Christchurch Host To Crisis X Conference?

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With this installment, one has discovered some remarkably revealing information that simply cannot be denied by even those – often without cause and lacking significant counter argument – who scoff at the concept of crisis actors or cast derision at the concept of the actor based reality as wholly inconceivable.

Despite the pejorative criticisms of knee-jerk detractors overly stricken with the plague of puerile political correctness or either hopeless insipidity, what follows should count as irrefutable proof that the world is being deliberately hoaxed and emotionally manipulated into accepting the global dystopia of the UN’s Agenda 21 or “sustainable development” – or whatever tortured euphemistic moniker the ruling elites decide to call the brand of futuristic tyranny they have planned for the masses of humanity going forward. Remarkably, and with the full knowledge of local officials including the mayor, it has come to one’s attention that the municipality of Christchurch, New Zealand played host to a conference featuring keynote speakers from a public relations and crisis management company called Crisis X.

Apparently, the Crisis X conference was fully attended and consecutively convened on March 4th and the 5th, ten days before the alleged lone gunman attacks on the Al-Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Center on the 15th of March, 2019.

Strap yourselves in folks, this amusement ride promises to become quite bumpy.

It can now be verified that Crisis X, what was billed as a “crisis management” conference, took place in Christchurch, New Zealand on consecutive days during March the fourth and the fifth, more than a week prior to the alleged “attacks” on the Al-Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Center. During the span of the two day event, an interesting array of “world class speakers” gave keynote addresses at “New Zealand’s first simulation event.”


As one shall observe on the webpage after clicking the link displayed directly above, the substantive gist of the conference is described thusly: “Crisis X: The Readiness Conference has been built for those on a crisis management who would come together when a crisis occurs. It would be beneficial for: CEO’s and direct reports, Corporate Communications Managers, PR practitioners, CIO’s and IT security managers, Chief Risk Officers/Head of Risk/Risk Analysis/Compliance Officers/Legal counsel and Board Members. Notice the wording of the conference’s opening mission statement and the tense it is written: “for those on a crisis management who would come together when a crisis occurs.”

Furthermore, the web page goes on to stunningly state the following:

“We will share the tools you need to deal with a crisis effectively, then put them to practice. That’s because when it comes to a crisis, talking heads are one thing. But the only way to really train for a crisis is to go through one.”

In other words folks, a PR firm possessing the knowledge of how to stage crisis simulations and also possessing the requisite mass media resources (utilizing popular social media platforms to control the media message) to publicize the event in the aftermath of a preplanned “crisis”, not only helped prepare the participating actors to effectively stage a simulated crisis event, but also provided local officials and law enforcement with significant and uniform talking points which served to manipulate and manage the public’s perceptions, both in real-time and, in the direct aftermath of the prefabricated crisis event in Christchurch New Zealand on March 15 of 2019.

But while your contemplating the Orwellian significance of the Crisis X mission statement (sums to 101 in English Ordinal gematria/masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/88 in Reverse Ordinal/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the hook or mind weapon), we shall now examine the resume of some of the conference’s heralded “world class” keynote speakers.


The CRISIS X webpage introduces its array of keynote speakers in the following fashion:

“Alongside our unique crisis simulation {author’s note: You don’t say!}, we have assembled some of the world’s best speakers on crisis management and communication.”

One of the “world’s best speakers” featured at Christchurch’s Crisis X conference was Melissa Agnes, author of “Crisis Ready”, a published and widely distributed text awarded “Top 10 Business Books of 2018” by Forbes Magazine, and described by “Law Enforcement Executive” Chris Hsiung as a “strategic blueprint to help organizations prepare for and successfully navigate turmoil, all while building trust and confidence with their stakeholders.”

As a professional “crisis management strategist”, some of Agnes’s clients curiously include NATO/OTAN (notice the occult mirrored reversal performed with that moniker folks?), Hilton hotels, City of Los Angeles (site of the faked LA riots), YMCA, and Merck, a pharmaceutical company whose activities shall be detailed presently.

