Though there exists reams of published disinformation which will try to convince you those who secretly own the US corporation hide in the shadows – it isn’t so.

Disinformation and propaganda artists, belonging to both the MSM and “alternative” media, would have you believe your true owners are never seen in the light of day.

The truth of the matter, however, is rather quite the opposite.

Keeping you occupied and distracted with cliched terms such as “Deep State” and “Illuminati”, serves as a colossal blind thrown over the eyes of the general public.

Such terms act as distractions, deterrents, and even obstacles to the truth.

These popularly utilized terms have been thoroughly concocted, and derive from the identical CIA counter-intelligence sources which created the term, “conspiracy theorist”.

Those belonging to the thirteen, ruling elite families remain highly visible while, simultaneously, their genuine identities are hidden behind CGI masks, pseudonyms, and the fabricated identities of well-known entertainers, politicians, MSM anchorpersons, and other conspicuous “authority” figures.

In this installment, we will endeavor to discover the genuine identity of yet another European royal who has been posed as a 2020 US presidential candidate.

And, on this occasion, a truly wondrous discovery awaits us.

Not only, has this European royal appeared on CNN as a press correspondent, he formerly served as the governor of Massachusetts, and he is also an elder genealogical relative, the father of the host actor (Belgian Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant) behind the mask of “Greta Thunberg”.

The stunning announcement of William Weld’s challenge to the incumbent US president Donald Trump for the Republican party’s presidential nomination in 2020 represents an intriguing political development.

For those not familiar with William “Bill” Weld, he formerly served as Massachusetts’s governor from early January of 1991 until July of 1997 and, in 1996, he became the state’s Republican nominee for the US senate. Weld, according to official biographies, is also a lawyer, an esquire sworn by oath to the bar of the Crown Temple.

This fact alone, should indicate to everyone, Mister “Weld” is no ordinary politician.

It turns out, the host actor who portrays the political character of “William Weld” is a European royal, related to everyone’s favorite climate change activist, “Greta Thunberg”.

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Currently, Massachusetts has another character serving in a high-profile political capacity: Senator and 2020 US presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren AKA Hollywood actress, Annette Benning.

Certainly, Massachusetts is a state not unfamiliar with the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

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Benning, of course, in addition to being an award-wining Hollywood actress, is also the spouse of another Hollywood icon, Warren Beatty AKA former US president Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon.


Benning also portrays the character of Hillary Clinton.

While serving as Massachusetts’s governor, Weld’s political tenure on Beacon Hill marked the 68th in an electoral succession dating back to the 18th century, when John Hancock, one of America’s founders, served as the commonwealth’s first and third governors.

Early on in our investigation, we can see evidence of numerological markers in association with the “official” biographies of “William Weld”.

68: 14 (6+8)=77/twin lightning charges of lucifer/angelic transformation.

6X8=48 (4+8=12/21/777/intelligence joker code)

While we’re just beginning to perform our numerological examination, do you see anything else about the letters in Weld’s name which appear suspicious?

How about the pair of W’s?

When turned counter-clockwise, the W’s appear as a pair of threes or 33 (high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Not coincidentally, we discover that “William Weld” sums to 111/3 (three/EE=33) in English Ordinal gematria, and to 48 (12/21/777/3) in Full Reduction.

In Reverse Full Reduction, “William Weld” sums to – wait for it, folks – 60/3 (three/EE=33).


As for Weld’s immediate family, his biographers – suspiciously – don’t appear to bother delving into greater detail. Suffice to say, “William Weld” comes from a very exclusive genealogical lineage associated with the founding of the American corporation.

According to Wikipedia and other official biographical sources, Weld is a Boston Brahmin, a social classification historically associated with “members of Boston’s traditional upper class, an integral part of the historic core of the East Coast Establishment.”

Weld’s family has also been historically associated with Harvard University where, very recently, a group of researchers and tenured faculty admitted deliberate and ongoing geoengineering was responsible for the “climate change” phenomenon.

