Some of you may be wondering, why, I seemed to have left this pivotal event in American history – the alleged bombing of OKC’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building –  completely untouched.

Truthfully, considering the hectic passage of recent events, during the last half-decade alone, details of the OKC bombing’s mainstream narrative and the recollection of its alleged pair of perpetrators – Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols – had temporarily escaped one’s memory.

Now that the requisite time frame has been made available to thoroughly examine the narrative’s details and those of its alleged perpetrators, this (simulated) event – like so many others of its kind recorded as official American history – appears to have been suspiciously concocted to advance the incremental goals of a long-term political agenda.

Regarding the Oklahoma City bombing, not only were the usual anomalies discovered to have been associated with the official mainstream narrative, but after revisiting the OKC bombing, and upon further examination of the event’s official images distributed to the public – including those of the alleged pair of perpetrators, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols – one was able to subsequently arrive at some rather unexpected and, admittedly, startling conclusions.

Yes, both men were fictional characters portrayed by a pair of actors.

Added to this, a thorough examination of the alleged deaths resulting from the OKC bombing attack – according to the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) – indicated many of the alleged victims were, in fact, simulations, and not actual.

Unsurprisingly, the same was discovered to have been the case with Timothy McVeigh, the “domestic terrorist” alleged to have been sentenced to capital punishment via lethal injection.

More remarkably, it turns out, the host actor discovered to have portrayed the role of Timothy McVeigh is a most familiar character, and the son of a British royal of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

McVeigh’s OKC bombing co-conspirator, Terry Nichols – allegedly imprisoned – was discovered to have been portrayed by a well-known royal family relation of McVeigh’s host actor.

Believe it or not, the alleged older brother of Terry Nichols, James, has also been identified as another disguised British royal, and one who has been featured here before.

Like 9/11, the OKC bombing was a controlled demolition but sold to the public as an act of terrorism.


Throughout the centuries, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have always sought to discover new and improved methods with which to subjugate their proletarian subjects into unquestioned submission.

Since the execution of the OKC bombing crisis simulation, developmental advances in the field of digital technologies have made the execution and deployment of psychological operations not only more sophisticated but scientifically efficient.

Perception- managing the tax-paying proletariat into believing the world is a violent place has served to increase the profitability of the ruling thirteen family’s global protection racket. A racket which not only consists of the burgeoning corporate security industries, but the military/industrial complex, the private prison system (more on this later, and its connections to the music/entertainment industry) and –  at the very lowest level of this vastly corrupt pyramidal structure – the masonic local and state police guilds and their seething nests of bottom-feeding informants.

By staging psychological warfare and theatrically-oriented crisis simulations of every imaginable sort – like that of the OKC bombing  –  the proletariat becomes ever more willing to fork over greater percentages of their hard-earned tax dollars, thinking their safety and security will become perpetually ensured.

Throughout history, the staging and simulation of crisis has always served to promote this unchallenged perception.

Psychological warfare and the threat of crisis also stimulates and reinforces the proletariat’s reliance upon and subservience to the prevailing dictates of the established corporate government.

The successful deployment of psychological warfare – almost always – serves to eliminate any vestiges of dissent against the passage of subsequent laws which, while appearing to fortify the safety and security of the proletariat’s families and communities, are covertly designed to work against the people’s social, political, and economic interests.

Added to this, such operations serve as profit-making vehicles, and are covertly designed to further bolster and greatly empower the global hegemony of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

The video excerpt, displayed above, from PBS (Public Broadcasting System), the identical network which is privately financed by the thirteen families through tax-exempt foundations, represents a dramatic illustration of classic propaganda dissemination.

The voice over narration mentions the US government’s siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas, yet another manufactured psychological operation which occurred just prior to the OKC bombing.

As the video excerpt progresses, the PBS narrator mentions that, Timothy McVeigh, the main perpetrator of the OKC bombings, was also present at Waco.

As loyal readers may recall, the official details of the alleged Waco siege and the genuine identity of its main perpetrator were examined in a previous installment, and thoroughly exposed.

Waco’s perpetrator – David Koresh – was an actor with royal genealogy who helped to well-orchestrate yet another government sponsored crisis drill simulation/psychological operation.

Koresh’s host actor was also a renowned figure known to the American music recording and entertainment industry, a man who, in January of 2016, faked his death and went back to his castle in Luxembourg, to be crowned Luxembourg’s Grand Duke.

