“There’s more to the picture, than meets the eye…Rock and roll will never die,” Neil Young sang, once upon a time.

Yes indeed, Mister Young, if only the general public knew, what you really meant, about there being “more to the picture.”

The thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families will never cease, in utilizing the concept of order out of chaos, to maintain and even, from time-to-time, reshape and transition the status quo of their global commercial system.

As a hidden member of one of the thirteen Jesuit families, “Neil Young” understands that, while rock and roll is perpetually used as a weapon of mass distraction, popular music also exists as an unexpected source of insight into that which the public is being distracted away from ever discovering what the thirteen families don’t want them to know.

Rock stars often appear to die. But, what the public doesn’t realize, such music legends also possess – like the legendary blues/rock guitarist “Stevie Ray Vaughn” – a truly miraculous gift for resurrection.

Indeed, such has proved to be the case with Vaughn, the “late” superstar blues guitarist who, like the “late” Kobe Bryant, was alleged to have tragically perished, along with three others, in a fiery helicopter crash in 1990.

But, it turns out, Vaughn is still alive, and he has a connection to 1980’s MTV rock superstar, Jon Bon Jovi.

Everyone will recall that, from the results of a past investigation, “Neil Young” was positively identified as Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson/Danish Prince Consort Henrik, in disguise.

It stands to reason, therefore, that “Jack”, perhaps more than most, understands the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

It just so happens, there is a connection between “Jack Nicholson” AKA Neil Young/Danish Prince Consort Henrik and the Los Angeles Lakers, the former team of the “late” Kobe Bryant. It is well-known, Nicholson attended Lakers’ home games, and has often been observed sitting courtside. Turns out, as well, there exists masonic symbolism connecting Bryant’s alleged “death” with that of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s.

But before an explanation of those stunning connections can be divulged, there are more details to report, concerning the coronavirus psychological operation, as well as some startling revelations as to the possibilities of its covert objectives.


It comes as no surprise, the MSM lies by omission and, oftentimes, chooses to bury the truth under a rubble of mountainous lies. Reports of a new and developing Nano-technology – connected to many of the major corporate figures in the pharmacological/vaccine industry – have recently come to light. The widespread implementation of what has been hailed as a ground-breaking technology, may yet prove to be the surreptitious objective of the coronavirus psychological operation. This technology involves the injection of Nano-particles, via vaccination needle, into the human bloodstream, particles which will ultimately, it is claimed, prove effective in helping the human nervous and respiratory systems to ward off the spread of specific blood-borne diseases.


This newly developing technology, called MediSieve, may have further connections to the coronavirus psychological operation; a covertly designed crisis simulation which, apparently, has now emigrated from overseas, in Wuhan, China, and been activated here in the US.

According to their website, at https://www.medisieve.com, the Medisieve technology consists of “biocompatible magnetic particles (MP) coated with binding agents that enable them to attach to specific targets.” Additional information, available at their official site, claims “the Medisieve system is designed to integrate with existing hospital peristatic haemofiltration pumps.” Doctor George Frodsham, CEO and founder of Medisieve, was recently hailed as “one of MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 Europe 2019.”

For those wondering what such a prestigious award is all about, the award is curated by MIT’s Technology Review and, according to a web page at https://www.innovasturias.org/noticias/mit-technology-review-presents-the-innovators-under-35-europe-2019, the award seeks to widely recognize those working in ground-breaking and fast developing fields such as “Biotechnology and Medicine, Nanotechnology and Materials, Software, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Computer and Electronics Hardware, Internet and Web, and Transportation and Telecommunications.”

Of course, from the beginning of the alleged coronavirus outbreak, the MSM has been prattling on about how quickly scientists and experts in the health and medical professions have been scrambling to develop a vaccine and, in time enough, to limit or mitigate the spread of the alleged virus. Meanwhile, Doctor George Frodsham, CEO of Medisieve, is on record as stating his startup company is seeking additional funding to begin real world field testing of its biotechnological product. It comes as no surprise, there have also been a slew of recent articles found in mainstream periodicals, heralding the growth of stocks and investments in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical technologies.

Is this due to mere coincidence?

One should certainly think not.

After all, what better profit-making scheme could there be, for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, than a global pandemic of Frankenstein proportions such as the coronavirus?

