Now, is the opportunity for those considered “alternative” news researchers to eviscerate the author at Newsspell – those other than the scores of mindless trolls – for not only failing to fully accept what has incrementally become doctrinaire among those in their so-called community, but for refusing to regurgitate the tenets of what proves to be a well-scripted, and well-funded psychological operation.

These so-called “researchers” will – without doubt – misconstrue the results of the following published findings for the author’s personal regard toward the subject matter at hand which – for all intents and purposes – would be a gross miscalculation due – most likely – to a combination of knee-jerk emotionalism and the conditioned psychological effects of hard-wired group think.

The author isn’t swayed by either, rather, one weighs and considers only that which appear to be the results of objective analysis and empirical observation.

The truth is folks, what has become known as the “Flat Earth” phenomenon is yet another psychological operation paid for and promoted by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families and those generations of their close, married-in genealogical relations, the hofjude or court Jews of old, the latter-day prominent royal families of Western Europe.

Would you be surprised to learn then, one of the Flat Earth phenomenon’s most ardent internet-based proponents and propagandizers in the West has been identified as a hidden member of the royal family of Monaco, the grandchild of former Hollywood luminary, Princess Grace, formerly known as Hollywood actress, Grace Kelly?

But even more fascinating – through the course of one’s investigation – one discovered a definitive link between the prominent but wholly fabricated Bush clan (yes folks, that Bush family), former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, and the royal family of Monaco!

Stay tuned folks, things are about to get very interesting!

The thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families will use any political or social issue as a divisive wedge – whether genuine or manufactured – so that the masses remain divisively antagonistic, and, of course, to ensure the perpetual maintenance of their economic, social, political, and informational hegemony.

One’s antennae of suspicion should always become raised when a paradigm-shifting concept becomes nearly ubiquitous or popular, on either social media or predominant audio-visual platforms such as You Tube. One must always be cognizant of who the genuine owners of these internet-based platforms truly are, and of the covert purpose(s) for which they are routinely utilized.

When it comes to the identities publicly offered by content creators through You Tube and other audio-visual platforms, and even here on the blogosphere (more on this a bit later), one must always – as it turns out – approach such claims with the utmost scrutiny. All major social media outlets and content creation sites are filled with bevies of trolls, government paid operatives/disinformation and scam artists/two-bit anarchists/ill-advised digital revolutionaries, and yes folks, European royal family members hiding behind photo-shopped images and either prominently recognized and, or even in some cases, obscure pseudonyms.

Conceivably, there are those who may ask, why should one not remain cautious of the material published on Newsspell and the veracity of its author?

In response, one would offer the counter-argument: if the author were truly a disinformation agent, would regular visitors not encounter the utilization of a clever and untraceable pseudonym; an identity further hidden by a faceless icon, rather than the author’s legal and traceable birth name and a professionally produced photograph on the blog’s front page, a photograph connected to pedigree information which is traceable to the legal emanation of the author’s corporately assigned moniker?

Unlike the hordes of gutless internet trolls, community organizers, petty-minded social activists, and low-grade police informants – paid or prodded by a pair of known masonic initiates, and aided by their blue lodge brothers employed as police/fire/first responders,  all of whom belong to a masonic lodge located in proximity to the author’s geographical location – needless to say, though remaining conspicuously vulnerable, the author remains ready and prepared to face the onslaught of all coordinated and personal attacks, no matter how malicious or ill-conceived.

For some time now, these pair of aforementioned masonic initiates have been directing an ongoing harassment campaign against the author to discredit published assertions concerning their possible involvement in a staged psychological operation (with the implicit cooperation of local officials and complete with a prefabricated narrative/photoshopped images/victim/assailant names discovered to have been stolen identities utilized as aliases) executed in 2013, involving the alleged “murder” of a young Caucasian high school teacher at the hands of an alleged teenaged assailant, who was also alleged to have been African-American.

