Greta Thunberg’s Teenaged Propaganda Rampage

Up until very recently, I was completely unaware of climate change activist “Greta Thunberg”.

But now, after having observed some of Miss Thunberg’s public performances, I’ve become very suspicious.

Now, after conducting an investigation into “Greta Thunberg”, I’ve become convinced, she is nothing more than a well-trained teenaged propaganda artist.

And, make no mistake about it, folks, our adolescent “climate change” heroine is one very well-trained performer.

Turns out though, Thunberg is much more than this and, after further research, we shall discover her heavily promoted propaganda efforts on behalf of the UN’s “climate change” agenda are, of course, very well-funded.

We are also about to discover that, not only is “Greta Thunberg” a professional “climate change” propagandist, she is also the heir apparent to a European throne.

Join me now, for another intriguing journey into the nether dimensions of Post-Modern-Reality Simulation.

The sudden emergence of “Greta Thunberg” on the world stage, represents the most cynical, subversively deceitful, and even pusillanimous of manipulative contrivances.

But as we’ve come to learn, through the course of numerous investigations, such contrived ploys of psychological manipulation have been the specialized stock-in-trade which, for centuries, have helped to well maintain the global economic hegemony of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Before delving into what appears, upon first glance, to be the contrived biography of “Greta Thunberg”, let’s start off with a numerological analysis of her name which undoubtedly, like her biography, we will discover has been thoroughly fabricated.

The following numerological sums are listed below.

“Greta Thunberg”:

English Ordinal gematria: 146/11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin)

Full Reduction: 65/11

Reverse Ordinal: 205/7 (Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon or the hook)

Reverse Full Reduction: 70/7

11X7=77 (twin lightning charges of a fallen Lucifer/angelic or spiritual transformation)

It appears, from the results of numerological analysis alone, “Greta Thunberg” is a fabricated character acting under a pseudonym.

As we’ve learned from past investigations, the presence of the number 77 indicates we are dealing with a character conversion scheme; a carefully crafted façade concealing the presence of a host actor.

Additional evidence supporting our hypothesis that Miss Thunberg is yet another example of a character conversion scheme, hoisted onto the world stage in support of an agenda funded by the thirteen families, exists in the form of the many images – available online –  which depict Miss Thunberg clearly and symbolically demonstrating her oath of allegiance to the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate.

Some of the more obvious and most illustrative examples can be found at the following links, listed below.

You will notice how Miss Thunberg’s hands are clasped directly beneath her chin. This is a Jesuit-derived gesture, a mutually silent acknowledgment with other high-level initiates, of the dedication to which they are sworn in deposing heretical and impious kings remaining disloyal to the Jesuit creed.

In this image of Miss Thunberg, we observe a physical gesture with an implicit symbolic meaning which, by now, has become well-familiar to us. The covering of the right eye is symbolic of the Eye of Horus, the Light of Lucifer or the Sun which, as we’ve previously learned, is a sacred pagan object of occult reverence to those high-level initiates of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic orders.

In the final example, we can observe Miss Thunberg pointing her index finger directly at the camera. In occult circles, this represents a sign of faith in the secret creed of the masonic order. In numerology, the letters GQ sum to 24 or 6/33 (high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

In the introduction to this installment, I mentioned having witnessed Miss Thunberg’s various theatrical performances. Suffice to say, her oral presentations have proved rife with numerology and with masonic and occult symbolism. A prime example is her recent speech made before an assemblage of EU representatives.

From the beginning of Miss Thunberg’s presentation, we hear the recitation of her age, 16/7 (Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon. the hook).

Also, she claims to be from Sweden which, as it turns out, is a blatant lie.

Next, we hear Thunberg referencing a “house on fire”, ostensibly to describe the urgent nature of the “climate crisis” faced by humanity.

From an occult perspective, this phrase has a double meaning. Everything the occultists publicly perform is bound to be interpreted as ritualistic and dualistic in nature.

On an exoteric level, of course, those not familiar with occult concepts will interpret her statement in the literal sense associated with common vernacular. Beneath the surface of this commonly utilized turn of phrase however, “house on fire” is an occult reference to the spiritual process of transformation told in the story derived from ancient Greek myth, of the rising and resurrection of the mythical Phoenix bird from the fiery ashes.

This ancient story is an allegorical description of the spiritual process of illumination which describes the activation of the pineal gland/third eye by the sacred oil which rises along the length of the “snake” or spinal column from the pelvic regions of the human anatomy.

Early on in her speech, she utters the word “panic”.

