For many, the following will represent a journey into the twilight zone.

Far be it for me, to spoil the serene enjoyments of the Easter holiday.

But, one thought, recently occurred to me.


What if, this three dimensional reality humanity perceives as solid, is nothing more than a holographic and artificial construct made of light? Certainly, I am not the first to conceive or consider such an idea. Far greater minds, the cutting edge scientist Nicola Tesla, for one, have previously delved into this as a possibility in explaining the complexities of human existence on this material plane.

I’m certain, rather than taking the time to genuinely consider what may seem a fantastic notion, many shall dismiss out of hand. What I’m suggesting, goes far beyond a critique of the corruption of governments, or the passive nature of the masses merely existing on a survival basis from day to day.

It goes right to the very heart of how humans perceive reality itself.

With the creation of the Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and other hoax events sold to the public as real crisis, the word is in the midst of observing, within a post-modern context, the alteration of human consciousness itself. CIA’s formulated ‘War on Terror’ does not consist of physical terrorists creating actual mayhem in the physical word. Rather, the nature of this war, is not physical, but psychological; the purpose of which is to effect profound change upon the human mind. Further research indicates there may exist corroboration for such a seemingly outlandish idea.

escape-to-death_banner1071THE NAG HAMMADI (Gnostic texts)

What if, the grand purpose of these hoaxed events, as written in the Nag Hammadi, is ‘to shatter the vessels of human consciousness’, only to be transformed, or reordered? This is the essence of how ideas are implanted and filtered through the subconscious to the conscious mind; ideas which, when triggered by events perceived to be actual in the material world, are capable of perceptibly altering human social behaviors and interactions.

If, through the media, the elites can manipulate subconscious fears, and cause the world’s masses to believe the problem of ‘terrorism’ is too large of a burden for sovereign, national governments to stanch the tide of violent mayhem, the idea, or necessity, for the emergence of a global governing structure, becomes all the more palpable in the conscious mind of the public.

More controversial still, would it be prudent at this juncture, to consider the agenda of the elites, is not of their own devising?

Could it be, they are carrying out the bidding of non-human entities?

The aforementioned text, Nag Hammadi, suggests the existence of Archons, non-human entities attempting to manipulate and misdirect both the collective consciousness and soul of mankind, for their own ends. The text explains how these beings, in order to better manipulate and gain complete dominion over the free will of the human collective soul, created this artificial, three dimensional prison; a holographic reality, if you will. While trapped here, what was once collective spirit, shattered into individual units, enclosed within carbon based flesh, mankind now exists as perpetually divided, and thus more easily conquered. From this state of divisive affairs, the human collective soul can be easily reshaped, back into whatever formulation so desired by the Archons.

In essence, order out of chaos!

Featured Image -- 7438I speculate, this is what the culmination of the trans-humanism movement is all about; a merging of human consciousness with that of artificial intelligence.

Though this explains one level of the media manipulation, there may be yet another escaping public cognizance. However, is it possible, some of those physical characters, or actors, sold to the public as ‘terrorists’, are being re-branded as leaders of the internet ‘truth’ movement? Improbable though it may seem, it is nonetheless important to remember, the so-called alternative media, is no more legitimate in purveying the truth than the sorcerers of the mainstream media. In truth, they are selling the same product. The differences are only in the packaging.


Some years ago, a popular figure emerged on You Tube, known to many in the truth movement as Zachary K. Hubbard. Hubbard proffers to his followers the science or art of numerology (number codes implanted into news stories), as an alternative method of interpreting current events presented through the media. Intriguingly, Hubbard’s video productions claim the nature of reality as presented by the media is ‘scripted by the numbers’. Indeed, by now, anyone seeking the truth as to what is occurring all around us, recognizes the repeated use of certain numbers into major news stories as verifiable fact, leading well beyond the bounds of mere coincidence.

However, this is all part of the grand game.

While presenting a kernel of truth in his presentations, Hubbard surrounds that truth with reams of disinformation. Much like Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jordan Maxwell, they assiduously guide one down the primrose path of truth, leading only to a diverting fork in the road.

In addition, there is this rather curious, if not stunning discovery.

In perusing pictures of Dhozar Tsnaraev, the alleged Boston bomber, one noticed similar facial similarities with this eminent figure in the ‘truth community’. Upon further analysis, both with facial recognition and ear bio-metrics, this hypothetical notion became increasingly evident.

Not only did each software analysis of copious photographs (performed by a friend expert in such matters), reveal the internet ‘truther’ Zachary K. Hubbard’s identity to be fraudulent, but more than conclusively revealed, alleged Boston Bomber Dhozar Tsnaraev, and Hubbard, are in fact, one and the same.

This conclusively demonstrates the accuracy of the hypothetical notion I have expressed with great consistency.

CIA, in order for the integrity of their psychological operations to remain air tight, utilize and repeatedly recycle the same actors. Beyond shadow of doubt, backdated photos of Zachary K. Hubbard were used to convincingly create the character known as Dhozar Tsnaraev. Keep in mind, the emergence of Hubbard as a full blown star of the internet truth movement, coincides with the 2012 time period subsequent to the Boston bombing event.

Scoff if you must, but the manipulations presented by the sorcerers composing the six and eleven o’clock news casts, may go a great deal deeper than initially realized.siren-011971937


  1. Considering the fact that the psychopaths love to stage and profit from both sides, I wouldn’t put it past them that many within the so-called “truth” community are establishment plants. Alex Jones and David Icke are one obvious examples, along with “flat earthers” such as Eric Dubay.

    1. Indeed – “plants” – is an accurate description. As you may be aware, I’ve identified “Alex Jones”, “Max Igan”, and “Eric Dubay” as fabricated character schemes portrayed by European royals.

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