Here, in America, the blue lodge ranks of the masonic order have been charged – upon compartmentalized directives promulgated by their lodge masters – with covertly executing, at an elemental, logistical, and on-the-ground level, the fabricated narratives of preplanned psychological operations, and to proliferate and promote the prevailing narrative of such operations featuring themes of racial division.

Additionally, it has been verified, both of these local blue lodge initiates have appeared on this blogosphere – with other paid trolls undoubtedly acting under their direction – to harass the author under assumed aliases while (wisely) lacking any verifiable photographic identification. Allegedly, they may also have been responsible for directing the efforts of the young son of a Hamilton-Wenham patrol officer in attempting to vandalize the author’s private property as a way of carrying out psychological retaliation.

That’s right folks, when one endeavors to discern the truth and to publicly publish their findings, those in positions of so-called authority begin to show their true colors in covertly moving to protect the integrity of their genuine interests. Behind the public façade of Samaritans and community protectors, they are treacherous, devious, subversive, unruly, and believe in nothing, other than the petty satisfaction of their even pettier material and career-oriented desires.


Our investigation into the so-called “Flat Earth” phenomenon begins with what is known as a tiny principality bordered by France and the Mediterranean Sea, near the French Riviera in Western Europe. Primarily populated by French, Italians, and Monegasques, Monaco has always enjoyed a reputation as a gambling mecca, a private banking haven for off-shore interests, an alleged money laundry for illicit profits garnered from the international narcotics and heroin trades, and, as well, a swank vacation spot for the ultra-well-heeled.

In a past installment, an historical synopsis of this tiny, though well-monied and politically influential principality, and its traditional relationship to one of the most prominent of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the Grimaldi, was briefly outlined.

SEE: Grenfell Tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition

The principality of Monaco’s historical inception goes back to the 13th century AD, when it was ruled over by Francois Grimaldi, a French nobleman genealogically related to the powerful, influential, and prominent Grimaldi family. Our investigation into the principality of Monaco leads us – so to speak – right into the belly of the beast, the beast of the ruling elite who, for centuries, have made, shaped and written the historical accounts the proletariat encounter in their so-called history books while being shuffled through the public school and university educational systems. The Grimaldi are an ancient European royal and noble bloodline, and are one of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families so often expounded upon here at Newsspell.

Both for his ruthless politicking and uncompromising nature, Francois Grimaldi was known as “The Malicious One”, a moniker that surely disturbed and served to give his enemies pause before they decided to face His Lordship of Monaco, whether covertly or out in the open.

In 1297, Francois took control over Monaco – subsequently declaring himself “Lord” – with an army of Franciscans disguised as mercenary soldiers. As most loyal readers have come to learn, the Franciscans are a Catholic religious sect connected to none other than the Jesuit order who, today, are still in control of another powerful principality, the Vatican, located in Rome, Italy; an integral component of the powerful trident of global governance. These families are also in control of two other major principalities representing this trident of global power, London’s Crown Temple and Washington’s District of Columbia.

During this medieval era, when ruthless noblemen such as Francois Grimaldi ruled supreme in France, his Ancien Regime, or “old regime”, would become the predominant political and social system in the Kingdom of France until 1789 in the 19th century, when historical texts tell us the hereditary monarchy of the feudal system of the French nobility were abolished by the “French Revolution”.

This historical narrative, of course, exists as disinformation.

The monarchial or feudal system of the medieval nobility only appeared to have been abolished in lieu of more democratic forms of governance when, in reality, it had only been laid dormant. Until the 18th century, the successors of Francois’s Ancien Regime remained ensconced at the French royal court while maintaining the public title of Duke of Valentinois.

During the principality’s most recent history, throughout the 20th century, and still today, Monaco’s largest Quartier has been Monte Carlo, which, chiefly, has served as a virtual playpen for the spoiled and unruly dilettante offspring of rich and powerful capitalists, industrialists, international bankers, and those of European nobility and royalty.

