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In the last installment, one detailed the interconnected business relations of Hollywood, the major television networks, and another profit making corporation, the US government. One detailed, how events like Columbine and Sandy Hook are created, using actors from prominent families, possessing esteemed resumes in the network television industry. Whether one chooses to believe it or not, the so-called ‘reality’ presented to you via your favorite network newscaster, in fact, represents a scripted theatrical production.

And why do they do this?

Because it is profitable, to the tune of multi-billions.

The longer they can keep one glued to the television screen, engrossed in the unfolding drama of a theatrical crisis like Sandy Hook or Columbine, the more advertising they can sell, the greater the profits from products sold, which means higher valued shares for the stockholders.

Events like Sandy Hook, Columbine, and the Boston bombing, are created primarily to maximize not only television ratings, but so the US corporation, often in collusion with the networks, can satisfy the goals of political agendas.

Yes folks, the media sorcerers at the television networks regularly collude with the US government, due solely to common and mutual business interests.

The world is run primarily on commerce, and the masses of the general public are consumers, exploited not only for billions in profits, but billions more in tax dollars.

If, through emotional manipulation, and prevailing social pressures, the general public can be made to perceive public schools, neighborhoods, and local communities are under threat from either terrorism, or some mentally challenged, rampaging teen gunman, the greater percentage of tax dollars can be siphoned for greater surveillance, law enforcement presence, and above all, more intrusive violations of personal liberties and privacy can be justified.

Keep in mind, one of the major indicators these alleged crisis are scripted events, is the evidence of the immediate multi-jurisdictional response. One will always witness first response from not only law enforcement from all surrounding communities, but an immediate response accompanied by Federal agencies such as Homeland Security and even, at times, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, or ATF,

In the last installment, one detailed the involvement of the Astin family, portraying scripted roles in not only the Columbine ‘massacre’ back in 1999, but again at Sandy Hook in 2012. One must remember, experienced actors are capable of altering appearances, seemingly at will. Advanced techniques and methods having to do with makeup, facial and skin prosthetics, and various lighting techniques, are all part and parcel of the Hollywood actors method of operation. This is perhaps why, when one reviews news footage of various actors portraying roles in any particular event, the actor never seems to resemble the celebrity persona more readily recognized under differing circumstances. Voice pitch alteration software is often used in post-production, in order to better hide the real identity of the actor.

Not only were siblings of the legendary television actress Patty Duke Astin involved with Columbine and Sandy Hook, but siblings related to two other legendary figures of television’s golden age, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnez. While John Astin, son of Patty Duke, played the role of county sheriff in the Columbine shooting hoax, McKenizie Astin, who also played the role of ‘Robbie Parker’ at Sandy Hook, can be seen standing behind Sheriff ‘John Stone’, posing as a plain clothes county deputy. But, there were other Astin family members present at this post-crisis ‘press conference’, posing as public officials. Incredibly, or perhaps ironically, actor Glenn Taranto, who has an interesting association with John Astin, posed as a county law enforcement spokesperson. Taranto played Gomez Adams, a character in the movie remake of the popular ‘Adams Family’ television production, the same role John Astin portrayed in the original production, aired on NBC throughout the 1960’s.


Unknown to the general pubic, Desilu Productions has been synonymous with Columbia Broadcasting Network for several decades, going all the way back to the late 1950’s. A brief perusal of the major stockholders of this particular production company bears many telling revelations, as some of these stockholders are among the most elite of the ruling classes, both here in the US, and overseas in the UK. With regard to CBS, however, one of the major stockholders traces back to the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and to the Queen herself.

More on that a bit later! Raging Falcon - 3D[1343692]

It can now be reported that siblings related to Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball were not only involved at both Columbine and Sandy Hook, but, like their colleagues in the Hollywood acting trade, the Astin family, portrayed many prominent roles. Desi Arnez Jr. portrayed Deputy John Parr, from the county sheriff’s office. Also present that day, at the post-crisis press conference, was Thad Luckinbill, Desi’s nephew, posing as a reporter from one of the major networks, firing scripted questions at his uncle who responded with pre-rehearsed ‘talking points’.

Starring in the role of Deputy John Parr, Arnez claimed to have received testimony from a gun store clerk who allegedly sold the murder weapons to the pair of student assailants. The alleged gun store clerk, later interviewed by CBS, turns out to have been portrayed by none other than actor/comedian ‘Nipsy’ Russel.

Desi’s father, Desi Arnez senior, not only starred as Lucille Ball’s famous Cuban band leading husband on the legendary CBS television comedy production ‘The Lucy Show’, he also starred in the Kennedy assassination hoax, as the fictional agent representing the even more fictional ‘Fair Play for Cuba Committee’. Arnez was filmed with Lee Harvey Oswald (a character alternately portrayed by two actors 1.) actor/singer Jim Reeves, and 2.) Country and Western singer Jimmy Dickens), in a piece of staged theater, brawling on a Dallas street corner with the accused ‘lone gunman’, a mere week prior to the assassination in Dealy Plaza. This piece of street theater was key, in planting the idea in the minds of the general public, Oswald was indeed a communist sympathizer, working on behalf of Cuban Premiere Fidel Castro. siren-011971937


Fast forward to December 14, 2012, and one sees the rather deceptive strands of a grandly deceitful web, connecting the Kennedy assassination hoax with similar events, extending all the way to the 21st century with Columbine and Sandy Hook. The Arnez family, along with the Astins, has played a prominent role in each event, with the first wife of Desi Arnez Jr., Linda Purl, portraying the Newtown, Connecticut superintendent of public schools, Janet Robinson. This brings us to the current wife of Desi Arnez, Amy Arnez, who portrayed Mary Sherlach, the Sandy Hook elementary therapist. Her brother, Tom Arnez, portrayed a doctor providing expert testimony before the CBS cameras at Columbine. Tom also played a role in the Gabby Gifford shooting hoax.

But wait, there is more, folks!

Rachael Scott, one of the high profile victims of Columbine, can now be identified as the daughter of Lucille Arnez Luckinbill, and the grandaughter of Lucille Ball.

However, the connections between Sandy Hook and Columbine don’t stop there.

Alleged Columbine teacher Patty Neilsen, was portrayed by Arnez family friend Eileen Graff, who incidentally is a co-proprietor of a dance studio located in Boulder Colorado with Desi Arnez Junior. Through ear bio-metric analysis and facial recognition comparisons from official photographs culled from various periodicals, and from the website of Amy Arnez (, it can now be reported  Eileen Graff  is the identity of the actress portraying Nancy Lanza at Sandy Hook.

Now, this is where the interwoven connections become most intriguing.

The identity of the man directing Graff’s production company is her husband, Ben Lanzarone.

Based upon previous research of family photographs and other pertinent images available at the aforementioned blog, there can be no doubt, backdated images and photographs of Graff’s father-in-law, Ben Lanzarone Sr., were utilized to create the character of Adam Lanza.

Get it folks, Lanza-Lanzarone?

These are the sort of twisted games the media sorcerers love to play on the American people. Featured Image -- 5555

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

There is much more exciting and shocking information to be revealed in part three of this series of blog posts. One shall shortly reveal, not only the identity of the mysterious Sandy Hook principle, along with a Sandy Hook connection to a famous 80’s era Hollywood ‘brat packer’, and a famous former SNL cast member, but the true identities of the Columbine ‘trench coat mafia’ assassins.

And, of course, as one promised, the true identity of the legendary actress/comedienne Lucille Ball, shall also soon be revealed.

Stay tuned, folks, it only gets better!


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