It is not only those genealogically related to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families that we discover actively perpetuating the phenomenon we’ve come to know as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Sometimes, we also discover, it is those on the fringes of the entertainment, music, and movie industries portraying starring roles in the theatrical presentation of the MSM’s psychological operations.

While these actor’s roles appear to be minor, in comparison, for example, to those portrayed by the likes of Doctors “Anthony Fauci” AKA David Geffen and “Deborah Birx” AKA Annette Benning, nevertheless, we often discover that, when considering the successful molding of collective public opinion, behavior, and perception, the roles of these bit players are just as significant and no less effective.

This installment shall highlight a pair of such small time actors, those who have dutifully played their role during the ongoing Covid-19 psychological operation.

But these pair of wannabe stars have nothing in comparison to the Hollywood cache of the host actor discovered in portrayal of a major public figure, the chief corporate executive of YouTube, who, recently, emerged on CNN to tell the American public that she, under any circumstances, will not be tolerating “coronavirus deniers”.

But first and foremost, the fine folks at the Rockefeller Foundation have recently chimed in with a doorstopper of a published report which reveals how they plan to use the coronavirus psychological operation as a Trojan horse to implement a global system of technocratic governance, overseen by AI.

How nice of them to let us know, huh?


“Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” is a paper published by the Rockefeller Foundation. Suffice to say, this report contains some stunningly revelatory information regarding the creation and execution of the coronavirus pandemic with the willing assistance, in the words of the published report, of “political and business actors.”

Of course, in the context of the report’s language, the term ‘actor’ refers to stakeholders, or, the predominant collective of elite economic and political interests which, through the execution of psychological warfare, seek to consolidate and solidify the hegemonic emergence of a 21st century technocratic global state.

And folks, the hordes of those you’ve observed wearing masks and gloves and complying with every capricious executive order issued forth by the scores of burgeoning American tin pot dictators, are actively helping to bring forth this technocratic emergence and, to one’s mind, they are just as dangerous as the autocratic psychopaths belonging to the thirteen families.

Ironically, the hordes of submissive, unquestioningly obedient, and mask donning proletariat appear to believe, as the thirteen families have believed since before the time of the Roman Empire, that a divinely inspired few have an inherent right to rule over humanity and to decide the course of its future.

In other words, both a majority of the proletariat and the thirteen families have, after all, something in common: they both worship the same god which, conceptually, exists in the form of a totalitarian governing state.

Be that as it may, everyone can access this report, in pdf format, at the following link:


And now, speaking of actors!


Small time actors, such as “Doctor Calvin Sun”, are often utilized to promulgate established crisis narratives, and to highlight and establish a crisis operation’s major talking points which are, uniformly, repeated and regurgitated by federal, state, and local public officials and, of course, those among the American general public.

Before witnessing one of Doctor Calvin Sun’s latest performances, shown in the video displayed immediately below, everyone, especially one’s loyal readers and visitors, undoubtedly, has noticed the telltale occult significance of this character’s name —– “SUN” —– which, of course, is an occulted reference to the symbolism of Lucifer.

At the very highest echelons of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic brotherhood, Lucifer is symbolic of the light which travels through the pyramid of the sun and, often, particularly within Masonic lodges, is shown depicted as the “All Seeing Eye” of Ra, the Sun god.

Ra, the “All Seeing Eye”:

Right from the outset of the MSNBC interview with Doctor Calvin Sun, featured in the following video excerpt, everyone will surely notice, how Sun continually turns his eyes toward a teleprompter, positioned off-camera. Also, this hack of an actor cannot help but smirk and, while he spews forth his assigned script, which has been designed to drum images of a “wartime scenario” into the collective consciousness of the American general public, he appears to have a penchant for nervously fidgeting.

Then again, such behavior is often found to be a telltale trait of compulsive liars.

Most conveniently, reporting on the conflation of seasonal cold and flu statistics with the official numbers of coronavirus “cases” presumed to exist in the US doesn’t seem to exist as part and parcel of Sun’s assigned script which, as everyone likely heard, is filled with exclamatory and emotionally flammable talking points. Nor, does “Doctor Sun” dare deviate from the pseudo portentous nonsense written into his prepared script to mention the comparative nexus between fabricated coronavirus statistics’ modeling and US 5G rollout maps; a comparative nexus which is confirmed by the information available at the links, listed immediately below.


