Considering the wider scope of American popular culture and entertainment, television game shows – along with their close siblings daytime talk shows and soap operas – represent the lowest common denominator.

Nevertheless, there is a lot more to the former host of one of America’s longest running game shows, The Price is Right, than initially meets the eye.

Who is Bob Barker, and how is it he remained – for so long – America’s favorite and most beloved, if not premiere, game show host?

While possessing a smooth baritone resembling a trumpet muffled in silk accompanied by a gleaming smile and gregarious manner, Barker was, for decades, the gold standard against which all competitors in the business of game show hosts were measured.

Would you, therefore, become shocked to discover “Bob Barker” was yet another fabricated television character who was about as real as Mister T., the Six Million Dollar Man and Columbo (an installment on that television character is coming next – and is not to be missed!)?

“For what does it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Whether or not Bob Barker has read the aforementioned passage from Mark 8:36 of the King James Bible, one wonders if he – or any one of his participating cohorts of the actor-based-reality – has contemplated the rather profound implications of its sentiments.

Nevertheless, if there is anything to be learned from the theme of Barker’s long-running television network game show, it is this: the sensational carnal vices of this world are far-too-often – for the majority – too seductive to ignore.

Allegedly born December 12, 1923 (12/21/777/intelligence joker code/19/sun #/23/2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), Robert William Barker is renowned as one of American popular culture’s most popular and beloved game show hosts. From the era of the early 1970’s until as recently as 2007, Barker hosted the highly rated game show, The Price is Right, on the CBS television network.

But before his golden television era starring as the host of The Price is Right, Barker began his television career hosting Truth or Consequences from 1956 until 1974.

Barker’s sartorial grace and charisma, smooth professionalism and rapport with the numberless legions of guests that appeared throughout the decades on his shows, most likely contributed to the unprecedented longevity of his television career.

Or, is there another reason why Barker’s television career reached and maintained such lofty heights?

To a much more recent generation – of course – Barker is certainly more renowned for his appearance with comedian Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore:

Looking through Barker’s official biographies, and we should not be surprised to discover yet another connection between the military and the shining career of a noted Hollywood entertainment celebrity.

In Barker’s case, there is a connection with the United States Navy.

Allegedly, Barker enlisted in the Naval Armed Forces during the Second World War.

Nor is it a surprise to find Barker’s biographers claiming the veteran television personality hailed from humble social and economic circumstances while growing up in Darrington, Washington, a small hamlet located in the North Cascades between the Sauk and North Fork Stillaguamish Rivers, thirty (there’s that number again, folks, 30/three/EE=33) miles east from the nearest urban area in Arlington.

Barker’s alleged birthplace, Darrington, has an interesting history.

During the latter part of the 18th century shortly after the town was established – when huge deposits of iron and other ore were discovered – surveyors for the Northern Pacific Railway plotted one of the first railway crossings along the Puget Sound coastline.

Besides being known during this era as a geographical location rich with ore, Darrington soon became known for its copious lumber mills and, in 1901, the US Lumber Company established the Allen Mill, which soon became one of the largest of its kind in the state of Washington.

Soon after the turn of the century – according to local lore – an influx of 21 (777) Japanese lumber laborers who, reportedly, were being paid as much or more as their white counterparts, soon plunged the management of the US Lumber Company amid strained labor relations.

Though a riot started by an angry mob of white laborers succeeded – for a time – in driving out the Japanese workers, a visit to Seattle at the behest of the lumber company’s management from Japanese Prince Fushimi Hiroyasu managed to quell further tensions and restore order to the town.

Today, on the eastern side of the Sauk River, sits an Indian reservation.

Barker’s official biographies not only claim Barker is 1/8 Sioux (9/6/occult mirrored reversal/33), he also spent most of his youth living on the Rosebud Indian Reservation (Rosebud/symbolic of creation/the occult/Wiccan Swastika/Kabbalah Tree of Life) in Mission, South Dakota.

