While perpetually promoting its insipid and melodramatic psychological operations disguised as news oriented television productions – in this case, starring AOC AKA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the alleged daughter of the sitting US president, “Ivanka Trump” – the MSM continues to demonstrate its blatant willingness to manipulate the general public on behalf, and to the economic, social, and political benefit of its hidden owners, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

A recently published article in the Washington Examiner (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/aoc-mocks-ivanka-trump-for-talking-with-foreign-leaders-at-g20-summit) details Ocasio-Cortez’s displeasure with Ivanka Trump’s appearance at the G20 summit, recently held in Osaka, Japan.

Apparently, Cortez was miffed, over the fact the alleged daughter of the US president – fashion business icon Ivanka Trump – was admitted to the inner sanctum of the global summit, and allowed to chat with so-called world leaders.

The aggrieved Cortez recently chose to express her distaste for the daughter of the president’s privileged attendance at the summit in a message posted – where else? – on Twitter, the popular social media platform, a message which the mainstream Washington Examiner chose to dutifully republish:

“It may be shocking to some, but being someone’s daughter actually isn’t a career qualification,” the New York Democrat tweeted, adding, “the US needs our president working the G20. Bringing a qualified diplomat wouldn’t hurt either.”

But are Cortez’s published impressions a genuine political expression of partisan outrage, or are they yet another example of the scripted drama we have all come to know as Post-Modern Reality Simulation?

Perhaps, the answer lies with a response containing an involuntary but enticing clue – published, of course, on Twitter – to Cortez’s distaste for Ivanka Trump’s privileged attendance: “Yet another embarassing moment for a country that used to be leader of the Free World, as the Crown Princess tries to talk to people who have real jobs.”

“Crown Princess”, folks? 

Was the aforementioned respondent to Congressperson Cortez’s outrage over Ivanka Trump, intentionally hinting at a potentially profound revelation?

Though the respondent’s comments concerning the “Crown Princess” may have seemed barbed with sarcasm, there is a possibility they were meant to have been deceptively cryptic.

In which case, nevertheless, there are some concrete conclusions to be drawn from them.

Whether or not the Twitter respondent intended to be deliberately sly, one thing is clear.

This entire episodic and staged melodrama – between AOC and “Ivanka Trump” – has been deliberately played out on one of the more prominent social media platforms, for the purpose of reaching critical mass exposure.

This public charade, also appears thoroughly programmed to play out as part of a theatrically designed script, the execution and direction of which has undoubtedly been overseen by a host of digital trolls/agents of chaos, toiling on behalf of the international intelligence octopus and its American departmental subdivisions of CIA/FBI.

But as loyal readers have come to oftentimes understand, there is always a grander perspective.

What if, however, you were to be informed, the identical royal princess, the host actor portraying the character of AOC, and Hollywood actress Allison Williams (SEE: Kid Rock Catches Fire in Port Arthur), also happens to portray the character known as “Ivanka Trump”?

That would mean – amid the theatrical absurdity of a massive political and public charade – AOC were pillorying herself, wouldn’t it?

Truly, when considering the conceptual nuances of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, it becomes highly evident, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families will go to any lengths – no matter how absurd – to keep the masses bewildered, confused, and divided.

It has also been well-established, a well-disciplined and highly skilled host actor – with the aid of real-time and post-production CGI, and the more standard Hollywood-styled methods of character modification – can, and often does, portray multiple characters and, with both the AOC and Ivanka Trump characters, such has proved to be the case.

With the positive identification of the actors responsible for the portrayal of both AOC and alternative media guru Eric Dubay, it is now possible to surmise, both AOC’s proposed “Green New Deal” and the “Flat Earth” psychological operation have been funded by sources which can be traced back to some of the most prominent royal families of Western Europe, those who are also financially invested in the execution and implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030, “sustainable development” social movements, and economic deindustrialization programs now being executed throughout North America, and in the US.


Quite simply, these pair of fabricated characters, posed in political opposition – Cortez and Trump – are yet more demonstrations of the time-honored Hegelian methodology utilized by the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, in brining about the appearance of historical, social, and political transformation (spiritual/temporal/occult/Luciferian revolution).