Here is Mellissa Agnes in action at a relatively recent TED Talk, and note the artificial and even condescending tone Agnes employs while addressing her audience, as if they were primary school students:

First however, in perusing the list of Agnes’s clients from her webpage, do you observe any other names which would pique further curiosity? Would it surprise you to learn that one of those names, Hilton hotels, possesses stockholders in common with other corporations proved to have direct connections with other highly publicized crisis simulation events executed in the recent past?

How about Hilton hotels?

According to Market Scanner ( some of Hilton’s major shareholders are nearly identical to those of MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, the sight of the Las Vegas mass casualty simulation more than one year ago. These shareholders include The Vanguard Group, BlackRock Fund Advisors, Fidelity Management, and JP Morgan Investment Management.

More curiously, we find the YMCA listed among Agnes’s prestigious clients. Officially, YMCA is designated as a 5013C (12/21/777) entity, which means in addition to receiving government grants in the form of public tax money (both federal and state) to maintain their array of nationwide and globally located facilities, they are legally able to solicit additional donations from public and private sources.

Under varying circumstances, and lacking legal sanction from the US corporation, that sort of activity could be construed as illegal and termed double-dipping and possible insider trading, offenses for which a maverick Wall Street trader would be, if caught, summarily tried, convicted, and sentenced to federal prison.

The outstanding question that looms however, is why a high-profile non-profit company touting itself as a philanthropic savior in the communities where they are located would be associated with a PR professional who specializes in planning and executing crisis simulation events?

Perhaps an answer could be provided from closer examination of the non-profit organization’s logo:

Not only do the letters YMCA collectively sum to 42 in English Ordinal gematria (6/33), but the logo consists of an inverted pyramid. Here’s what the renowned occultist and high-degree freemason, Manly P. Hall wrote in his highly regarded occult text, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, about inverted symbols:

“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies perverted power…The black magician cannot use the symbols of white magic without bringing down upon himself the forces of white magic, which would be fatal to his schemes. He must therefore distort the hierograms so that they typify the occult fact that he himself is distorting the principles for which the symbols stand. Black magic is not a fundamental art, it is the misuse of art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, and by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed.”

Does this mean public tax dollars and government grants are paid in the form of a retainer to PR professionals whose brand entails routinely fabricating crisis, professionals skilled in the art – likely utilizing online shills to control and shape the media narrative on popular social media platforms – of marketing and branding to the public the crisis simulations they create as genuine news events?

Are Agnes and her clients bound by something deeper, other than just contractual obligation?

Perhaps, they are bound by the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic creed, and by virtue of such, are in turn bound to the thirteen ruling elite families, who wish to bring about social and political change which would profitably benefit their global commercial system.

For a prime example of how Agnes and her subversive PR tactics operate, merely click the following link (, and near the bottom of the web page, one shall be able to view the first video available. The content features Agnes’s outline of the nature of her unique PR work, and how it can make “your brand invincible.”

While perusing the rest of the web page, take note of the image of a masonic pyramid.

“Like the steps of a pyramid, the Crisis Ready Model has five (2+3/2 3’s/33/High-Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) distinct phases that build on each other, furthering the mindset, skills and tools required to implement a crisis ready culture and thus build an invincible brand.”

In other words folks, – in vaguely Orwellian terms – Agnes is talking about staging psychological operations to deliberately foster a societal and paradigmatic mindset of fixed (what one presumes is implied with the slogan “invincible brand”) but false public perception, and all to make a profit.

Moreover, Agnes mentions an incident involving Starbucks.

Remember this ridiculously staged event, folks?

But perhaps most curious of all is Agnes’s association with Merck, a pharmacological bio-laboratory. Although Merck has biolabs located in various nationwide locations, their headquarters is located at the company’s Kenilworth facility in New Jersey, which the company describes as a “Biopharmaceutical Life Sciences Cluster, a concentrated area of biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies.”

