Jussie Smollet: What MSM Isn’t Reporting

This installment shall present a unique –  if not wholly controversial – perspective on what has been the MSM’s major news story for several weeks now.

Rather than an analysis of what MSM has reported regarding the Jussie Smollet cause celebre, one shall attempt to detail what the major, corporate owned media outlets, along with their regional affiliates, including those “researchers” among the so-called alternative media, will always ensure remains concealed.

Don’t forget folks, those major figures in the “alternative media” are merely the MSM marketed in a different disguise.

Those who qualify as newly arrived visitors here at Newsspell shall surely discover what one’s loyal readers already know: the author’s research is never encumbered by the psychological shackles of socially accepted paradigms or perceptions, nor shall the author ever be swayed by that pernicious and soul destroying concept known as “political correctness”.

Upon observing the initial reports of the alleged “racially motivated” incident involving television actor, Justin, better known as Jussie, Smollett, one sensed immediately the true gist of its theatrical nature. To surmise the true meaning of this story, one must remember the old adage: the devil is in the details. And surely, by the conclusion of this rather richly informative installment, one shall become forced to consider that the grotesque implications of this grand masonic charade go far beyond the limited parameters of those well-scripted details the MSM has thus far been allowed to regurgitate.

Clearly, and like so many times before with similar incidents reported by MSM and subsequently analyzed here at Newesspell, the case of actor Jussie Smollett-  unknown to a majority of the general public – represented a masonic initiation ritual disguised as a news story.

Quite the contrary, folks, the actor known as “Jussie Smollett” is not so much suffering from public shame and ridicule (for that is part of the masonic ritual) but his host actor, who is a member of a very prominent and powerful Hollywood family, is being put under fire by his masonic masters to observe if he is worthy of not only maintaining the grand secrets of the prevailing actor based reality, but if he is in fact to be deemed worthy of a grander role, as they say, in the ongoing family business.

Although a recap of the Smollett case – at least at this juncture – may not be necessary to the majority already familiar with those details that have been widely recounted by both MSM and the alternative media, nevertheless, the following chronology of events seems to have arrived at a general consensus.

However, before delving into those details and providing an analysis that shall serve to illuminate the author’s premise, an initial perusal of Smollett’s official biography reveals some rather pertinent details as it relates to the post-modern phenomenon of the actor based reality – and more fascinatingly – leads us to what appears to be a genuine history of the Jesuit order.

Official biographies indicate Justin Smollett or Jussie as he is better known, an American singer and actor, was born on June (6/33) 21 (777/joker code), 1982 (29=2 9’s/2 6’s occult mirrored reversal/12/21/777).

Right from his career’s beginning, we are provided with a telltale biographical detail shown to possess commonality with other Hollywood stars examined in the past, in that Smollett began his career as a child actor.

Not only that, but from the beginning of his career, Smollett’s acting resume indicates he worked exclusively with one of the most high-profile perpetrators of the actor based reality, Rob Reiner, AKA US senator/former VP Al Gore AKA Sandy Hook’s goofball coroner, Doctor Wayne Carver (SEE: Meathead Al Gore Robs America Blind). 

In addition to working with Reiner in “North” in 1994, Smollett’s other noteworthy role as a child actor came with his appearance in 1992’s “The Mighty Ducks” with Emilio Estevez, who is the son of Martin Sheen AKA Michael Rockefeller AKA one of the regularly switched out host actors (in addition to Brian Williams, who also portrayed the “late” George H.W. Bush) of the current US president, Donald Trump (SEE: The mysterious man of many famous faces (part III)

Most recently of course, Smollett received public acclaim for his portrayal of Jamal Lyon in the Fox television drama, Empire.

What hasn’t been mentioned regarding Smollett’s most recent legal imbroglio, is that twelve years earlier, in 2007, Smollett was alleged to have experienced yet another unfortunate run-in with both law enforcement and the legal system. Both Wikipedia and some of the actor’s official biographies allege that according to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Smollett pleaded no contest to providing false information to law enforcement regarding a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence in 2007. During that confrontation with law enforcement, it is further alleged Smollett provided the police with a false name.

This biographical detail of the “false name” acts as a colossal clue that there is more to the Jussie Smollett story than the MSM is volunteering.

During the subsequent court proceeding in 2007 (9/6 occult mirrored reversal/33), Smollett reportedly pleaded no contest to “driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit” and “operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license”.


When examining the pertinent details of Smollett’s official biographies, one noticed not only the usual numerological indicators, but a veiled reference to the host actor’s genuine genealogy. It is alleged Smollett was born in Santa Rosa, California.

Examine that moniker for a moment.

Notice anything that may reference the Jesuit order?

The name Santa Rosa means “saint of the rose” or sub rosa and “under the rose”, a veiled reference to the Rosicrucian order of the Knight’s Templar. But the particulars of this city’s fascinating history doesn’t end there, for not only does this Californian city have a connection to a revered saint of the Catholic Dominican order, but by further extension – as one shall soon observe – to the Jesuit order or the Society of Jesus.