On this occasion, both characters are portrayed by the identical host actor, an actor not only related to one of the golden age of Hollywood’s most legendary actresses (Grace Kelly/Princess Grace) but one with genealogical connections to a royal family among the most powerful and prominent in all Western Europe, an actor with royal family ties to yet another well-known and familiar host actor, who for decades, since faking his death during the era of the early 1980’s in an alleged “boating accident” off the coast of the English Channel, has figured prominently in the perpetuation of the phenomenon known as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

While endeavoring to peruse the contents of Ivanka Trunp’s official  biographies, copious evidence of a fabricated character modification – masonic/occult symbolism and telltale utilization of gematria – became readily observable.

“Ivanka Trump” – also legally known as Yael Kushner –  is, of course, not only the daughter (and an official presidential “advisor”) of the sitting US president Donald Trump, but she is publicly recognized as an American businessowoman, fashion designer, author and – wait for it folks – a reality television personality.

Officially born on October 30, 1981 (8+3=11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz/Jachin/88/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits/Saturn), Ivanka has been hailed – subsequent to her marriage to Jared Kushner – as the first “Jewish” member of a presidential First Family.

Recently – before she assumed the position of “presidential advisor” – much controversy was made of Ivanka Trump’s “decision” to recuse herself from the position of Executive VP/Development & Acquisitions of the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

The fact Ivanka’s  “decision” to  leave the Trump Organization came before assuming the position of presidential advisor, begs the obvious question: did she possess foreknowledge she was to be appointed to the White House as an “advisor” and, more intriguingly still, did she have foreknowledge of her father’s victory in the 2016 presidential “election”?

If one takes stock in the way the MSM uniformly sells the popularized narrative regarding her dismissal from the Trump Foundation, Ivanka’s hand may have been somewhat forced and, still other MSM sources seem more direct in indicating, the decision was made for her.

Apparently, ethics concerns regarding the handling of finances on behalf of the Donald J. Trump Foundation were raised by the New York Attorney General’s office, when it was discovered Ivanka was also an appointed member to the foundation’s board.

After several reports, publicized by the Washington Post’s “Pulitzer Prize-winning” journalist David Fahrenthold (sums to 149 in English Ordinal gematria=14/77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation/86 in Full Reduction=5/2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) began to publicly surface, reports which alleged “persistent and illegal conduct” on the part of the board member’s handling of the foundation’s finances (charges that included failure to properly register in the state of New York, self-dealing, and impropriety regarding the distribution of presidential campaign funds), attempts were hastily made by, then, presidential candidate Donald Trump to subsequently dissolve the foundation in 2016.

But, the office of state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman decided to block the legal maneuver, until an official and ongoing investigation could be completed.

Officially, on June 14, 2018 (6+14=20/twin masonic pillars of Boaz/Jachin/2X18=36/3 6’s=666), after New York’s federal Attorney General Barbara Underwood added the names of Ivanka and Trump’s other children to be included in the civil suit filed against the foundation, she also petitioned the court for an official order that not only permanently dissolved the foundation, but imposed an additional legal demand for 2.8 million (2 8’s=88/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits/Saturn) to be paid upon charges of “restitution and penalties”.

Although, there’s no doubt, the alleged 2.8 million (perhaps more) served as the admission fee for the host actor(s) of “Donald J. Trump” to be officially allowed entrance and to take up residence at the White House, America’s most prestigious and historically hallowed address, there can also be little doubt, the legal snafu reported by MSM involving New York’s Attorney General’s office and the Donald J. Trump Foundation – for those with the perceptive vision to observe  – served its purpose as the thinnest of MSM emanated smokescreens concealing much grander machinations to which the general public, in turn, was never made privy.

Upon what empirical foundation does this educated speculation rest, you may wonder?

The answer, folks, lies with the true identity of the Washington Post’s “Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist” David Farenthold.

Loyal readers may recall that, a short while ago, alternative media guru “Eric Dubay” was identified as a fabricated character modification of the host actor, Andrea Casiraghi, a Prince of the royal family of Monaco.

Well, it turns out, “Eric Dubay” isn’t the only character Andrea has portrayed.

Both ear biometrics and facial recognition confirm, Andrea Casiraghi also serves as the host actor for mainstream journalist, “David Fahrenthold”.

David Fahrenthold:



Andrea Casiraghi:



As observed, in the pair of images featuring the fictional MSM journalist “David Rhrenthold”, brands of concealing designer eye wear have been applied to distort ocular perceptions of the more recognizable geometry and facial architectural structure of the character’s host actor, Andrea Casiraghi AKA Eric Dubay.