SEE also:

The nationwide and global rollout of the 5G infrastructure, as it relates to the coronavirus psychological operation, has recently begun to become uniformly and deliberately misrepresented by the MSM.

The rollout of 5G/60ghz millimeter waves will greatly reduce or even preclude the human immune system’s ability from effectively combating viruses which, due to malnutrition, lack of exercise, or poor dietary habits from the consumption of processed and chemicalized foods, are already present in the human body.

In tandem with the injection of poisonous vaccines, which are filled with toxic mixtures of animal proteins, and the human immune system’s virus fighting integrity will become completely compromised.

This is the essence of the UN’s Agenda 2030, which is tantamount to a criminal conspiracy to commit state sponsored mass genocide.

This folks, is the real fear which no one wants to face, or, at the very least, dares to address or even suggest.

Needless to say, after viewing the following video excerpt, it shall become obvious to everyone, it is likely Doctor Sun is not a licensed physician but, at best, he is a mediocre actor possessing just enough skill, when cued, to vomit forth the most outrageously rancid lies.


During her introduction, the MSNBC news anchor spews out telltale numerological/gematria markers disguised as “official statistics”: 1.) “multiple”=3(EE=33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry), 2.) “a dozen emergency rooms”=12/21/777(Alistair Crowley’s Lieber Al/joker intelligence code).


While Doc Calvin appears to be the MSM’s favorite son when it comes to spreading coronavirus propaganda, an examination of his Facebook page ( reveals that he, in addition to practicing emergency medicine, is involved with the practice of several unrelated and time consuming vocations.

One can’t help but wonder, if he’s so busy fighting the coronavirus, when, exactly, does Sun find the time to devote towards these other pursuits?

The following is quoted from Sun’s Facebook profile:

“Attending physician in Emergency Medicine, TED speaker, Civil Rights Activist, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Dancer/Choreographer, Mixologist, Motivational Speaker”

While digging a little deeper, and at Doctor Sun’s LinkedIn page, we are able to discover he is also an “award-winning filmmaker”, a “syndicated columnist”, and —–  wait for it, folks —– a “former bartender and an MTV dancer”.

One wonders, given he is also listed at Facebook as a choreographer, if Sun hasn’t been the individual responsible for choreographing some or all of the Tic Tock videos of dancing medical professionals which have recently surfaced?


In the video, displayed above, we hear the testimony of Doctor Arabia Mollette, who can be heard saying, “I see a lot of pain, despair, suffering, and health care disparities — we’re in the middle of a warzone.”

Mollette can be heard regurgitating, verbatim, the same scripted lines in the following video, excerpted from a CNN exclusive:

Funny, how Arabia can’t be bothered to come up with different words to describe the identical scenario she has allegedly and repeatedly experienced.

Could that be because like, her alleged colleague, Doctor Sun, Mollette is an actor who has been paid to sell propaganda to the public?

In fact, “Doctor Arabia Mollette” has an IMDB page and, it is there, we learn, that she starred in her own documentary, entitled “Modern Hero”.

One would suppose, the objective criteria for qualifying as a ‘modern hero’ has been degraded to include the lowest of low-grade actors, those that wittingly agree to participate in state sponsored psychological operations to spread the global genocidal agenda of the thirteen families while smiling and unconvincingly spewing scripted lines that attempt to sell the perception of “pain, suffering, and despair.”


By the way, the Doctor’s given name, “Arabia”, sums to 32 (2 3’s=33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry) in English Ordinal gematria.

Of course, while portraying their roles as alleged medical professionals, neither Sun or Mollette will dare to inform the public that the MSM is staging hospital scenes of “coronavirus patients”, and strictly for the purpose of inducing a propagandizing effect upon the American general public.

Want proof?

Here it is, folks, courtesy of CBS, the Columbia broadcasting masonic network.

Nevertheless, existing as exponentially more dangerous than a tandem of small-time actors are those such as YouTube’s chief executive Susan Wojcicki, who, while promoted to a position of both prime authority and public influence, have been legally vested with the power to not only influence public perceptions, but to force the general public to comply with their stated opinions.

In other words, folks, Wojcicki is a coward afraid of someone, or anyone who happens to endeavor voicing an informed opinion which could be construed as diametrically opposed to those derived from the limited capacities of her own hopelessly feeble mind.

But before getting to “Susan Wojcicki”, there is yet another pertinent example of deliberate fearmongering propaganda and, this time, perpetrated by CBSN.