While still in college, Barker’s nascent entertainment career – like so many other major stars of the pre and post-war era –  began in radio. Later on, he moved to California to pursue a career in broadcasting. Soon enough, Barker’s silky vocal delivery while on the microphone garnered him his own radio show, The Bob Barker Show, which reportedly, spanned six years (6/33).

From that point on, Barker’s career in the entertainment industry gained momentum and notoriety and, after becoming the host of Truth or Consequences, he began hosting both the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, a regular gig that, in addition to being awarded host of The Price is Right, lasted for two decades from 1967 until 1987.

Not only was Barker’s entertainment career noted for its longevity, but whenever he appeared on the air – like his contemporaries Bob Hope and Bing Crosby – Barker seemed to bring an impressive modicum of class, dignity, and even, sophistication to a genre of popular entertainment that could be classified as the utter dregs of the television medium.

In fact, when conducting research for this installment, what became even more impressive while viewing vintage episodes of The Price is Right, was the utterly unruly nature of many of the studio audiences with which Barker was continually faced. It appeared as if Barker, while acting as a host/Master of Ceremonies gifted with the patience of the biblical Job, often exemplified the warden of a Hollywood insane asylum.

Upon repeated viewings of some of the more memorable excerpts from Barker’s career as host of The Price is Right, one also became stricken with the thought that the highly-rated television show – due in part to Barker’s skill as the consummate professional Master of Ceremonies –  may have been intentionally less scripted than other such programs of this 20th century era.

Furthermore, this observation inspired a rather unsettling analysis.

Could it have been, Barker’s studio audiences were encouraged to behave in an outrageous manner and had been trained to appear unhinged and outlandishly attired to the millions of average daytime television viewers, not only to garner television ratings and profitable ad revenue, but, to fulfill some ulterior socio-economic purpose?

In his book, “Daytime Television Game Shows and the Celebration of Merchandise: The Price, author Morris B. Holbrook has this analysis to offer regarding the role of The Price is Right and other such game shows in American popular culture:

“American game shows are an effortlessly wishful association of ideas so that the more extravagant jackpots on The Price is Right are otiose, ornamental, consumerist fantasy. En route to the fulfillment of fantasy, like most other game shows, The Price is Right preaches an unremitting ideology of consumption dedicated to an enthusiasm for merchandise, a valorization of materialistic success, a glorification of avaricious competition, and an elevation of the ethos of a consumer culture that extends to the reflexive self-vindication of television itself. This “Celebration of Merchandise” occurs at a level of intensity that sometimes reaches a nearly religious fervor associated with the worship of Icons and the Gospel of Commodities.”

Summary observation of the preceding passage from Holbrook’s text seems to indicate that game shows, such as the Price is Right, are created solely for the purpose of not only promoting the commerical trade goods produced, marketed and distributed to profitable markets owned and operated by the thirteen, ruling elite families, but to promote an apostasy of prevailing religious doctrines and replace it with the public’s insataible consumer appetites while, simultaneously, elevating such crass consumer appetites to the level of religious fervor and even iconic adoration.

In that sense, popular and publicly venerated game show hosts like Bob Barker have been posed as ministers, priests, and prelates who, while perched upon their glittering Hollywood altars, proselytize, preach, and promote the desirous but ultimately questionable virtues of a new religion, Consumerism. This, however, when contemplated from a macrocosmic perspective, represents a state of being or mind the ruling elites have always wished to promote to the masses over which they predominate. Enchaining the masses to thier lower natures promotes not only the religion of consumerism, but conditions a perpetual state of mass infantilism which, in turn, makes the masses easier to ultimately govern and control.

So; who is Bob Barker?

For those familiar with vintage, 20th century era American television, you’ve probably seen Mister “Barker” star in another character guise. Here he is – as actor, Ray Milland –  starring in the following video excerpt with Peter Falk (the subject of the next installment appearing on Newsspell!) portraying the lovable but calculating LA police detective, Columbo:

That’s right folks, ear biometric, facial recognition, and voice recognition analysis confirm “Bob Barker” also portrayed Hollywood character actor, Ray Milland.

