One often hears talk concerning ‘the system’. While that term is thrown around quite extensively, what exactly is meant when one makes direct reference? Is it some amorphous entity, or does it represent something more tangible? Most would respond by attempting to explain ‘the system’ is that representative government consisting of ‘elected representatives’. But, what interests do those elected officials represent, is it truly the people’s, or is it something more subjective, even elusive?

If one has learned anything, the real power of governance does not certainly sit with the people, nor does it reside with the elected officials.

For, the latter represent merely guardians of ‘the system’, never allowed to make any sweeping changes to the status quo. Whereas, the former, represent the proletarian base at the very bottom of the political power pyramid, their ability to effect change existing only as a mere perception.

And yet, because the masses are the base upon which the entire economic pyramid is based, they, if so chosen, have the power to remove the support of tax dollars siphoned from the bottom, and the entire structure collapses. Tax dollars, whether collected in exchange for ‘goods’ and ‘services’, or through the process of commercial trade, represent the manna feeding the banking megalopolis of the Crown Temple, and it’s various banking subsidiaries. Hypothetically, if tomorrow, a large percentage of the masses decided to cease paying tribute to the bankers, through the collection of exorbitant taxes and tithes, and somehow, by miraculous fortune, seized the means of production and distribution of commercial products for themselves, the bankers financial castle would surely shake, totter, and eventually, topple.   escape-to-death_banner1071

Although this story may by now have long faded from public memory, the saga of Jack Abramoff is instructive. For, if one dares observe the inconsistencies and anomalies, and perhaps not so inadvertent revelations of this ‘biographical documentary’, one can actually divine the truth of who is really running the government, and why they will go to any lengths in employing tactics of fear, and psychological manipulation, in order to maintain hegemony over the rest of humanity.


But, first, a bit of historical perspective is necessary. Jack Abramoff was at one time considered to be Washington’s most powerful and influential political lobbyist. As it turns out, once disgraced, Jack turned out to be nothing other than a colossal crook, allegedly found guilty of many of the foulest crimes with regard to his dubious trade. However, in this post, I shall take a decidedly different tack, and attempt to explain that Jack Abramoff was not what the media described. For, he was merely an actor, playing out his part on the world stage. His indictment and subsequent trial were a mere production for the benefit of the American people, all to make them think that corruption would be punished, and that their democratic system was functioning normally.

But, nothing could be further from the truth.

The purpose of the Jack Abramoff character was to create a lightning rod, a public effigy  those angry about government corruption could witness being deservedly convicted, and publicly burned at the stake. This allowed the downtrodden masses to experience some measure of cathartic closure, manipulated into feeling that Abramoff, in the words of indictment committee chairman John McCain, ‘was a lone bad apple’. The ruling elites wanted to concoct a scapegoat. Abramoff’s subsequent conviction and prison term, represented for the masses a symbolic totem. Now, the people would be made to feel Washington corruption had been completely eradicated. This entire production, much like the Watergate farce decades earlier, served it’s purpose well, blinding the public from the fact the Crown Temple bankers, the real crooks, were still in control. Meanwhile, this entire scenario, merely portrayed actors playing out assigned roles in a scripted Hollywood production, with ‘Jack Abramoff’ playing the Oscar worthy starring role. One would do well to remember, the public never gets any real justice, merely the appearance of same.

The original impetus for beginning to recount this story here, was a recent viewing of ‘The House that Jack Built’, a biographical and cinematic account of Jack Abramoff’s rise to power, and his eventual, and perhaps inevitable fall. Like all stories issued by the media sorcerers, this particular account possesses all the earmarks of a fabrication, a Hollywood movie script played out to perfection. And, indeed, the details of why this is so, shall be shortly detailed in the following three part blog series. One begins by examining Abramoff’s personal biography, available almost anywhere on the internet. For those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, one will not find it difficult to identify those details which expose this epic tale as a fraud. If one has read my other posts detailing CIA and their takeover of the media back in the mid-twentieth century, it must be remembered that the concept of television, essentially represents an ongoing and vast military psychological operation, the objective of which is to manipulate public opinion, and to ultimately alter human perception, in ways more amenable to the ruling elites. The fact that this operation has been enormously successful is without doubt. More remarkable still, though the grand deceptions of the media sorcerers use the same methods of operation time and again, they have become exponentially more blatant and transparent. When one peeks behind the media veil, one will find the concocted story of one ‘Jack Abramoff’, to be one such demonstrative example.


