America isn’t the only country which has actors starring as its most visible public figures. It turns out this, too, is the case with Canada, America’s neighbor to the north.

Upon further examination, “Justin Trudeau”, Canada’s Prime Minister, is an actor, and a hidden family relation of an American congresswoman, who also happens to be the democratic speaker of America’s not so hallowed House of Representatives.

Justin’s family has genealogy in common with that of the Seymour family of the British peerage, and connections to one of America’s most influential media figures, Henry Luce, who once said, “the twentieth century will be the American century.”

How did Henry know this?

Not only was Henry a high-degree freemason, but his family’s genealogical connections to royal and noble peerage made him privy to the long-term social and political agendas of the thirteen families, the majority stockholders and hidden founders of the US corporation and, also Canada.


As I alluded to in the introduction, Nancy Pelosi, the democratic congressional speaker of the US House of Representatives, is an actor hidden behind a well-known pseudonym and a well-crafted mask.

Though Pelosi has often been celebrated as the first woman to have ever served in this prestigious position, she is an impostor – a Hollywood actress in disguise.

The video excerpt, displayed above, is from 1968’s action/fantasy Barbarella, featuring Jane Fonda.

Reportedly, Duran Duran, the 1980’s MTV-era new wave rock darlings, adopted their name from the film’s villain, an evil scientist named Durand Durand. One of the more noteworthy members of that popular musical group – “John Taylor” – is the hidden son of Shirley Temple, Charles Alden Black, who has not only portrayed the roles of other popular rock singers, but has also portrayed the role of a former British Prime Minister.

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The very district, in California, Pelosi happens to represent is coded with numerology – 12th district (21/777/intelligence joker code) – and her official biographies are infested with several other examples of gematria, as well as masonic and occult symbolism.

Though Pelosi’s official biographies inform us she was born – the last among an alleged brood of seven children (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) – to an Italian-American family in Baltimore, to Nancy and Thomas D’Alessandro, the genealogy of the family appears to have been almost completely scrubbed.

While investigating and delving into Pelosi’s official biographies even further, we begin to garner telltale clues as to why this may be so.


About her immediate family, Pelosi’s biographers also inform us, her mother was born in Campobasso, in southern Italy, a geographical area which, up until as late as the 19th century, was dominated by the noble and royal House of Carafa.

From the beginning of the 12th century, the House of Carafa was known to have consisted of Neapolitan nobles and clergy under the Aragonese dynasty, and, throughout the centuries during the middle ages, out of the family’s various offshoot bloodlines of royal dukes came a steady succession of Roman Catholic clergymen, including sixteen cardinals and one pope, Paul IV.

Born Gian Pietro Carafa, Paul – presumably, named after the new testament biblical prophet and missionary – was instrumental in formulating what became known as the Roman Inquisition, and was vehemently opposed to any open dialogue with those in support of the emerging protestant movement which, during the 16th century, began to make significant strides across Europe in opposition to the dictates of the Catholic church.

Apparently, Paul was elected pope largely due to the influence of the Jesuit Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. The Farnese, of course, are one of the most powerful of the thirteen families, and are genealogically intertwined with the Orsini family who, in turn, are related to the Royal House of Grimaldi in France and Monaco.

As for the Roman Inquisition openly fostered by Paul, the creation of such religious divisions and covert Machiavellian maneuvers became a hallmark of the Jesuit order. Obviously, Paul saw the utility of religion as a weapon for also creating political divisions, divisions which would benefit the political and economic hegemony of the church, which often acted as the chief legal arbiter in settling such disputes.

During the historical period of the middle ages, families such as the Farnese, Orsini and Grimaldi discovered that, early on, when it came to successfully maintaining order and hegemony over a wide swath of Europe’s most populated regions, psychological warfare was more cost-effective than the deployment of occupying and standing armies.

These are the elite families who, through the generations and to-this-day, have handed down this occult knowledge of how to create new order out of divisive chaos to their remote 21st ancestors.

