Within the barb-wired boundaries of our growing American police state, those capable of free thought, penetrative analysis, and genuine creativity are considered revolutionary threats and, perhaps, even domestic terrorists.

And why?

In this age of forced conformity, the very act of free thinking is considered to be more dangerous and ominously threatening than a well-tossed Molotov cocktail.

That is why, communities of mindless trolls – routinely compensated with gift cards and other petty blandishments from gutter rat weasels connected to law enforcement and the blue lodge local mason halls – are recruited and deployed online to perpetrate false claims and to hurl puerile taunts consisting of psychologically-driven derision against those classified as potential threats to the tyrannical status quo.

But their pathetic and cowardly motivations – while backed by the force of arms – are transparent as glass.

For now at least, such rigidly conformist mentalities – infantile imbeciles lacking the capacity to think for themselves and capable only of mindlessly taking orders from so-called authority while unquestioningly obeying the whimsical dictates of ill-conceived laws, rules and regulations – have proved useful to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

In the end, however, they will reap the ultimate reward of their short-sighted folly.

Finally, when they’re not needed anymore, they will all be deemed disposable and then quickly discarded.

At any rate – as they say – on with the show!

Incredibly, there is more to the story of Andy Warhol’s host actor.

Therefore, one felt an additional installment regarding this subject matter was necessary.

Further research into the stunning array of historical figures portrayed by the actor known as Dennis Hopper AKA “Jack” Kennedy has opened an entirely new vista into the post-modern concept of the actor-based-reality.

In the last installment, it was revealed that Hopper was a hidden Hollywood family relation of Jack Nicholson AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark and, also, the hidden brother of pop star Gordon Sumner AKA Sting of 1980’s rock/pop act the Police.

Added to that, it turns out, Hopper has another hidden family member, Hollywood actress/singer Michelle Phillips, who also portrayed a key member of the seminal 1970’s pop group, Abba.

Perhaps more incredibly – and out of the blue (pun intended) – was the discovery His Highness, Prince Henrik of Denmark AKA Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson, the hidden brother of Dennis Hopper AKA “JFK”, has also portrayed a renowned classic rock star once dubbed “The Godfather of Grunge”.

Here’s another stunning revelation loyal readers can expect to find in this installment: It turns out rock/pop act “the Police” was not only managed by a gentlemen with ties to “The Company” located in Langley, Virginia, but their band moniker derived from insider agency slang terminology for the CIA.

But, during the incipient MTV era of the 1980’s, which corresponded with the band’s popular ascendance, the public was also unaware the band’s official biography is a complete fabrication and, both “Sting” and lead guitarist, “Andy” Summers (the twisted folks at CIA love to dangle clues before the general public towards whom they hold nothing short of the most malevolent contempt), were rock star characters portrayed by host actors with genealogical ties to “Jack Nicholson” and, by extension, the Danish royal family.

Somehow, the author at Newsspell couldn’t have said it any better than “Jack” himself.

Nevertheless, Jack Nicholson AKA Danish Prince Henrik/70’s classic rock star Neil Young  makes a most salient point.

Most are never willing and, even when it is empirically revealed to them, cannot handle the scope of the genuine truth.

In a post-modern world where the actor-based-reality prevails, lies are more palatable, comfortable and, sadly, even preferable to most.

In an infantilized age of rapidly shrinking attention spans – a time when intellectual lassitude, emotional imbecility and willful cowardice are exalted and even rewarded – the search for the truth, much less contemplating the grand scope of its ramifications, represents for the majority a far too formidable and inconceivable task.

Nevertheless, the author at Newsspell shall carry on with sifting through the nearly impenetrable detritus of lies to discover the kernel of truth buried deeply within.

And by the way, yes, you read that right folks, like the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri AKA David Bowie, Prince Henrik AKA Hollywood “Jack” did try his hand at being a rock star and even managed – allegedly due to his collaboration with Seattle grunge rockers Pearl Jam (another lewd reference of the ruling elites to the sexual functions of the male anatomy) – to become known as “The Godfather of Grunge”.

And why not?

After all – His Highness most likely reasoned – if Prince Charles can slum it as “Keith Richards”, why couldn’t he enjoy some applause and instant adoration from stadium’s filled with drunken and drug-addled commoners too?