On Merck’s web page, one shall discover a virtual laundry list of licensed distributors of their vaccine products, and one surmises the ulterior motive behind the widespread commercial availability of these products acts as a contingency or an augmentation to the brand of social engineering in which PR hacks like Agnes specialize, that is, if her brand of grandly scaled psychological manipulation fails to take hold, the vaccines produced by Merck’s Frankenstein laboratories will assuredly numb any remaining dissenters into unquestioning obedience to the ruling elite Jesuit family’s fascist/corporate global order.


Yet another “world class” speaker featured at the Crisis X conference just prior to Christchurch’s alleged mosque attacks was the city’s former mayor from 2007 until 2013, Sir Robert Parker (sums to 147 in English Ordinal gematria/12/21/777).

Oddly, Parker’s official biographies claim though he’s been married twice and has three (EE/occult mirrored reversal/33) sons from his first marriage, there are no indications of who his first wife may have been, and no images of his three sons seem to exist. His second wife, Joanna Parker-Nicholls, appears to be much younger than her spouse, whose mayoral term spanned six years (6/33).

Sir Robert Parker and Joanna Parker Nicholls:

An interesting story exists online however, regarding how Christchurch’s former mayor met his future wife while she was studying drama in London after finishing her undergraduate studies at Canterbury University. A short synopsis of Christchurch’s second oldest academic institution of higher learning in an earlier installment detailed (See: Is Christchurch’s “Abdul Aziz” A Familiar “Hero”?) that the school was founded by philosophical and ideological disciples of Thomas Henry Huxley, men who were not only adherents of socialist ideologies, but staunch supporters of Charles Darwin and his theories of Natural Selection. These scholarly men were also members of a secret society that began in London called the – wait for it folks – X Club (Crisis X/X Club; is there a pattern developing here, folks?)

The article written to regale the public with tales of the Parker’s budding romance (See: reveals that “Jo Nicholls” met Robert Parker when she “auditioned for the lead female role in Noel Coward’s play ‘Present Laughter’, and ‘Bob’ was playing the lead male.”

That’s right folks, they are both actors.

Keep that fact in mind when viewing the following video excerpt starring alleged Christchurch mosque shooting witness Mahmoud Nazeer (Mahmoud sums to 75/12/21/777 and Nazeer sums to 69/ying and yang/occult mirrored reversal, while the total sum in English Ordinal gematria equals 144/9/6/33/63 in Full Reduction/9/6/33).

Voice comparison analysis between Nazeer and Sir Robert Parker resulted in a positive match. Amazingly, Parker’s voice, while starring as Nazeer’s host actor in this scene, does not appear to have been altered in post-production. Notice too, that not only have layers of latex stippling been applied to the host actor’s face and nose as well pasted-on mustache and beard attachments, but while in the guise of Nazeer, Parker seems to have difficulty holding back what appears to be considerable amusement, indicating some of the footage may have been culled, post-edited and composited from B roll footage during rehearsal while the actor was still settling into the scripted character.

The article concerning Parker’s spouse also reveals that Joanna Nicholls is a photographer. How interesting that she would not only be an actor, but a photographer, no?

Further on in the article, Nicholls attempts to recall her experience during an earthquake that struck Christchurch on September 4 of 2010 and, as one shall observe, it is coded with numerological and masonic signifiers:

“Jo had woken up two to five (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) minutes prior to the September 4th 2010 earthquake and had decided to get out of bed and to go downstairs – she likes to wake up in a positive way and this was the option that morning. She was downstairs in the two level (2/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) warehouse/studio in which they live in the inner city. Having been brought up in the Hawkes Bay region in the North Island Jo was familiar with earthquakes: “It occurred to me immediately: that this was an earthquake!”

It should be pointed out that during Sir Robert Parker’s tenure as mayor of Christchurch, he signed the city on to ICLEI (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives), an international body dedicated to the global implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21 and sustainable development. To elaborate further, the following were the conclusions of a consensus reached by the United Nations Council on Human Settlements (Habitat I), Vancouver BC,  on May 31 – June 11, 1976 and documented in its preamble to Agenda Item 10 of the Conference Report:

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals an subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if used in the interest of society as a whole.”

