Straight from the mouths of some of America’s most renowned founders of American pubic education, one shall soon observe your children are not being educated, but indoctrinated. The purpose of public school is not to produce the leaders of tomorrow in science, literature, law, the arts, or in any field of human endeavor. Rather, it is a system of social reconstruction, producing obedient workers and middle managers, willing and dedicated tax payers. In essence, public school churns out slaves to the prevailing economic  and social system, designed and maintained by the multi-national bankers, the true owners and operators of the American corporation.

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Normally, one has to perform difficult research to dig out the truth.

In this case, it is gratifying indeed, to discover proving one’s premise a relatively simple matter, especially considering there exist numerous public accounts, published sources articulating the elite’s general game plan in establishing the American public school system.

Let us begin, with a quotation recorded in 1910 from John D. Rockefeller, chairman of the first foundation to establish America’s public schools, made during his address to a delegation of American educators, gathered in New York City.

Yes, there they are again folks, the ubiquitous Rockefeller’s, shaping the minds of future generations to their molding hands.

“The task we set before ourselves is a simple one…we shall organize our children…and teach them to do in a perfect way what their fathers and mothers our doing in an imperfect way. We don’t want our schools to produce statesmen, preachers, artists or painters, of which we already have an ample supply!”

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One Rockefeller cohort was John Dewey, a psychologist and Fabian socialist, who came to be known as the ‘father of American progressive education’. As one shall observe, nothing about Dewey’s philosophy reflected anything resembling a progressive mindset. Dewey was a student of William Wundt, who believed a new social order could be fashioned through an educational system based upon a stimulus-response approach, much like what took place during Pavlov’s experiments with laboratory animals.

“I believe,” Dewey once said, “that education is a regulation of the process of coming to share in the social consciousness and that the adjustment of the individual activity on the basis of this social consciousness is the only sure method of social reconstruction.” Dewey’s sentiments were further underscored by H.H. Cadard, chairman of the psychology department at Princeton University.

“Plans are underway,” stated Cadard, ” to replace church, community, and family with an educational system based on mass media propaganda…people of the proletariat are merely little plastic pieces of dough.”

Well, folks, that about spells it out, doesn’t it?

Perhaps, this is why children are more apt to become enamored with Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z, rather than Mozart and J.S. Bach.

Cadard was further quoted in John Taylor Gatto’s ‘A short angry history of American forced schooling’: “Standardized testing would cause the lower classes to confront their biological inferiority, sort of like wearing a dunce cap, in that this would discourage reproduction of ants working on the ant hill.”


How about that folks, one of the founding fathers of American pubic schools referring to your children as insects-nice, huh?

Have pubic schools failed? On the contrary, they have succeeded in their mission, beyond even the grand visions of its heralded founders.

Latest statistics cited by major American periodicals, such as the New York and Los Angeles Times, have estimated over fifty percent of American adults cannot read and comprehend beyond a fifth grade level. More tragically, Fortune Five Hundred companies have discovered many entry level job candidates, carrying University degrees are, in fact, functionally illiterate.

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If one was wondering why public schools are appearing to fail, it is because they were designed to do so. The federalized and compulsory public school indoctrination system is not designed to enhance children’s inherent cognitive and intuitive abilities, but destroy them, in lieu of a standardized and regimented mentality. A diploma from public school, not only ensures it’s graduates will not question the edicts of an intransigent public school staff, but will also not feel compelled to challenge pubic officials or politicians, promulgating absurd notions of bomb and gun wielding terrorists, ‘rogue states’ in possession of ‘weapons of mass destruction’, or steel girders of tall buildings magically melted by the insufficient heat generated from ignited jet fuel on 9/11/2001.

The choice is yours.

If, one truly still believes children are America’s most precious resource, it may not be too late in standing tall against the scourge of oppressive tyranny.

Perhaps, you will choose to act.

Maybe, concerned parents, will no longer feel content to sit idly by while the American public system they have entrusted with their children’s futures, remains intent on squandering it. Will you fight, to ensure your children are no longer systematically transformed into the followers of today, rather than the leaders of tomorrow?


  1. Another telling admission about the true purpose of government schooling was what John D. Rockefeller said when he claimed that he wanted “a nation of workers, not a nation of thinkers.” He and his ilk pretty much got what they wished for when you look at the reality of the situation. I’m sure they’re celebrating what they’ve accomplished, especially in relation to recent developments with the promotion of the climate change scam in public schools.

    1. Yes, a nation of citizens (AKA slaves) who are obedient, submissive, and docile rather than the home of the free and brave. Many of whom are still content to suffocate themselves wearing silly masks and jabbing themselves like alleyway junkies with “vaccines” designed with the primary goal in mind to maim, injure, and even kill.

      1. Correct. One might argue that they pretty much get what they deserve for their stupidity. It’s not like the signs weren’t on the wall for all to see. They should know better, yet they don’t.

      2. Moreover, they refuse to see them for the sake of nothing other than to remain societally validated, socially accepted, comfortable in their empty affirmations of virtue. Furthermore, they fail to see this conditioned behavioral response is superficial, nothing more than a thin fig leaf to hide their willful hypocrisy, allowing them to ignore their acute cognitive dissonance.

  2. The U.S. education system is also one of their profitable rackets and underground money laundering operations, now grossing at $800 billion. Much of it comes from government sources, primarily at the federal level – now almost $640 billion.

    “Total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the United States were $800 billion in 2018–19 (in constant 2020–21 dollars).1 This amounts to $15,621 per public school pupil enrolled in the fall of that year. “

    “Each year federal agencies receive funding from Congress, known as budgetary resources . In FY 2022, the Department of Education (ED) had $637.70 Billion distributed among its 10 sub-components.”

    Altogether, this racket makes $1,437,700,000,000 ($1.4 trillion) for the “education” sector, if my arithmetic is correct. Here are the list of primary beneficiaries from this massive scam, among them Pearson Education and Conduent Education Solutions, Llc that makes tens of billions in annual profits from this scam:

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