One was inspired to expound upon the following subject. This is a perspective no one shall ever witness reported by the MSM, nor, is it a perspective ever to be supported by those in the alternative media.

Only, here, at Newsspell, will anyone discover such controversial information.

A dear follower of this blog recently revealed she had lost a life long friend to the scourge of cancer.

This post is hereby dedicated to her loving memory. 

1913 represented a watershed year for America. That year, both the Federal Reserve central bank and the American Cancer Society were established. Not coincidentally, the Rockefeller Foundation was also established, which in turn funded an organization called The Bureau of Chemistry. It was thought, in the way of semantics, the moniker’s implications would be negatively received by the general public.

The solution?

Rockefeller and his infamous minions thought it was better to change the moniker to something more suitable. Consequently, the bureau became known, thereafter, as the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA.

As per usual method of operation, historical perspective must be provided before proceeding with the facts.

In 1899, Chicago University medical school was provided with over 600, 000 dollars in Rockefeller grants. Later, the Rockefeller family would contribute more significantly to other renowned medical schools.

What was the money for?

Turns out, the purpose of the Rockefeller grants was to promulgate medical propaganda which would greatly benefit the family’s profit margins.

After providing millions in grants, soon, old John D. Rockefeller had both the American medical and chemical industries firmly placed in his pockets, and under his boot.

Unknown to the American public, the Rockefeller’s monopoly signaled the development of a very destructive omen.

The FDA soon began an aggressive campaign, consisting of a twofold objective:

1.) To promote newly developed and chemically based pharmaceuticals for commercial profit. 2.) To discredit natural cures of medicines historically used by doctors to treat public maladies.

Now, in the 21st century, the scourge of cancer has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The Rockefeller-funded propaganda machine continues to work its profitable sorcery.

Behind the mantle of authority, the medical and pharmaceutical industries continue to propagate lies and misconceptions. And their lies have proven profitable indeed.

One such misconception, propagated by the medical industry, is that consumption of meat will lead to contracting cancer.

But, this is not so.

Rather, it is not the consumption of meat, causing this odious malady, but the lethal chemicals, Potassium and Sodium Nitrates, injected into commercially marketed beef.

When the Rockefeller-controlled FDA informs the public consumption of meat causes cancer, it is because statistics are solely derived from the laboratory testing of chemically treated meat products, and not those products derived from wholly organic sources.

But commercially marketed chicken products are not found to be immune from the infestation of chemical treatments, either. In truth, chickens are fed Arsenic and Anti-Biotics to make them grow faster and fatter, thus, increasing commercial profits.

When one gets indigestion from consuming an overabundance of meat products, the chemical industry sells the public Pepto Bismol, which laboratory testing has shown to be radioactive.

Of course, since 1944, both chemically treated beef and chicken products, and poisonous Pepto Bismol, have all been approved by the Rockefeller-controlled FDA..

Another misconception, promulgated by the medical industry, is the idea, one shall invariably contract skin cancer due to solar overexposure. Decades of marketing propaganda have convinced the American general public that the application of commercially available sunscreens, which, of course, are marketed and manufactured by the chemical industry, remains the only effective method to avoid the severe effects of solar overexposure.

What they don’t bother to tell the public: sunlight generates vitamin D3, which removes excess amounts of cholesterol.

More significantly, Vitamin D reduces the risk of contracting seventy percent of all known cancers, including prostate, breast, and skin cancer.  The application of commercially marketed sunscreen to the skin, in fact, blocks solar ultraviolet light, the main source of Vitamin D3.

Sunscreen also contains photo-reactive ingredients that become carcinogenic, when exposed to sunlight. Sunscreen also contains Zinc and Titanium Oxide, and Aluminum Hydroxide.

All are known to be carcinogens.

Do you see what has happened, folks?

The industries profiting from cancer have created the very products causing it.

Chemical companies produce the cancer causing products and, in collusion, the medical industry offers the so-called treatments.

The irony is this: cancer treatments and pharmaceuticals are the cause of a majority of cancer deaths.