Today, Monaco is ruled over by Albert II who, officially, holds the title of Serge Telle, or Minister of State. Albert is the offspring of the preceding monarchs, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace. Albert is also genealogically related to not only the powerful Grimaldi family, but to the family of the current sitting monarch of Luxembourg, Grand Duke Henri AKA pop singer David Bowie/radio personality Howard Stern.

SEE: American “King of All Media” European Royal?


Since the 19th century, when the first gambling casinos were opened in Monte Carlo, the city-state’s economic development has grown exponentially. Because Monaco imposes no income tax, with relatively non-existent taxes on businesses, the constitutional monarchy of Monaco has, more recently, experienced even greater and more expansive economic boons, and, as well, a greater influx of sizable financial and business investments.

The principality of Monaco also boasts the profitable possession of a championship football club, and garners, annually, immense gross gaming profits from the legally placed wagers on the outcome of the Monaco Grand Prix of Formula One motor racing event.

Regarding the royal issue(s) of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace – formerly known to American movie going audiences as Hollywood actress Grace Kelly – their eldest child, Princess Caroline of Hanover (formally known as Caroline Louise Marguerite Grimaldi and also the elder sister of the reigning monarch, Prince Albert II) went on to marry Stefano Casiraghi in 1983.

Their royal marriage, however – at least officially – didn’t last long.


According to official history, Stefano Casiraghi/Grimaldi, an Italian speed boat racer, socialite, businessman, and reputed playboy, perished at the tender age of 30 (THREE/EE=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) in a powerboat accident off the coast of Monaco.

Stefano’s “accident” occurred only weeks after it was alleged another speed boat he was commandeering “exploded” a number of miles off the shores of Guernsey, an island located in the English Channel, off the coast of Normandy.

Concerning Caroline’s “late” spouse, who is alleged to have died on October 30, 1990 (11/masonic twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin/28=2X8/16/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/2 8’s/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order/Saturn), here’s where the particulars of Casiraghi’s “death” become rather interesting.

Not only are the “official” details of Casiraghi’s mortally fatal boating accident rife with numerological markers, but the island of Guernsey falls within the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a British Crown dependency, which means, the island, both officially and legally, falls under the Admiralty jurisdiction of the sitting British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

The “official” details of Casiraghi’s “death” are as follows: Near Cap Ferrat, and while faced with surging ocean waves alleged to have been as high three to four feet (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon), Stefano Casiraghi’s 42 foot catamaran (2 4’s=44/destruction code/42/24 in occult mirrored reversal=6/33), while travelling at a rate of speed equaling 150 km/h (6/33)t, was fatally flipped over.

After hours examining the crash site, “experts” stated Casiraghi’s death was likely caused by the fact his catamaran had not been properly equipped with a full and protective canopy.

This begs the question as to why, an allegedly experienced speed boat racer would not have taken such precautionary measures, particularly when faced with such an unruly ocean current while out on the open high seas in the English Channel?

But perhaps, there is another reason Casiraghi didn’t take such precautions.

Could it have been – as loyal readers have observed so many times before concerning fatal celebrity “death” scenarios – Casiraghi, aided by his royal family in Monaco, and with added assistance from the British Crown, faked his death and went on to assume multiple identities, high-profile identities which became more than familiar to not only Americans, but others around the world?

As everyone shall soon observe, the ruling elites had not only greater plans for Prince Stefano Casiraghi, but possessed every means, motive, opportunity, and financial interest in faking the young prince’s death.

While perusing photographic images of Monaco’s “late” Prince Stefano, one was immediately stricken with how Casiraghi’s facial geometry seemed to more than resemble those of several other particularly renowned and celebrity figures we have examined in the recent past.


Prepare yourselves folks, the proverbial rabbit hole is about to become very deep indeed!

Loyal readers shall recall that, in a past installment, news anchor Brain Williams was confirmed as the host actor who portrayed a number of notable historical characters. As it turns out, folks, Mister “Williams” is a much larger player within the phenomenon of PMRS or Post-Modern Reality Simulation than previously thought.

