If one cares to look, the documentary inspired this article, “The House That Jack Built”  can be found online at You Tube. Viewing this with a skeptical eye, would be most useful in detecting the massive fraud that it is. The entire production, along with the real life portrayal, is truly ‘through the looking glass’, a fraud documentary recounting an even more massive fraud. What follows will seem like fiction, something straight out of a spy novel. Then again, given the circumstances, the comparison is rather apt, if not wholly ironic. Often, when presented with information diverging from what is perceived as reality, people respond with the usual pejorative term ‘conspiracy theorist’. Perhaps, to call oneself a ‘political theorist’, would better serve to discourage those prone to insipid semantics.

Ironic then, to find the very same CIA, created the character of ‘Jack Abramoff’, also coined this disparaging term? In the first installment, we began by analyzing the career of Washington’s most notorious political lobbyist, who after a meteoric career, was eventually indicted and imprisoned. But, this entire scenario represented a carefully orchestrated ‘reality television’ showcase for the American people.

And, it was done, like Watergate, in order to manipulate public perceptions regarding corrupt political practices in the nation’s capital. The elites want one to think democracy still exists to serve the people, when in fact, democracy has never truly existed at all.

Upon further research and consideration, this story goes more deeply than one could have imagined. And yet, it is hardly surprising.

What one has been conditioned to accept as reality, through television and other media, is in fact, nothing  but a grand illusion.

Turns out, the story of Jack Abramoff, encompasses a great deal more, than just the tragic story of one Washington lobbyist haunted by tales of corruption.

Rather,  it expands to envelope other events recorded in very recent American history; the banker bailouts of 2008, and the spate of politically motivated hoaxes such as Aurora, Sandy Hook, and the Boston bombing. Those connections are complex, and will be examined further in the next installment. For now, more groundwork must be laid.

Those harboring the accidental theory of history, will no doubt predictably scoff.

But, for those with an open and discerning mind, those whose consciousness has finally risen from its long night of slumber, will plainly observe, with regard to history, nothing occurs by coincidence.

For those so inclined, one may find the following intriguing.

Before proceeding, it must be said that  television, represents a digital distortion. It is a prism, through which human perceptions are twisted in directions conducive to those in positions of great wealth, power, and influence.

The heralded concept of democracy exists only for appearances.

‘Elected’ politicians, are nothing more than puppets, carrying out predetermined agendas. The belief the masses have a voice within the councils of governance, is merely the result of distorted perception, and rigid social conditioning.

Banker Bailouts and AIG

Though the memory of Jack Abramoff may have faded, none would ever link him to Maurice Greenberg, former chairman and CEO of American International Group. In many ways Greenberg is the linchpin connecting all the players in this massive conspiratorial scheme. It is no wonder, through no fault of their own, the masses of American people would never conceive of such a monstrously cynical and manipulative scheme.

But, that is what the elites, and the minions carrying out their nefarious bidding, always count on.


These black magicians, that money changing cabal in control of the media, always utilize sleight of hand, and will continue to do so, as long as it continues to remain profitable. In the documentary production, “The House that Jack Built”, there are several references to Greenberg and Traurig, one of the largest law firms in the US, with several partnerships centered in major cities, including Boston and New York. Although listed as a limited partnership, its long list of clients includes the names of the rich, powerful, and prominent. It is no coincidence then, this documentary mentions Abramoff as an employee. Could it be, there was a closer connection between Greenberg and Abramoff, beyond the confines of the law office?

In fact, there was.

For, the relationship between Greenberg and the character known as Jack Abramoff, is much closer than one would ever imagine. The media phenomenon, the psychological operation known as ‘Jack Abramoff’, was very much a family affair. In truth, Maurice Greenberg and Jack Abramoff are related by family ties, and the actor portrayed the character of Jack Abramoff is a Greenberg family member. The history of the Greenberg family is a curious one, in that members of this same family were caught portraying the grieving family members of slain Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto. Suffice to say, the relationships between this prominent family, Wall Street, and CIA, are indeed deep and foolproof.

That is, until now. But wait, the deception goes deeper.

One has often heard, the most logical method of operation for an investigator identifying perpetrators of a crime, is to first discover who benefited. Did a prominent and well-known American family of merchant bankers, concoct a massive ruse, in order to conceal an even more behemoth corruption?

Maybe the Rockefeller’s, for example?

First, it is important to point out that all major banks, whether merchant or commercial, fall under the rubric of the Federal Reserve system. The Federal Reserve is a private institution, not part of the federal government. The Federal Reserve is under the auspices of a board of directors, headquartered within the walls of the city of London. Some of the major stockholders of the Federal Reserve rank among the most prominent of families recorded in American history. Premiere among those most prominent, are the Rockefeller’s.

It was once revealed in the New York Times, there is not a single aspect of economic endeavor one could investigate, without encountering the predominance of this hallowed and historic family, these titans of international finance. It is no accident, research reveals, decades ago, Rockefeller money helped establish the intelligence agency known to us today as CIA. This fact alone should indicate the true benefactors of the intelligence agency housed at Langley. Assuredly, the undertakings of CIA were never meant to benefit the common American citizen. In truth, they serve as the modern Praetorian guard of the rich and prominent, like the Rockefeller’s.

The rest is only for appearances sake.

Upon investigating the mysterious Mr. Greenberg, one finds the most shocking connection. In perusing family pictures posted online, it became immediately apparent those starring in this documentary production, the ‘House that Jack Built’, were clearly Greenberg family members. And yet, another curious connection with Jack Abramoff kept popping up:

David Rockefeller.

In most, if not all Greenberg family pictures, the man formerly known to the world as Jack Abramoff seemed to be always intimately present with another figure, instantly recognizable as the Rockefeller patriarch.

Stranger still, one was able to observe Maurice Greenberg, the former CEO of AIG, standing along with the others in the family pictures!

Coincidence? One would think not.

Could it be, this family, known to the world as Greenberg, are actually Rockefller’s in disguise, and the dramatic ruse pulled on America known as the Jack Abramoff affair, was, in fact, cleverly engineered by none other than David Rockefeller?  Could it be, the billions of dollars, distributed in the infamous banker bailouts, were actually a colossal swindle engineered by the Rockefeller’s, covered up by creating this mythological saga of one Jack Abramoff?

Like the mythical character of Lee Harvey Oswald in the historical farce known as the Kennedy assassination, ‘Jack Abramoff’ played out the role of designated public patsy. While America focused on the reality television production starring the CIA/Rockefeller character known as Jack Abramoff, the genuine criminals continued on unmolested.

This, is the elite’s method in performing their sinister sleights of hand.

While the media busied attentions on the concocted persona of Jack Abramoff playing out his role on the world stage, David Rockefeller sneaked out the back door of the theater with all the box office profits.

STAY TUNED for PART III of CIA: ‘The House That Jack Built’, it gets so much better!

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