Stern’s recording studio is “Aura”, which is an oblique occult reference to the aurora, or the brilliance of the rays or the light cast upon the earth plane from the sun.

In his youth, in addition to attending Roosevelt (“velt”: Dutch etymological derivation meaning “farm” or “field”/or in this biographical context a masonic play on words/”Roos”/a ruse concocted by those working at the “farm”, which in intelligence parlance, refers to the CIA/international intelligence octopus) Junior-Senior High School, Stern also attended Hebrew school where he was allegedly given the name “Tzvi”.

The name “Tzvi” – interestingly enough – translates into English as “deer”.

Within occult circles, deer, stags, bulls, and other horned beasts are often meant to be symbolic of the horned, pagan god of Moloch, or the god of blood sacrifice.

At the height of his fame, the actor known as “Howard Stern” moved beyond his show business profile in the radio medium to produce and host numerous television shows, pay-per-view cable television events, and, as well, home videos.

Thorough observational and, as well, facial recognition/voice analysis has determined that the show business character of “Howard Stern” is but one of the many famous character modifications portrayed by his royal host actor.


The general public is often presented with blatant clues as to the existence of the conceptual phenomenon of the post-modern reality simulation. In the case of the character and syndicated radio star Howard Stern, he often made references to one of his on-air assistants and co-hosts as “BOBABOWIE”.

In retrospect, and in light of the accumulation of empirical biographical indicators augmented with the results of thorough facial recognition and voice analysis, it is clear that the “late” pop star “David Bowie” was a pre-Stern character modification of the host actor whose identity shall be revealed presently.

Howard Stern:




David Bowie:




While performing close and comparative scrutiny of the images of both show business/celebrity characters displayed above, take note of the similarity in facial geometry, especially regarding the architectures of the chin, nasal cavities, and brow ridges. In most of Stern’s publicity photos, his character’s facial geometry is often found to be deliberately obscured by facial hair growth and light applications of stippling, distracting elements which are often augmented by the application of various eye wear.

The application of various styles of designer eye wear – as we have witnessed many times before in the past – has often been utilized to deliberately distort the public’s ocular and visual perceptions, thus helping to conceal positive identification of the character’s host actor. Stern’s trademark helmet of dark wavy hair is an obvious wig or hair piece application, the elongated lengths of which are often observed tightly framing the facial architecture, further distorting ocular perceptions.

In the past, the character modifications of Bowie/Stern have been utilized before to create other media/popular culture/show business stars. Bowie/Stern starred as the religious fundamentalist outlaw David Koresh in the Branch Davidian psychological operation of the mid-1990’s.

SEE: US government goes wacko in Waco

Before becoming “David Bowie”, his host actor also starred as fringe pop culture star “Tiny Tim” who gained a modicum of noteriety during the era of the 1960’s and 70’s. Before the popular culture character of David Bowie became known to a mass audience in America however, his host actor also starred as one half of the 1970’s pop music duo formerly known as The Carpenters.

SEE: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part III)

Tiny Tim:



Richard Carpenter:



In fact, here is “Richard Carpenter” appearing with yet another well-known celebrity who has himself portrayed a number of show business characters, Jay Leno AKA/Hollywood icon George Clooney/Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, just to name a few.

SEE: Jay Leno: the man behind the mask (part I):

Jay Leno: the man behind the mask (part II)

Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s Magnum Loaded Illusion

For those who may have consulted the links provided to prior installments, then, most likely, you have already become cognizant the identity of the host actor who portrayed the popular culture characters known as “Howard Stern” and “David Bowie” is none other than the reigning Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri Albert Gabriel Felix Marie Guillaume.

For anyone still doubting the assertions of the author that the Grand Duke has not – for most of his life – been an active participant in the phenomenon known as PMRS, or post-modern reality simulation, or for those who still have doubts regarding the empirical evidence presented in this installment, you may consult the article available at the following link:


I suppose now, you are also well aware of why the character of “Howard Stern” was so keen to dub himself “King of All Media”, and why “David Bowie” was also known – throughout his stellar pop music career – as the “thin white duke”?

Henri, reigning Grand Duke of Luxembourg:




You also might be familiar with Henri’s royal forebears, the former Grand Duke of Luxembourg, His Highness, Jean Benoit Guillaume Robert Antoine Louis Marie Adolphe Marc d’Aviano AKA Leonard Nimoy, who was most well-known to American television audiences as the character of “Spock” from the popular science fiction television series of the late 1960’s, Star Trek, and the former American Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld.