According to Wikipedia and to California’s official .gov site, Santa Rosa “was founded in 1833 and named after Saint Rose of Lima”.

Per official church history, Saint Rose of Lima, Peru, was a severe ascetic and lay member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic, and the very first person born in the Americas to be canonized as a saint. Further examination of the history of the “Third Order” is not only educative, but revealing as it relates to the biography of the character known as “Jussie Smollett”. Historically, this order can be traced back to the early middle ages, and according to Wikipedia, it is “A military order, called the Militia Jesu Christi (soldiers of Jesus Christ), which also became part of the Third Order.”

Recall that the Jesuit order is also known as the Society of Jesus, and that the order’s official history has been cleverly hidden within most “official” historical narratives, and further obfuscating matters, it is often referred to or known when appearing in various historical contexts by other names. In repeatedly choosing to rename the Jesuit order for historical purposes, such official and mainstream sources are deliberately engaging with historical disingenuousness and concealment, most likely in the fervent hope the common man won’t ever detect or question the crass exhibition of such blatant semantics, and will therefore take whatever historical account is offered at face value rather than bother to connect the necessary dots.

At any rate, Wikipedia’s historical account of the “Third Order” and its relationship with the military Society of Jesus, despite such blatant obfuscation, nonetheless goes on to account what appears to be a revealing snippet of the true history of the Jesuit/Templar/Masonic triumvirate, thus rendering the Jesuit Order’s official history as it relates to its alleged founding by Ignatius de Loyola as a possible historical smokescreen:

“As early as 1235, Pope Gregory IX confided the militia to the care of Friar Jordan of Saxony, second Master General, by a Bull of 18 (666) May (2 3’s/33), and in that same year he decreed a habit of ‘black and white’ for the knights (Templar knights/black and white/symbolic of masonic duality).”

And then, also from Wikipedia, we find this regarding the merger of the Third Order:

“Originally working side by side and independent of each other, because both received the same spiritual administration of the Friars Preachers, they appear to have been merged at the close of the 13th century. So too, their {between Dominican and Society of Jesus/Templars) ultimate merging is hinted at by Honorius III in 1221 when he designates the Militia “nomine poenitentiae,” and a comparison also of the rules of the two institutions: that of Pope Gregory for the Militia in 1235 and that of Munio de Zamora for the Order of Penance of Saint Dominic would lead to one and the same conclusion.”

This historical entry found at Wikipedia would seem to confirm that the church is not only acknowledging – from several varying church sources – the origins of the Jesuits occurred much earlier than exoteric historical texts would indicate, but that their founding also paralleled the 13th century establishment of the Crown Temple and its numerous ancient guilds which still secretly run the City of London Corporation today.

Though this minor exploration may seem to have been an unnecessary digression, nevertheless, with the biographical listing of Santa Rosa as Jussie Smollett’s official place of birth, we are not only being indirectly told who is really in charge of the recent and widely reported psychological operation in which he participated, but furthermore, just who – the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate – Smollett has been initiated “under the rose” to serve, and to whom it is he hopes to serve a much grander role in terms of the actor based reality.

In continuing on with our examination of Jussie Smollett’s official biographies, we notice it is alleged he is the third of six children (reference to the aforementioned “Third Order”/3 6’s=666) born to a Jewish father and an African-American mother. Once again, through the presentation of a faux biographical account, we are nonetheless provided possible clues as to the genuine identity of Smollett’s host actor, and furthermore, perhaps the true identity of his prominent Hollywood family.

The following is according to Wikipedia and corresponds with other official biographical sources:

“He {Smollett} has three brothers and two sisters (2 3’s/33): Jake (this turns out to be a huge clue as to the identity of Smollett’s host actor), Joqui (sums to 73 in Reverse Full Reduction English gematria/3 7’s/777 joker code), Jojo (13/summit of masonic pyramid), Jurnee (EE/33), and Jazz (ZZ=26X2=42/occult mirrored reversal/24/6/33), several of whom are also actors. Smollett is biracial. His father was Jewish (his family emigrated from Russia and Poland). Smollett’s mother is African-American. He graduated from Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, New Jersey.”


Per official MSM sources, Smollett was attacked in the early morning hours of January 29 (1+29=30/33), 2019 (21=777 joker code) near the 300 (EE=33) block of East Lower North Water Street in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood by a pair of unknown assailants (pair=2 masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) who assaulted him with hands, feet and teeth as weapons during the assault. The two suspects were then alleged to have, according to Chicago police officials, “poured an unknown liquid” on the victim and placed a rope around his neck. According once again to Wikipedia, “the police were called at 2:30 AM (2 3’s/33); when they arrived at 2:40 (6/33), Smollett had a white rope around his neck.”

Regarding the widely reported “racially motivated” incident involving Jussie Smollett, the latter details involving the “rope” and the “unknown liquid” represent the most telltale elements provided by all MSM outlets that what had taken place may have been a masonic initiation ceremony sold to the public as a so-called hate crime. The following excerpts, culled from the written testimony of a verified high-degree freemason, would appear to support the author’s premise that was indeed exactly what occurred.

