Though the very title of this installment will no doubt raise the hackles of those numbered among the majority who have sacrificed their free will to think critically to the ghastly pandemic of political correctness, nevertheless, we shall once again dare to wander into that forbidden wilderness where very few still dare to tread.

Remember Sandy Hook’s Caitlyn Roig?

To remind everyone, she was the elementary school teacher who, upon hearing what sounded like gun shots, allegedly shepherded 15 (6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) of her Sandy Hook elementary students into the classroom closet on December 14, 2012 (777 intelligence joker code/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

But Caitlyn’s identity is a pseudonym, a pseudonym for a well-renowned country-music performer, who after appearing on American Idol, was inducted into the music industry’s prestigious “Grand Ole Opry”. But it turns out folks, even the name of that renowned star is a veil, concealing the genuine identity of her host actor.

Stay tuned, and you shall soon learn the actor who portrayed both characters was, likely without surprise, a fast-tracked and well-favored Hollywood child star whose famous sibling was also a child star and connected to Disney’s Mouseketeers.

But first, a recap and subsequent analysis of a recent article published by that bastion of fine mainstream journalism called the New York Post.


Recently, what appeared to be a most curious article based on a dubious premise ( was published in the New York Post detailing the findings of an academic “study” which concluded that those believing in “conspiracy theories” may be more likely to not only engage in anti-social behaviors, but may be more likely to commit crimes. This recent academic “study” primarily involved two prestigious British universities, Staffordshire and Kent, led by Professor of Social Psychology at Kent University, Karen Douglas. According to Professor Douglas’s Kent University profile page, the study, “understanding conspiracy theories”, was funded by Economic and Social Research Council, whose motto is “Shaping Society.”

Looking further into the nature of the work performed by ESRC/CREST, we find they are “Research for understanding, mitigating and countering security threats.”

Yes folks, “conspiracy theorists” or those numbered among the hoi polloi who think for themselves rather than adopting by wrote whatever social identity has been molded for them, those who refuse to unthinkingly conform to thought or behavior models officially sanctioned by the “authority” of corporate governments are now considered a “security threat.”

It seems this study is yet another psychological operation designed to reinforce and narrow the already claustrophobic parameters of mass conformity. It seems however, the psychological effect of this “study” carries with it the implicit threat, that, if one decides not to conform to the mass group think of political correctness, one will be considered a criminal and a possible threat to the state.

Because after all folks, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families cannot  countenance the prospect of a growing percentage of the masses beginning to think for themselves and refusing to participate in their global commercial monopoly rackets or worse yet, afford to entertain notions of free speech to those daring enough to peer beyond the veil of their pathetic illusions.

It stands to reason therefore, that an earlier study involving Professor Douglas, concerned “Personality and social networking activity” (social media?), a study conducted with funding derived from Roke Manor Research, a government subsidized think tank dialed in with the British Department of Defense Ministry. Roke is also part of the Chemring Group, “a market leading manufacturing business supplying high technology electronics and energetic products to over 80 countries around the world.”

But while further examining what is meant by high technology, electronics and energetic products, one discovered that Chemring is heavily invested in the development of sentient AI.

Yes folks, you read that correctly.

In fact, if one goes to their website ( and clicks on the article entitled “Automation – part of our future”, one will immediately observe a detailed expose entitled “Will robots really steal our jobs?”

Yes folks, the ruling elites cannot have the hoi polloi standing in the way of being replaced with AI or mitigating the UN’s dystopian depopulation future mapped out by Agenda 21 or sustainable development, can they?

Within the article found at the link posted above, is contained the genuine end game of the ruling elites, which has been masked by the propaganda of “climate change” and the “feminist”/”LGBQT” agendas. These manufactured social movements quite simply represent a mass social conditioning campaign to propagandize and, eventually, prepare the mass of humanity to not only accept their own crushing slavery within a global feudalist state, but ultimately, their own biological demise.

With that in mind, does it now stand to reason therefore as to why a private think tank, connected to the UK’s Department of Defense, would fund a pair of the UK’s most prestigious universities to fabricate and publicize their – a priori – findings that “conspiracy theorists” (i.e. free and independent thinkers) are dangerous to the globalist agenda of the ruling elites?