Not only has “Williams” portrayed the “late” former American president George H. W. “Poppy” Bush, former VP Joe Biden, and, as well, former Virginia governor Jay Rockefeller, he has also portrayed a number of other characters.

In fact, in addition to British “007” actor Pierce Brosnan, Casiraghi has also portrayed yet another fabricated “Bush” family member, Neil Bush, who was allegedly embroiled in the well-publicized Silverado or S & L banking scandal of several decades ago.

Both ear biometric and facial recognition analysis prove, beyond all shadow of doubt, the face hidden behind all of these famous masks is none other than the “late” Prince of Monaco, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi.

While the implications of these findings are indeed, stunning, this also means, not only are the Bush family a fabricated historical and mythical construct, but the stories of “Poppy” Bush’s WWII plane crash and heroic rescue of his comrades are fictional bunk and, more than likely, merely narrative variations or modifications of Stefano Casiraghi’s alleged speed boat disaster in the English Channel and placed within the biographical context of a fictional wartime scenario.

SEE: The Bush family legacy of CGI lies

Brian Williams:

Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi:

While performing ocular comparisons between the images of Williams and those of the Prince of Monaco, you will notice the architectures of the nose and brow ridges are identical, and, of course, the architecture of both sets of ears, despite varying and distractive perceptions of chronological age regarding the facial features, are identical between the character of Brian Williams and, that of his host actor, Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi.

Joe Biden:

When viewing the images of “Joe Biden”, you will immediately notice the character’s facial geometry is heavily covered with both stippling and latex to skew ocular perceptions in terms of chronological age. You will also take note, however, and despite the character’s efforts at Hollywood-styled subterfuge to manipulate ocular perceptions of the facial geometry, the ears are the deciding factor in positively identifying the character’s host actor hidden behind the artificially applied layers of epidermal latex.

George H. W. Bush:

Like the character of Joe Biden, George H.W. Bush’s host actor has also been hidden behind layers of stippling and latex. Despite this artificial epidermal layering, the recognizable architectures of the brow ridges, and the unique flesh architectures observed around the circumference of the eyes, remain not only recognizable, but readily identifiable. Notice too, in the second image of Bush, the character has donned eye wear, the application of which has been identified as a standard method of distorting the facial architecture of the host actor, and to better attune the public’s ocular perceptions toward the specified facial modifications of the fabricated character.

Neil Bush:

“Neil Bush” is infamously notorious for having been implicated during the Silverado or S & L savings and loan scandal of the mid to late 1980’s. The Silverado scandal was but one example of how the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – owners of the Western media complex, major shareholders of the US corporation, and the Federal Reserve (a subsidiary branch of the City of London’s Crown Temple) – are able to execute such large-scale criminal operations well in view of the public glare. While acting as active perpetrators of such felonious crimes, they create characters like “Neil Bush” as prefabricated patsies. This is  routinely done, to not only both persuade and control public perceptions government officials are performing their due investigative diligence, but while posing as prosecutors of federal laws and appearing to act in the best interests of the general public, they are, in reality, the covert perpetrators of such massive crimes against the public’s interests.

“007” Pierce Brosnan:

Now though, for the coup d’ etat!


Before beginning with an analysis of the official biographies of Flat Earth research community luminary Eric Dubay, it must be pointed out his name sums to 88 in English Ordinal gematria (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order/Saturn) and, in Full Reduction, sums to 43 (7, Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon). Both Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction totals sum to 11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin).

These gematria readings represent telltale indicators we are dealing with yet another character fabrication, one portrayed by a skilled and well-trained host actor.

The site claims Dubay was allegedly born in 1981, and that, as of 2019, he is “around” 38 years old (11 again, folks).


Observing this degree of biographical non-definitiveness first-hand regarding not only Dubay’s birth date, but his alleged chronological age, raises suspicions, to say the very least.

