Loyal readers will discover this installment to be a subsequent follow-up to an article published previously, concerning the “attack” at London Bridge involving convicted “terrorist” “Usman Khan.”

Everyone, undoubtedly, will be shocked to learn of his genuine identity.

Before getting to that, however, one shall attempt to definitively address an enquiry which is often lodged: why should such events be deliberately staged or hoaxed?

The definition of the word government is often implicitly taken for granted.

But many remain unaware of its derivation.

The word government derives from the Latin verb gubernare: “to control” and the Latin noun mens, which means “mind.” After combining these pair of Latin derivations, we’re left with the verbal sum – as it were – of mind control.

The concept of governance, no matter under which prevailing ideology, is designed to influence public perceptions which, therefore, trick the general public into consenting to the enactment of more stringent laws, the levying of greater taxes and, ultimately, into surrendering personal sovereignty, in favor of docile subservience to that which is falsely perceived as an authoritative but representative collective body.

Staging terrorist simulations – the recent spectacle involving “terrorist” “Usman Khan” at London’s Bridge, for example – combined with the rigid segmentation of the governed population into social and economic demographics which can be perpetually greeted in opposition, facilitates the sort of controlled chaos which public officials, on behalf of their ruling elite benefactors, can always reshape into any desired state of newly conceived order.

The concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation provides a veil which hides the fact the ruling elite, thirteen Jesuit families have never surrendered their iron-fisted rule over their proletarian subjects. The thirteen families are the owners of the means of industrial production, while the remainder of humanity – the proletariat – are merely human resources, slaves to be bought and sold in the global marketplace.

This is both the grand purpose and the grandest secret of the international brotherhood of freemasonry; there are no democracies, and there never have been. There are only corporate fiefdoms, kingdoms, and principalities; legal arrangements which are both hidden and represented by corporate logos and holding companies, commercial monopolies, and market cartels legally maintained and governed according to the contractual terms and conditions of Crown Temple (Knights Templar) Admiralty Law.

The identity of the London Bridge “terrorist” “Usman Khan”, as reportedly claimed by the MSN, is a complete fabrication.

In fact, as you shall soon observe,  the host actor of convicted “terrorist” “Usman Khan” is a rather well-known British comedian who, as it turns out, is not very funny.


Before beginning our investigation into “Usman Khan”, one would like to broadcast a solemn message to the individuals (your identities – along with some of your trolls/police informants – are well-known) at the local masonic lodge(s) who, in co-operation with a government contractor, have now instructed their team of lowly trolls to scour this blog for any references to the Jews, Israel, 9/11, and Sandy Hook, or to compile the slightest offensive, no matter how patently dubious, which could be subsequently used to file false claims of either anti-Semitism, sexism, or racism with the author’s web host: I am well-aware of your subversive attempts – under whatever scurrilous pretense – to derail my investigative efforts and to shut me down.

Like frightened and cowardly scoundrels, these weasels are also covertly endeavoring to do the same with my books, with the intent of filing similar false claims to Amazon or to my print book distributor.

This is the current state of bleakest affairs, in the nation which alleges itself to be the “home of the free and the brave.”

Nevertheless, we shall now plow ahead with our genuine efforts to investigate the subject-at-hand, “Usman Khan.”

Just over ten years prior to the recent and alleged London Bridge attack of late 2019, Usman Khan, during an interview with the BBC, claimed, “I ain’t no terrorist.”

Upon further investigation, this happens to be true.

Khan was not a terrorist, but an entertainer, and an actor.

Not surprisingly, however, the British public is well-familiar with his host actor’s identity. Khan is employed in the British entertainment industry and, rather than shot and killed by London police, he is currently working as a professional comedian and television personality.

But the MSM would have the world-at-large believe otherwise.

The MSM alleges that Khan was convicted, back in 2012, of having plotted a terrorist attack. Four years prior, in 2008, it is alleged a counter-terrorism force of the London police raided Khan’s flat in Stoke-on-Trent. Also in 2008, Khan declared his innocence during an exclusive interview conducted by the BBC. According to Wikipedia’s official account, “He {Khan} was 17 at the time, but following a 20-month investigation, it was determined there was insufficient evidence, was not charged.”