In numerology, panic sums to 7 in English Ordinal and to 92 or 11 in Reverse Ordinal.

In Reverse Full Reduction, panic sums to 29 or 2 9’s (9+9=18/666).

The number 9, when put to the Law of Occult Mirrored Reversal becomes a 6/33.

A pair of 9’s can also be a pair of 6’s or 6+6 which, of course, equals 12 (21/777/intelligence joker code).

As you will observe, with the utterance of merely one word – ‘panic’ – Miss “Thunberg” is relating a great deal of covert information to her fellow Templar/Jesuit/Masonic initiates.

Her repeated utilization of the word “panic” also represents a psychological triggering mechanism, a fear-based strategy the thirteen families – throughout history – have proved fond of employing to serve the ends of their social and political agendas.

Since the time of the Roman Empire, the ruling elite families have possessed an intimate knowledge of human psychology which they have repeatedly and nefariously employed in service to the execution of their grand and covert schemes.

Their fundamental manipulation of human psychology while globally promoting the “climate change” agenda in the post-modern age has proved to be no exception.

During her presentation featured in the video, you will note, Thunberg also stresses that “carbon emissions” must be reduced by at least fifty (2 3’s/33) percent in a mere 12 (21/777) years.

The terminology of “carbon emissions” conceals a coded reference to the UN’s population reduction strategies outlined in the document Agenda 2030 (SEE:

The gradual implementation of these strategies directly correlates with the UN’s grand plan to economically refashion the West and America from a chief industrial exporter into a service-based economic region featuring “universal based income”.

The most extraordinary part of the video occurs at approximately 4:07, when Thurnberg begins to theatrically feign sorrowful despair. She adopts a tearful cry in her voice while citing that humanity, in the 21st century, faces  a “6th mass extinction event”.

This particular utterance made by Thunberg, of course, also contains additional numerological coding (6/33).

Fast forwarding to the 4:29 mark of the video, and you will witness Thunberg – just before she theatrically feigns her tearful jag – strategically place her hand directly under her chin while clenched into a claw. This represents yet another occult gesture which symbolizes the military and economic might of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Yes, that’s right folks, the “climate change” agenda is a war on the proletariat, a war the thirteen families don’t plan on losing.


In an installment published earlier – an expose on the American congressperson known as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – we learned the telltale signs of how to readily identify a Marxist agent of chaos.

Assuredly – as both are royal family members in disguise – Cortez and Thunberg are prototypical examples, put forth on the world stage by their royal families to actively promote certain social, political, and economic agendas.

Concerning Thunberg, all of those telltale signs we are witnessing the theatrical performance of a Marxist agent of chaos are present. They are as follows: 1.) constant and nearly indefatigable promotion by MSM 2.) the prolific reception of high-profile awards which serve to establish the agent’s bona fides 3.) elevation to the status of a cult of personality.

In the case of both Cortez and Thunberg, we are able to observe all three of those elements existing as telltale clues.

Indeed, the presence of these elements act as firm indications behind the benevolent, altruistic, and media-driven façade lurks Marxist agents of chaos covertly working to forward the interests of the thirteen families against those of the proletariat.

SEE: AOC: Has America Elected Yet Another Actor?

SEE also: AOC and Ivanka: same actor different masks?

Consulting one of Thunberg’s “official” biographies at we learn that, in 2018, “she was one of the winners of Svenska Dagbladet’s debate article writing competition on the climate for young people. The biography goes on to cite a plethora of awards, explaining Thunberg “was also nominated for the electricity company Telge Energi’s Children’s Prize, but she declined because the finalists would have to fly to Stockholm.”

I guess we now know why these fabricated stories concerning commercial airline flights, concerning either violent incidents or other fantastical stories, have proliferated in the MSM. It is all about spreading Thunberg’s “panic” concerning “climate change” and “carbon emissions.”

In November of that same year, “Thunberg was awarded the Fryshuset scholarship of the Young Role Model of the Year.”

But one of the most high-profile awards bestowed upon “Greta Thunberg” came from Time magazine, which named her as “one of the most influential teenagers of 2018.”

Subsequently, Thunberg was nominated by “three Norwegian lawmakers” (three/EE=33) for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

And, in April of 2019, the slew of awards continued, with Thunberg receiving the prestigious Ambassador of Conscience Award from Amnesty International.

Recall too, how another CGI masked Marxist agent of chaos – former US president Barack Hussein Obama AKA Jerry Seinfeld – was not only nominated, but awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

If examined more closely, there exists significant evidence nearly all of Thunberg’s photographic publicity stills have been treated or manipulated in post-production with CGI animation or photo shop image morphing.