According to masonic text and lore, the first three degrees of initiation into the Order of the Brotherhood are symbolic of life, death, and rebirth. These concepts of the first three masonic degrees are synonymous with the building of Solomon’s Temple which symbolically represents the concept of “making men better.” The quest for or the building of Solomon’s Temple is an image which symbolizes a spiritual journey where one can discover the light (the sun/lucifer) which in turn, further aids the candidate toward the discovery of inner divinity while rising through the masonic degrees.

The symbolism of the rope represents the human umbilical chord, and of being cast from the darkness of ignorance and born into the light of lucifer/illumination or spiritual transcendence. The knotted rope is synonymous with the tarot image of the hangman, and is also commonly associated with the Tessellated Border, and according to Masonic Brother William Steve Burkle KT, 32nd degree KCRBE of the Alpha Lodge No. 116, Grand Lodge of New Jersey, “The knotted rope is an ancient Masonic symbol commonly associated with the Tessellated Border, which in modern times is represented by a series of contiguous equilateral triangles extending around the perimeter of the lodge floor.” (http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/knotted_rope.html)

This esoteric concept has also been observed by the general public countless times – and often, though not of their own fault, lacking understanding of its true significance –  demonstrated with a distinctive hand gesture by high-profile pop stars, Hollywood glitterati, and others in not only the entertainment industry, but high-ranking public officials in both the West and Europe:




Masonic Brother Burkle also adds that, “Given the historical esoteric significance of knotted ropes it is not surprising that our Tessellated Border ended up being used on the Lodge Floor as a protective boundary between the profane world and our sacred rites.”

The significance of the “unknown liquid” poured on the victim in the Smollett case represents an even greater esoteric masonic ceremony, involving only those candidates who desire to rise to the order’s high priesthood. Subsequent to the event, Chicago police officials asserted that Smollett was, “dissatisfied with his salary.”

Could this have been a signal sent through the channels of the MSM, owned by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, to Smollett’s Templar/Jesuit/Masonic masters he was seeking to rise to the highest echelons of the order, and that he was also prepared to suffer the extreme slings and arrows of public humiliation to achieve his ultimate desire?

In masonic lore, according to the writings of the late high-degree mason, Manly P. Hall, there are two masonic degrees designated for candidates of the “high priesthood” where the principles of anointing apply. In the ‘Prince of Mercy’ degree, water or liquid is poured over the candidate and he is therefore assured he has been “purified”. In the Knight’s Templar degree, highlighted in a past installment, the candidate is instructed to drink communion from a human skull-cap during an occult “black mass” ceremony.


Earlier in this installment, one alluded to the fact Smollett’s official biographies provided indirect clues as to the genuine Hollywood genealogy of the now infamous actor. Recall that official sources cited Smollett not only worked with Rob Reiner as a child actor, but was the “third of six” children and, that one of his siblings was named Jake.

Well, it turns out folks, that the renowned Hollywood producer/director, Rob Reiner AKA former US VP Al Gore has a son named Jake, aged twenty-six.


One should – given the rather shocking results of ear biometric and facial recognition analysis – think to positively dismiss the notion.

For, when it comes to the covert and scripted perpetuation of the post-modern phenomenon known as the actor based reality, coincidences simply do not exist.

Jake Reiner:

Jussie Smollett:



Jake Reiner:



Yes folks, just as former US president, Barack Hussein Obama was portrayed by television actor/comedian Jerry Seinfeld in black face, such is the case with Jussie Smollett AKA Jake Reiner. Note in the opening frame of the video displayed above, that the pattern of hair growth along the geometrical contours of Reiner’s chin matches the same pattern observed in the images of the character for which he serves as host actor, Smollett.

You shall also observe, that with the Smollett character, this symmetrical pattern of facial hair growth following along the geometry of the chin to the corners of the mouth has been further obscured from ocular perception by either extensive growth along the entire length of the chin or artificial applications. Facial recognition analysis also indicates matches in terms of the diameter and width of the nasal cavities as well in the area of the brow ridges, forehead and the eyes. Patterns of the teeth also indicate a match. Ear biometrics indicates though slight photo shop relocation of the ears has been attempted in some of Smollett’s images to distort the geometry of the face and to further conceal the identity of the host actor, the ears, overall, appear to be a perfect match.

And, just in case there are still any doubters that it wouldn’t be possible for a Caucasian actor to portray the host actor for an African-American character, well, take a look at Robert Downey Junior (who by the way is the hidden son of renowned  award-winning Hollywood actor, Dustin Hoffman) starring in this excerpt from Tropic Thunder:

That’s right folks, the psychological sorcery and mass behavioral modification worked upon the masses by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families through their magic conduit of the corporate mainstream media/entertainment complex knows no boundaries or limits, because they wholeheartedly believe the ends truly justify the means.

The first solution in avoiding the effects of such crass psychological manipulations?: turn off your television sets and leave them off – forever.

Oh, and stay off social media as much as possible, rather, visit Newsspell instead.










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