Did everyone notice the number of 17 (8/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits).

To-this-day, it should be noted, London police officials have remained silent as to what empirical evidence was provided to their counter-terrorism force indicating there existed sufficient probable cause to raid Khan’s flat in Stoke-on-Trent. Also, they have yet to reveal to the general pubic what precise or useful evidence their 20-month-long investigation may have yielded, evidence which they reportedly construed as “insufficient.”

My guess is, in the words of the old bard, Shakespeare, this raid was much ado about nothing, other than to scare the public into thinking greater amounts of their tax dollars were necessary in turning the fair city of London into something which resembled a well-garrisoned gulag complete with the most invasive form of 24-hour surveillance.

But Khan’s story of confrontations with London police authorities becomes more curious.

Apparently, Her Majesty’s British Secret Service, MI5, attempted to set a dragnet for Khan, in 2010, as part of their Operation Guava, a code name, according to Wikipedia, for a covert operation which involved tracking a terrorist cell in Pakistan. It is claimed MI5 suspected that, along with eight other men he personally recruited, Khan was planning to bomb the London Stock Exchange, the Houses of Parliament, the US Embassy in London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and even, the home of then London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Given MI5’s alleged suspicions regarding Khan, one supposes it could never have been denied, when it came to planning criminal mayhem on a grand scale, the young terrorist lacked any measure of expansive imagination.

Again, according to Wikipedia, Khan “built a terrorist training camp in land Khan’s family owns in Pakistan administered Kashmir, attending terrorism related operational meetings, preparing to travel abroad, and assisting others in traveling abroad for terrorist activities.”

The fact Wikipedia informs us Khan’s family owned land in Pakistan administered Kashmir is quite telling. This fact clearly indicates Khan’s family belonged to Pakistani nobility and aristocracy.

As we’ve learned from past investigations, the international intelligence octopus, on behalf of the City of London’s Crown Temple and the Jesuit thirteen families, is employed to stage and execute terrorism events, to recruit reliable actors who can be persuaded to willingly participate and remain silent, and to control the media narrative subsequent to the well-planned executions of various terrorist-related simulations.

The international intelligence octopus, which consists of MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossad, Stasi and FBI, is controlled by the highest degrees of the freemasonic order which, in turn, is controlled by the Jesuit order in Rome.

However, when further information is sought, regarding MI5’s Operation Guava, we discover this rather comical account from Wikipedia: “The Operation Guava plotters used the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula magazine Inspire as an instruction manual for the bomb they planned to leave in a toilet stall at the London Stock Exchange.”

Really folks?

A bomb in the toilet stall?

In essence, Wikipedia is describing this so-called terrorist operation as if it had been tantamount to a pack of juvenile pranksters planning to do nothing other than to disrupt or destroy some washroom plumbing. Underscoring the ridiculousness of the inspiration for Khan’s alleged terrorist plots, Inspire, the online magazine publication for would-be terrorists, has not only been labeled a hoax, it was likely a half-assed product developed by the cubical-dwelling scriptwriters populating the basements of CIA, in Langley, Virginia.

Officially, Inspire magazine was alleged to have been an online publication which targeted young American and British readers and was rumored to have often published coded messages from the notorious Osama bin-Laden. Well, folks, since we are now well-cognizant the existence of bin-Laden was nothing more than a CIA-created legend, we can very well guess, the authenticity of these coded messages should be held to the greatest level of scrutiny. Additionally, Max Fischer, a writer working for The Atlantic – a renowned, well-circulated, and mainstream publication, no less –  claimed the online terrorist magazine was a complete and utter hoax.

SEE: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/59035/


An investigation into the “lands Khan’s family owns in Pakistan administered Kashmir” reveals a glimpse into a fascinating history, involving a former boundary dispute between India and Pakistan which was diplomatically arbitrated by the UN, beginning in 1947. Similar to the manufactured geopolitical struggle between Israel, Egypt, and Palestine, which began to embroil the entire Middle Eastern region and North Africa around the identical time period, the border dispute between India and Pakistan over the territory of Kashmir was a complete fabrication, designed to lend geopolitical and diplomatic credibility to the then newly founded UN.

