Historically, the tragic death of rock stars has served as a morbid fascination to the general public and to rabid popular music fans. Therefore, such stories have been and are routinely exploited by the mainstream media cartels simply because such macabre  narratives play upon the general public’s subconscious fears and inherent fascination with the dark mysteries of the unknown.

When such morbid narratives – in connection to a popular music or movie star – are concocted with an admixture of mystery, suspense, and melodrama, they create an instantly profitable and titillating myth which can be repeatedly exploited for garish profits. However that may be, once the superficial and emotive details of all such celebrity narratives have been breached by penetrative analysis, they are exposed and laid bare for what they truly are, which are merely profit driven vehicles formulated from a nearly bottomless well of cynical and ulterior motivations.

Primarily, in every such case of celebrated tragedies subject to objective and historical analysis, these are always found to be based on the mythical template of the legendary martyrdom of Christ created by Kabbalistic Freemason scholars.

Though this may offend the delicate sensibilities of some, one would urge putting aside reactionary and conditioned emotive responses – if at all possible – to objectively and dispassionately consider the following analysis.

Perhaps to stimulate some suspense for one’s loyal readers, the “late” Chris Cornell’s host actor is the son of one of Hollywood’s most legendary icons of the silver screen, and he has portrayed other renowned figures in not only the music and entertainment industries, but he has also portrayed a former British Prime Minister and – in addition to being both an incomparably versatile performer – he was featured in a very recent installment here at Newsspell.

To fans of popular music who may already be aware of the details of the alleged death by suicide of 1990’s ‘grunge’ era rock star Chris Cornell at age 52 (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the hook, the mind weapon) – born Christopher (Christ consciousness) John Boyle on July (7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon) 20 (2 masonic pillars of Boaz/Jachin), 1964 (=24/6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) – on May (6/33) 18 (666), 2017 (19/# of the sun/light of Lucifer/Jesuit/Templar/Mason object of worship) the following conclusive analysis may seem quite incredulous, and perhaps even shockingly outlandish.

Reportedly, Cornell’s death was the result of suicide by hanging.

In terms of esoteric symbolism, the representation of the hangman holds great occult significance, and is derived from the source of the deck of the Tarot. Although one has delved into this esoteric concept on several occasions, perhaps in this case, a more expansive exposition is necessary.

In a strictly historical sense when considering Freemasonry – according to the late Freemason, occultist and mystic, Arthur Edward Waite, author of “The Key to the Tarot” (https://www.freemasonry.com/major_arcana_tarot.html) – the development of the Tarot has a direct correlation to the history and to the development of the religious dogma inherent within Freemasonic lore.

His research indicates that this occult practice originated in Southern France during the 13th or 14th century AD, and that legendary masonic figure and Grand Master, Albert Pike, in his renowned text Morals and Dogma, “cryptically mentions the Tarot during his discussion of the Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept, stating, “the Tarot contains the Kabbalistic alphabet.”

As loyal readers have learned from the extensive research published here at Newsspell, the Kabbalah plays a significant role in the art of numerology, or the Pythagorean science of translating letters into numbers. This science or art has been demonstrated to play a key role in the formulation of not just those news stories proffered by the mainstream media which, in turn, shape the perceptions of the general public, but this science has been systematically utilized to formulate historical perceptions, and these identical numerical machinations can even be found to have been encoded within the text of the King James Bible, and other scholarly historical texts such as Sir Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”.

That both Sir Edward Gibbon – considered by most scholars to have been one of his era’s foremost historians and scholars –  and those forty-seven scholars (including the renowned Sir Francis Bacon AKA William Shakespeare) employed by King James I to compose the very biblical text still in use today were members of the International Brotherhood of Freemasons, should not be dismissed out of hand, nor should that fact be construed as coincidence.

For as loyal readers have incrementally gleaned, when it comes to the global distribution of either mainstream news or written history, both are scripted, and therefore no coincidences exist.

