Hoax craft hi-jinx in Jonestown

Sometimes, in addition to whirlwind storms of intuition, the articles loyal readers encounter here also derive from spontaneous inspiration. For example, just today, one was out grocery shopping and when among the aisle’s one happened to overhear a young mother remark to her small child that she preferred her to “drink something healthier than Kool-aid.”

Well, though loathe to make such an admission, one is sufficiently advanced in chronological age to recall from where the famous phrase “drinking the Kool-aid” derived. “Drinking the Kool-aid” became popularized almost immediately subsequent to what became known as the infamous “Jonestown Massacre.”

In fact, until hearing the young mother offering her child maternal advice on healthy beverage choices, one had almost completely forgotten the event. Nevertheless, retrospectively examining this event was a true gold mine in terms of further exposing the actor based reality.

And most surprising of all, folks, starring in this event were those who went on to become very recognizable household names and celebrity personalities whose work no doubt many have not only enjoyed but truly admired.

Join with me now, as one ventures back to Jonestown, where it is alleged everyone did indeed “drink the Kool-aid.”

If only, they had taken the advice of the young mother at the grocery store, no?

Jim Jones is typical of the sort of character created by an arm of the international intelligence octopus, the sort of text book psychological warfare/destabilization agent intelligence has produced for decades. Though destabilization agents may come to the public eye in various social and political guises – whether right or left, pacifist or warlord – their role remains the same, to psychologically weaken a population into the sort of overall passive and docile malaise making it possible for the ruling elites to more easily manage their numbers and normalize the gross criminality of the prevailing (unlawful but legal) commercial status quo. However, in revisiting this so-called Jonestown massacre, never has one observed the social and political purpose for which a psychological operation was created revealing itself more transparently.

The biography of Jim Jones, such as it appears, was clearly the creation of some intelligence sub-department, most likely CIA. For, here is yet another character who appears to have achieved the improbable without any demonstrable means of funding or financial wherewithal. Unless of course, Jones himself was merely portraying the role of a character in a psychological operation funded by the nearly bottomless coffers of an intelligence agency in league with the Crown Temple international banking cabal such as CIA.

By the way folks, not only would some of the participants in the Jonestown operation go on to become beloved Hollywood stars, but one has identified another family member of the ruling elite portraying a prominent role, one who not so long ago was featured in another installment. And just to prolong the suspense, one shall thus far reveal that the host actor in question was indeed a member of the prominent and ubiquitous Rockefellers.

May god preserve us – it seems, at least historically, these Rockefellers cannot get enough face time on the television airwaves starring in their own fabricated productions. One supposes. however, if any of you were majority stock holder or outright owner of a corporate television network, would you not want to star in your own television shows too?

Birth of a cult leader

For those not familiar with the character of Jim Jones or the event dubbed the Jonestown massacre, one shall, as usual, provide an historical refresher. In 1978, cult leader Jim Jones relocated his People’s Temple from the West coast of the US to Guyana, a sovereign state located on the northern mainland of South America. Before then, the People’s Temple had originally emanated from rural Indiana, but soon gained wider popularity and notoriety in California, where the Temple enjoyed a lengthy residency in the city of San Francisco. It was there, it is alleged that Jones became politically active, when after some controversy over his appointment from Mayor George Moscone, the 37th mayor of the city (777, intelligence joker code, but more on Moscone later) Jones became chairman of the San Francisco Housing Authority.

This is the juncture of Jim Jones’ story where – as they say, folks – the plot thickens.

During his tenure as chairman of the city Housing Authority, Jones lobbied to acquire the International Hotel, home to many indigent and low income tenants.

When a state superior court ordered the tenants to be evicted on behalf of the Four Seas Corporation, Jones enlisted Temple members to protest and disrupt the eviction proceedings. Utilizing the media to marshal support and public sympathy for the tenants against the Four Seas Corporation, Jones and the Housing Authority voted to acquire the building with a federal grant of 1.3 million dollars, and to transfer ownership to tenants rights groups.

Now folks, allow one’s analysis to inform exactly what may have gone on here.

First off, utilizing political pressure and the media (owned by the Rockefeller’s and controlled by CIA) to garner public sympathy to keep low income tenants at the hotel drives down property values, which means prospective investors (in this case municipal government involved in a pubic/private partnership See: Scotland goes Hollywood: Dirty Dancing in Dunblane) utilizing public tax payer money, can come in and buy up the property for nominal value. This is a classic case of playing both sides against the middle (public/private interests against that of the taxpayer), and creating a political ruse through emotional manipulation over the poor and unfortunate to achieve tax payer support in a private real estate transaction using public money to finance the deal.

Today, the property is owned by none other than the Roman Catholic Diocese, and as loyal readers know, the Vatican is controlled by the Jesuit order, who are in league with prominent merchant banking families like the Rockefellers.

In other words folks, the character of Jim Jones – a host actor operating under a pseudonym and political puppet of the Rockefellers – was acting on behalf of a financial real estate ruse. But as indicated earlier, there is more concerning San Francisco Mayor George Moscone that is of significant interest.

Per historical record of Moscone’s tenure as Mayor of San Francisco, Moscone faced a political dilemma in late 1978 when it came to the resignation of conservative city leader Dan White from the city’s Board of Supervisors. Apparently, more liberal city leaders such as Harvey Milk were upset that Mayor Moscone wanted White to reconsider and retain his seat on the Board, and ultimately convinced the politically beleaguered mayor to rescind his promise to reinstate the conservative leader. Upon learning of this news, White allegedly walked into the Mayor’s office (on the date of the Mayor’s birthday, no less) and mortally wounded Moscone, but then proceeded to Milk’s office to gun him down as well.