While putting aside for a moment the fact Doctor Frodsham’s name resembles a masonic play-on-words (Frodsham/A Fraud and a Sham), the rapid development of biotechnological products like Medisieve, which are administered via vaccination needle, converging with the alleged global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, seems all-too-serendipitous. The concept behind products such as Mediseive seems to veil the inception of an ongoing transhumanist agenda; the merging of biotechnological particles with human blood cells and, eventually, the entire human anatomy.

When considering the emergence of the coronavirus, the MSM’s fear-mongering promotional hysteria, and the bleating propaganda spread from the condescending mouths of public officials, the existence of a systematic program of psychological manipulation, covertly forcing humanity into a transhumanist future, seems to be a logical and rational deduction. Such a development would not only facilitate the global economic efficiency sought by the thirteen Jesuit families and their Crown Temple conspirators, it would also exist as a boon to the growing profitability of the private security/surveillance business sector, as well as helping to fully consolidate the UN’s Agenda 2030. Additional information regarding the growing industry of Pharma-AI, which is readily available at a webpage called Informaconnect.com, would seem to mightily bolster this speculative premise. It becomes clear that, all along, the thirteen families have planned not only for the systematic implementation of a global economic transition, but for the ultimate merger of AI technologies and humanity.

SEE: https://informaconnect.com/pharmai-industry-is-smartening-up-to-potential-of-artificial-intelligence/

Of course, when you visit the link to the webpage, listed above, you will immediately notice the sly manner with which the subject is couched, as if the merging of the pharmacological industry with AI represents a completely natural and largely organic phenomenon.

But this is a canard, which veils its pernicious influence on public perceptions, one which is craftily contrived to covertly gain the public’s legal consent.

Such developments have been preplanned, and crisis scenarios, like the coronavirus crisis, are being manufactured to manipulate the public into accepting a dystopian future from which there will be no avenue provided for escape.

Yes folks, they want to turn us all into mindless androids and programmable and obedient robots who will unquestioningly submit to ubiquitous surveillance and the tyrannical dictates of complete state control.

Under “Executive Summary”, at the Informaconnect.com webpage, you will note, in addition to the involvement of one of the UK’s largest high-tech companies, BenevolentAI,  which has been involved “in a string of recent {business} deals that have highlighted big pharma’s desire to embed AI and machine learning within the R&D process,” the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is mentioned as well.

Keep in mind, GlaxoSmithKline – as one of the largest producers of vaccines and other poisonous pharmaceutical products – have been embroiled in numerous law suits and have been forced to pay billions in out-of-court settlements.

Indeed, if ever there was a company which could be construed as a slimy pile of human refuse, it is the London-based felons headquartered at GlaxoSmithKline, one of the most infamous of the UK’s and the world’s pharmaceutical corporate giants.

One shall not bother to enumerate the insufferably long laundry list of crimes this company has committed, for that would require an expose of a longer duration than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Suffice to say, after consulting the links, listed below, everyone should resoundingly agree, this is not a company which should be allowed to chart the future course of humanity.

SEE: https://www.corp-research.org/glaxosmithkline

SEE: https://bergermontague.com/glaxosmithkline-qui-tam-suit-settles-for-3-billion/

SEE also: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/pharmaceuticalsandchemicals/10986389/GlaxoSmithKline-is-facing-problems-on-all-fronts.html

Posted below, you will notice a link to a video excerpt from a local Wisconsin television news affiliate (Fox News 6), featuring coverage of a live press conference, scheduled by Dane County public officials, informing the general public concerning what “health experts” have considered to be the first outbreak of coronavirus in the US.

Reportedly, a single airline passenger – suspiciously unnamed by public officials – was on route, back to the US, from Wuhan, China, and the “victim” is now, reportedly, being administered to at a local hospital – also unnamed – somewhere in Dane Country.

As everyone shall witness, each public official, called upon to address the “facts” of this alleged outbreak, refuses to specifically name the alleged victim, or any other specific details regarding his identity, condition, or how the other passengers on the alleged flight may have been effected.

Could it be, there is no alleged victim, and this concocted story is yet another example of a manufactured crisis scenario?

As everyone shall observe in the video, posted immediately below, in lieu of addressing pertinent details, the Dane County public officials, while appearing to be the most bankrupt bunch of soulless thugs conceivable, remain obstinately cryptic and doggedly determined to propagate and regurgitate the established propaganda which is designed to spread fear and panic, the very sort of behavior such officials adamantly claim they wish to avoid.