Starting to get picture here, folks? The thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families want to solidify, under the guise of fighting “climate change”, a global feudalist corporate state where individual property rights will be outlawed in the name of “social justice.” And, they are willing to utilize PR hacks like Melissa Agnes and her fabricated crisis management schemes to not only help promote their agenda, but to eliminate, by sinister, surreptitious and even criminal means, individual and private property rights.

As this relates to New Zealand, can there be any doubt “Sir” Robert Parker was knighted by the sitting British monarch for willfully playing his role in utilizing the fabrication of such disasters and crisis scenarios to facilitate the grand goals of his elite masters?

At any rate, here’s former Mayor Robby’s account of that fateful day of September 4th, 2010:

Freeze the video at 0:16, and note how Parker positions his pair of thumbs into the masonic sign of the pyramid. At approximately 1:11, you will hear Mayor Robby the actor mention a torch and a candle. In the context of both high-degree Freemasonry and  occult esoterica, the candle and the torch are symbolic of the eternal flame, or Christos/Christ consciousness within each human being that – according to the teachings of Theosophist Madame Blavatsky – “must somehow be lit up in order to activate self-consciously the spiritual potential.”

As an aside, one wonders why there is always someone named Parker associated with these widely promoted mass casualty simulation scenarios.

Could it be because in English Ordinal gematria, the Full Reduction sum of Parker equals 33?

Of course, loyal readers recall Robby Parker of Sandy Hook fame, but this time we are presented with a different actor portraying a nearly identically monikered character, the former mayor of Christchurch, who it appears, has been awarded a knighthood by the sitting British monarch.

Indeed, as it turns out, Mister Parker was a recipient of New Zealand’s Order of Merit, established by edict of royal warrant on 30 May, 1996 (33/33/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the hook or mind weapon) by none other than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Once again, as we observed with a similar honor bestowed by the Queen, New Zealand’s Order of Merit features an image of the Templar cross.

New Zealand Order of Merit:

What is interesting concerning Christchurch’s former mayor, is that prior to becoming involved in the public life of politics, he was employed as a professional television and radio broadcaster in not only Christchurch, but Wellington and Auckland. His claim to fame in the television industry spanned the years between 1984 and 1996, when he served as the associate producer and original host of the New Zealand version of This Is Your Life, formerly hosted in America by Ralph Edwards.


Mohammed Khan is a Business Process Consultant for HP South Pacific in both Australia and New Zealand. His linkedin profile details his experience with print analysis and security, ecommerce, as well CRM solutions. According to his Crisis X profile, Mohammed specializes in “building and motivating effective teams, managing defined outcomes and developing strong relationships.”

What is interesting here, is that although a greater supply of images to complete further facial recognition comparison analysis must be necessary to confirm a direct correlation and a positive identification between Mohammed’s profile picture at his linkedin page, his profile image supplied at the Crisis X webpage, and the actor featured in the photo-op image culled from the Bing Image Feed link displayed below, the pair of individuals do appear to have similar and perhaps even identical facial landmarks.

Mohammed Khan linkedin page:

Beyond Mohammed’s presence either at the Crisis X conference or the mass casualty simulation on the 15th of March however, there exists this interesting article concerning his employers, Hewlett-Packard South Pacific, and its apparent declining stock position. According to Chris Duckett at (, the company suffered a net loss of AU$48 million in 2018.

“A year of divestments and purchases has resulted in the South Pacific arm of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise clocking up a net loss of AU$48 million (12/21/777), a near fivefold (2 3’s/33) increase on the AU$9.7 million (16/7/9X7=63/occult mirrored reversal=3 6’s=18/666) loss for last year, and a total comperhensive loss of AU$27 million (2 7’s/Lucifer’s twin lightning charge/angelic transformation).”

Putting aside the fact the article at is heavily coded with numerological markers, could it be there was some sort of financial incentive, perhaps even a quid pro quo offered from New Zealand’s government officials to Hewlett-Packard South Pacific, in the way of tax breaks to either ease or to aid with recuperation of their massive losses in exchange for their cooperation and, the cooperation of one of their more prominent employees in the Christchurch crisis simulation?