It is further alleged that, soon after establishing his website “Atlantean Conspiracy” in 2006, Dubay swiftly became acknowledged by those numbered among the “alternative” research community as the so-called authority on all matters having to do with spirituality, philosophy, and, of course, “Flat Earth” theories. Simultaneously, it is claimed Dubay began working as a “teacher” – although it is not specified in what academic discipline(s) – at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Once again folks, we encounter more biographical non-specificity regarding Mister “Dubay”.

Though indeed, such a notion may seem to resemble wishful thinking, if only his scores of blind followers could then have known what shall soon be revealed here as to the genuine identity of Mister “Dubay”.

Since 2011, Dubay’s biographies also allege he has been employed as an “instructor” at Bangkok Wing Chun. Wing Chun, apparently, is a form of Kung Fu Martial Art that originated in Southern China and was founded on the principles of spiritual teaching and self-defense techniques.

In addition, to regularly broadcasting internet podcasts, Dubay is also noted as an instructor of Yoga, which is an exercise regimen derived from India and the Far East. The concept of “Yoga” is also related to various exoterically manifested teachings of occult Luciferian doctrines, and to the goddess of Shiva, known as the “Destroyer”, a goddess to which Robert Oppenheimer publicly alluded, soon after the detonation of the first atomic bomb blast in Alamogordo, New Mexico, during the end of the 20th century’s Second World War.

It is the author’s contention that Dubay, while posed as an “alternative” news researcher, was created as a fabricated character to aid his ruling elite masters in socially conditioning the hearts and minds of the masses into accepting the occult spiritual doctrines, and the philosophical tenets of their pagan/Luciferian/mystery school religion, the identical occult philosophies celebrated and revered by high-level initiates of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic order.

Therefore, would it surprise anyone to discover, “Eric Dubay” is, indeed, a fabricated character portrayed by a host actor, a host actor/agent of chaos who is genealogically related to Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi?

Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi is the elder son of  Princess Caroline of Hanover and the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi. According to official biographies, Andrea is active in the pursuit of drumming up tax-free donations to fill the coffers of several trusts and foundations which, ostensibly, were created to spread global awareness of various social causes. In other words, Andrea is in the business of public perception management and making his royal family appear as Samaritans, when, in reality, they are nothing more than sociopathic criminals disguised in royal garb and protected by publicly esteemed titles.

While considering the true implications and genuine purpose of Andrea Casiraghi’s social justice work (to make enormous tax-free profits for his royal family), recall, that Monaco is not only a private banking haven, but remains tax-free.

Tax shelters, such as foundations and trusts, are never legally subject to the prying eyes of probate or to audit, whether public or private, meaning, such legal financial constructs possess virtually unlimited potential for financial profits.

In 2011, Andrea made headlines throughout Western Europe, for donating a pair of pricey designer footwear, purchased at a swank boutique in Milan, to “Small Steps Project”, a social justice program which, allegedly, is dedicated to charitably ‘giving celebrity-worn shoes to the poorest children of the world’.

Seriously, folks?

One supposes that, when your royal family is nothing more than a criminal nest of snakes, any publicity – no matter how transparently symbolic – will be considered good publicity, right?

Andrea Casiraghi:

Eric Dubay:



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    1. I never delete any blog comments, whether positive or otherwise. Unlike the ruling elites, I welcome both counter-arguments and dissenting opinions. As for the content of the latest installment, one wasn’t referring to loyal readers or their preferred profiles. And, in response to your suggestion about moving – I’m not going anywhere.

      1. The next installment I have coming up is on the former Soviet (the former USSR) Premiere Gorbachev, but I wanted to let you know – since you are a loyal reader with a request – I’ve begun looking into Q-Anon, and not only do the details of this – what has been dubbed a “right-winged conspiracy theory” – appear to have been completely manufactured, but are rife with occult markers and numerology. You will see the results of the research published soon! Confidentially, I should also tell you, preliminarily, this appears to be quite an entertaining clown show. LOL!

      2. Thank you for your interest in the material published at Newsspell. They’re not just in Rome, at Vatican City, or in the City of London, they are also right in your own neighborhood, and directed by those meeting at the local freemason lodge.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to look into it.