Jean, former Grand Duke of Luxembourg:



Leonard Nimoy:



Donald Rumsfeld:



Henri’s genealogy extends back to yet another iconic American popular culture figure, Ed Sullivan AKA “Chairman of the Board” Frank Sinatra/Humphrey Bogart, who was also Felix, the Crown Prince of Bourbon Parma and Luxembourg:

Felix, Crown Prince of Bourbon Parma and Luxembourg:



Frank Sinatra:



Humphrey Bogart:



Ed Sullivan:



Historically, it has been well-documented the character known to American popular culture as “Frank Sinatra” was dispatched by mafia boss Sam Giancana to watch over and handle the young president, John F. Kennedy.

Though it is more than likely “Frank” AKA His Highness, the Crown Prince, Felix was dispatched to make certain JFK AKA Dennis Hopper – who loyal readers will recall was recently identified as a sibling relation of Danish royal Prince Consort, Henrik AKA Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson – portrayed his part well, properly recited all of his lines, and hit his assigned marks while acting as the puppet president of the US corporation, and, as well, to aid the young royal actor to a smooth transition into his next character incarnation after his “assassination” in Dallas’s Dealy Plaza in 1963, the historical portrayal of “JFK” as some kind of mythical hero – identical to that which was historically promulgated to the public in the wake of the mythical story of the slain British Princess Diana – is yet another complete and utterly fabricated narrative.

Putting aside – for a moment – the fact all of the principals popularly associated with JFK’s historical account were royal actors participating in a scripted charade – the “mafia” referred to in most academic and scholarly historical annals is not the mythical one popularly promulgated by Hollywood movie productions, but merely an historical canard created to hide the existence of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, who – through the Treaty of Peace ratified and made legal by Crown Temple signatories – own the US corporation, hold the allodial titles to its land, and, as well, own the entirety of its human and natural resources.

Loyal readers may recall that “Sam Giancana”, the fabled “mob boss”, was also portrayed by an actor, a Hollywood director named William Wyler (Ben-Hur) who was also affiliated with England’s Moor Hall animation and film studios during the mid-twentieth century.

SEE: Actors in history’s grand stage play (part XV)

Turns out folks, Shakespeare, the ‘old bard’ was indeed correct, all the world is a stage, and all are merely actors.














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    1. Good to hear from you again. Yes, I suppose the content of the article would seem – on the surface – alarming. But perhaps not so much when you consider the US, all other countries and their populations are corporate entities, and their major shareholders belong to thirteen families. One of those families, is, of course, the Grimaldi.

      1. It’s your prerogative to keep praying, but knowledge of the genuine enemy (the ruling elite families) and their methods of operation can better serve to promote greater understanding.

      2. The greatest understanding will come through. Prayer will guide us on how we shall respond to the enemies who were born, hunger and eat, defecate, thirst and urinate and whom are destined to get ill, old and die.
        Power and money has become man’s God, which is in conflict with. our living God andhis laws. Subliminally, God himself is upon us and puts his will through us from our humbleness and love in faithful prayer askings. I trust him. He us coming and not to be overcome but for uscto overcome. The more we detach ourselves from God, the stronger the enemy.

  1. Forgive me, but that is a rather convoluted articulation of distorted logic. That is precisely the sort of epistemological and psychological programming that has kept the proletariat thoroughly subject – through lack of understanding of the financial and legal systems, and, as well, how the entertainment/media complex are utilized as Hegelian instruments of social and political divisiveness – to the manipulative machinations of the thirteen families, for well over several centuries. Though these families – as you’ve so eloquently stated – may be flesh and blood, they will soon create a biblical rapture scenario (similar to the 9/11 “event” in 2001) to convince those so predisposed towards puerile “trust” “faith and “belief” – rather than attuned to the acquisition of the requisite knowledge that, beforehand, could have saved them from legal, financial, social and political subjugation – their “god” has returned to save them. Ironically however, such a prefabricated event will only further serve to bolster the frequency of their enslavement. Meanwhile, on the other hand, and perhaps, for the first time in mankind’s history – through the availability of digital technologies – the proletariat has the tools at their disposal to acquire the necessary wherewithal, and to become emboldened with the requisite knowledge in overcoming their long night of subjugation to the deceptively Byzantine financial and legal systems of global corporate feudalism imposed by international Admiralty Law, and the ruling elite families.

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