According to Waite’s text, both he and the renowned Irish poet, W.B. Yeats, were associates of the Golden Dawn, the identical esoteric sect associated with modern occult guru and former MI5 counter-intelligence agent, Alistair Crowley. Waite goes on to point out that occult adepts who are proficient in the interpretation of the Tarot, concern themselves most with that portion of the Tarot deck – consisting of 22 cards – normally referred to as the Major Arcana. The images of these Major Arcana, according to legendary Masonic scholar Manly P. Hall – of which includes the image of the Hanged Man – represent the 22 Books of biblical Revelation, which in turn, represent the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

Though Waite rejects the latter concept, he maintains the images of the Major Arcana, are “richly symbolic.”

It should be added that the Golden Dawn, the occult organization which Waite helped found and to which he belonged in good standing for most of his life – along with Crowley and the historically influential psychoanalyst, Carl Jung – used the Tarot extensively. The art of occult interpretation of the Tarot, whether from its Major or Minor Arcana, is oftentimes referred to by exoteric religious sects, including fundamentalist Christianity, as “occult divination.”

In truth, the world’s fundamentalist religious sects – Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Catholicism – are merely veils to hide the occult practices of Freemasonry from those considered profane, in that the doctrines and dogma of those former religious sects are merely exoteric manifestations of the occult.

In Waite’s book, “The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal”, he discusses and explains the direct relationship between the Tarot and Freemasonry. In chapter IX, entitled “The Hallows of the Great Mystery Rediscovered in the Talismans of the Tarot”, Waite explains his ‘conclusive view’ that the Tarot is the “canonical Hallows of the Graal Legend”, and in the previous chapter, VIII, “The Analogy of Freemasonry”,  Waite draws a clear parallel between the Graal Legend and Freemasonry, comparing Percival to “the Master Mason in search of light.”

Research indicates a consensus among adepts – those claiming to be expert in the ways of the Tarot and its subjective and intuitive interpretations – who maintain the image of the Hanged Man holds great significance and evocative power in the world of the occult.

According to legendary Freemason scholar Manly P. Hall, in his text “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, he states this regarding the Tarot image of the “Hanged Man”:

“Esoterically, the Hanged Man is the human spirit which is suspended from heaven by a single thread. Wisdom, not death, is the reward for this voluntary sacrifice during which the human soul, suspended above the world of illusion, and meditating upon its unreality, is rewarded for the achievement of self-realization.”

The Hanged Man is the 12th (777/intelligence joker code) or trump card of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. Yet another occult authority, Elphias Levi, compares the image of the Hanged Man to Prometheus, the ancient titan who, upon offering mankind the knowledge of fire, suffered the wrath of Zeus, and was thereafter incarcerated and bound to a single rock, where each day, he suffered the excruciating punishment of having his liver fed upon by a carnivorous eagle.

How does all of this correlate to the host actor who portrayed the popular music character of Chris Cornell (CC=33), one may wonder?

To some occult adepts, whenever the 12th card springs forth during a Tarot reading, the image of the Hanged Man could subjectively represent the idea someone has arrived at a personal crossroads in terms of their life’s direction regarding professional or vocational commitments. Taking it a step further, when correlating the symbol of the Hanged Man as it relates to the host actor who portrayed the character of popular music star Chris Cornell, this could mean that the host actor was going through a process of personal and professional evaluation, and that while deliberating, was perhaps being evaluated by their ruling elite masters to whom he was bound by legal contract.

This explanation is further elucidated in the following video presentation:

Educated speculation would seem to indicate – considering the varied and number of famous characters Cornell’s host actor has been shown to portray – that the character of Chris Cornell’s commercial viability and popularity had considerably waned, thus necessitating the dramatic event of his suicidal, but ultimately symbolic “death”.