The documentation found at Chemring Group’s website serves to confirm the author’s premise concerning the ruling elite’s future plans for humanity articulated in a previous installment, that they are actively and incrementally planning to replace those segments belonging to the working and middle-classes of the global population with AI and robotics. (SEE: Vegas shooting hoax: The real story). 

This is why the concept of the actor based reality has been so effective for so long. The ruling elites have long known that the powerful force of music and theatrical performances, combined with meticulous propaganda, are the most effective means with which to entice the well-conditioned emotional and behavioral responses of the masses.


The story of Carrie Marie Fischer (biblical reference to Mary, mother of the mythical Jesus the “Fisher of Men”), better known as Carrie Underwood, represents yet another demonstration of the sort of Hollywood inspired narrative of those who have miraculously risen from the ranks of poverty stricken obscurity to grab the brass ring of fame, fortune and pop culture stardom. Carrie’s story began with her appearance on the fourth season of the popular reality television program “American Idol”. After several weeks of dramatic and stirring vocal performances, she emerged from the pack of also-rans to emerge resoundingly victorious.

After one of Carrie’s performances, the show’s most notorious judge, Simon Cowell, dramatically predicted that not only would she go on to win the contest, but would embark upon a stellar career in the music industry and would sell more records than any previous ‘Idol’ victor.

And how does one suppose Simon knew that?

Because folks, if you haven’t already suspected, American Idol – like any other “reality television” program – is thoroughly scripted, and a select group of its participants, contestants like “Carrie Underwood” (another masonic inspired pseudonym implying sexual innuendo, signaling to members of the masonic brotherhood like Simon Cowell that the contestant has gone through the requisite blackmailing of sexual and humiliation oriented initiations of the Eastern Star or Scottish Rite) are merely actors portraying the roles for which they were contractually obligated.

Fast forward to approximately 00:23 in the video displayed above and one will view what appears to be an impromptu interview with Underwood’s “mother”.

Both voice and facial recognition analysis indicate the character who is allegedly Carrie Underwood’s mother, is in fact an obscure television actor who starred in the late 1970’s television show, “One Day At A Time”, named Bonnie Franklin.

Franklin’s show – an example of which exists in a video excerpt below – was considered “ground breaking” for its era, due to the fact television critics and the show’s producers claimed its narratives were designed to deal with social issues that never had been addressed by any particular situation comedy of its genre.

In truth, the panegyrics heaped upon the show’s progressive portrayals of social issues masked the fact the show existed as nothing more than social and behavioral programming that promoted mass acceptance of the feminist agenda and the growing cases of single motherhood and family dysfunction.

Hypothetically speaking, if one were to compare the ultimate significance of the so-called “progressive” theme of this 1970’s television show – and other such similar television productions of the last several decades – with the information revealed concerning the latest “study” performed on the personality traits of “conspiracy theorists” and additionally, considering the grander schemes of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families often exposed here at Newsspell, could one conceivably draw a concrete nexus?

Though at first glance, it may seem to be a stretch to construct a clear nexus between the two, nevertheless, just think about the following: If the ruling elites plan to replace large segments of humanity with AI and robotics to perpetuate the economic efficiency of their global commercial system, would it not make sense to promote the mass perception of chaos among the sexes through LGBTQ, feminism, and MGTOW – and there is already significant evidence of this in Western Europe – with the result that birth rates significantly decline, and as an insurance policy or even a contingency, work to bolster this fabricated status quo with additional propaganda that promotes mass acceptance and obedience to this covert agenda, while simultaneously promoting additional propaganda designed to psychologically scorn critical thinkers who, in significant numbers, may stand to threaten the feasibility and implementation of this incremental global transition?

Regarding Underwood, her official biographies are laced with masonic symbols and numerological signifiers. After emerging victorious on American Idol in 2004 (6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), Underwood’s debut recording, “Some Hearts” (sums to 123 in English Ordinal gematria and 42 in Full Reduction/6/33), became the best-selling solo female debut in the history of the country and western genre, the fastest selling debut album in the history of Neilson SoundScan and, the best-selling country album of the previous 16 years (7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon). At the 2005 (7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon) annual Grammy Awards, Underwood took 3 (EE=33) awards, including Best New Artist (sums to 175 in English Ordinal gematria/13/summit of masonic pyramid).