What does this mean, concerning the ultimate authenticity and historically prestigious nature of the so-called Pulitzer Prize for journalism?

It means folks, the “Pulitzer”, and its voting committee, are owned by the thirteen ruling elite families, and that the prize is routinely given to family members while they remain concealed in the guise of various fabricated character modifications.

This also means “David Rahrenthold” is a fake mainstream journalist and, most likely, the “articles”  he was alleged to have published – while under the employ of the Washington Post and while performing his alleged “investigation” into the scandal involving the Donald J. Trump Foundation – were not only ghost-written by scribes and underlings employed by the host actor’s royal family, but represented dramatic illustrations of a carefully calibrated and executed psychological operation by the editors of the Washington Post (a CIA/Operation Mockingbird/Chaos propaganda vehicle which, like the hallowed New York Times, is controlled by the international intelligence octopus on behalf of the thirteen families), designed to manipulate and, ultimately, control public perceptions.

But, regarding “Ivanka Trump”, and as loyal readers have probably suspected, the rabbit hole of Post-Modern Reality Simulation goes much deeper.


Though Trump’s official biographers claim her politics remain non-partisan, this fact is, ironically, the only discoverable element of a personal nature – found in any number of her celebrity biographies – that happens to ring true.

Those with genealogical ties to the ruling elite families can always be found to remain apolitical, for, the concept of politics is routinely but only utilized as a tool, to purposefully induce mass social division, and calculated chaos.

Rather, the genuine interest(s) of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families remain economic in nature.

For centuries, they have only cared about finding, opening, and exploiting both the human and natural resources of new economic markets.

From a global, macro-perspective, politics is only a means to achieve the goals of economic efficiency and profitability.

Nevertheless, in addition to remaining apolitical, Ivanka Trump’s official biographers ensure us, she reamins philosophically humanistic, devoted to the philanthropic advancement of various social causes.

Though she has donated to a wide spectrum of various candidates (political actors) spanning partisan lines – Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and recent US senate candidate, Corey Booker – “Ivanka Trump” has stated she remains politically uncommitted.

“Like many of my fellow millennials,” she adamantly maintains, “I do not consider myself categorically Republican or Democrat.”

Among the philanthropic social causes to which Trump has allegedly donated are, Chai Lifeline, an organization founded in 1987 by Rabbi Simcha Scholar and dedicated to helping families with “children battling deadly diseases”, United Hatzalah, a Jewish organization to which it is claimed her father, the president, has reportedly and generously donated, and National Urban League, formerly known as the National League on Urban Conditions Among Negroes, a non-partisan civil rights organization based in New York City that “advocates on behalf of African-Americans and against racial discrimination in the United States.”

But the most interesting among these organizations to which Trump lends her social advocacy is called “Seeds of Peace”.

Founded in 1993, simultaneous with the signing of the Kyoto “climate change” protocols, Seeds of Peace is a non-profit “leadership development” program, bringing youth and educators residing in “areas of conflict” to its camp headquarters, located in the rural US state of Maine. Seeds of Peace claims its mission is to “inspire and cultivate new generations of global leaders by equipping exceptional youth and educators with the skills and relationships they need to accelerate the social, economic, and political changes necessary for peace.”

Keep in mind folks – when it comes to considering the Luciferian doctrines secretly held by the ruling elite families – the occult meaning of peace, in the mirrored context of occult duality, implies nearly the exact opposite meaning.

Whenever one hears the word “peace” uttered by the “mission statements” of such non-profit organizations dedicated to the universal application of globalist principles, and to the clandestine fruition of Luciferian/Marxist agendas – goals which always seem articulated in the most benignly humanistic terms – one should always beware.

What is truly meant is this: order out of chaos (Luciferian/Marxist revolution).

In other words folks, such non-government/non-profit organizations are covertly formulated and ideologically based upon the tenets of social and political “change”, which is always symbolic code for the occult/spiritual transformation of Luciferian revolution.

These globalist organizations, such as Seeds of Peace, provide training grounds for Marxist revolutionaries, the same type of SJW/feminist activists one observes causing overt havoc on college campuses, and inducing mayhem and discord during LGBTQ “marches” in every urban center across the continent of the US.