SEE: US government goes wacko in Waco

By virtue of the PBS network’s association of Timothy McVeigh with Waco, it becomes fair to say, thus far, the credibility of the OKC bombing’s narrative – though we are still in the early stages of our investigation – stands on a precarious foundation of brittle grass.

Undoubtedly, we are apt to discover, the OKC bombing, in similar fashion to 9/11, was a staged psychological operation, executed with covert and ulterior motives in mind.

The timing of both Waco and the OKC bombing happened to have coincided with greater efforts to privatize the prison industry in America during the era of the 1990’s, a proliferation which had begun, a decade before, during the 1980’s.


Prior to the execution of the OKC terrorist bombing simulation, the US corporate government saw that manipulating public perceptions toward the need for greater and more robust laws would well-afford them the opportunity to widen its investigative scope regarding “domestic terrorists” and would help to fill the commercial demands for more private prisons.

But this wasn’t about the safety and security of the people.

Rather, it was about skyrocketing the value of stock investments for the majority shareholders, those who wished to quickly profit from a fast growing private prison industry.


It should also be noted that, during this particular era – in tandem with the promotion of imminent threats from “domestic terrorists” and America’s “War on Drugs” – certain minority youth demographics in America were being targeted and bombarded with the marketing explosion of so-called “gangster” rap music.

According to the following graph, during the era’s of both the 1980’s and 1990’s, prison incarceration rates correspondingly skyrocketed, nationwide.


As we’ve discovered, the music and entertainment industries exist as a primary weapon of not only psychological operation, but behavioral modification, commonly aimed at impressionable youth demographics.

Here is a video, hosted by a pair of prominent members of the music industry, addressing this very subject, of the correlational relationship between the widespread promotion of “gangster” rap music and the proliferation of the private prison industry during the era of the 1990’s.

Note too, how the hosts of the video production mention Vanguard Group as an umbrella corporation, which not only ties together the major shareholders of the private prison industry, but also exists as the corporate umbrella for Universal Music Group which, in turn, consists of the six major corporations controlling both the music recording industry and the MSM:

As you heard testified to in the previous video presentation, through the mass marketing of gangster rap music, the “street gangster” lifestyle became overly glamorized, influencing many of those counted among the youth demographics in both the African-American and Hispanic communities across America to engage in criminal and sociopathic behavior, behaviors with which they were psychologically programmed to believe were adventurous and exciting rather than feloniously criminal and self-destructive.

As a result, private prisons, across America, became quickly filled with inmates from these particular youth demographics.

The warehousing of these millions of newly convicted felons were paid for with increased tax dollars, tax dollars which also funded the increased visibility of more police in both urban and suburban America.

President William Jefferson Clinton, in 1994, facilitated even greater police presences across America with the passage of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.

Additionally, 1994 also marked the enactment of California’s Three Strikes Law.

California – comparative to the total number of privatized prison facilities existing in other American states – was filled with a majority percentage of these newly constructed private facilities. The enactment of Clinton’s VCCLE Act served to well-facilitate enhanced profits for the majority shareholders of a rapidly growing industry.

Not coincidentally, many of these majority shareholders were numbered among the bloodlines of both Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the thirteen families.



According to the official MSM narrative, the bombing at Oklahoma City’s Murrah Federal Building occured on April 19, at precisely 9:02 AM.

It is likely, everyone noticed the numerological coding of the official time listed (2 9’s=18/666). It is also likely, the majority of one’s loyal readers also understand, when it comes to numerology, the applied role of masonic duality as well as the law of occult mirrored reversal.

When reversed, a 9 becomes a 6 and, in this case, 2 9’s can also be 2 6’s (12/21/777/intelligence joker code).

Reportedly, the Murrah Federal Building had a total of 33 floors (high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry). Among the weapons reportedly utilized by the perpetrators, in addition to an ANNM fertilizer truck bomb, there was a Glock 21 recovered from the person of Timothy McVeigh (21/777).

In addition to the number of those killed and injured from the blast, official MSM accounts and Wikipedia claim a total of one third of the Murrah Federal Building was destroyed.

The fraction 1/3 also represents a code, identifying for us, the genuine but covert perpetrators of this psychological operation: the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, acting in cooperation with their high-degree Scottish Rite masonic minions of the Grand Lodge (33).