In addition to the popular musical groups Soundgarden and Audioslave, Cornell was involved with yet another project called “Temple of the Dog”. This popular musical project’s moniker is a classic example of a masonic/Joycean play on words, in that the “Temple” is not only an occult reference to the masonic Temple of Solomon of Freemason lore, but is also a reference to the surname of Cornell’s host actor which happens to be, remarkably, mirrored in the story of the family of the character’s concocted mainstream biographies. It is also a reference to the host actor’s elite masters of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, and to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. The word dog displays the concept of occult mirrored reversal, in that the inverse of “dog” is of course, god, which in turn, is yet another masonic reference to the “voice of god”, or a masonic temple’s master of the lodge.

It is alleged that Cornell’s entire music catalogue has amassed worldwide commercial success, with sales of over 14.8 albums (double 77/Lucifer’s lightning/angelic transformation/8=44/destruction code), 8.8 digital songs (88=mark of the Jesuits/Saturn’s infinite time loop/aces and eights), and according to Wikipedia and other mainstream sources “300 million (3/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) on-demand audio streams in the US alone, as well 30 (33) million records worldwide. He was also “nominated for 16 Grammy awards (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the hook or the mind weapon) and won three (EE=33).” It should be noted that one of the songs among the extensive catalogue Cornell is credited with composing was entitled “Pretty Noose.” Added to this fact, Cornell’s last music video, officially released three weeks (EE=33) after his alleged death, featured a scene with the singer being hung from a noose, but somehow surviving. This represents yet another example of media utilization of predictive programming as well an additional clue as to the fact Cornell was a fabricated character involved in a fake death scenario and portrayed by a surviving host actor.


One should think not!

As for his formative years while allegedly growing up in the city of Seattle, Washington, Cornell parent’s – an Irish-Catholic pharmacist Edward F. Boyle and his mother Karen Cornell, an accountant and psychic of Jewish background (Jewish psychic, this is telling folks) –  separated when he was just a teenager, according to Wikipedia and other mainstream sources.

He and his alleged five (5+1=6/33) siblings (2 older brothers and three younger sisters/2 3’s=33) were each subsequently alleged to have adopted their mother’s maiden name as their own surname. This latter biographical detail of the adopted mother’s surname, together with the fact the moniker of one of Cornell’s high-profile music projects during the 1990’s happened to be TEMPLE of the Dog both proved to be massive clues regarding the positive identity – which shall be revealed very soon –  of Cornell’s host actor.

While still in his early childhood, Cornell reportedly attended classes at Christ the King Catholic elementary and middle school (reference once again to Christ consciousness or the third eye of the pineal gland), from which he was expelled in the 7th grade (7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon) “for being too inquisitive.”

Allegedly, this was an incident that, while still young and impressionable, was claimed to have left a psychological scar upon the “late” Cornell, a traumatizing experience he would refer to in interviews time and again during the 1990’s:

“With a religion like that (Catholicism) its not deigned for anyone to question. Being young people who have a natural curiosity and half a brain, you’re going to start finding inconsistencies, which there are tons of in organized religion. We both (he and a sibling) sort of made it clear in classroom situations that we didn’t get it. ‘Explain this to me.’ And they couldn’t, so we started creating a lot of problems.”

Yes folks, from the earliest time, Cornell’s Hollywood biographers had to make certain there were details written into the life of his scripted character which indicated to anyone who bothered to check, he had the makings of a rebellious rock singer even as a child.

Oftentimes too – not surprisingly – Cornell would cite the Beatles as having left quite a musical impression upon him, and it is claimed, per Wikipedia, “he spent a two-year period (2 masonic pillars of Boaz/Jachin) between the ages of nine and eleven (9/6 occult mirrored reflection/33/eleven/twin masonic pillars once again) solidly listening to the Beatles after finding a large collection of Beatles records abandoned at a neighbor’s house.” And of course, a future rock star’s biography wouldn’t be complete without a reference to alienation and drug use:

“He described himself as a loner; he was able to deal with his anxiety around other people through rock music. During his teenage years, he spiraled into severe depression, dropped out of school, and almost never left the house. At the age of 12 (21/occult mirrored reversal/777/intelligence joker code) he had access to alcohol, marijuana, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms and prescription drugs and used them daily by 13 (summit of masonic pyramid), stopped for a year, but relapsed at 15 (6/33) for another year before he turned to music.”