Those of this “revolutionary” ilk, are the same well-trained but mindless “activists” (minimum-wage trolls) seemingly ubiquitous on social media, and posing as “influencers”, spewing Marxist doctrines they neither fully understand, nor possess any knowledge of their historical emanations.

Such “activists” are the bullhorn wielding “useful idiots”, an apt description – though historically attributed to the renowned Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, more than one century ago during the dawn of the Marxist/communist revolution in Russia – that was made by the former White House speech writer William Safire, in an article published in 1987, regarding the nature of low-level political operatives.

These “useful idiots”, those youthful, impressionable, and narcissistically damaged foot soldiers, are those who can always be either coaxed or enticed by their emotionally petty desires, and relied upon to do just what they’re told, and when, and to execute social and political mayhem and chaos, upon strict orders from their so-called “educators” and “leaders”.

Additionally, “Seeds of Peace” is connected to the Clinton Global Initiative (https://www.seedsofpeace.org/seeds-of-peace-announces-gather-fellowship/), an organization that clandestinely espouses – with “mission statements” which are always couched in suspiciously similar humanistic rhetoric – the identical and centuries-old Luciferian/revolutionary doctrine of order out of chaos.

In reality, this is the true and ultimate purpose masked by the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. This phenomenon is largely played out – whether in the guise of politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and music/sports entertainment stars – by those genealogically related to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, while hiding behind the various but familiar masks of fabricated character conversion schemes.

Such covert character conversion schemes, allow these royal actors to personally direct the social, political, and revolutionary agendas to their ultimate and successful fruition, the end games of which are always designed to profitably benefit the global feudalist commercial system in which their royal families have been so well-entrenched and heavily invested for centuries.

Therefore, when considering the ultimate goals of the thirteen, ruling elite families, the goal of “peace” implies the fulfillment of the ultimate desire to thoroughly and smoothly maintain an obedient and passive population; obeisant global consumers from whom they will always perpetually and commercially profit.

In essence – as stated many times before in past installments – such non-profit charities are a clandestine but colossal source of financial profits, profits which can be thoroughly hidden away in legal trusts and private off-shore accounts that remain untouchable by IRS audits or probate proceedings.


Extensive image, ear biometric, and facial recognition analysis has revealed that Princess of Monaco, Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi, daughter of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, and the “late” Stefano Casiraghi AKA mainstream newsman Brian Williams, former and “late” US president George H.W. Bush, former US VP and current democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, sister of Andrea Casiraghi AKA Eric Dubay/”Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist” David Fahrenthold, and maternal granddaughter of Princess Grace (former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly), and Prince Rainier III, both of Monaco, is the host actor behind the mask of not only the US congressperson from the state of New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Hollywood actress Allison Williams, but the Princess also portrays “Ivanka Trump”, the daughter of the current and “elected” US president.

Charlotte Casiraghi:




Allison Williams:




Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:




Ivanka Trump:




In the summary terms of image analysis, not only do the facial architectures of AOC, Ivanka Trump, and Allison Williams perfectly match that of the host actor of all three characters, Charlotte Casiraghi, but measurements of the philtrum, the nasal structures, brow ridges, and lips have also been confirmed as perfect matches.

In the case of Ocasio-Cortez, the character’s most recent images show her donned with eye wear to conceal the identity of her host actor. In addition, the natural eye coloring of the host actor, Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, appears to have been altered with post-production animation whenever she portrays the characters of either AOC, Ivanka Trump, or Allison Williams.

Loyal readers will also observe, the character of “Ivanka Trump” is donned with a designer evening jacket, which is two-toned to symbolize the classic masonic duality of black and white. Each color – for those with the eyes to see – is displayed to symbolically represent the ideologically Hegelian spectrum of the characters portrayed by the host actor, Princess Charlotte Casiraghi: the character of AOC travelling on the (black magic) left hand Luciferian path, while the character of “Ivanka”, walks the path following the right hand (white Luciferian magic).

Therefore, it is no accident or coincidence the MSM posed these pair of high-profile characters in opposition to one another, and they are now acting out this most recently concocted, theatrical charade.

In essence folks, this “feud” between “Ivanka” and AOC is a symbolic, dialectically oriented, but classic example of how the Luciferian/occult principle of order out of chaos  – for centuries and, as well, in the modern/post-modern eras – has always been executed by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.













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