Therefore, folks, it is no accident, one of their distant ancestors is now the undisputed ring leader of a divisive presidential impeachment psychological operation.


Pelosi’s political career began on February 27, 1981(777), when she was named Chair of the California Democratic Party. From there, Pelosi went on to represent the 5th district (2 3’s=33) and the 8th district (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order). Wikipedia points out Pelosi, as a young woman, attended John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address as US president, in January of 1961.

Of course, we now know JFK and the entire story of the Kennedy family are both mythical historical constructs. John F. Kennedy was a mythical historical character portrayed by a young Hollywood actor, Dennis Hopper.

Dennis Hopper:


Dennis Hopper:


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Facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm Jane Fonda, who hails from one of Hollywood’s most esteemed and most well-renowned family of actors, producers, and directors, is the host actor behind the mask of California’s speaker of the US House of Representatives, “Nancy Pelosi.” It should also be noted, there exist numerous published exposes, concerning the subject of Pelosi’s having undergone “plastic surgery.”


Nancy Pelosi:

Jane Fonda:

Nancy Pelosi:

Jane Fonda:

But, Jane isn’t the only one of her family to have starred as a high-profile public figure.


In an article, distributed through Associated Press and which appeared in all major periodicals, Jane Fonda publicly accused Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for a “betrayal” of his commitment to the Paris climate talks in 2017. Of Trudeau, Fonda was quoted as saying, “We all thought, well, cool guy. What a disappointment.”

Fonda went on to amplify her comments to The Guardian: “He talked so beautifully of needing to meet the requirements of the climate treaty and to respect and hold the treaties with indigenous peoples,” Fonda said. “Such a heroic stance he took there, and yet he has betrayed every one of the things he committed to in Paris.”


Jane Fonda AKA Nancy Pelosi understands all-too-well about the concept of betrayal. After all, what else are the black arts of politics for, other than betrayals and deceptions?

Fonda’s comments represent a deceptive canard working on multiple levels.

“Justin Trudeau” and Jane have the same genealogy in common, and are merely posing at odds for the sake of public appearances, while covertly and collectively working to sell the global agendas of the thirteen families.


Alleged to have been born December 25, 1971 (777/intelligence joker code), the official biographies of “Justin Trudeau” tell us, since 2015, he has been Canada’s 23rd (2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry) prime minister, as well as the leader of the country’s Liberal Party since 2013.  According to Wikipedia, “Justin Trudeau” is also the second-youngest Canadian prime minister after Joe Clark; he is also the first to be related to a previous holder of the post, as the eldest son of Pierre Trudeau (more on Pierre, coming up in part II).

After graduation from the University of British Columbia, Trudeau is alleged to have been employed as a teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia.

‘Columbia’, of course, is code for Freemasonry’s Grand Lodge in Washington’s District of Columbia, which features an edificial bust of Albert Pike, a man who, despite historical accreditation as the founder of the KKK, yet remains highly revered by those of the highest degrees of the global freemasonic order as the godfather of freemasonry in the modern era.

From this point on, and prior to becoming Canada’s prime minister, Trudeau’s biographical narrative becomes more curious and, well, less credible.

While employed as a teacher, Trudeau is alleged to have begun the study of engineering at Ecole Polytechnique, in Montreal, but dropped out, in 2003, after only one year of study.

One can only guess that, perhaps, the young Justin saw a more lucrative and stardom filled future in the arena of politics.

Then, beginning in 2004, Trudeau is alleged to have begun matriculating at McGill University. But alas, despite acceptance into a masters degree program in environmental geography, Trudeau, in 2005, decided to withdraw without graduating.

By the way, and just as an aside, is there anyone who is familiar – environmental geography – with that rather obscure course of study? A perusal of McGill’s website – to confirm the existence of this obscure course of study – did not appear to avail any sort of affirmative confirmation.

During this time, Trudeau is alleged to have held down a slew of blue collar occupations, including camp counselor, snowboard instructor and – get this, folks – nightclub bouncer.