The following video clip features an interview with Doctor Dyan Hes, who regurgitates the same semantic word game, “asymptomatic”, also heard utilized by “Doctor Deborah Birx” AKA Hollywood actress Annette Benning. The definition of ‘asymptomatic’, for those needing clarification, is “(of a condition or a person) producing or showing no symptoms.”

Meaning, folks, you won’t know you have the coronavirus until someone in a position of “authority” informs that you do. Because, well, you know, as a mere proletarian and human resource tax farmed slave, the thirteen families and the legions of blue lodge masonic shills at their disposal spreading psychologically-driven propaganda think you’re too stupid and childlike to decide what is in your own best interests.

Therefore, you must be told what to do, and when to do it, or else.

In the excerpted MSM piece which immediately follows, everyone will surely notice, the CBSN anchor states that “three children” have died from the coronavirus” (3/EE=33).

But, upon first viewing the video clip, one found themselves admitting, though her facial geometry appeared to be skewed with distorting camera and lighting angles, there was something about both the tone and timbre of Doctor Hes’s voice which struck a chord of familiarity.


When it has come to molding the general public’s perceptions during an alleged crisis, both those employed by the MSM and scores of public officials have proved to often resort to dubious appeals to authority.

No matter how absurd or substantively bankrupt their claims, these perceived molders of mass public opinion demand they be unquestioningly believed.

But their false sense of infallibility is backed by nothing other than the word of “experts” which amounts to the blatant utilization of a classical argumentative fallacy.

Everyone can both hear and observe a prime example of this, case-in-point, included in the following video excerpt, which features YouTube executive Susan Wojcicki interviewed by CNN news anchor Brian Stelter, who, through thorough investigation, has been identified as a member of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

SEE: CNN & Stelter’s Royal Swindle

To everyone who made it through this excruciatingly painful interview, conducted by CNN’s Brian Stelter with YouTube executive Susan Wojcicki, without breaking the nearest object in utter frustration, the repeated use of the most common of logical fallacies —-  an appeal to authority —— becomes noticeably apparent.

What, exactly, for those who may be unfamiliar, is an “appeal to authority”?

An “appeal to authority”, also known, from its Latin derivation, as argumentum ad verecundiam, or, argument from authority, ipse dixit, is described in the following manner(s): 1.) insisting that a claim is true simply because a valid authority or expert on the issue said it was true, without any supporting evidence offered. 2.) Logical form: According to person 1, who is an expert on the issue of Y, Y is true. Therefore, Y is true.

Yes folks, Wojcicki is attempting to support her fallacious appeals upon the most perilous of rickety foundations.

Notice too, Wojcicki’s method of stilted articulation, and how she torturously punctuates her every statement with a question mark, as if she is incapable of formulating decisiveness.

Unfortunately, this pattern of annoying speech articulation has become quite common, among not only public officials and high-profile corporate executives such as Wojcicki, but also among the general public.

It seems, as if, those who habitually utilize this method of stilted speech articulation have been indoctrinated into the same brain dead cult of zombies.

In addition, Wojcicki never bothers to support her statements with anything which would remotely resemble empirical substantiation, other than the repetitive urgency of her calls for “raising authoritative information”.

But, in addition to identifying her pathetic and fallacious appeals to authority, Wojcicki has proved to be yet another example of a fabricated character modification.

The interview, witnessed in the video, displayed above, is an example of masonic theater, starring two actors posing under pseudonyms.

The host actor (live-action role player) identified in the portrayal of “Susan Wojcicki”, at least to those old enough to recall, should seem quite familiar.

Wojcicki, unlike the pair of thespian novices highlighted earlier, possesses a stellar resume as an accomplished Hollywood performer.

Her host actor also happens to be the clandestine offspring of singer/actress Cher AKA Celine Dione and Hollywood executive David Geffen/Sonny Bono AKA “Doctor Anthony Fauci”, the son of former Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller AKA former US president “Ike” Eisenhower/Prince Eduard (Egon) von Furstenberg.

During the era of the 1980’s, Wojcicki’s host actor was heralded as a member of the famous Hollywood “Brat Pack”.


After starring in a string of 1980’s era teen cinema vehicles, Wojcicki’s host actor, Molly Ringwald AKA Chastity (Chaz) Bono, adopted another pseudonym, and became actress “Christina Applegate”.