“Carnival Ride” (sums to 82 in English Ordinal Full Reverse Reduction/2 8’s/Mark of the Jesuit order/16/7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon), Underwood’s second album was released in 2007 (9/6 in occult mirrored reversal/33), and earned her two additional Grammy Awards (Twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin).

After a subsequent string of successful recording releases and one compilation CD that added further luster to Underwood’s star power, Underwood was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Country music’s prestigious Grand Ole Opry, and to both Oklahoma’s Hall of Fame and the Music Hall of Fame. According to official biographies, Underwood has received a total of 7 Grammy Awards (7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon), ten Billboard Music Awards, fourteen ACM Awards (10+14=24/6/33), thirteen American Music Awards (13/summit of masonic pyramid), nine CMA Awards (9/6/33), and a Guinness World Record (sums to 243 in English Ordinal gematria/9/6/33 and 99 in Full Reduction/66/occult mirrored reversal/12/21/777 intelligence joker code).

The personal details of Underwood’s official biographies also contain interesting and pertinent revelations. It is claimed Underwood was born and raised (March 10, 1983/13/21/777) in Muskogee, Oklahoma, a location that also happens to be home to Oklahoma’s Grand Masonic Lodge.

Following suit with the usual rags-to-riches biographical template of a youth raised in a poverty-stricken rural environment, which was undoubtedly designed to bolster her image as a future star of the country and western genre, it is claimed Underwood grew up on her parents’ farm in remote Checotah, and that her earliest experiences in and exposures to the entertainment business came when she performed at the local Lions Club.

The Lions Club was founded by Freemason Melvin Jones, and though Wikipedia goes out of its way to debunk “conspiracy theorists” by attempting to deny a direct link between the Lions and Freemasonry, in the same breath, it also admits that not only do many high-ranking members of the International Fraternal Order of The Lions belong to the Freemasons, but they also admit that many among the Lions’ ranks are routinely recruited into those of the Freemasons.

This is nothing more than damage control and in essence, parsing the truth to make it appear as a lie. But with Wikipedia’s curious attempts to debunk the truth, they only end up bolstering it.

Yes folks, telling the truth in an age of lies can be considered a revolutionary act and, it is therefore fair to surmise that the ruling elite families – despite their immense wealth and vast resources – have grown fearful of the influence of those deemed “conspiracy theorists” i.e. free thinkers, and blogs like Newsspell.

It is claimed that at age 14 (77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation), a “local admirer” arranged an audition for Underwood with Capitol Records in Los Angeles. Among Underwood’s official biographers however, there seems to be a consensus that the deal was cancelled due to a shakeup with the company’s management structure. “I honestly think that its a lot better nothing came of it now,” Underwood is documented as having said in retrospect, “because I wouldn’t have been ready then. Everything has a way of working out.”

Yes, Carrie, things do have a way of working out, because the incident with Capitol Records turns out to be a huge clue as to the identity of your host actor, someone who was a child star in Hollywood, and the younger sibling of a renowned pop star connected to Disney and the legendary Mouseketeers.

If one wants to learn who was really in charge and responsible for the ascendance of Carrie Underwood’s career, one need not look any further than to the occult significance of Capitol Record’s corporate logo, which is represented by a dome.

Considering occult esoterica, the dome is symbolic of the sun or Lucifer, the light coming through the sun, which is the true object of veneration at the highest levels of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic hierarchy:

Despite the promise of a solid offer to audition for one of the most prestigious and storied companies in the entire history of the music recording industry, Underwood claims that upon graduation from college, she gave up on her dreams of a career in the entertainment business, citing, “I had to be practical and prepare for my future in the real world.”

In truth folks, it was Underwood’s host actor who was preparing to portray her role as part of the actor based reality, that of a manufactured country and western superstar.

As everyone has by now surmised, “Carrie Underwood” was merely a character, and  never truly existed.


Facial recognition and voice analysis clearly demonstrate that Jamie Lynn Spears, sibling of former pop superstar Britney, is the host actor behind the character of country and western singing sensation Carrie Underwood.