While employing sight comparison analysis between the following set of images, note that, despite “Neil Young” having utilized various hat apparel and though, as well, copious layers of facial stippling have been applied to distort the natural architecture of the chin, the host actor’s eyes give his identity away. Notably, there exist conspicuous similarities in the facial regions of the brow ridges between Young’s character and Nicholson’s. A more detailed sight comparison analysis of both characters reveals the shape, contour and flesh architectures of their eyes are identical. Examining still further, the architectural slope of the nose bridge and the diameter of both celebrity character’s nostrils are also identical.

In fact, facial comparison analysis of the forehead regions indicate identical widths and an identical span between the slope of the brow ridge extending to the forehead’s crown. Both characters have identically receding hairlines and a conspicuous widow’s peak. Greater and thorough examination and comparison analysis reveals the shape and geometrical symmetry of the teeth – both maxillary and mandibular – to be identical between both celebrity characters.

Neil Young:




Jack Nicolson:





Born November 12 (11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz/Jachin/12/21/ 77/intelligence joker code), the official biographies of Neil Percival Young, a Canadian singer/songwriter, claim he hails from Toronto, Canada, a corporation still under the control, like the US, of the British Parliament and by extension, the City of London’s Crown Temple.

Young’s middle moniker, Percival, possesses occult significance.

The name is yet another example – in keeping with the masonic brotherhood’s inherently subversive nature – of a masonic play on words. In this case, only a few letters were changed to conceal the occult referencing of Parsifal. Parsifal is a musical work by the great 20th century composer, gnostic and masonic initiate, Richard Wagner.

Suffice to say, the following is an explanation from a renowned writer of Theosophy, Mario Rosa de Luna regarding the occult legend of Parsifal:

“Wagner’s thought seems intentionally veiled in his Parsifal. Of course, this in order to select the meaning of certain determined philosophical allusions. When he achieves it, we have to make a great effort in works of divination and deep mental concentration. This is because in this, his work, like a nightmare, we find confused the most diverse elements, namely: high philosophical matters, biblical and oriental remembrances, mysticism, orthodoxy, vestiges of catholic guilt, pagan rituals, necromancy, somnambulism and hypnotism, practices from medieval chivalry, ecstasy, asceticism, piety, redemption, affinities of a material nature with the human soul, love in its more torpid signification, love in its purest significance…”

Regarding the significance of Luna’s analysis of Wagner’s Parsifal, it could be surmised there existed no happenstance – historically speaking – the opera’s grand debut was scheduled to appear in the finest theaters around Europe during the year of 1914, a year which coincided with the outbreak of the first world conflict and the “assassination” of the Archduke Ferdinand.

This is but yet another clue as to the true genealogical origins of the celebrity character’s host actor, and his family relation to “Jack Nicholson” AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark.

Parzival – Parsifal in the Persian form as adopted by Wagner meaning “Pure Simple”, or in the Gallic form of Perlesvaus – Perceval or Peredur, “Companion of the Cup” or Vase. The narrative of Parsifal is symbolic of the grand quest for the Holy Grail, which, when understood within the occult context of Wagner’s opera, stands wholly apart from those exoteric narratives manifested in the stories of King Arthur.

The Holy Grail is not some buried treasure waiting to be discovered beneath the literal soil of some mythical land. Rather, it is symbolic of the occult treasure buried beneath the human flesh; the divine fire immersed within the mystical fountains of the deep.

This divine fire, when activated through occult divination and initiation into the highest orders of the occult – so it is supposed by those of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate – an initiate becomes “illuminated”.

The “Cup” of Holy Grail is symbolic of the pineal gland, the third eye or “heaven”, which can be activated by the sacred fluid ascending the spinal column from the lower anatomical regions (or hell).

This is also what is meant by the quotation – derived from the Torah –  “My Cup Runneth Over.”

The significance of Neil Young’s middle name acts as a subtle signal to his fellow brothers of the masonic order that he is, in fact, a high-degree initiate into the upper echelons of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic order.

“Young” was also a member of a musical group called Crazy Horse. The band’s name is yet another reference to the biblical Pale Horse of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible, a text composed by King’s James’s forty-seven scholars, among them, the high-degree masonic initiate, Sir Francis Bacon.