In addition to crisis actor Sir Robert Parker, among the list of Crisis X conference’s domestic keynote speakers were Rob Fyfe, former CEO of Air New Zealand, Chris Quinn, CEO Foodstuffs North Island, Martin Snedden, former CEO of New Zealand Cricket, Mike Hosking and Nadine Higgins, a pair of New Zealand’s most prominent broadcasters, and Simon Kenny, Head of Communications at McDonalds.

Yes folks, McDonalds, home of the creepy lemon yellow clad red-headed clown.

But don’t be surprised, because if one looks closely at McDonalds official corporate logo from the right perspective, a very important masonic signifier emerges, the number 33. One shall also note that the ‘M’ is colored yellow, which is symbolic of the sun, the very object of Templar/Jesuit/Masonic worship. The ‘M’ is cast against a red background, which is symbolic of the pagan idol of Mars, the god of war:

McDonald’s logo:

In addition to Mohammed Khan, rounding out the speakers included on the list of Crisis X’s AIG Data Security Panel were Rob Pope, Director of CERT NZ, and Bhairav Shah, AIG New Zealand’s Head of Financial Lines and Casualty. Perhaps more so than any of the other panelists, the latter pair of figures prove to be integral in terms of successfully executing a well-planned post-crisis simulation scenario and making it appear legitimate.

As Director of Cert ZN, Pope is head of the government agency dealing directly with issues of cyber security as they relate to the integrity of businesses and organizations. When one accesses the “About” section of CERT NZ, one shall observe the following:

“CERT NZ works to support businesses, organizations and individuals who are affected (or may be affected) by cyber security incidents. We provide trusted and authoritative information and advice, while also collating a profile of the threat landscape in New Zealand.”

The page goes on to ask the following hypothetical question:

“Why have a CERT? A CERT is an organization that:

  • recycles cyber incident reports
  • tracks cyber security incidents or attacks, and
  • provides advice and alerts to its customers on how to respond and prevent further attacks.”

The webpage section then goes on to state the following, what is perhaps the most telltale:

“The NZ government announced an investment of 22.2 million (6/33) to set up a new national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)  as part of Budget 2016. In establishing a CERT, New Zealand joins an international network of CERT’s. This improves our access to information on potential or real-time cyber-attacks, and helps us play our part in the global effort to improve cyber security.”

This section of CERT NZ’s webpage then details what it terms CERT’s key referral partners:

“Department of Internal Affairs, Netsafe, National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), and New Zealand Police.”

One can very well guess, given the plethora of independently produced video productions censored or completely removed from You Tube and other sites, it would appear that Mister Pope and his government conspirators – Christchurch’s public officials and those in the masonic police guilds – construed any independently produced information disseminated online and deemed contrary to the official MSM narrative in the wake of the alleged Christchurch mosque attacks as constituting a “threat to global cyber security”, and proceeded to immediately crush it under their polished black jackboots.

The last speaker, Bhairav Shah, is AIG New Zealand’s Head of Financial Lines and Casualty. The “About” section of AIG New Zealand’s webpage has this to say about the history of its operations in the insurance industry:

“Operating in New Zealand since 1970, we offer a comprehensive range of corporate and commercial insurance and risk management products and services, helping New Zealand companies capture today’s opportunities and look to the future with confidence. Our global perspective offers the benefits of global experience and anticipation of emerging risks while our local presence provides you with access to experienced professionals who understand your unique insurance needs.”

One wonders about the significance of the preceding paragraphs latter sentence.

Does this include AIG paying out false insurance claims to crisis simulation participants included on the Christchurch mosque attack’s casualty lists in financial remuneration for their contractual participation?

In case there are still any scoffing detractors, one should consider that according to all known MSM outlets and sources, no official autopsy reports have been released by Christchurch’s coroner’s office. Meaning that, as was the case at Sandy Hook and other similar mass casualty simulations, no autopsies were performed on any of the alleged victims from either the majority of those at Al-Noor Mosque or those from the Linwood Islamic Center on the 15th of March.  Then again, one doesn’t suppose there would be any autopsies performed during a post-crisis simulation scenario, because there would be no genuine victims, only a list of pseudonyms and aliases attached to false insurance claims paid out by AIG New Zealand.