While everyone is considering the implications of the aforementioned information, we shall move on to the subject-at-hand.


For those unfamiliar with the brief career of blues/rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn, he was, for a time at least, considered to have been – according to Wikipedia – “one of the most influential guitarists in the revival of the blues in the 1980’s. He is commonly referred to as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.”

That is some praise indeed.

It should also be noted that, during the short span of his celebrated career in the music industry, Vaughn was often compared to another rock guitar legend, James Marshal Hendrix. In fact, during his period of popularity, during the mid to late 1980’s, music critics were often keen to compare the nature of Vaughn’s live performances to Hendrix. One of Vaughn’s more noteworthy performances, a rendition of the US national anthem at the Houston Astrodome on April 10, 1985, was readily compared to that of Hendrix’s own rendition of the anthem at New York’s Woodstack festival in 1969.  In the wake of Vaughn’s appearance at the Houston Astrodome, an interesting anecdote emerged, involving baseball legend Mickey Mantle.


Reportedly, after finishing with his performance at the Houston Astrodome, Vaughn sought out MLB Hall of Fame inductee Mickey Mantle for his autograph, and offered his guitar to the baseball legend for him to sign. Wikipedia has a most interesting quotation from Astrodome publicist Molly Glentzer, who wrote the following, regarding Vaughn’s overtures toward Mantle, in the Houston Press: “as Vaughn shuffled back behind home plate, he was only lucid enough to know he wanted Mickey Mantle’s autograph. Mantle obliged saying, ‘I never signed a guitar before.’ Nobody asked Vaughn for his autograph. I was sure he’d be dead before thirty.”

Surely, everyone shall notice the numerological coding (thirty/3=33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry). Though it is plausible that Glantzer’s allusion to Vaughn’s death ‘before thirty’ could have been in reference to the guitarist’s well-known penchant for cocaine and alcohol abuse, the publicist’s comments, given the circumstances, still strikes one as more than a bit odd and, perhaps, even more than a bit telling. Sure enough, however, less than a mere five years later, Vaughn was alleged to have perished – like NBA star Kobe Bryant – in a fatal helicopter crash.

Regarding Vaughn’s alleged substance abuse problems, the guitarist’s official biographers have, on many occasions, taken pains to establish this character trait as part of his rock star legend. This account comes from Wikipedia: “In 1960, when Vaughn was six-years old, he began stealing his father’s drinks. Drawn in by its effects, he started making his own drinks and this resulted in alcohol dependence. He {Vaughn} explained: “that’s when I first started stealing daddy’s drinks. Or when my parents were gone, I’d find the bottle and make myself one. I thought it was cool…thought the kids down the street would think it was cool. That’s when it {addiction} began, and I had been depending on it ever since.”

And then, there’s this account from a pair of Vaughn’s biographers, authors Joe Nick Patoski and Bill Crawford: “In the ensuing twenty-five years, he {Vaughn} worked his way through the Physicians’ Desk Reference before finding his problems of preference – alcohol and cocaine.”

As we’ve learned from past investigations, the very same families who own majority shareholdings in the music recording industry, are also the very same families who own and operate the international narcotics trades, as well as owning majority shares in the alcohol production and distribution business.


After examining the reported details of the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn, there seem to be conspicuous similarities between the legendary guitarist’s alleged air crash tragedy, and that of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant’s. Referring to the video excerpt, displayed above, did everyone notice that the reported site of Vaughn’s helicopter crash appeared very similar to that of Bryant’s?

For one thing, the alleged wreckage appears to have been deliberately placed, and along a well-traveled and easily accessible trail, as seemed to be the case with the recent Bryant air crash. Both Vaughn and Bryant allegedly perished in air crashes involving helicopters. As we’ve learned, beneath the superficial narrative of such tragic news stories, occult symbolism often lies embedded. In the case of both the death of Vaughn and Bryant, we discover occult symbolism, in the form of a reference to the ancient and mythical legend of Helios.

According the mythical dogma of ancient Greek religion, Helios was often depicted as the radiantly crowned driver of a horse-drawn sky chariot.

Helios is also the mythical God of the Sun.