Young’s career in the music industry began in the mid-1960’s, when he travelled to Los Angeles to form Buffalo Springfield with fellow musician, Steven Stills, a musical entertainment figure of some renown whose official biographies, unsurprisingly, reveal connections to the military. Stills was reputed to have been asked to join the Monkeys, a band which featured another hidden Nicholson family relation, Michael Nesmith.

SEE: Music industry monkeys pull cheap tricks

SEE: Rock and Roll’s Blair Witch Superstar

Stills declined, however, and allegedly recommended to the executives at Screen Gems and the band’s manager, Don Kirschner, the addition of Peter Tork to the manufactured “Fab Four” of the Monkeys. Nicholson, according to the legend perpetrated by Nesmith and others, was the alleged source of inspiration for the germ of the idea for the band’s film, Head, released during the latter part of the 1960’s.

The legend of the Buffalo Springfield, as it is more commonly repeated, contains a most implausible but mythical narrative as to how Young and Stills happened to have met one another on the streets of Los Angeles.

SEE: https://www.austinchronicle.com/books/1999-12-31/75273

And the rest, as they say, remains settled history (lies).

The account of the “chance” meeting during the late 1960’s era in LA between Stills and Young smacks of a contrived narrative, a sentimentally romantic account to which only the most naïve and those susceptible to blatant and crass emotional manipulations would ever give their unquestioning credence.

More incredibly, soon after their serendipitous meeting – in a matter of mere months – the Buffalo Springfield was headlining and selling out the most fashionable and popular clubs dotting LA’s famous Sunset Boulevard.

Like the perceived success of every popular music recording act in the past, and much like their prefabricated contemporaries, the Monkeys, it is much more likely, the “chance” meeting of Stills and Young, and the subsequent creation of Buffalo Springfield, were wholly contrived and not due, as legend would have the public wholeheartedly believe, to the magical whims of serendipity.


Though showered with critical acclaim from hordes of Sunset Strip hipsters during the era of the late 1960’s, Buffalo Springfield (sums to 182 in English Ordinal gematria/11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/97 in Reverse Full Reduction/63/3 6’s/666/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/Buffalo is also an occult or veiled reference to the Bull God or Cush/Nimrod/male energy of the sun) never quite managed to reach the great commercial heights of Neil Young’s AKA Jack Nicholson’s brother’s band, Michael Nesmith and the Monkeys.

After his stint with the ill-fated Springfield, Young’s music industry character went forward with Crazy Horse, a band that recorded the song for which Young’s career is most highly noted, the garage rock inspired and guitar feedback-laden Hey, Hey, My My (Out of the Blue and into the Black) which can be found on a live album released by Young and Crazy Horse on June 22, 1979 (6/33/22/masonic master builder/26/2 6’s=12/21/777).

The song’s title – as many loyal readers can very well surmise – is a reference to the advancement of a masonic initiate from the lower levels of the blue lodge and into the higher regions of the order or the left-hand path/Templar degrees.

The Templar/left-hand path degrees are represented by the color of black. Black happens to be the color of the Jesuit General, or the Black Pope residing at the Vatican in Rome. Within the context of the song title, black is also symbolic of Saturn, or the black sun, and the cult of Saturn within the Jesuit order which venerates the dark arts and adheres to the left-hand path of social and political chaos.

Beyond the literal or exoteric meaning of Young’s song Hey, Hey, My, My, the penned lyric “once you’re gone you can’t come back” carries with it an occult significance. The lyric is a hidden reference to the Templar blood oath. Once a high-level initiate’s vows have been taken and witnessed by his fellow brothers of good standing within the order, he can never be allowed to leave, nor can he reveal the order’s secrets upon pain of severe punishment or even death.

Here is an excerpt from a fascinating interview conducted with the character of Neil Young by renowned news anchor, Dan Rather.

While watching, listen very closely to the veiled masonic and occult signaling between these pair of characters:

The first of many occult references we encounter uttered in the preceding video excerpt comes at approximately 36 seconds when Rather claims – within the context of posing the question of why the interview subject continues to perform music at an advanced age – Young has been deemed “one of the fifty greatest guitarists or all time.”

This is a veiled reference to Young’s ascendance within the order – “out of the blue and into the black” – and his having eclipsed the 33rd masonic degree (50/2+3 or 2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Then, at approximately 1:37, in response to Rather’s inquiry, Young says, “I can use my craft (witchcraft or craft of Freemasonry) to do things. I can share a message. I can put an awareness out there that these things exist and prove that they exist – win awards for it.”