Apparently, the script writer’s of this story had been watching too many episodes of the vintage and popular “wild west” American television show “Bonanza.”

Not only is this event coded with numerology (November 27/11/masonic master’s apprentice/2 7’s/77/angelic transformation/Moscone’s 49th birthday =13/summit of masonic pyramid) but none other than Diane Feinstein was appointed to the mayor’s office soon after Moscone’s death. Now, loyal readers will recall that Feinstein’s host actor has been identified as Shirley McClain (See: Actor’s in history’s grand stage play part X), brother of award winning Hollywood star and former American president Richard Nixon’s host actor, Warren Beatty.

See a pattern developing here, folks?

Right around the identical time period of this “tragic” incident with Moscone, the character of cult leader Jim Jones moved his People’s Temple out of San Francisco to Guyana, in South America. Now, here’s where one would like to proffer a small observation involving a comparison analysis. Here is a picture of the aforementioned International Hotel in San Francisco:


And here, a photograph of the Guyanese flag:


Notice any similarities between the pair of photos, folks? How about the fact that both photographs prominently feature pyramids, which is a prominent symbol of the International Brotherhood of Freemasonry.

Soon after Jones arrived in Jonestown with his People’s Temple, and despite Jones being allegedly in good humor with local officials and the compound tightly guarded by armed security, media reports concerning human rights abuses quickly began to leak out of the compound. More trouble soon allegedly surfaced when US congressman Leo Ryan decided to lead a delegation into the People’s Temple compound to investigate and to establish the veracity of the abuses. Ryan’s visit seemed at first to go smoothly and without incident, with several cult members informing they enjoyed staying in Jonestown, and did not know of any such reported human rights abuses.

Reportedly however, Ryan’s peaceful reception soon turned to mayhem. Jones was alleged to have grown angry when he learned of a group of 30 (three(EE)/33/high degree Scottish Rite freemasonry) cult members clandestinely conspiring with the congressman to make an escape from the compound. When the congressman moved towards his plane with the escapees, Jones allegedly dispensed his armed guards to prevent the mass exodus, and in the ensuing gun fire, Ryan, two reporters, and a cameraman from NBC network were slain.

The host actor portraying the role of the cult member seen in the first portion of the video displayed above is Shelly Duvall, best known for her roles in The Shinning and Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. And at 20:46, one shall witness none other than popular 80’s comedian/actor/singer Eddie Murphy, best known for his roles in Beverly Hills Cop, the Golden Child, and Trading Places (co-starring with Dan Aykroyd, who of course participated and played a major role in the Sandy Hook Massacre hoax) portraying one of the Jonestown survivors. And further on towards the final frames of the video at 20:03, in the role of yet another alleged Jonestown survivor of the mass suicide of 931 adults and children (9/Satan’s #/31/13/summit of masonic pyramid), one observes a very young and yet to be famous Samuel L. Jackson.

But, that’s not all, folks!

Can you identify the woman at the very beginning of the previous video portraying the congressional aid of “congressman” Leo Ryan, folks?

You should be able to, for that is none other than the woman who would become popular American comedienne/actress/ and hostess of mega popular daytime talk fest The View with Barbara Walters (Diane von Furstenberg) – Ms. Whoopi Goldberg.

Leo Ryan – fake congressman

Photo of Congressman Leo J. Ryan, below:


In examining the congressional record of Leo J. Ryan, member of the house of representatives from California’s 11th district (11/masonic master’s apprentice) one finds a rather slim list of accomplishments, other than a fact finding mission to Newfoundland of all places to – get this, folks – investigate the practice of “seal hunting.”

Now, why in the world would a congressman from California concern himself with something like that? Was there a market for the sale of seal meat and trading of seal hide in the state of California during the 1970’s? The only other major legislative accomplishment of Mr. Ryan seems to have been his involvement with the Hughes-Ryan amendment, which concerned itself with congressional oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency. But, folks, there is a good reason why Congressman Ryan was concerned with CIA, because the host actor portraying Leo Ryan was a Rockefeller. And as loyal readers know, it has by now been well established here at Newsspellcom.org that Rockefeller money created CIA for the sole purpose of protecting its commercial monopolies from any foolish upstart competition.

That’s right folks, the same host actor portrayed the godfather of “alternative media” Bill Cooper, and the very same portrayed Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo later on in the 1980’s, (See: The death of kings and false prophets), also starred as the congressman “tragically” slain at Jonestown – none other than our old friend David Rockefeller Junior. In fact, one could go so far to say, Mr. Rockefeller was the biggest “reality” television star during an era before such a concept became widely known to the public and popularized on all major American television networks.

Oh, and one other interesting anecdote about Mr. Ryan. While allegedly presiding as chairman of the California Assembly committee overseeing prison reform, Ryan entered Folsom State Prison as an inmate – get ready for this folks – under a pseudonym!

You see folks, when you belong to a merchant banking family tied in with the ruling elite Jesuit families who also happen to be major stockholders of the Federal Reserve, the US corporation, and majority owners in the American media, one has the ability to be anyone or anything they want, and to do so with impunity.

In essence folks, ruling elite families like the Rockefellers not only steal your tax dollars to make private business investments, but they use the very political system you’ve been conditioned to believe is democratic to psychologically abuse you into submission with their nonsensical and badly produced Hollywood D movie versions of Shakespearean theater so that you will want to give them over more of your hard earned tax dollars from which they in turn handsomely profit.

Such a deal, huh, folks?

Now, if only the American tax payer would begin to subscribe to the sage advice of the young mother at the grocery store and choose something more healthy to drink other than “Kook-aid.”



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