Not only that, but as of March 19 (See:, only six of the victims were allegedly released to victim’s families (6/33). So, what about the remaining victim’s bodies, did they just vaporize while laying on the coroner’s slab?

“Mr Mohammed Safi, 23 (2 3’s/33), whose father Matiullah Safi died in Al-Noor mosque, earlier voiced frustration with officials for not giving grieving families any indication of when the bodies would be released. “There’s nothing they are offering, the Afgan refugee said outside the family support center in Christchurch. “They are just saying they are doing their procedures, they are doing their process. But what process? Why do I not know what you are going through to identify the body…Why am I not contacted as an immediate family member?”

Perhaps Mohammed Safi should have consulted with Melissa Agnes, the professional PR hack.

One is fairly certain, she could have definitively informed him that “process” is faking crisis to build an “invincible brand.”













11 thoughts on “Christchurch Host To Crisis X Conference?

    1. I am indeed doing well, I’m very happy to see I am not the only one who has penetrated beyond the veil of illusion. I have written extensively here concerning the royal House of von Furstenberg, and especially about Barry Diller AKA former US president Ike Eisenhower, the current spouse of Barbara Walters AKA von Furstenberg. Surely by now, you must have heard about the recent “findings” of the”study” published by UK psychologists from Staffordshire and Kent ( – no doubt financed by these very royal families – that people like us (conspiracy theorists) are “more likely” to commit crimes and have a penchant for anti-social behavior. This is just another blatantly manipulative psychological operation. They know the game is up and they’re becoming desperate.

  1. Face-palm — close but miss.

    Crisis X prepared people for an attack (which authorities could of prevented but did not) yes but no hoax actors

    As some from christ-church who interviewed witness survivors, knew several people who mates died there this sort of arm chair detective shit grows old. Chch is not NY and thus verifying witness bonafides easy.

    You want to prove no actors get a list of victims and google with a bit of cross referencing it should be easy.
    Its what i did.

    Then I looked at the video, cross referenced it against what the witnesses in the mosque we talked to said – then O checked their statement against what external witness at near by location saw (from multiple directions) – then I checked their statement in turn against neighbouring CTV cameras.

    Then I checked the limitation storage and limitations of hero 400 gopro: guess what its piece of crap and full of glitches.

  2. Thank you for your interest in the material published at Newsspell but, alas, the author does not utilize an armchair. You claim there were no actors, and yet fail to provide any empirical evidence or verifiable counter analysis which would discount the author’s findings regarding the Christchurch event’s “hero”, Abdul Aziz. Your opening statement is tantamount to a fatuous out-of-hand dismissal, particularly, when one considers law enforcement authorities were confirmed as Crisis X conference attendees. Surely, you’re cognizant of the fact, the triad of empirical elements that are necessary when conducting any such investigation: means, motive, and opportunity. As for the list of alleged victims, did you happen to “interview” any witnesses with “bonafides” – those not living in “NY” – who may have known “Atta Elayyan AKA Omar Elayyan, aged 33 (the number thirty-three is often utilized as a code for Freemasonry). Omar is living in the US, and has a wife living in Chicago, Illinois. He also utilizes the alias Imad Junior, with corroborating pictures linked to an old My Space account, found via Google’s Way Back Machine. His father – Imad Senior – has lived in both Illinois and New York. The “official” footage released by the mainstream media – which, when scrupulously analyzed – proves, beyond shadow of doubt, the footage presented for public consumption was filmed at varying times of day and augmented with post-production audio. And just how, pray tell, were you able to gain possession of closed circuit television footage from the alleged “crime scenes” at both mosque locations, long enough, as you claim, to cross reference the content with “witness” testimony? Did you issue or file a court order – during what must have been an ongoing and official investigation conducted by local Christchurch law enforcement “authorities” – to acquire this footage? Additionally, please explain how Tracy Withers – from Bloomberg – was able to compile a complete report on this “massacre” on March 14 at 7:33 pm mountain daylight time in the US,, and officially post her story at 2:33, local New Zealand Time, which is a mere 31 minutes after the “official” time the alleged assailant had reportedly ended his rampage and was summarily apprehended, and before “authorities” had even begun an official investigation? How can an official journalistic account be written – complete with allegedly pertinent “facts” – in that remarkably brief span of time? Unless, of course, there was foreknowledge. It turns out – and perhaps you’re not aware – all mainstream stories are written by a state of the art language model designed by Allen Institute for AI, which utilizes algorithmic transformers. Therefore, if we are to correspond again, in future, please attempt – in the way of presenting cogent counter-arguments – something more substantive than vague and unsubstantiated claims, puerile ad hominem and, as well, distastefully feeble and vulgarity-ridden psychological manipulations.