Yes, folks, at this juncture in the interview, Young is telling his fellow craft member and mason brother, “Dan Rather”, he is still actively working as an agent of chaos on behalf of his masters in the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic order and, he is still willing to spread “awareness” to the public of the order’s “Great Work”, to bring in the New One World Saturnian religion of the Age of Aquarius.

But, Young makes sure to accentuate, to not only his fellow brother in the craft but also to his masters, he expects to be bestowed with honors and to be duly rewarded for his considerable efforts.

This reveals the true nature of the masonic order and the selfish, even narcissistic psychological mindset of its assembled initiates whose loyalties largely derive from nothing more than an overwhelming sense of mutual self-interest in adherence to the Crowleyan creed of “Do as thou wilt”.

Why, you may wonder, are there quotation marks placed around the name of Dan Rather in one of the preceding paragraphs?

Loyal readers will recall that, in a recent installment, Rather was identified as the host actor of influential billionaire financier, George Soros.

SEE: The Masked Identity of Boogeyman George Soros 

After performing further ear biometric and facial recognition analysis, it turns out, while “Soros” may exist as a clever character modification of the popular newscaster known to the public as “Dan Rather”, the host actor hidden behind both characters is yet another prominent member of a European royal family.

King Constantine II of Greece:




Dan Rather:




Furthermore, the character of billionaire financier “George Soros” exists merely as an upgraded modification – with copious layers of facial stippling, nose putty, and strategically applied makeup – of another historical character portrayed in the past by His Highness, Constantine II, Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis.

Aristotle Onassis:




Keep in mind therefore, while viewing the video excerpt displayed above, you are really observing – well-disguised as prominent figures of Western popular culture – the Prince Consort of Denmark, Henrik, being interviewed by the King of Greece, Constantine II.

Harking back to Young’s biggest pop hit for just a moment – Hey, Hey, My, My – the song contains a lyric that mentions “the story of Johnny Rotten”, a reference to the lead singer of the seminal punk rock group the Sex Pistols. This lyric also represents a subtle clue as to the identity of a manufactured popular culture/music industry character portrayed by someone connected to another of Nicholson’s hidden family members, Gordon Sumner AKA pop star, Sting, Miles Copeland III, who not only became the manager of Sumner’s famous 1980’s rock group the Police, Copeland is the son of a confirmed CIA agent, Miles Axe Copeland.

The elder Copeland’s resume with The Company is a rather stunning indictment of the CIA’s penchant for sewing the seeds of international political chaos.

According to official biographical accounts, Miles Copeland’s CIA dad had been actively involved with not only CIA’s 1949 Syrian coup d’état, but with the historically notorious Iranian coup of 1953 that unseated Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddegh in favor of strengthening the monarchial rule of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, whose wife, Egyptian Princess Fawzia Fuad, portrayed the host actor of Hollywood’s Elizabeth Short in the infamous Black Dahlia media hoax of 1947 (SEE: Hollywood Black Dahlia murder finally solved).

Miles Copeland III:




Johnny Lydon AKA “Rotten”:




While putting all of this into a macrocosmic perspective, the identification of a host actor with admitted and direct connections to the CIA who portrayed a fabricated and controversial music industry “punk rock” star brings an entirely new perspective to the lyrics of the Sex Pistols’ (a socio-cultural mass behavioral modification music industry project created by London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and managed/promoted by the CIA through monopoly control of the MSM on behalf of their masters, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families) most well-known song, Anarchy in the UK:

“I am an anti-Christ, I am an anarchist!”

Yes folks, Miles Copeland III AKA Johnny Rotten is telling you the exact and specific role of his true employers, the CIA, which is, to cause deliberate global chaos whenever possible while utilizing the powerful vehicle of the music recording industry to influence and control the predominant perceptions of the masses.

Added to this, while “Rotten” was “singing” about causing social and political anarchy to smash the State to smithereens, he was a representative of the intelligence arm of the State in disguise, performing in a mockery of a professional musical act that featured a bass player, “Sid Vicious”, who not only faked his death, but went on to become the bass player for the popular 1980’s glam rock act, Duran Duran and, from there, went on to portray the role of British PM, “Tony Blair”.