This fact alone, represents a colossal clue as to the genuine identity of 2020 US presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor William Weld’s host actor, and his connection to the shrill-toned climate change activist, Greta Thunberg.

Historically, Harvard University has also been closely associated with both the Jesuit order and the CIA.

The current director of the agency, Mike Pompeo, graduated from Harvard Law School. Interestingly, before being sworn in as director of the CIA, Pompeo served on the House Select Benghazi Committee to “investigate” the allegedly tragic events in Benghazi, Libya.


Of course, “Benghazi” was a concocted psychological operation which also involved Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton AKA Annette Benning/Massachusetts Senator and 2020 presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren.

Given this, we can be assured Mister Pompeo is a professional and accomplished liar.

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There exists an interesting biographical anecdote, relating to William Weld’s genealogy and to those of his ancestors historically classified as Boston Brahmin. It is alleged, when Massachusetts senate president Billy Bulger publicly teased Weld about his ancestors having arrived to America on the Mayflower, Weld joked: “Actually, they weren’t on the Mayflower. They sent the servants over first to get the cottage ready.”

This anecdote is remarkable, in that – despite being thoroughly overlooked by the general public – it acts as yet another important clue relating to the genuine identity of “William Weld”, and to the true nature of the founding of America as a joint-stock corporate venture, a grand venture which was funded by prominent European royal families and subsequently ruled and governed by their royal descendants.

Though from the beginning, Weld’s political career has appeared to enjoy a steady upward momentum, it has not been without controversy.

In 2006, accusations of financial impropriety derailed Weld’s candidacy for the governorship of the state of New York, a brief scrape with scandal which prevented Weld from being the only other political candidate in American history – Sam Houston was president of the Republic of Texas and later became governor of the state of Tennessee  – to have served as governor of two different US states.


Weld’s official biographies indicate to us, he was appointed and served as chief executive of Louisville, Kentucky’s now defunct Decker College, from January to October of 2005. During his tenure, the college administration came under fire from the US Department of Education, concerning the college’s “accreditation of its construction-related courses and online instruction.”

Later, in 2006, during his campaign run for the governorship of New York, Weld came under fire again, this time from US senator Alfonse D’Amato, accusing Weld of overseeing what the senator described as a criminal scheme tantamount to “multi-million dollar looting.”

Amid a swirl of controversy, the MSM – curiously – came to Weld’s defense.

An opinion piece, published on March 27 of 2016 by the Wall Street Journal floated the claim, without apparent justification, that “Bankruptcy Trustee Robert Keats alleged Ralph LoBosco”, a Department of Education employee, “was trying to exact revenge against Decker CEO William Weld.”

The article went on to further explain, “Education Department administrative law judge Robert Layton recently affirmed a 2012 bankruptcy court finding that the Council on Occupational Education had failed to tell the truth in stating Decker’s online programs were never accredited. The council’s ‘fatally erroneous’ assertion caused the Education Department to withdraw federal student aid in 2005, which precipitated Decker’s bankruptcy.”

Reading between the lines, it is fair to assume, the genuine nature of this entire imbroglio, involving Weld and the Education Department, was purposely misreported for the sole purpose of hiding the truth, a truth the Wall Street Journal wished to misdirect the general public away from. It seems also very likely, Weld and the Education Department, both conspired to commit what New York’s Senator D’Amato labeled “multi-million dollar looting”, a scurrilous practice in which the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have specialized for centuries.

In other words, as CEO of Decker, Weld was in a perfect position to oversee the operation and criminal execution of wholesale financial looting. Weld’s conspirators, the Education Department, while pretending to perform due diligence and simultaneously remaining covertly complicit, were content to be slapped on their wrist with some vague accusation of committing “revenge” upon Weld.