    1. That Max Elliot just one of the survivors we interviewed.

      Max is corroborated by William Nash
      Driving pass (Barbadoes is one way)
      Mark Nichols Premium Tyres whose right across the road
      and backed up by two of is workers
      Jarryd Ford Mansion Your Shout Next to the Mosque
      Cameras on Mosque Your Shout give time stamp corroborated by Parkview Hagley CTV

      That gives me; 1 direct internal witness 3 external witness (with my driver working or knowing a lot these Linwood guys anyway through working together at the local supermarket)
      Confirmed video time stamp with time stamp of CTV Your Shout. Cross referenced

      Crisis X not preparing fake event rather preparing control of narrative of real event pre orchestrated event
      To say no victim in Linwood sorry but having spent two week at ground zero that simply stupidity in a bottle – and with a bit of legwork easily debunked. A bit of work on your side would find long list of other witnesses any one reading this can do that. No effort to simply look for those name on google

      Here let me do it for you show just how easy it is
      Syed Mazharuddin

      Supervisor Professor John Everatt
      Wendy Fox
      University of Canterbury Engineering Rd
      03-364 2708

      Did you ever go on line look at the survivors and actually vet them before declaring them all fictional ghosts or ‘actor’ Bollock you stuck behind your desk and picked fact to fit your own prejudices like a good google arm chair detective


      CRISIS X

      I could walk you through most of the list at Crisis X and give you a good back ground profile of those bozos as again real real names all well known to us Kiwis. Had you made a few call and spoken to real people they could have flushed this out for you.

      e,g, Rob Pope former deputy Commissioner thwarted form top job by ex PM Helen Clark due to ties to cops busted in rape ring exposed by Louisa Nichols and cops who tried to cover it up: marijuana leaf right shoulder, former undercover cop left programme with wife of the man he busted. Not a nice chap.

      Pope is a very very controversial figure in the Scot Watson, Olive Hope Murder/ Lisa Blakie prostitute murder/ Mureen Mckinnel prostitute murder ( I mention those case specifically as the officer in the crime scene in two case was Detective Sergeant Milton Weir (and active on the third) forced retirement from CIB following the Bain multiple Homicide (accusations of incest prostitution police corruption) debacle*.

      * While in Dunedin the killer even lived in the same street where the Bain family had lived.

      Mr Pope is well know to us Kiwis. He sums up in a nutshell the frustration of many NZ that we are the only police force in the world with out an internal policing unit and the once that does exist the IPCA half the time sends bent cops to investigate themselves (that’s a tad exaggerated but not far off the mark)

      Yup sure they fit in there somewhere but not in orchestrating a fake attack – just in making sure the story they wanted told got told.

      Seriously go watch one of the video of attendee Mike Hoskin’s a horrible gnome of a man we see his face every night on TV spouting utter right wing crap.You wold not want this guy on a covert operation.
      Not because he would not do it but he so full of himself it only be a matter of weeks before he let something slip. But a very useful guy if you want to set a mood and load his little brain with pre-loaded jargon or narration line for the story you do want to unfold. It be compartmentalised and Hoskin himself would none the wise just a bit richer and bit more pompous for being invited to such an important event.