SEE: Tony Blair The Minister of Prime Lies?

With royal genealogical relations to both Denmark’s Prince Henrik AKA Jack Nicholson and brother Andy Summers AKA Dennis Hopper, Gordon Sumner AKA Sting – though the public was unaware, until now – was famous before he joined the Police.

Sumner starred as folk singer, James Taylor.

In terms of facial recognition comparison analysis, the diameter and architecture of the brow ridges and growth patterns of the brows and, as well, the comparative diameter and architecture of the nasal ridges sloping into the base and nasal tip became the primary factors in definitively determining both music industry characters – Sumner AKA Sting/James Taylor –  were portrayed by the same host actor.

Ear biometric analysis also confirmed a perfect match between the two prominent music industry characters.

You will also duly note that “Taylor” AKA Sumner seems to have the same patterned receding hair line as his brother, Danish Prince, Henrik AKA Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson.

James Taylor:









After examining the official biographies of Andrew James Somers, known professionally as Andy Summers, guitarist for the popular 1980’s rock group the Police, one element of his biographical narrative seemed immediately amiss: His age upon joining the band. Officially, Summers was born in 1942, which, by the time he joined the Police in the late 1970’s, would have put him in his late thirties. Summer’s age during this era would indicate he may have been a little long-in-the-tooth to be joining a rock band, even one with a manager connected to the CIA; an act which would become one of the most successful recoding acts of the MTV era of the 1980’s.

Apart from this, however, it seems the group’s album covers were littered with occult references such as pyramids, colors associated with the masonic order, and Kabbalistic cyphers. It is common knowledge within the music industry that any prospective musician or musical act will not and cannot be promoted into a position of fame and stardom without first joining one of the prominent witch covens in Hollywood and agreeing to participate in occult or masonic rituals.

The album art found prominently featured on the covering sleeves of every official record release connected to the Police during the incipient MTV era conspicuously reflects this reality. It should also be noted Summers was credited, in partnership with Sting, with having composed what became the band’s signature hit song, Every Breath You Take, which features some rather interesting  lyrics that, when considered within the context of our post-modern police state/surveillance-ridden Western culture, seem, at the very least, rather creepy:

Every single day.

Every word you say.

Every game you play.

Every night you stay.

I’ll be watching you.

Oh can’t you see. You belong to me.

There is yet another rather interesting anecdote related to the pre-Police professional music career of “Andy Summers”. Reportedly, Summers was the first musician encountered by James Marshal Hendrix AKA iconic Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman (EE=33) soon after the rock guitar legend arrived in the UK in 1966.

Hendrix’s official biographies admit Hendrix’s manager, Michael Jeffries, had definitive and confirmed ties – as did the Police’s manager, Miles Copeland III – to intelligence circles and to the CIA.

Could it have been Summers – given the fact ear biometrics and facial recognition confirm the identity of his host actor as none other than Dennis Hopper AKA JFK –  was assigned by “The Company” to act as Hendrix’s official intelligence handler?

It must also be noted that Jefferies – in addition to Hendrix’s career – managed 1960’s British Invasion pop group, the Animals and, as well, Soft Machine, musical acts for which Summers was employed as lead guitarist prior to joining the Police in the late 1970’s.

Andy Summers:



Dennis Hopper:




When assuming the roles of various characters within the realm of popular culture, those participating in the phenomenon of the post-modern actor-based-reality are always found – as in the case of the historically fabricated Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton and other families – to be grouped together while keeping the secrets well within their hidden royal families. While operating under pseudonyms and assuming their scripted public roles, family members – in this case the Danish royal family of Prince Henrik AKA Jack Nicholson – will often be discovered posing as spouses, siblings, and other family members.

Trudy Styler is the current wife of Sting ‘ne Gordon Sumner AKA James Taylor. But while examining Styler more closely with ear biometrics and facial recognition analysis, we discover that, like her alleged husband, she too portrayed multiple fabricated pop culture characters placed under the clever cover of calculatingly chosen pseudonyms.

In fact, Styler is a genealogical sibling of both Denmark’s Prince Henrik AKA Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper AKA Andy Summer/Andy Warhol/JFK and Gordon Sumner AKA Sting/folk singer James Taylor.