Speaking of which, Oklahoma’s Grand Masonic Lodge is located at 4315 SE 37th Street in Oklahoma City which, according to Google Maps, is not far from where the Federal Building once stood.


April 19, the official date of the OKC bombing, relates to an event in US history.

As it happens, this is a rather significant historical event which involved the executive edict of a former wartime president.

Belying its apparent significance, this event is never mentioned by the MSM.

Furthermore, to the best of one’s knowledge, there don’t seem to be any direct references to this event found in either the text books of American public schools or those found in the vast libraries of universities of higher learning. If historians or historical scholars mention the event at all, it is done so in mere passing.

On April 19, 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (AKA Randolph Churchill, the hidden son of Winston Churchill AKA Alistair Crowley) announced the US corporation was leaving the gold standard.

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

Effectively and legally, this meant all US dollars, loaned into economic circulation by the Crown Temple subsidiary of the Federal Reserve to the government of the US corporation, became nothing more than promissory notes ( a promise to pay) and, therefore, subject to further interest payments – a floating interest rate set at the pleasure of the Federal Reserve Chairman – on the accrued debt principal.

In other words folks, the US economy, from that time on, became tantamount to nothing more than a colossal pyramid scheme operated by the Crown Temple in City of London.


On March 20, 1996, an official report, an analysis of the damage to the Murrah Federal Building, was released by a Pentagon study group.

The study concluded some of the following:

I.) Confirmation that the Oklahoma bombing was caused by more than one bomb 2.) A classified report issued by two independent Pentagon experts concluded the destruction {of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April of 1995} was caused by five separate bombs 3.) Sources close to the study also concluded, although he did play a role in the bombing but peripherally, Timothy McVeigh was a “useful idiot.”

Added to this, we are told the clean up of the Murrah Building was conducted by a company called – wait for it, folks – Controlled Demolition.

The thirteen families, through their ownership of the MSM, oftentimes choose to broadcast the truth to the masses in such ways, with all the subtlety of a chainsaw slicing through a bed of roses.



The latter point – of the Pentagon report’s characterization of McVeigh as a “role” player and a “useful idiot” – is interesting to observe, given the source. Though in the wake of the bombing, the standard line perpetrated by popular alternative news researchers characterized the OKC bombing as a “false flag” and an “inside job”, these sorts of widely promoted perceptions, one always finds, are solely designed to preserve the idea the event was actual when, in fact, the opposite was true.

The “peripheral” “role” of Timothy McVeigh characterized as a “useful idiot” is particularly telltale, and provides every indication the OKC bombing – like so many other psychological operations of its type – was a well-orchestrated hoax designed for the ulterior purpose of mass perception management.

Such a characterization also reveals that “Timothy McVeigh” was merely a narrative concoction, an actor playing his “role” in the ongoing phenomenon we’ve come to know as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

As for McVeigh’s “official” biographies, they are loaded with numerological codes and masonic symbolism. The birth date listed for McVeigh is April 23 (2 3’s=33). His biographers also claim he was the second oldest of three children (33). McVeigh’s biographers at Wikipedia then proceed to kindly provide us with a clue as to the identity of his host actor, telling us the following:

“In his senior year {of high school}, McVeigh was named Starpoint Central High’s ‘most promising computer programmer,” but he maintained poor grades until his 1986 graduation.”

Can everyone pick out the symbolism in the name of the high school?

The name “Starpoint” is an occult reference to the biblical “star of the morning”, Venus, or Lucifer.

The metaphor of the morning star can be found in the biblical Old Testament of Isiah, chapter 14, verse 12, in reference to a king of Babylon, which gave rise to the general use of the Latin word for “morning star”, capitalized, as the original name of the devil before his fall from heavenly grace.

Next, we are told McVeigh “told people he wanted to be a gun shop owner and sometimes took firearms to school to impress his classmates.”

Yeah, right.

McVeigh was also alleged to have become a regular subscriber to Soldier of Fortune magazine, a publication which, oftentimes, is associated with para-military and firearms enthusiasts.

Clearly, McVeigh’s backstory was created to plant negative psychological seeds of suggestion in the mass public consciousness, and to create a stereotypical psychological profile, one which could, later, be utilized to discredit or negatively characterize anyone who appeared to even remotely resemble or reflect McVeigh’s established personality traits.