But a glimpse into the history of this fascinating region of the world reveals that, the incumbent president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, until 2015, was Masood Khan.

Masood Khan:


Further research reveals that, according to Wikipedia, “on October 24 {1947} a second provisional government of Azad Kashmir was established at Palandri under the leadership of Sardar Ibrahim Khan.”

Turns out, after investigating the history of the Kashmir region, we are able to discover, the Khan family were the crowned rulers of Pakistan. The late Shahryar Mohammed Khan, a relative of President Masood Khan, was descended from the royal family of former princely state of Bhopal who, again according to Wikipedia, “belonged to the old Orakzai Pashtun tribe of Tirah, now Pakistan, emigrated during the first quarter of the eighteenth century.”

If Usman Khan’s family was alleged, by MI5, to have owned land in this region of the world and held allodial title granted by Crown Temple, then, it becomes clear, Khan’s host actor was likely recruited, while still in his relative youth, for involvement in a politically-driven character scheme executed by both the freemasonic police guilds of London and MI5, a branch subsidiary of the international intelligence octopus which is controlled by the Jesuit order in Rome.

It also becomes likely, therefore, Khan’s host actor, involving what was likely to have been a quid pro quo arrangement consisting of mutual self-interest between himself and Her Majesty’s Secret Service, MI5, saw the opportunity, while starring as “terrorist” “Usman Khan”, to gain real world experience practicing his acting and stage craft.

MI5 and the London masonic police guilds, on the other hand, observed the opportunity – in well-utilizing the developing talent of a young and aspiring entertainer who, as a member of an elite family, would be both reliant and pliable – to advance an important political agenda on behalf of their masters, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.


Prior to Khan’s arrest and subsequent conviction in 2012, it is alleged London police counter-terrorism authorities, in cooperation with MI5, had Khan’s flat in Stoke-on-Trent bugged and under surveillance. Later, an organizational chart, listing Khan’s terrorist cohorts and conspirators, was confiscated after a thorough search of his premises.

During his trial proceedings, both the London police and MI5 admitted Khan’s efforts to build a terrorist training camp in Kashmir never materialized. And yet, despite remaining under such heavy surveillance from the London police and MI5, following Khan’s arrest, court documents attest to Khan having been “an expert in field craft.”

For those uninitiated to the parlance of the intelligence profession, ‘field craft’ is defined as the “tactical skill to operate stealthily”, and “the art of evading monitoring by police and the security services.” And yet, these claims are belied and contradicted by the fact Khan was under constant surveillance and was subsequently arrested, tried, and convicted.

This dubious official account seems all-too-similar to the contradictory claims made by both the FBI and the official 9/11 report issued by the corporate US government, concerning the 9/11 hijackers who, it is alleged, successfully performed extraordinary flight maneuvers while piloting sophisticated commercial jet aircraft despite, beforehand, having failed to successfully complete flight training for a small craft Cessna license.


Before the identity of Usman Khan’s host actor is finally revealed, listen carefully to the vocal quality and performance delivery of the “comedian” performing onstage at a recent engagement scheduled for a charity dinner in London, on December 3, 2019, and compare it to the tone, timbre, and quality of the voice of Usman Khan, heard in the video posted ealier in the article.

Is everyone able to detect the shocking similarities?

That’s right folks, the late London Bridge terrorist, “Usman Khan”, was portrayed by British comedian, television personality, and radio presenter Nish Kumar, and image comparison, facial recognition, ear biometric, and voice analysis confirm this.

Usman Khan:



Nish Kumar:



However, when we consult Kumar’s rather paltry biography listed at Wikipedia, not only is the entry suspiciously unsure about his current age (34 or 35) but we discover Kumar attended Saint Olave’s Grammar school in Orpington, in Greater London, a school named after Saint Olaf who, in addition to having been King of Norway from 1015 to 1028, was also canonized as a universally recognized saint by Pope Alexander III in 1164.

This fact emerges as a key clue in ultimately determining the genuine identity of “Nish Kumar” for, like “Usman Khan”, he is not who he claims to be either.

Earlier speculation, therefore, as to Usman Khan’s host actor possessing royal emanations, turns out to be verified by ear biometric, facial recognition (geometrical architecture of the noses and brow ridges), and image comparison analysis.