It turns out, Styler has quite a resume portraying various popular culture characters over the years. One of these is Agnetha Faltskog, formerly of pop musical group ABBA. She has also portrayed pop singer Carly Simon who, as most familiar with Simon’s official biographies know, was married before to James Taylor AKA Sumner/Sting, formerly of 1980’s pop/rock act the Police.

Trudy Styler:


Note that, in the image above, Styler has positioned her hand on her chin, a conspicuous signal to her Templar/Jesuit/Masonic masters she is willing to sacrifice herself in anyway seen fit in helping to promote their “Great Work”.


Agnetha Faltskog:



Note that in the last image of Faltskog, she has eyewear perched atop the crown of her head. Positioned in this fashion atop the crown of the head, or in the realm of “heaven”, the eyewear is meant to symbolize mirrors. In the world of the occult, mirrors act as gateways between the material and spiritual realms.

Carly Simon:



Translated from the Aramaic, the moniker of Styler AKA Faltskog’s former pop act, ABBA, means “father”. However, it should never be misconstrued this moniker references the exoteric “God” venerated by those adhering to traditional doctrines of Judeo-Christianity, Catholicism or even those of various Protestant religious sects.

No folks, the “god” being referred to as the “father” of man is something else entirely – the god of the occult and esoteric doctrines held by the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, Lucifer, or the light sought by those adhering to the tenets of high-degree Freemasonry.

Facial recognition analysis indicates the host actor hidden behind all of these characters is none other than the sibling of Denmark’s Prince Henrik AKA Jack Nicholson, Hollywood actress/singer Michelle Phillips:




In summary, what is there to be learned from all of this?

Well, the fact is, those belonging to the bloodlines of prominent European royal families – like those of Denmark’s Prince Henrik AKA Jack Nicholson – have starred as the celebrities, pop music and movie stars that for generations, the general public has chosen to idolize.

By extension, these European royal families (the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families in disguise) have most ably – with monopoly shareholder ownership of the MSM and music/movie/entertainment industrial complex – controlled the general public’s perception of reality for far too long.

And yet, like emotionally needy children, you continue to adore, applaud, and even worship the characters they’ve portrayed.

Maybe – just maybe, folks –  it’s time to do something about that, huh?









34 thoughts on ““Artist” Andy Warhol’s Death Hoax Factory Part II

  1. Sorry to hear the trolls are still giving you grief, the opening tirades are a great response though.

    Never saw today’s revelations coming… am I right in thinking percival was a court fool for a spell? It would tie in nicely with Jack’s joker role.

    1. Good to talk with you again – hope you’re doing well. As for the trolls, they may not even possess the wherewithal to realize they’re being used. Regarding the Parsifal reference – I’ve begun to arrive at the distinct conclusion these Hollywood and music industry character fabrications are constructed to function as multi-dimensional entities. While operating their character conversion schemes to first and foremost generate profits, there also exist the underlying dual purposes. One – to promote social and political agendas and secondarily, every character seems to be a living but symbolic totem to carry out occult rituals. In promoting these characters to unprecedented levels of public fame and notoriety, it becomes possible to they to influence or even trick the unwitting masses of the public into participating. Once the masses have been induced into making an emotional investment, it becomes possible to harvest the quantum levels of energy necessary to transform the spirituality of grand ideas into the material and perceivable world. This, I believe, is why gematria plays such a prevalent role in every celebrity biography. This may also be why all of their birth dates and pedigree information so consistently appear to align with the chronology of important and venerated occult rituals.

      1. I can see how that could collect a colossal amount of energy. What about someone like the Donald trump character? How do the actors avoid being harmed by the anger etc directed to them.

      2. In the case of Trump AKA Michael Rockefeller/Stefano Casiraghi (who also, like Rockefeller, faked his death in Monaco before becoming Trump among other characters), I would surmise he is quite insulated – like the royalty and nobility of old – by courtiers who inform him of only that which they think he would want to hear. Trump is merely an actor, after all, and while positioned to carry out the agendas of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, remains content to portray his scripted role in their global Hegelian dialectic of left hand/right hand path used to bring their “Great Work” to fruition (the one world church of Lucifer/ communism/Marxism).