Reportedly, after dropping out of college, “McVeigh worked as an armored car guard and was noted by co-workers to be obsessed with guns. One co-worker recalled an instance where McVeigh came to work ‘looking like Pancho Villa wearing bandoliers’.”

Really, folks?

And, just who were these co-workers? We aren’t told. But that’s hardly the point. Because the cubicle dwellers at Langley (CIA) know, the psychological power of mere suggestion reigns supreme in the minds of a general public which has largely been conditioned to become emotionally reactive rather than critically rational.

This applies to the emotional effect of the news reportage of the OKC bombing event.

The operators at Langley were also aware, despite being presented with a television production’s theatrical simulation of a crisis event, a great percentage of the American general public, nevertheless, would likely fall under the influence of the news anchor’s utilization of emotionally-laden neural linguistic programming.

But, one’s loyal readers never fall prey to such crudely conceived manipulations, do you?

The following video excerpt, taken from a local Oklahoma news affiliate in the wake of the OKC bombing, features some familiar and very conspicuously noticeable elements which have been observed from other similarly staged crisis simulation events, such as the application of moulage kits and makeshift bandages to some of the featured role players, to enhance the crisis simulation’s psychological effect(s).

Though, to most well-meaning independently minded researchers, analysis of the structural damage to the Murrah Building may have served a vital role in ascertaining the exact nature of the OKC bombing’s execution as a controlled demolition, such an analysis, ultimately, doesn’t necessarily lead to a clear path discerning the true means, motive, and opportunity of the true perpetrators.

Considering the OKC bombing crisis simulation event, clues to discerning the true identity of the genuine perpetrators, as it turns out, required an attention to detail and an acknowledgment of the true owners of the American corporation, those who legally hold allodial title to the very land on which the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was located.

One of those clues was hidden within the royal moniker of Timothy McVeigh’s host actor: Nichols/Nicholas.

That particular surname – “Nichols” – leads us to the identity of Terry Nichols’s host actor.

Image comparison, facial recognition, and ear biometric analysis indicate the host actor portrayed “Terry Nichols” was Prince Andrew of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the Duke of York.

Matches were discovered – between “Terry Nichols” and Prince Andrew – in several areas of their respective facial geometries: chins, eyes, and brow ridges.

Also,”Terry Nichols” possesses a telltale widow’s peak, which his host actor, Andrew, appears to routinely comb over toward the left side of his pate. Nichols’s official biographies claim, he enlisted in the US Army at age 33, in 1988, which seems a bit long-in-the-tooth for a fresh-faced army recruit. Surely though, everyone immediately detected the deliberate numerological coding (33/88/aces and eights/Saturn/mark of the Jesuit order).

Terry Nichols:

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Terry Nichols:

Prince Andrew, Duke of York:

We’ve seen the face of the host actor behind the portrayal of Terry Nichols’s alleged older brother, James, once before.

SEE: “Lord” Milo Yiannopoulos caught in the act

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate “James Nichols” was portrayed by a royal relation of Prince Andrew’s, Prince Michael, Duke of Kent.

James Nichols:

Prince Michael, Duke of Kent:

James Nichols:

Prince Michael, Duke of Kent:

The host actors who portrayed Terry and James Nichols are both genealogical relations of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Princes Andrew and Michael are also genealogically related through the royal ancestral line of the former British King, George V.

And, what of “Timothy McVeigh?”

Recall that, Timothy McVeigh was alleged to have been awarded, while still a senior in high school, as a ‘most promising computer programmer’?

Image comparison, facial recognition, and ear biometric analysis confirm the crisis simulation character known as “Timothy McVeigh” was portrayed by a most familiar figure: Nathaniel Rothschild, the son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Lord Nicholas Windsor.

Lord Nicholas Windsor AKA Nathaniel Rothschild is better known to the American general public and, to the world-at-large, as Mark Zuckerberg.

Lord Nicholas Windsor:

Nathaniel Rothschild:

Lord Nicholas’s sister is Lady Helen Taylor, better known to the American general public as Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Lady Helen Taylor:

Gwyneth Paltrow:

Both Zuckerberg’s and Rothschild’s character modifications are augmented with a hair piece, which contributes to not only effectively disguising the royal host actor of Lord Nicholas Windsor, but also aids in the effective backdating of both Zuckerberg’s and Rothschild’s character conversions.