Yes folks, Cornell’s Hollywood biographers and that part of the international intelligence octopus (CIA) who are in complete control of the entertainment/narcotics/military-industrial/intelligence complex in the West, couldn’t resist prominently displaying a product placement for every form of intoxicant for which they control worldwide distribution and trafficking on behalf of their masters, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Another interesting tidbit concerning Cornell’s biography is the fact his first professional engagement in the 1980’s was with a band called The Shemps. The word “shemp” is a sly reference to Yiddish slang for the name Sam, which is also a reference to Satan, the lower sensual nature of the human condition as opposed to the higher mind or divine potential of the collective consciousness –  god.


It is alleged that after performing for a scheduled engagement at Detroit’s Fox theater (Fox=666), Cornell’s body was found unconscious – according to official mainstream sources – at approximately 12:15 (77/Lucifer’s lightning/angelic transformation) by his bodyguard in the bathroom of his suite (Room 1136/11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/36/3 6’s/666) at the MGM Grand (English gematria sum=77/4X7=28/2 8’s/88/mark of the Jesuit order/aces and eights).

Reportedly, Cornell was discovered lying on the floor with an “exercise band (exercise/sums to 88 in English Ordinal gematria/mark of the Jesuits/aces and eights/Saturn/band sums to 21/777/intelligence joker code) around his neck” and “blood in his mouth.”

Recall that blood oaths are required of initiates of the Templar order and, that tow bridges/ropes/nooses tied about the neck have also been documented – from no less than verified and high-ranking members of the Masonic Brotherhood – as symbolic and ritualistic prerequisites for entrance into the 3rd or master masonic degree.

As for the official account of Cornell’s “suicide” it is further alleged that despite assistance from an MGM medic and EMS (sums to 37 in English Ordinal/3 7’s/777 joker code) personnel, Cornell was unable to be revived, and the official pronouncement of his death was made by a doctor at 1:30 AM (13/summit of the masonic pyramid).

Theorizing further, it is likely these masonic/celebrity death rituals are necessary, in that they inform – through the television and print media complex – the candidate or initiate’s Templar/Jesuit/Masonic masters they have not only paid their requisite ritual penance, but have also covertly, but publicly proclaimed they are ready for their next contractual assignment in performing their master’s bidding and at their pleasure.

In the wake of Cornell’s death, the subsequent investigation revealed that although officially, “drugs did not contribute to the cause of death”, Cornell had nonetheless been “prescribed Irozepam (sums to 13/summit of masonic pyramid), also known as Ativan (also sums to 13), in 2016 (666).”

Yes folks, another product placement ad for the poison peddled by the medical/pharmaceutical cartel.

Recall that MGM Resort Hotels was proved to have an instrumental role in staging the Vegas shooting psychological operation in cooperation with the US government corporation, and that its largest stockholder is Vanguard Group, which in cooperation with L3 Technologies and other overseas companies specializing in the research and development of surveillance technologies, plans to install harmful millimeter wave brain scanning surveillance machines in not just Las Vegas, but at all of its locations nationwide (SEE: Vegas shooting hoax: The real story).

Somehow, the same corporate perpetrators keep popping up in all of these widely reported psychological/masonic mass gaslighting operations.


According to the official report released on July 11, 2017 (37/3 7’s/777 joker code) by the Detroit Police Department, although it was initially claimed that Cornell had been discovered unconscious on the bathroom floor of his hotel suite at the MGM at 12:15, the first official notification of “an unresponsive guest” came from a call made by an anonymous “hotel employee” at 12:56 AM. The department’s report also detailed that Cornell’s body guard had been present earlier that evening in the singer’s hotel room at 11:30 (33) pm to help him with his computer, “which wasn’t working at the time.”