      3. What I meant was the negative energy that would be directed at him. As far as I can tell voodoo, black magic etc works by sending bad thoughts to a certain person. Obviously they use ceremony to heighten the emotions but that seems to be the at the core. Millions of people across the world are thinking and directing anger and all kinds of bad wishes towards trump even if they’re not actively trying to do anything as bad as black magic. Can he not be harmed by the same process reported to work in voodoo etc.

      4. Comparatively speaking , whatever negative energy directed by the masses toward Trump – in terms of fully integrated mental intention – is not nearly as well organized, concentrated or properly directed as the fully coordinated and ritualistic efforts of the ruling elites. Thus, whatever energy is directed becomes quickly dispersed and is further counteracted by MSM with further distractions, fragmenting the effectual potential quantum of counter-energy even further until, ultimately, it fizzles. If, however, the energy could be properly directed in a coordinated effort, there is perhaps a chance it would have the desired effect. Nevertheless, because the common masses lack the requisite discipline and organizational coordination, whatever energy they are able to haphazardly muster, the ruling elites know, it can quickly become counter-acted and then re-directed according to their specified desires.

      5. Thanks, I guess thats why they’re so keen to lower attention spans.

      6. Oh yes, that’s part of the coordinated social conditioning process propagated through the public school systems that is reinforced throughout every generation. Allow me to propose an analogy. Even if a small but well coordinated segment of the targeted population, those equipped with say, a rudimentary understanding of the psychological warfare techniques routinely utilized by the ruling elites, could organize a well coordinated counter-attack, the ensuing battle would be akin to a little leaguer going to bat against a Cy Young award level MLB pitcher. These high priests of the Jesuit order working at the behest of the thirteen families have the advantage of hundreds if not thousands of years perfecting their “craft”. Comparatively, while our occult understanding – though it grows exponentially with greater study and understanding with each passing day – remains still at a rudimentary level. We are not ready to face these people on a level playing field and expect to survive or even prevail – at least not yet! Also, because they are “owners” rather than mere corporate tax paying assets, the human resources to the international banking establishment – and this is key – the ruling elites have the means of production on their side. They own the media, Hollywood, television, newspapers and periodicals, and radio stations – and for all intents and purposes – they also own the internet. It would certainly help to become owners or major economic shareholders of either of these concerns before even thinking of launching a coordinated attack resulting in our advantage.

      7. A decentralized internet would be a good start.

        I’m sure good will triumph in the end, whether I’m around to see it is another thing!

      8. Yes, but It all comes down to commercial profits. The issue with quasi-censorship on You Tube had to do with the issue of advertising dollars and the bottom line, This is why they began to move quickly in removing monetization rom certain accounts based upon dubious legal foundations. They also realize – as I’m sure you’re aware – the internet is a powerful tool to enact exactly what we were discussing before on a purely spiritual level. And you’re correct, one should never underestimate the power of good; a truth the ruling elites are all-too-well-aware.

    2. By the way, your comment about Nicholson’s character – the Joker – is very astute. The character is designed to work on multiple levels. On the one hand, Nicholson’s portrayal is a recreation of a fictional character relevant to the larger popular culture, and on the other, Nicholson’s host actor – while in the guise of the Joker – is subliminally telling the public his Hollywood identity is a sham; a conversion scheme designed for the purposes of not only celebrating or enacting some hidden occult ritual, but to transform social behavioral models favorable to the commercial profit of his hidden royal family. When thought of in this fashion, the music and entertainment industries exist as merely conduits facilitating acts of mass perceptive sorcery.

  2. Do you know anything about 5g. I saw a photo of a guy installing it wearing a radiation suit!

    1. A 5g tower was recently installed in my immediate geographical area. Though – as yet – I haven’t performed extensive research on the topic, I have been privy to its pros and cons. In truth, the technology we’re using at this moment, – smart phones, laptops – is not, overall, conducive in promoting good health. Nevertheless, these are the tools at one’s disposal. You witnessed this guy in the suit yourself?

  3. No its an internet photo… it looked fairly legit but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been fooled!

    1. ‘Question everything and everyone’ is my prevailing motto. By the way, since I have your attention, the next two installments – dealing with Bob Barker and actor Peter Falk – promise to be particularly interesting.

      1. Sounds good. Do you plan to do any more beatles posts? I’ve been looking into McCartney recently and seen some very interesting theories.