Timothy McVeigh:

Mark Zuckerberg:
















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    1. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. We’ve been lied to about everything. Nevertheless, I observe signs that a greater percentage of people are becoming aware of this. There are signs the US, and the West, in general, have become an obstacle, a thorn in the side of the ruling elite’s plans to fully and smoothly implement the UN’s Agenda 21 (now euphemistically labeled Agenda 2030).

  1. Another lucid analysis of another psy-op.
    By the way, if you had to recommend some reading online or books, for a compete profane of the subject to start learning, about the real world behind this post-modern reality simulation, what would you choose? In my humble opinion your blog is a reference point for initiated to the subject. Anyhow if there’s any items suitable to start I would be grateful if you could show me. I’d need it for some unaware people who are totally left in the dark. They have difficult in understanding the basics of all this.

    1. Very happy to hear, you’re enjoying the articles and find them informative. Regarding those who are “unaware”, through no fault of their own, they have been conditioned to observe the world in a fashion that benefits the interests of those in control of the global economic system. Or, perhaps, it may be, subconsciously, they realize something is amiss and because of persistent fears, they may be afraid to consider the grave implications of the inconceivable. What they don’t realize, is that, the thirteen families – rather than remaining in their palaces – are always energetically working to promote their economic interests. But they are doing so while remaining hidden behind the masks of well-promoted characterizations and their accompanying pseudonyms. Conceptually, that is the fundamental essence of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. However, this is not a new phenomenon. The ruling families have done this throughout history, even before the comparatively recent development of modern technologies. For your own edification, and to learn more about how this global economic system is constructed and how it truly functions, I would suggest going to your local library and seeking any well-written books about Crown Temple in the City of London. In tandem, I would recommend consulting Black’s Law dictionary to gain a grasp on legal terms and conditions. With more research, you will begin to arrive at a greater understanding of Crown Temple, its relationship to the Vatican,, and to the District of Columbia When you understand the true meaning of legal terms and conditions – as opposed to vernacular – you will readily be able to re-read the US constitution, Treaty of Peace, and other documents relevant to the establishment of the US corporation with new eyes and gain greater insight. You will begin to see, your public education system has lied to you about what those documents really mean. If you can find it, online, Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, represents a well-written introduction to the concepts of high-degree freemasonry and the Jesuit order. If you’d like, I can put together a more comprehensive book list.

  2. Thank you very much, for your very comprehensive respons. Yes, the people reactions differ from case to case, there are those who for fear prefer to do like ostriches, others are so conditioned, that they cannot see the obvious. I think that in every human affair the psychological aspect is essential. Another problem and issue at the base of this artificial and basically against nature society, built ad hoc by the “masons/builders” Freemasons, is that man is not a real social animal, but rather a tribal animal.
    I’m going to check all your precious suggestions and to suggest them to those who might need them.

    1. Regarding Albert Pike’s tome, Morals and Dogma, if you do happen to find it at your local library or online at Amazon, you will notice a great similarity between his description of future events and those “prophecies” articulated in the New Testament of the King James Bible. One of the common denominators is Freemasonry. Both Pike and the forty-seven scholars of King James I who wrote the bible were all high-degree Freemasons, Jesuits (including Sir Francis Bacon AKA Shakespeare), and members of the thirteen families.

      1. As always, very interesting information from you. It’s as the history of the Protocols of the Sion’s Elders. where is reported a series of plans – declarations for the conquest of the world, all made.
        Thanks again and to the next.

  3. April 19th was also the date the U.S. “war of independence” began at Lexington and Concord. The American Revolution, much like the Oklahoma City Bombing, was also a massive hoax, as we have uncovered before.

    (According to Wikipedia, the Revolution’s start-date was actually March 22nd, 1765. March 22nd is 3/22, which is the number of Skull & Bones. Perhaps the order’s founders chose that number to also celebrate the birth of their “great work”, I suppose?)

    Timothy McVeigh also looked a bit like a Habsburg. He had the Habsburg jaw that this illustrious family is famous for. I suspect there may be a family relation between him and the Habsburgs.

    And lastly, McVeigh “died” by lethal injection on June 11th, 2001. June 11 = 6/11 = 66. 6/11 upside down is 9/11. Keep in mind that the September 11th “attacks” in NYC happened exactly three months after his “death” in prison. No way that’s a coincidence.

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