When examining the occult symbolism and numerological significance of the deaths of Bryant and Vaughn, we discover both have been associated with the number of eight (aces and eights), a number which is also associated with the Jesuit order, the concept of new beginnings, and the sun. NBA star Kobe Bryant wore the number eight during his professional career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Rock superstar Stevie Ray Vaughn’s death occurred in August, which is the eighth month of the year. The year of Vaughn’s death allegedly transpired in 1990, which sums to twenty-eight or two eights.

But the occult parallels, between the death of Vaughn and Bryant, don’t end there.

Harking back to the ancient Greek legend of Helios, the mythical God of the Sun, and we discover, he is also associated with the concept of fire.

Legend has it that, Helios’s son, Phaethon, stole his father’s chariot and while streaking across the sky, lost control of the chariot, crashed, and set the Earth afire. This mythical narrative relates to the official moniker of Kobe Bryant’s professional basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers which, in turn, is an occult reference to the legend of the Lake of Fire, a story which appears in the ancient Greek philosopher Plato’s work, called Gorgias. Within the text of Gorgias, Plato describes the Lake of Fire as a place of punishment for the mortally wicked in the after-life.

The mythical legend of the Lake of Fire is also connected to the legend of the Phoenix bird which, legend has it, was resurrected from the ashes of its demise to fly again, toward the sun, and toward the beginning of a new life.

Relating all of this to the manufactured narrative of the coronavirus pandemic, it appears the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families are attempting to fashion, via the covert implementation of biotechnological and pharmaceutical technologies, a new, transhumanist beginning for mankind, rising from the symbolic and fiery ashes of a global crisis.

Nevertheless, facial recognition, image comparison, and voice analysis positively confirm that “Stevie Ray Vaughn” rose from the ashes of his own death, and reemerged as Richie Sambora, the lead guitarist of 1980’s MTV rock sensations, Bon Jovi.

Interview with Stevie Ray Vaughn:

Interview with Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora:

Stevie Ray Vaughn:


Richie Sambora:






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    1. Regarding the Bryant air crash, I’m certain that’s been, by now, well-established. The premise of this article was to demonstrate a clear nexus, though decades apart, between similar events. Also, to lucidly demonstrate that these manufactured narratives are not only related by occult symbolism and gematria, but their creation draws upon the narrative template of older legends and even ancient myths.

      1. Oh thats fair enough sorry if I’ve repeated myself. I’ve been reading up on Borges he wrote about Sect of The Phoenix and borrowed from much older legends like you speak of.

  1. IF you ask me they are exactly where they should be heading towards the cliff, they put themselves there in their lazy ignorance.

    1. Perhaps, you’re correct. On the other hand, everyone should be allowed some measure or at least a chance at redemption. One can only hope, as you and others have done, they will discover Newsspell, and begin to question that which they’ve been conditioned to unquestioningly believe constitutes “reality.”

      1. Agreed, everyone deserves a chance but I no longer care to be the one to tell them anything and be looked down upon cos I know more then they do. Escapism is a hell of a drug.

      2. You’ve encapsulated the psychological manipulations which the thirteen families utilize to maintain the hegemony of their global economic system. They want you to be perpetually afraid to even think about the subjects addressed at this site, for fear you’ll be ostracized from your friends and family. In lieu of that, they manipulate you to seek transitory comfort and pleasure, or as you put it ‘escapism’, wasting time, energy and money on the commercial products sold in the markets they’ve monopolized.

  2. I burst out laughing at “Dr. Frodsham.” The nanotech sounds scary though, and I don’t like the direction this is heading.

    1. Regarding Frodsham, his presentation seems rather too polished, and I believe, he resembles a presenter for the BBC 4. However, I also believe, the thirteen families plan to utilize this pandemic to experiment and field test this technology. The propaganda concerning the coronavirus represents a way they can acquire legal consent for mass vaccinations, which is how this technology is administered into the human nervous and bloodstream.

  3. And you’re right, but comes to a point where we have to pick our battles and I have spent a good almost 20 years with these friends trying to explain things to them and they still want to hear nothing of it and look at me like I’m a terrorist for making them think, so I’ll just quit while I’m ahead, still wont stop researching just not gonna rip myself to shredsand be super depressed cos people dont care to know about the world they live in and instead drinking to escape problems. Thats the big one…

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