SILENT THUNDER – the exciting new novel – a science-fiction mystery spy thriller – from best-selling author Stephen C. Perkins – is COMING SOON to Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

In this world ruled by lords of illusion – there are only predators and prey!

A hidden but powerful non-human enemy has been silently at war with humankind for centuries. But now – with a destructive antennae array possessing the ability to manipulate sound and light frequency, they have the ultimate weapon to finally achieve victory.

When Christopher Burrell – a maverick CIA operative – and cagey veteran FBI agent Robert Vincent begin investigating Operation Silent Thunder – a top-secret but sinister global program implemented by a shadowy corporation in tandem with a dark Hollywood New Age cult – they discover the only thing which can stop this strange but ruthless enemy is deadly force!

Can they both survive to save the world from imminent destruction?

silent thunder 2

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