Prince Haakon of Norway

Prince Haakon



Though Nish Kumar claims to be British, and of Indian/Hindu descent, this is a canard.

Like all good actors, Kumar’s host actor is portraying a well-defined role.

Kumar’s comedic character conversion scheme veils the fact he is a Norwegian royal, Crown Prince Haakon, the only son and heir apparent of Norway’s reigning monarchs, King Harold V and Queen Sonja.

Haakon is also the third cousin of Charles, Prince of Wales AKA Keith Richards/Bruce Springsteen/Hollywood actor Al Pacino, and a direct descendent of King Edward VII AKA US president Teddy Roosevelt, and the hidden father of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill AKA “the Great Beast” Alistair Crowley.

According to his official biographies, Prince Haakon attended the London School of Economics, which was founded by Fabian socialists and Fabian Society members Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Graham Wallas, and George Bernard Shaw.

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

SEE: “Boss” Springsteen: Working class hero or imposter?

SEE: Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part I

SEE also: Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part II

That’s right folks, the most widely promoted participants in the phenomenon we’ve all come to identify as Post-Modern Reality Simulation are all related by royal primogeniture, to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, and are protected by the international intelligence octopus of the international brotherhood of freemasons.

Unfortunately, for these royal clowns, the transparency of their grand game has become all-too-apparent to the loyal readers of Newsspell.

By the way, for those who may have missed the recent announcement, listed on this blog’s title page, the Ebook version of the author’s latest novel, Grand Masquerade – which is now a #1 Amazon Hot New Release! –  is available now @ https://amzn.to/2UxyLk7!









16 thoughts on “Did London Bridge terrorist ‘Khan’ the World?

  1. It always surprises me when the royals play other races. Apparently, diversity doesn’t exist, not on TV, anyway. Sorry about the trolls. I hope you keep backup copies of your blog, just in case. This info is too important to be deleted.

    1. It seems there are many who have yet to understand the utter pervasiveness of Postmodern Reality Simulation. That is why, many think it is utterly inconceivable to face the fact Barack Obama is actor/comedian Jerry Seinfeld in CGI/latex blackface. This is why, the media was so quick to condemn anyone who questioned the birth certificate issue, and to quell such suspicions, Sheriff Arpaio AKA David Rockefeller Junior was employed. But that too, was merely another psychological operation. In the case of Haakon AKA British comedian Nish Kumar, the thirteen families are always actively working to promote not only their commercial interests but, as well, their own social and political agendas. Their own family members have been discovered posing under pseudonyms as pop stars, Hollywood celebrities, and other heavily promoted personalities, in all fields of human endeavor. I also believe – although it has yet to be confirmed – that Prince Haakon may also be posing as the father of climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

    2. I’m gratified to hear you continue to enjoy and appreciate the gravity of the information published on this blog. Regarding the trolls and their handlers from the local masonic lodge, they are more concerned with the damaging information I possess concerning a Homeland Security preparedness drill which took place at the local high school in 2013. Given this, they will utilize any pretense to limit the circulation of this blog’s published information or to tarnish its credibility.

  2. Actually many, almost the entire people did not understand anything about the world in which they live, or better they just exist, grazed by their masons ruler masters. Very interesting analysis of the word government, that explains everything.

    1. You may be correct concerning the majority of the global population remaining unaware. Nevertheless, with a growing percentage, there are burgeoning signs this may be changing. Concerning the concept of mind control, as it is applies to the governance of large population centers, the thirteen families – going back before the time of the Roman emperors and perhaps even to the ancient era of the Egyptian Pharaohs – discovered the prospect of psychological warfare ultimately proved to be a most efficient method of governance, particularly over the long-term. In tandem with maintaining legions of occupying armed forces, or, as they are now known, police forces, as an ongoing protection/tax funded racket, the families realized their hegemony would, likely, never be challenged by the proletariat. Now, of course, with the development of digital technologies, the concept of psychological warfare has been honed into a precise science.

      1. By the way, speaking of hoaxes and psy-ops, do you think about nuclear power, nuclear plants, and for instance about Chernobyl or Fukishima alleged disasters?