    Lots of comedy potential for sure, Donald trumps time travelling son is one of my favorites theories of theirs.

    1. Of course, the realization “Trump” (and his Russian cohort) is merely actors renders the entire “Q-anon” scenario into nothing more than a psychologically-driven theatrical exercise. The question remains: For what ultimate purpose? “Time travelling” son? – LOL! That most likely indicates a subliminal code that he too, is nothing more than an actor.

  3. Hello there…I see you have been watching my videos….thank you for following up on this…the Monaco royal family are scum. Cheers. Alice

    1. Thank you for your genuine interest in Newsspell.
      Not surprising to discover others have been researching this topic. May I ask, are you referring to the video sample which appears in the article?
      If so, I can assure you, it was applied solely to bolster the author’s research hypothesis and was applied under the fair use clause. Regarding the Grimaldi of Monaco, many of their family members have posed as America’s most iconic and significantly noted historical figures. Stefano Grimaldi, for example – who, as I’m sure you’re aware, faked his death – has posed as not only newsman Brian Williams but also George H.W. Bush as well as Donald Trump. I have also found this to be the case with the von Furstenberg Austro-German royal family and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, many of whom have also posed as some of America’s most iconic presidents such as Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. Not only does this prove the Roosevelts are an historical fabrication, this also bolster’s my premise that America is nothing more than a subsidiary corporation of City of London’s Crown Temple and legally, has never existed as an independent sovereign entity.

    2. The royal family of Monaco also descend from the Polignac dynasty, a noble family which quickly attained great socio-economic clout at the court of Versailles thanks to the patronage of Marie-Antoinette, queen-consort of Louis XVI, King of France. Gabrielle de Polastron married into this clan and assumed the title of Duchesse de Polignac before meeting the famous ‘last’ French queen in the mid-1770s. The Polignacs emigrated to Switzerland shortly after the Bastille storming in July 1789 at the beginning of the (fake) French Revolution. Gabrielle ‘died’ there in 1793, the year Marie-Antoinette was “executed” by the French Republic for high treason and illicit squandering of public funds.,_1st_Duke_of_Polignac,_Duke_of_Valentinois

      1. Correction: Gabrielle became a “duchesse” *after* she met Marie-Antoinette when her husband assumed the title “Duc de Polignac” in 1780. Before that, she was a simple countess.

      2. Once again, I sincerely appreciate your research contributions. When, finally, I get around to publishing an installment concerning the topic of the “French Revolution”, they will, no doubt, prove invaluable.

    3. James Hewitt character also. Modified Brian Williams. Then prince Harry would be Trump …. & Diana’s son. Crazy uh

  4. I also believe that during the 80s, there was a bailout measure passed by the U.S. Congress of the Savings & Loans industry, so they were looting the Federal Treasury for plenty of tax revenue to cover their friends’ losses, later having federally-sponsored rescue groups such as the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) to step in and clean up the rest, which was another pricey ripoff. Learn more about this at:

    Per my calculations, in today’s money, the $500 billion bailout program would cost $1.1 trillion, making it one of the largest tax bailout schemes in history, comparable to the federal bailouts of 2008 and 2020 in size & scope.

  5. And one can be sure that Andrea’s charities also receive plenty of tax dollars pouring into his phony charities’ and foundations’ coffers in forms of grants, subsidies, credits, refunds, and lucrative contracts offered by partner governments his family overseas. Knowing that these people obtained much of their vaste wealth and power through macabre means (theft, corruption, blackmail, rigging economies, etc.) – expect that his pet projects receive plenty of public – as well as private – donations pouring in.

    1. “Flat Earth” was one of the most well-coordinated psychological operations, designed to fracture the burgeoning “truth” movement into two factions which, as the perpetrators intended, could be greeted in direct opposition. You’re no doubt correct. The funding for this operation likely derived from illicit sources funneled or laundered through foundations, charities, and other such sources which would appear legitimate.

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