      2. Not for the immediate future. Happy to hear you’re conducting independent research. Two things are certain: The Beatles were manufactured to promote social chaos; the members of the group were not working class and hailed – like their manager, Brian Epstein – from aristocratically and royally privileged social and economic backgrounds. Case in point: John Lennon (AKA Peter Sellers/Michael Nesmith/Johnny Carson/Robin Zander/Steve Perry/ the Knack’s Doug Fieger, and lest we forget, also starred as Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK assassination hoax with his other Danish royal sibling Dennis Hopper AKA JFK along with Desi Arnez who starred with Lucille Ball/grassy knoll JFK “witness” Jean Hill AKA Queen Elizabeth II in the Lucy show) the hidden sibling of Hollywood iconic actor Jack Nicholson AKA Danish Prince Consort Henrik, who, of course, portrayed “the godfather of grunge” Neil Young. Needless to say, the rabbit hole goes very deep when it comes to the so-called “Fab Four”.

      3. That is another character plurality portrayed by the same host actor. In fact, one of the host actor’s sons, actor Michael Bien, portrayed the “late” classic rock star Tom Petty. Furthermore – and rather ironically – Sellers’ true birth date is most likely more accurately reflected in the bio for the fabricated pop star character of “Beatle” John Lennon. Though Sellers’ official bio claims he was born in 1925, he was still a very young man when he portrayed not just one, but three characters in Kubrick’s nuclear war satire Doctor Strangelove in the early period of the 1960’s. But these are the biographical inversions that are essentially tricks played on the perceptions of the masses to protect the integrity of these actor-based-reality conversion schemes. Remember too, Sellers has demonstrated, time and again, his mastery of mimicking various vocal characteristics, Therefore, he has been able over a number of decades – aided by the usual deployment of an array of Hollywood inspired disguises – to convert in portraying a myriad of characters with such relative ease. Of all the examples thus far examined, Sellers (another fabricated character altar) is probably the most talented and versatile of any one of the participants operating within the paradigm of the post-modern phenomenon of the actor-based-reality. When considering the nearly exhaustive number of characters this particular host actor has portrayed, your palpable confusion is quite understandable.

      4. The mans a genius.

        Makes me think of a line from I am the walrus. “Don’t you think the joker laughs at you”.

      5. The talent of these performers cannot be denied. Objectively, that fact can never be questioned. The intentions of the ruling elite families with whom they are related, however, those should always be held to account with exhaustive scrutiny.

      6. You’re very astute – they are laughing at us. To the ruling elite mentality, we are nothing but a mass collection of naïve children who, if left to our own devices, would devolve into a state of utter anarchy.

      7. Its easy to imagine we are the source of much amusement to them. I had a look for toni basil and thought she looks a lot like victoria beckham aka posh spice. Could be the mother?

      8. That could be a possibility. I will look into that – thanks. By the way – have to ask (LOL) do you plan on getting my new book – Sky Parlor? If so, I will let you know beforehand in a couple of weeks when the e-book goes up on Amazon and, you can be one of the first to get it.

      9. Lol, yes I will be downloading it from amazon. Nearly finished my latest batch of books so the timing is perfect haha

      10. By the way, in addition to presently finishing the new installment on “Bob Barker”, I’m also working on a possible Sandy Hook connection with Toni Basil, who starred (as a New Orleans prostitute) with both Nicholson AKA Danish Prince Henrik and his hidden brother, Dennis Hopper AKA JFK in the seminal 1960’s Hollywood road film, Easy Rider. .

    1. That’s exactly how I feel while performing research for these installments. What is even more incredible was when it was publicized that Nicholson AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark wanted the title of King rather than being merely the Queen’s consort and he was told to pipe down. Recently too, it was publicized that the FBI files concerning the JFK “assassination” would be released to the pubic in another few years. Admittedly, it will be interesting to gauge the public’s reaction when they are told not only was the JFK affair a staged masonic psychological operation/occult ritual, but they’ve been “voting” for actors hailing from European royal families for decades.

      1. “…. but they’ve been “voting” for actors hailing from European royal families for decades.”

        Not to mention the fact that they admit all, or most, U.S. presidents are not only closely related to each other, but also to European royalty, including “Joe Biden”, Obama’s former VP. That includes many top presidential candidates we see on television and on the internet. So, Americans have been voting for European royals since George Washington, the very same people they thought they “won” freedom from during the fake American Revolution.

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