Facial recognition and voice print analysis confirm Ringwald, Applegate, and YouTube’s “Susan Wojcicki” are, all, one and the same. When modified into the characters of Applegate and Wojcicki, it appears, Ringwald dons especially prepared contact lenses, while especial hair dyes, wigs, or even an assortment of weaves are strategically applied to correspondingly match the specifications of each character modification.

Also, there exist several examples of Wojcicki’s publicity still images which demonstrate that photo shop paint animation has been strategically applied to the eyes, in an additional effort to not only conceal the presence of Wojcicki’s host actor, but to also distort the public’s ocular perceptions of the host actor’s facial geometry.

Though named as chief executive and appearing as the public face of YouTube, it is more than likely, due to her vast experience as an accomplished theatrical and Hollywood performer, “Susan Wojcicki” is merely a corporate spokesperson, trotted out to regurgitate the company’s talking points; a public dartboard for public criticism of YouTube’s company policies and “community guidelines and standards” which, while unlawful but legal, have been cited as positively Orwellian.

Furthermore, regarding YouTube’s “community guidelines” policy, it appears to be no mistake, the terms and conditions, contained therein, are expressed with opaque language which appears deliberately vague.

These, of course, are terms and conditions which, as so expressed, were assuredly meant to insulate the company from the discovery of any written clauses which could be cited or construed as legal loopholes.

Susan Wojcicki:

Molly Ringwald:

Chastity Bono:

The ruling elite, thirteen Jesuit families are battening down the hatches and tightening the screws on America, folks.

As for me, I think its time someone confiscated their screwdriver and, with slow and torturous deliberation, proceeded to firmly and forcibly insert it where their masonic sun god will never be found to shine.

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    1. Indeed, I have seen both – They Live when it first arrived in theaters, and the Thirteenth Floor sometime later. Of course, the former has become a cult classic, but the latter, TF, I find, conceptually, at least, to be a very underrated film. In retrospect, the invisible beings appearing in They Live, which can only be seen with the glasses, seem to exist as a metaphor for the covert nature of the thirteen families, always hiding behind masks.

  1. Have you seen the HR 6666 bill and its champion, Bobby L Rush? Truly disturbing…

    1. By the way, I have it on good authority, there are informants, living in my neighborhood who, while supported by the local masonic lodge, have been instructed to conduct citizen foot patrols and report anyone – like yours truly – who refuses to don a ridiculous mask and appears to violate the insipid “social distancing” policies. They have a hot line set up for these loathsome snitches which connects straight to the town hall and to the assistant town manager’s office.

      1. It seems like the end game is almost upon us.

        By the sounds of it you are developing an interesting network at least.

      2. Yes, the West, as I’ve been pointing out for a while now, is undergoing economic transition and restructuring. In the final analysis, it all comes down to this: the corporately-owned governments of Italy, the US, and Australia have defaulted on the debt interest payments owed to their respective central banks, financial enterprises which are merchant banking subsidiaries of the Crown Temple, headquartered in the City of London. Now, of course, as with any mafia cartel operating a loan sharking pyramid financial scheme, they are demanding some form of repayment which, undoubtedly, must be executed in the form of a liquidation of either human or natural resources. The “pandemic” is merely a cover story.

      3. They will have their pound of flesh.

        I recently saw an interesting theory on the 19 part of COVID 19.

      4. Yes, you’re quite correct. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, that finding was published in “Breaking the Masonic Coronavirus Magic Spell, under the subheading of “Coded Pandemic”.

      5. Regarding your other comment, about the ‘network’, I know who the real enemy is and, better still, though they may pretend otherwise, I know what they’re up to.

      6. Since you proved to be a loyal reader and a valued visitor to Newsspell, I feel compelled to inform, you should be careful. I’ve also become compulsively suspicious this site is under heavy surveillance. On a more positive note, I wish to tell you that merchandise, sporting the Newsspell logo, may soon be made available for purchase. Maybe, as soon as this summer!

      7. Thanks for the advice. I cant imagine I’ll be of much interest, nobody I know would give the information here a second thought unfortunately.

        Still, I hope never to set foot on U.S. soil again.

      8. As I remarked to another reader, the “social distancing” policies facilitate greater efficiency with GPS smart phone tracking performed by law enforcement and private contractors using Homeland Security-issued “Stingray” hardware. As for the US, I can already detect the first signs of summer, my favorite time of year!

      9. Thanks! I shall continue to frequent this blog if not the States.

        Enjoy the summer! Ours is just ending, I’m rueing how fast it goes by.

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