Nevertheless, this is the sort of common criminal operation – executed by family members of the thirteen Jesuit families while acting under pseudonyms to avoid prosecution or legal accountability – we’ve seen ample evidence of before.

In a past installment, we learned of the gross criminality of Prince Stefan Casiraghi Grimaldi – while acting under the pseudonym of “Neil Bush” – and his family’s looting of the Silverado Savings and Loan. The thirteen families are aware, a man who is supposed to be dead while acting under a pseudonym (Casiraghi is alleged to have perished in a boating accident off the coast of France) doesn’t legally exist and, therefore, cannot be prosecuted under the yellow fringed flag of Crown Temple Admiralty Law.

Is it any wonder then, to discover the host actor of “William Weld” making a bid for the presidency of the US corporation while his royal family relation – the host actor portraying “Greta Thunberg” –  fronts yet another grand criminal looting scam which has been semantically labeled “climate change” by the MSM.

As we’ve learned, the ruling thirteen families enjoy monopoly shareholder ownership over the MSM and the “alternative” media.

Below, is a video excerpt of Weld appearing on CNN.

Everyone will readily notice, Weld makes immediate mention (at approximately 1:15) that one of the foundations of his presidential campaign will be the issue of “climate change”.

That comes as no surprise, right folks?

Everyone will notice too, from the outset, Weld’s interview is riddled with numerology.


“Greta Thunberg” is a manufactured character, and the person alleged to be her “mother”, opera singer Malena Ernman, is also – wait for it, folks – an actress.

Here, is the link to her extensive IDMB page:

As eveyone can readily observe, Malena is an accomplished actress in the world of the performing arts, and has several movie roles to her credit.

It is very likely, therefore, she was contracted to pose as the mother of climate change activist “Greta Thunberg” to further shield the true identity of Thunberg’s royal host actor from the world and, furthermore, to conceal the true source of the “climate change” operation’s vast funding and global propaganda machine.

The truth, as we’ve come to learn, always hides in the light of day, where no one will be expected to look for it.

This is the deceptive method of operation which persists while hosts of disinformation artists, employed by both the MSM and the so-called “alternative” media, and directed by the CIA/FBI and the international intelligence octopus, shepherd the public astray along bewildering paths which oftentimes lead straight into the obfuscating darkness.

Here’s what these hosts of deceiving disinformation artists hope you’ll never discover: the identity of the host actor portraying American presidential candidate “William Weld” also derives from a prestigious and ancient European royal lineage.

Ear biometrics, facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicate the host actor portraying “William Weld” is former CNN correspondent “John King”, the current monarch of the Belgian royal family, and biological father of “Greta Thunberg” AKA Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, King Phillippe Leopold Ludwig Maria of Belgium.

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William Weld:

King Phillippe of Belgium:

While portraying American presidential candidate “William Weld”, it appears layers of latex stippling have been strategically and skillfully applied to regions of the character’s nose, chin, and neck, artificial applications which distort the facial geometry of the host actor, making him appear to be older.

These alterations allow Phillippe’s appearance to more closely resemble the chronological age claimed by the character’s official biographies.

As we’ve discovered from past investigations – in the case of JFK AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper/brother of Danish Prince consort Henrik AKA Hollywood icon “Jack Nicholson”, for example – the youthful chronological age of the host actor is, almost always, concealed by such disguises when portraying the roles of characters which have been biographically scripted to appear much older.

During our past investigations, we’ve also observed a similar method of operation – younger images of older crisis role players released by the MSM – when victim simulations are created for the execution of Homeland Security’s multi-jurisdictional emergency preparedness drills which are marketed to the general public as actual crisis events (i.e. Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, etc. etc. ).

In part III, we will delve more deeply into the history of the Belgian royal family, and learn of the stunning family connections of the royal queen mother, Paola, ancient royal genealogical connections which will lead us – as it were – directly into the belly of the beast of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.


The fabricated character scheme known as “Greta Thunberg”, upon further investigation, has now been reidentified as Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

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