      2. Good to hear from you again, and thanks for your continued interest in Newsspell. I haven’t thoroughly looked into those specific events, therefore, I can’t speak authoritatively. I can say, however, the film footage of America’s nuclear program, and the subsequent test detonations – the “bomb” appears to have been created as a symbolic instrument of psychological warfare – appears to be a series of B grade Hollywood productions which were likely created at CIA’s Laurel Canyon facility in California. Research indicates there were many prominent Hollywood actors/producers, etc. etc., who were summoned to work on various and similar film projects, projects which were intended for wider circulation among the general public and, later, used as government propaganda.

      3. That’s exactly my point, based on my personal researches, readings and video, more the usual numerology, of course, included in Chernobyl “disaster” as well as in other similar events. Yes, thet’s their usual psychological warfare, They’re paper tigers.

      4. Certainly, ‘paper tigers’ is an apt description, but they also have a penchant for sociopathy. Remarkably and, perhaps to most, inconceivably, it isn’t just they which possess this malady. It is also your local public officials, school board members, police and fire – those inhabiting the masonic lodges. I know this from first-hand, having observed what happened here, locally, when it was alleged a 24-year-old teacher, “Colleen Ritzer”, was murdered by a knife-wielding 14-year-old student. The entire episode was a hoax and yet, every public official was complicit in traumatizing an entire high school filled with children in exchange for government grants worth tens of millions. This is the truth most are not willing to face, that those in whom they’ve placed their public trust are only pretending to work on behalf of their best interests. Believe me, they aren’t.

  3. Nish Kumar = Shin mark u
    Fascinating research as always many thanks as always. Please take a look at tulsi gabbard when your time permits is it Chelsea kiloton again?

    1. Yes, the moniker of “comedian” known as Nish Kumar is another masonic play on words. Regarding the former democratic presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, she is yet another actor hiding under a pseudonym. I have published several articles on the Clintons, who are hidden members of the von Furstenberg Austro-German royal family who are, in turn, genealogically connected to the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

    2. Forgive me, but earlier, I meant to refer you to the series of articles entitled Actors starring as 2020 presidential candidates. “Chelsea Clinton”/Gabbard is the hidden daughter of Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren AKA Hillary Clinton/Anette Benning, the wife of Warren Beatty AKA former US president Richard Nixon, all of whom are genealogically connected to the Austro-German royal family of von Furstenberg and the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

      1. It seems to me that the sometimes the actors behind these constructed characters, change over the years. As in the case of Clintons.

      2. That is an astute observation. In some cases, yes, the actors – who are almost always found to be hidden royals and drawn from the thirteen families – are switched out and modified accordingly. There is evidence that more than one actor has portrayed the characterizations of Hillary and Bill Clinton. In fact, upon further examining the images of London Bridge terrorist “Usman Khan”, it appears that in one of the photos, the facial geometry of the older character modification resembles that of the current London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. It would seem, such actor transitions/modifications are much easier to perform once the character identification has been well-established with the general public. Sometimes, for example, a story will appear in the mainstream media, regarding a particular celebrity’s or public figure’s “plastic surgery procedure.” This entails, the character is undergoing either modifications or the host actor, most likely, is being switched out.

  4. It still comes as a shock, these reveals. I’m a Brit so have seen many of his shows. I would have just put him down as a vanilla centrist liberal, promoting establishment propaganda before coming to know the world as we know it is a farcical act.
    Many won’t believe it because they will defend their idols to their deathbed.
    Gosh, I thought I was cool having more fringe tastes in music, the amazing and mind blowing music from Gong, Jethro Tull, Rush, Genesis, Led Zep etc. We thought only the cheesy pop groups were manufactured, how wrong we were.They have something for all your tastes.
    No reason not to still like the music as some of it remains genius despite any underlying agenda.

    1. Not only were the cheesiest MTV acts of the early 1980’s manufactured, but so were many of the classic rock acts of the 1960’s and 70’s, including the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. In fact, Zeppelin’s lead singer, “Robert Plant” is so named because that’s what he was”: an industry plant. “Plant” is also a fabricated character scheme who has portrayed other music industry stars. Though my next article concerns former US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt – coming very soon – I will tell you, in advance, that the president of New South Wales – in Australia- who just resigned has been identified as a member of the British royal family.

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