Perhaps, when pressed into duty, Justin opted to apprehend the unruly patrons by boring them to death with lectures about the morally superior virtues of multiculturalism and “diversity”.

Obviously, Trudeau’s biographers must have been drawn from the identical batch of Langley (CIA) hacks that appear to have written many other notable celebrity biographies which we have investigated in the past. In their over-earnestness, one does wonder why, such tiresome hacks feel it is always necessary to make it appear as if their fabricated celebrity characters have risen from the working class dregs of society.

To what is owed this apparent tendency toward such a hackneyed contrivance?

Are such contrivances created to lend some semblance of drama to the narrative proceedings?

Such heroic, melodramatic, and rags-to-riches biographical narratives seem to be perpetually drawn from the identical literary template of Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath and his classic characterization of Tom Joad.

After all, what could be more appealing to the common hoi polloi, than to grow to appreciate those of Trudeau’s ilk, who appear to have been sprung from their own lowly social and economic ranks to the lofty heights of fame and fortune?

From his position as ‘nightclub bouncer’ (does this story sound familiar, AOC, the former bartender?) Trudeau advanced into the world of Canada’s high-level politics, and in 2008’s federal election, he was elected to “represent the riding of Papineau in the House of Commons.”

For those unfamiliar, Papineau is a Canadian electoral district in Montreal, Quebec, represented in the House of Commons since 1948.

Subsequently, and despite lacking an exceptional record of prior accomplishment, Trudeau’s politcial career swept forth with a steady upward momentum.

In 2009, Trudeau was appointed to the Liberal Party’s panel on youth and multiculturalism. While head of the committee, Trudeau introduced a “private members motion”, and called for a “national voluntary service policy for young people.”

Sound familiar, folks?

This is the identical proposal made by American president Barack Obama AKA Jerry Seinfeld, shortly after his “election” to the executive office in 2008.

It appears, Trudeau and Obama, among many others of their sordid political breed, were part and parcel of the identical collectivist chorus which was ordered to sing from the same globalist hymnal.

Remember folks, politicians are merely pimps, shills, and low-level salespersons, trained to fool an unwitting but gullible general public into believing the foul smelling snake oil they are peddling resembles the sweet odor of ambrosia.

Shortly following his first of many political triumphs, Trudeau was successively named to head several other influential political panels in Canada’s House of Commons, including citizenship and immigration, and secondary education and sport.

The latter – head of secondary education – accomplishment seems rather outlandishly curious.

Given, Trudeau had dropped out of college not merely once, but twice, does it not seem odd, he would, thereafter, be considered qualified to advise both his nation and the nation’s government on such important matters?

The only alternative and logical conclusion: a pathway smoother than silk was being paved for Mister Trudeau to amass a larger political profile.


Surely enough, in 2013, Trudeau won the outright leadership of Canada’s Liberal Party and, in 2015, was credited with leading his party to a resounding victory during 2015’s federal election.

From its humble beginnings and onward towards a fast-tracked success, overwhelmingly conspicuous and unwavering support of the thirteen families’ globalist agenda has characterized Trudeau’s nascent political career.

According to Wikipedia, “Trudeau criticized Quebec nationalism by describing political nationalism generally as ‘an old idea from the 19th century’, ‘based on a smallness of thought’, and not relevant to modern Quebec.”

It is clear, however, despite Trudeau’s penchant for condescending moralism, he lacks the wherewithal, when pressed, to coherently generate a single original thought from the rather degenerative potentialities of his own bankrupt cerebellum.

As seems to be typical of most politicians in the modern era, Trudeau seems adept, only when regurgitating his assigned talking points, while credible explanations of policy nuance completely escape him and remain unforthcoming.

Be that as it may, ear biometrics, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis have confirmed, “Justin Trudeau” is yet another actor on the world stage, a relative of Jane Fonda AKA Nancy Pelosi.

Justin Trudeau:

Justin Fonda:

Justin Trudeau:

Justin Fonda:










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