How do we know this?

The physical descriptions given to us in her biography – listed at the link made available above – claim Thunberg’s eyes are “blue-hazel”, and her hair color is “light ash blonde”. And yet, in most of her publicly distributed images, the coloring of Thunberg’s eyes appear discolored or distorted by CGI post-production animation.

What exactly is Miss Thunberg hiding?

That’s right folks, the thirteen families, from out of their own ranks, create cults of celebrity personality and, to further bolster their manufactured popularity – while they parade around masked by CGI and acting under fabricated pseudonyms – are either nominated for or outright awarded with what are publicly perceived to be prestigious awards.

In summary, the fabricated celebrity persona of “Greta Thunberg” serves as a dramatic illustration.

Turns out, Thunberg’s identity as a “climate change” heroine is fraudulent, and she is not who she appears to be.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis have confirmed, the host actor hiding behind the mask of Greta Thunberg is Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, a European royal in disguise, and the heir apparent to the throne of Belgium.

Greta Thunberg:

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant:


The fabricated character scheme known as “Greta Thunberg”, upon further investigation, has been reidentified as Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway.

SEE: Greta, Klaus & Hilde the Royal Schwabs

9 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg’s Teenaged Propaganda Rampage

    1. The thirteen families have been getting away with conning the proletariat for centuries. The proliferation of digital technology has only served to facilitate the effectiveness of their grand psychological operations. And you’re quite correct, a modicum of commitment to research can and will reveal the truth. Unfortunately, many are conditioned to a world of convenience, and remain all-too-content to regurgitate the opinions and talking points of “experts” rather than acquiring the requisite discipline to glean the truth for themselves.

  1. it wouldnt surprise me if she was from one of Roman Polanski’s many child brothels, he writes about all his sex slave shadow assassin children that he/they put into positions of power and whereever they are needed.

    1. Thank you for your gracious interest in the material published at Newsspell. Soon, there will be another installment detailing some of the other high-profile roles Princess Elisabeth’s royal family have portrayed in America. Two of her family members, I’ve identified as news personality Jane Pauley and CNN’s John King. Since these royal families own the US corporation and the news media – it comes as no surprise to learn – most of the high-profile anchorpersons on American television are, in fact, European royals in disguise. These royals have also portrayed roles as high-profile American politicians. Coming up soon, the results of my research will reveal that another royal family member of Princess Elisabeth’s – years ago – portrayed the role of a Massachusetts governor.

  2. Your theories are preposterous, and this critique comes from a person who is au fait with the occult code the elite use an occult code, but I still try and use critical thinking wherever and whenever I can, and what you mostly say makes no sense. You cannot jump the gun with this research, because it can be as slipery as a snake as it is. I CAN for example dig that Greta’s name = 11, and that their slogan ‘we don’t have time’ = 11 and they have said we have 11 years left, and the Extinction Rebellion protests were for 11 days. So I can see that preponderance of 11s, and am well aware the same was so with the 9/11 false flag event which was an occult ‘sacrificial’ ritual. …But your theory that Greta is really a princess is just absurd!!!…. LOL Look, my natural talent, if you like, is that although i am terrible remembering names, I am very good recognizing and remembering faces, and I can tell you quite clearly that Greta and and that princess bear no resemblance whatsoever!”! And to suggest they have made her so via CGI is plain silly, ad just undermines what we possibly MAY detect about an occult gematria going on!

    1. Thank you for your interest in the material published at Newsspell. Allow me to respond to your charges with the following. On the one hand, without offering any significant or corroborative counter analysis, you claim the stated thesis of Post-Modern Reality Simulation is “preposterous”, while maintaining your ad hominem attack derives from the mind of someone well practiced at “critical thinking”. Furthermore, before “jumping the gun” to label my assertions “absurd”, perhaps you should consider, if merely one or more of the several identifications I’ve made and published can be further verified with extensive image analysis, then such corroborative verification would render the charges you’ve lodged in response utterly baseless. I would further submit – if you remain confident your charges exist based upon merit – you should attempt to disprove the results of extensive image analysis which clearly – beyond shadow of doubt – demonstrate both “Donald Trump” and “Joe Biden” are media fabricated characters portrayed by the identical host actor, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco. These results have proved verifiable and repeatable. I would further submit, the implications of that investigation are far greater and more profound than the staged theatrics of some teenaged activist – “Greta Thunberg” – raving before the assembled body of the EU like a strumpet in a tantrum.

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