The report also claims that Cornell’s wife, Vicky, had allegedly phoned her husband at 11:35 pm (33+5=38/3X8=24/6/33) at which time she became alarmed, and claimed to have phoned the body guard to ask him to “check on her husband because he didn’t sound like he was OK (sums to 26 in English Ordinal/2 6’s/12/21/777/joker code).” The police report further alleges that Cornell’s wife claims the body guard tried to access the room at 12:15 am, but could not because Cornell had locked his hotel suite from the inside.

The following. per DPD’s report, is the official account of Cornell’s body guard:

“She {Cornell’s wife} sounded angry because he {Cornell} wasn’t responding to his phone. She told me to go to the room and check on Chris. I came to the room and was unable to get (in) because of the interior latch. I went back to my room and called for hotel security to come and open the door. They refused, saying it wasn’t my room, although I told them that he was my employer and that I had a key.”

The report goes on to allege although Vicky Cornell and the body guard were in constant contact “with updates”, the hotel’s front desk personnel were unresponsive to repeated calls from Cornell’s wife, and that after breaking down the hotel door {“I kicked the bedroom door 6-7 times (13/summit of masonic pyramid) before it somehow popped open,” the body guard claimed} and discovering Cornell unconscious on the bathroom floor of the suite, the body guard attempted to “loosen the band around Cornell’s neck, then tried to resuscitate him by compressing his chest,” until medical personnel finally arrived at 12:56 am, at which time resuscitation efforts by the first responding medical team met with no success.

Really folks – computer “shut down” in victim’s room though principal witnesses in constant contact with “updates” while hotel front desk staff remained unresponsive – locked hotel suite door from the inside – comparative inconsistencies between the official media narrative and the report filed by the DPD – do the melodramatic details of this bogus scenario sound to you like a set up or, comparatively speaking, perhaps all-too-similar to the hackneyed script from some ill-conceived and badly directed television ‘movie of the week’?

If one reads between the lines, it is obvious Cornell’s body guard, and the singer’s alleged wife were in on setting up this hoax from the beginning, and in likely cooperation with hotel management and the DPD.

Further along during the aftermath, Cornell’s alleged brother, Peter, who began a campaign “to raise awareness on depression and suicide prevention”, claimed he was being “bullied” on social media to “change the narrative.”

Oh the humanity, folks – social media (government run intelligence operation) – “bullying” – mental health issues – surefire signs this phony rock star death scenario was an intelligence project designed to not only make a profit for the media/entertainment/pharmaceutical cartels, but to manipulate the gaslighted public’s attentions like prodded cattle toward certain socially driven agendas.

Suffice to say, for the host actor portrayed rock singer Chris Cornell, this was merely another day at the office. Because as it turns out folks, this particular actor – with the possible exception of Hollywood titan Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg – stands as one of the most versatile and perhaps talented of those participating in the post-modern phenomenon of the actor based reality.

And, as well he should be, because extensive facial recognition analysis positively demonstrates this actor to not only be the son of one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars of the silver screen, Shirley Temple Black, but he has starred as some of pop culture’s and politics’ most recognizable and renowned figures – John Taylor from Duran Duran, Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and yes, even former “grunge” rock star, the “late” Chris Cornell.

(SEE: Tony Blair The Minister of Prime Lies?)

Take note with some of the images featured below, that in the case of Chris Cornell, these are yet more examples of a character who has applied eye wear in a deliberate attempt to distort the facial geometry, and to conceal the identity of the character’s host actor.

Chris Cornell:




Charles Alden Black Junior:




On a final note, the CIA’s own studies conducted to determine the effectiveness of nation destabilization during  America’s “cold war” with the former Soviet Union, indicated that the destruction of a nation from within through the utilization of disinformation and with the help of the incremental application of various psychological operation programs, occurs in four fundamental stages:

1.) demoralization

2.) destabilization

3.) crisis

4.) normalization

Anyone care to guess what stage America is in now?

Or would it be more pertinent to ask, do you even care?

Or do you merely desire another narcoticizing dose of your favorite opiate – entertainment?






















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