      I met Abdul will read what you said about him later and will reserve judgement but well say Linwood Mosque went down the way it did 100% certainly (Al Noor 95% minus issue of dean st ballistics and second car allowed to drive our police cordon). My Linwood cobbers are decent hard working people who like a lot of good folk have being screwed ever since the 2010 quakes when the vultures came out to feed. They are well known in our town not as Islamic boogey monsters but as our neighbours and mates with great food and wonderful humanity. I am very pleased they are here and for over thirty years on and off they have being my neighbour (often literally) none of them deserved this crap.

      Mayor wife = hmmm well THANK YOU!! the AOS drill HQ was St Margaret’s.
      Check out Cashmere Tunnels on grounds.
      It has a documented tunnel to the oold estate which had at least two houses
      One now belongs to the Court Theatre Director (who studied in London) he is one of Chch’s ‘beautiful people’ who revolves around the Christchurch Foundation (Partners Tel Aviv Foundation Rockefeller Foundation Resilient Cities).

      It weird and all I will say is you if want to understand this thing found out who the first global commissioner to the UN Mike Moore was what his background is and his connection to Chch — and concept of glbal governance bia a global mayor network (resilent cities 100) ditto the current Mayor part of this crew.
      Shit these kiwis invented Agenda 2030 privilege families from privilege backgrounds who pre-tend to be left but as right as artilla the hun (see rogernomic The Fish and Chip Brigrade, see Battle for Seattle Mike Moore global governance CODEX Helen Clark UN globalisation
      Press whipping out stories quickly

      Bloomberg you did calculate NZ daylight savings right?
      Withstanding looked at story highly doable.

      In uber tight time frame net work work to template
      who what when where (why can come later) networks affiliates pooled up so abc covers who bbc when cnn where etc and blamb your off

      The leg runner from the net works grab the raw footage that get feed back to the pool and then you race each other to see who can blat out the first version of the same story your all basically bloody copying and pasting from each other. The Network are lazy bastard but there people can do deadline like you cant believe. Is it accurate HELL NO

      But yes I am sure key detail got feed early to some and I have feeling some of the press who were in town on the day were not the usal grade of stingers (ditto I don’t know if you have an official information act in US but love to know when the FBI guys got here. I can not prove this but I think they had guys with boot on the ground same day and darn if I know where they came from; repeat that is hear say remark not an authenticated confirmed statement)


      And just how, pray tell, were you able to gain possession of closed circuit television footage from the alleged “crime scenes” at both mosque locations, long enough, as you claim, to cross reference the content with “witness” testimony? Did you issue or file a court order – during what must have been an ongoing and official investigation conducted by local Christchurch law enforcement “authorities” – to acquire this footage?

      Nope I wandered into Your Shout 225 Linwood and he showed me his CTV cameras directly (not footage which cops had by then) I then knew from other guys that the hotels near the mosque had already shown the to (BBC I think) found the photo checked the time stamps and as said used them as third point of reference you know got off my ass and walked and talked. Did not need footage (although it exist here and there) per se just time stamp to verify timing of event start to end.

      The rest of your remarks is subjective and proves nothing other orange are fruit therefore all fruit must be oranges be specific your just cheery picking and long bowing to fit the story you WANT based on what you THINK happened not what can be proven at this stage. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary level of proof so show a bit of respect for the people of Christchurch do them courtesy of making sure facts are facts.

      To you its just a story to me these are my family friend and people to say they are actors to fit your own version of event just another kick in the guts these people have to endure. They are not your enemy just people trying to make a living caught in the whims of other people games.

      Kia Kaha

  3. Shame your so uninformed about New Zealand. You might have got Pope was a bit more than a CERT director namely in his previous life as one of NZ most notorious undercover cops who rose to rank of deputy commissioner of police. However I am sure you will get to write more of you amusing esoteric ‘deductions’ concerning Crisis X and this bunch of cyber mercs shortly….very shortly.

    You may also care to revisit Crisis X’s new crop of speakers and see what they are doing these days.

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