Ray Milland (62 in Reverse Full Reduction English Ordinal gematria/2 6’s/12/21/777) :

Bob Barker (sums to 74/in English Ordinal gematria/11/masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/7 in Reverse Full Reduction/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon):


Through research published in several recent installments, much has been learned concerning Hollywood icon Shirley Temple and her immediate family, including, Charles Alden Black Junior, who has been identified as having portrayed a number of famous pop stars, popular culture celebrities, and even a British Prime Minister.

SEE: Tony Blair The Minister of Prime Lies?

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Shirley Temple, in addition to her status as one of Hollywood’s first and biggest child stars, was also a US Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia, and also served at the American State Department as Chief of Protocol of the United States.

Shirley’s spouse, Charles Alden Black Senior who allegedly died in 2005 (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) was – according to official biographies – a California businessman known for his work in aquaculture and oceanography. Turns out though folks, both ear biometric and facial recognition analysis confirms Charles Alden Black Junior AKA Freddie Mercury/Steven Tyler/Duran Duran’s John Taylor/Sid Vicious/Chris Cornell/British Prime Minister Tony Blair isn’t the only member of this famous Hollywood family actively involved in perpetuating the post-modern phenomenon known as the actor-based-reality. In fact, Charles Alden Black Senior has been identified as America’s former daytime television high-priest of Consumerism and host of the Price is Right, Bob Barker.

Charles Alden Black Senior:

But wait folks, because Charlies Senior’s spouse, former Hollywood darling Shirley Temple, went on to portray celebrated Washington media correspondent, Helen Thomas, who can be seen in the following video excerpt appearing to interrogate several former US Presidents, among them, George H.W. Bush AKA Brian Williams, Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton AKA Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, and Jerry Seinfeld disguised in CGI blackface as Barak Obama. Just think about what this means concerning the authenticity of White House press conferences.

Such televised exchanges between the US corporation’s puppet in chief – selected by the Crown Temple banking establishment in the City of London and approved by the Jesuit General at the Vatican in Rome – and the so-called Washington press corps – most of whom are royal family members, their siblings, and Hollywood actors in disguise, and or, just hordes of useful and clueless dupes – are thoroughly scripted affairs:








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  1. It is nice how the almighty stops people in their tracks of evil… sickness, old age and death. No money or worldly power will truly outdue man’s limitations. I believe Bob Barker was too hunted down similar to Cosby.

    1. Never having watched his show – I’ve not watched television for decades – what astounded me was the consummate skill with which Barker handled the unruly studio audiences and calmed the outrageous behavior of many of the contestants who acted as if they were on the verge of utter hysteria.

      1. That very well could have been the case. Nevertheless, the purpose of the show- as evidenced by the academically-based analysis cited in the installment – was purely dedicated to the idea of mass exploitation and social conditioning, and to exalt the concept of materialism, promoting it as if it were a new religion.

      2. When it comes to game shows, the social conditioning regarding the coveting of material acquisition – especially with ‘The Price is Right’ – was rather overt. The deeper, more subtle, or subliminal programming, was to condition the masses that everything, including people, is commercially related. Many don’t realize that the constitutional phrase ‘we the people’ referrers to a fictional corporate entity that exists as bonded commercial property documented with birth certificates and social security ID’s. This is also why the thirteen ruling elite families view the masses as human resources that – like any other commercial retail goods – are licensed property.

      3. You are absolutely correct. However even more extensively, the societal conditioning of wealth, violence, greed and corruption seeps thru all media (i.e. visuals and visuals with sound). Unimaginable, but the escalation was ignored and ir went unnoticed. Maybe because people became more and more absorbed into the material gains, together with the mental and physical satisfactions.

      4. From a grand perspective,that is the essence of the ongoing psychological operation; to keep a greater percentage of the masses operating at a low frequency/vibrational level and to keep them from ever ascending to the higher mind of greater spiritual awareness. This state of affairs is perpetually sought and maintained so the socio-economic hegemony of the ruling elite families will never be challenged.

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