As one can surmise from merely a sight comparison analysis of the following images below, the character of Carrie Underwood is merely a slight modification of host actor and former child star, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Carrie Underwood:

Jamie Lynn Spears:


After December 14, 2012, the mainstream news began repeating the implausible story of Kaitlin Roig (sums to 73 or 3 7’s/777/joker code/ in English Ordinal Reverse Full Reduction), the “heroic” Sandy Hook elementary teacher who saved the lives of 15 of her first grade students.

Wikipedia and other mainstream sources claim that Roig, 29 years old (2 9’s/2 6’soccult mirrored reversal/12/21/777 intelligence joker code) upon hearing gun fire in the hallway while teaching class at Sandy Hook elementary on the morning of December 14, 2012, hid 14 students (some mainstream sources claim 15 students, like this one: indicating they still can’t get their story straight) in a tiny bathroom and barricaded the door, after which she instructed them to remain completely quiet.

Since all the narrative anomalies of the Sandy Hook event have heretofore been well-covered, one needn’t rehash them. However, if there is anyone still harboring nagging doubts this event wasn’t a manufactured hoax, fabricated to serve a political and social agenda, perhaps the following absurdity published at Wikipedia – given you aren’t overly afflicted with cognitive dissonance – will at least serve to give you pause:

“It is believed Lanza bypassed her classroom, which was the first classroom on the left side of the hallway; possibly because, following a lockdown drill weeks earlier, Roig had failed to remove a piece of black construction paper covering the small window in her classroom door. Lanza may have assumed that Roig’s classroom was empty because the door was closed and the window covered.”

Putting aside the question of how Lanza would have known about the drill weeks earlier along with the fact Wikipedia is all but admitting this “shooting” was a preplanned drill sold to the public as actual, does one really think some construction paper in a window would have deterred the alleged assassin from entering the classroom?

Added to this, if one looks closely at the video, sourced from official mainstream news channels, it has clearly been edited in post-production, which is a clear indication the on-site report given by veteran mainstream news correspondent Diane Sawyer wasn’t performed live and was likely performed before a green screen somewhere other than in Newtown, Connecticut.

And, it turns out folks, facial recognition and voice analysis indicate Diane Sawyer is the host actor for another celebrity personality, Martha Stewart.

Diane Sawyer:

Martha Stewart:

It also appears our “heroine” Kaitlyn Roig’s appearance has been altered in post-production with CGI markers, which have been deliberately applied to conceal the identity of her host actor who – I’m sure by now loyal readers have already guessed – is Jamie Lynn Spears AKA country and western music legend, Carrie Underwood.









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  1. Do you think the high ranking royals are forced through the humiliation rituals, or that they’re given another path through the masonic degrees?

    1. Research of the various prestigious “public” schools of higher education (Eton Harrow, etc. etc.) where many of the young royals, including those of the British Royal family have traditionally matriculated, indicates that – although now in the 21st century according to the school’s headmasters such things may be frowned upon – shaming and humiliation rituals are very much part of the campus culture in terms of properly training the children of the elite before obtaining their positions of leadership and privilege later in adulthood.

  2. You’ve made a lot of good points here. One of our other blogs is: AWOLL ( Elite nor anyone or group is going to do anything more than what God allows them. Actually and truly, this is God’s time prophesized thousands of years ago. Satan is death and destruction a destroyer that destroys. With him nothing remains. Our greatest weapon is prayer.

    1. Thank you for your continued interest in Newsspell. Certainly what your suggesting would be beneficial in providing some sort of psychological comfort from the onslaught of the engulfing storm, as it were. In a more practical sense, however, there are small but not insignificant steps a small, coordinated and determined minority could take against the powerful financial and commercial interests that control the content of all forms of media. The first step, in the way of practical solutions, would be to take an active role in beginning to identify exactly who these powerful financial interests are and to begin to understand the methods they employ in utilizing all forms of media to enrich their interests over those of the general public. Once the enemy is truly identified and their nefarious methods are understood, only then can a coordinated and determined effort of even a small minority begin to deprive them of their ability to largely manipulate the public.

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