Studies conducted by Doctors Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron, and corroborated via peer review by colleagues in Japan and Canada, concluded, cancer victims treated with Vitamin C were likely to live 6 times longer than those treated by Chemotherapy. Pauling’s studies also concluded, Vitamin C treatments promote the bolstering of the human immune system, while chemotherapy treatments have been shown to severely weaken it.

However, the medical industry continues to sell the public mammograms, cancer screenings, and carcinogenic pharmaceuticals as the only available cancer treatments.

And why?

Because it is profitable for them to do so.

What many in the medical industry will not dare inform the public, there are known cancer cures readily available. In truth, donations to the Cancer Fund of America, or any other donation drive to fund cancer research, represents a pathological and cynically motivated scam. Those purchasing and donning pink t-shirts while thinking they are contributing to research which might lead to a viable cure for cancer are merely proving themselves to be useful dupes who are the most susceptible to such emotionally-driven hoodwinks.


If these pink colored community Samaritans think they are donating money for cancer research, then one has a bridge located in downtown Brooklyn, or some prime real estate in the Florida Everglades to sell them. Perhaps they are not aware, scientific studies have demonstrated the most effective cancer prevention and cures come from natural and botanical sources.

Thus, here are the known cures for all forms of cancer:

1.) Vitamin D3 2.) Laetrile, or Vitamin B17 3.) Vitamin C 4.) Cannibis oil 5.) Oxygen/ozone therapy 6.) The Budwig Protocol 7.) The Hoxsey regimen 8.) Essaic Tea 9.) Gerson therapy

All of these therapies have one thing in common. They work to transform the human immune system from an acidic state into one of alkaline. This is due to the fact all cancers thrive in an acidic, or low blood oxygen state.

In summary, the proliferation of cancer represents a great American billion dollar hoax, a hoax that will continue to reap profits, unless the American people begin to resist social pressures and the propaganda perpetrated by criminals in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and petition the government enablers ensconced at FDA headquarters in Washington.

15 thoughts on “Great American Billion-Dollar Cancer Hoax

  1. familiar with and practice of keeping the blood closer to alkaline 7.35 by (in theory) what you consume… most people are not aware how certain treatments are treating you to fail

    1. Thank you for taking valuable time to peruse the article. I happen to believe there is an agenda going much deeper, but will reserve judgement until all facts have been gathered.

      1. Personally, I have found watermelon keeps my system in the 7-7.4 range. I use litmus paper to monitor my urine and saliva. its not the most accurate way of monitoring, but I believe somewhat useful. There are lots of charts on iNet listing alkalinizing foods!

  2. Please do not confuse the cancer society and the American cancer fund (ACF). ACF is a cancer education organization and we do not hide facts or bring in BILLIONs of dollars like the cancer society. We also spend 89 cents of every donated dollar on our educational programs unlike the cancer society which spends less than 5 cents on their mission of research.

    1. Thank you for taking valuable time to peruse and examine the post. Your point is well taken and duly noted. I want to assure no attempt was made to impugn the good intentions of those employed by your organization.

  3. Please do not confuse the American cancer fund and the American Cancer Society. The cancer fund has absolutely nothing to do with the cancer society. Conflating the 2 organizations is especially dangerous to the educational focus of the cancer fund and hurts us greatly. The cancer fund is a small cancer education foundation. The cancer society is the group that brings in between $1.1 and$1.5 BILLION each year by convincing people that there main focus is research. Truth be told, they spend less than 5 cents on the donated dollar on research. Between their pension fund and advertising they spend 80 to 85 cents on these administrative costs and greatly mislead all of their donors.
    Please correct your article and remove any references to the American cancer fund.

    1. Thank you, for bringing this to my attention. In fact, the content of the article in question does, mistakenly, reference American Cancer Fund, in lieu of the intended reference to the business improprieties of Cancer Fund for America, an organization accused of defrauding donors. This was a legal case which, in the past, was reported upon by several mainstream periodicals,, including the New York Times and the Tampa Bay Times. The correction shall be made, forthwith, along with a direct link to the New York Times article, detailing the improprieties of the Cancer Fund of America.

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