CIA, since it’s inception, has posed as an intelligence gathering agency. But, for whom are they gathering intelligence, and who, or what, is their actual target of surveillance? The answer to the former is the Crown Temple bankers, the answer to the latter question is the American people. Television, is a military operation, and all popular news anchors at all major networks since the 1950’s have possessed military ties, or a special relationship with CIA. The most recent example of this would be Anderson Cooper at CNN, who admits he once worked for the agency, although he vehemently refuses to reveal in what specific capacity. Operation Mockingbird, per documents released through FOIA (freedom of information), indicate CIA actively sought to take control of all media, whether radio or television. Walter Cronkite, long considered to be the voice of ‘truth’ on the television airwaves, was nothing more than a trained stooge, instructed to deliver the propaganda of his Mockingbird masters at Langley. Cronkite was instrumental in selling America not only the Kennedy assassination hoax, but also the historical farce known as the Cuban Missile crisis. It was this ‘voice of truth’, this slippery media sorcerer, trained at America’s ministry of lies centered at Langley, that helped spell the American people into a certain false perception of American history, a perception that has persisted to the present day. Likewise, another Mockingbird controlled agent, Anderson Cooper, helped promulgate the transparent hoax known as the Sandy Hook Massacre, and the Boston bombing fiasco. CIA would have the American people believe, in the form of a limited hangout, that Operation Mockingbird was only active during the period of the 1950’s and 60’s, but this is not so. In truth, that operation is ongoing, its methods of operation and sophistication having reached unparalleled levels of success since that time.


The cinematic production entitled ‘The House That Jack Built’, as one may soon conclude, was yet another in a long line of such sophisticated operations, designed to manipulate public perception, and rewrite history for the purposes of a forever distorted posterity. Upon watching this, what struck one immediately, were the constant references to the fact Abramoff himself appeared to be a ‘character created by Hollywood’.

In addition, there were references to CIA made several times. Congressman Bob Ney, a close former acquaintance of Abramoff’s, interviewed exclusively for this production, even went so far as to say this: “When you think about Jack, he was really like a spy working for CIA, like a character walked right out of the pages of some stupid spy novel,” Ney said. As if that weren’t enough to convince even the most clueless of viewers, Ney went on to add:  “And when you really think about it, what is it that CIA does…they manipulate public opinion.”

Both verbal references, not only represent clues to discerning viewers, but simultaneously represent a favorite tactic of the media sorcerers, open mockery of the masses, wholly unaware of the covert operations manipulating them throughout their lives. At the outset of the film, we are presented with Abramoff’s fabricated biography; matriculation at North Hollywood high school, where it is claimed he excelled as both a varsity football player and weight lifter. More telling though, is the mention, almost in passing, that in fact, Abramoff’s family was reputed to have mob ties. Anyone who has researched the mafia, knows CIA, in addition to FBI, have historically held close relationships with the mob, particularly during the second world war. The fact that this film takes on the appearance and tone of a biographical documentary is sinister in and of itself, since upon further examination, the film proves to be an absolute fabrication, the story of a character created by the Mockingbird masters housed at Langley.

Subsequent to revealing Abramoff graduated from North Hollywood high, it is then revealed he got involved with movie production, and in fact was credited with executive production of a film entitled ‘Red Scorpion’, starring none other than former action star Hans ‘Dolph’ Lundgren. Hollywood has long been overseen by the military industrial complex, as suggested by the late President Dwight Eisenhower, in his farewell address to the American people. It is well documented that the Pentagon has collaborated with Hollywood moguls and producers, going all the back before the second world conflict in the 1940’s. Many of these unholy collaborations, resulted in several widely distributed commercial films, serving as little more than thinly veiled propaganda, starring several of Hollywood’s most well known stars such as John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. ‘Red Scorpion’ was one such example, with the purpose in mind of creating positive public opinion towards certain dissident rebel leaders on the continent of Africa, into what President Ronald Reagan termed ‘freedom fighters’, struggling in opposition to Soviet cold war expansion.

In an amusing twist, many of those closest to Abramoff, interviewed for a retrospective portrait, admitted, despite Reagan’s curious comparison to America’s founding fathers, these certain African rebel leaders turned out to be butchers, rather than anything resembling liberating freedom fighters. Ironically, those being interviewed at the outset of the film, including Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, couldn’t help but smirk when Abramoff’s close relationship to Hollywood is mentioned, almost as if he is amusing himself at the expense of the unwitting viewer, assumed to take his accounts at face value.

The biggest clue that Abramoff’s story is a fabrication is this quote from none other than Carl Rove, best known as the Machiavellian presidential courtier to George W. Bush: “If I hadn’t know any better,” Rove detailed, stifling a sly smirk, “I’d say Jack was one of those characters appearing as if he came right out of central casting.”

While one allows these snippets taken straight from the film to sink in, one shall inform that in Part II of this installment, coming very soon, there are even more revealing clues that Jack Abramoff was indeed, nothing more than an actor, playing out an epic and tailor made role. Next, one shall delve into the Greenberg family, playing a prominent role in the unfolding tale of ‘Jack Abramoff’.  STAY TUNED!

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