The following conclusions, at least to first-time visitors, may seem eccentric, controversial and, perhaps, even implausible.

This is the true story of a young Hollywood actor — James Dean —  who was alleged to have died young and, yet, incredible as it may seem, he was seemingly resurrected, and went on to become an even bigger Hollywood star than before.

Though empirical evidence will prove Dean’s death was a staged hoax, it shall also be proved that, it was, indeed, likely, he had help staging his death from a veteran British actor, a man who had starred on both the theatrical stage and on Hollywood’s silver screen.

Turns out, the celebrated and legendary actor, Sir Alec Guinness, not only had a hand in staging James Dean’s death, but, he also helped stage one of history’s most colossal hoaxes — the “Cuban Missile crisis”, a militarily staged psychological operation which involved one of Dean’s co-stars in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’.

Now, the truth, regarding the intriguing connections between the mythical death of a young Hollywood actor, the Cuban Missile Crisis hoax, the ill-fated JFK presidential administration, and the award-winning and iconic British stage and screen actor, Sir Alec Guinness, the “man of one-thousand faces”, shall finally become known.

As for Dean, he went on to assume another similar sounding name, which some of you may be familiar with, and played a US president while cast in, what became, a highly-rated and popular television drama.


Before revealing the results of another in-depth investigation, I wish to address an important issue.

It’s been brought to my attention, there may be some, particularly those visiting this site for the first time, who may not fully understand the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, or, furthermore, why they should ever care to more deeply contemplate the profound implications of the information published at Newsspell.

They may ask: why should I care about a few actors and if a few news stories are fabricated?

What is that, either to me, or to my family?

Why should I really ever care —- some may say —  that a few bad actors are involved in staging events which become the news of the world?

Why, considering the grander scheme of things —– others may want to know —– should that even matter?

These are my responses to all of those hypothetical questions:

1.) It is not just the mainstream and alternative media which has lied to you.

You’ve been lied to about everything!

Even popular historical narratives, those, of which you’ve learned from the public school’s text books, have been fabricated and, in some cases, have even been modified to suit the vested interests of those which rule over you, and to perpetuate the illusion of a democratic republic.

2.) The royal family members I’ve managed to identify, while acting under the disguise of modified characters and a variety of famous pseudonyms, are not just actors, they are the genealogical descendants of your owners; the thirteen Jesuit families.

3.) These royal families —- Grimaldi, Orsini, von Furstenberg, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, to name but a few — own and control all mainstream and alternative media platforms. Jointly, these families own the American corporation, a Crown Temple corporate subsidiary which is legally held under the umbrella of the Jesuit controlled Vatican in Rome.

Yes folks, these families are your owners and, though you have been granted the “freedom” to exercise certain privileges which are legally termed as “rights” or “liberties”, you are still their tax-farmed slave property, and those privileges which have been legally granted to you can be rescinded at any time.

The “birth certificate” is a commercial bond which can be bought, sold, or traded, meaning that, you, as a person (people=corporation/fictional legal entity), are commercial property and registered as human resource inventory with the Vatican in Rome.

In a strictly legal sense, the registered birth certificate bond, which binds all human resources in bondage to the prevailing global economic system of the thirteen families, represents your “soul”, and the Jesuits, for all commercial intents and purposes, own possession of it.

4.) Perhaps, just as importantly, these same families represent not only the majority shareholders and owners of the corporate mainstream media. They have been ruling over humanity for centuries and, they have done so, since before the time of the Roman Empire

5.) Therefore, while acting under the guise of modified characters, whether in the form of pop stars, Hollywood celebrities, news anchors, scientists, social media influencers, or, while appearing to be prominent in any field of significant human endeavor, the royal descendants of the thirteen families have monopolized the requisite resources to influence your perceptions of the state of the world in any direction they wish.

6.) Through psychological manipulations such as ‘advertising’, popular music, and other popular entertainments (sports and movies), which are expertly and accurately targeted at segmented population demographics, the ruling families are also able to effectively shape and even program the very perceptions of your personal identity to maximize the profitability of their monopolized markets.

7.) In a more sinister fashion, due to the fact they own and control the media and have monopolized ownership of every Fortune 500 corporation, these royal families also possess the power to influence and even program the direction and the nature of your economic and social behaviors, the choices you make regarding your political ideologies as well as those of your co-workers, intimate friends, close family members, and those considered to be your next-door neighbors.

Additionally, newcomers to Newsspell may also wish to ask: Who are the Jesuits, and what is their connection to the masonic order, and to these thirteen families?


Traditionally, only the first-born son (or, more uncommonly, in some cases, first-born daughter) of each royal family could —– it grew to be believed, by ‘divine rite’ —– inherit a throne and become the undisputed ruler; a king who held lawful dominion over a particular region of the world.

Meanwhile, over time, the remaining siblings of these royal families, those left without significant royal inheritances, grew to resent the diminished status of their political influence and, therefore, sought other means by which they, too, could gain political and economic leverage over their first-born royal sibling rivals.

Many of these slighted aristocrats endeavored to enter the money lending and profitable merchant trades.

Still many more entered into the church, and became monks, bishops, cardinals, and even popes.

Those aristocrats who entered the money lending and merchant trades grew to develop indispensable business connections with their elder siblings, the ruling monarchs of Europe and Asia and, before consolidating their merchant banking interests and founding the Crown Temple in the City of London during the 13th century, they became known as the Knights Templars.

Also, around this same era of time, during the period of the earliest stages of the medieval historical period, those who entered into the ecclesiastical trade sought to take complete control over the church in Rome and, through mutual self-interests and the with the help of mercenary soldiers such as Ignatius Loyola, banded together to become the military order of the Jesuits.

Still, today, the Jesuit order not only presides over the vast administration of the Vatican in Rome, but, also, while acting as the highest level initiates of the Scottish Rite’s Rosicrucian or Order of the Rose’s 33rd degree, they control the policymaking branches of both the Scottish and York rites of the international Brotherhood of Freemasons.

The Templar Order of the Garter of the Brotherhood of Freemasons, of which the sitting British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is the current Grand Master, endeavored to create and, now, remain in complete control of the globe’s major intelligence agencies: MI6, MI5, KGB, Mossad, Stasi, FBI, and CIA.

As time went on, these powerful and influential aristocrats infiltrated the halls of the most prestigious European royal courts and, after gaining the implicit trust of the ruling monarchs, were able to easily exercise the iron will of their political, economic, and social interests to shape the future of humanity.

Both the Templars and the Jesuits, with the complicity of the royal monarchs whom they often directly advised, were able to consolidate the unassailable power and influence of their mutual economic and political interests.

The Templars, the merchant banking class who preside over the SNB (Swiss National Bank) and the Crown Temple in the City of London, are nothing more than a mafia cartel of exploitive and predatory loan sharks who look to identify, exploit, and profit from the human and natural resources of commercial markets (countries).

The Templars’ predatory methods of operation haven’t altered since the inception of the Crown Temple in the 13th century.

After identifying a market (country) which possesses exploitable human and natural resources, the Templars arrange a principal loan to the sitting corporate government, with floating interest rates attached. The loan, of course, never reaches the coffers of the government’s treasury but, rather, goes into an off-shore corporate account which, though covertly held by one of the thirteen families, is hidden under the name of one of their corporate holding companies —- Shell oil, for example.

Next, to facilitate the thorough exploitation of the market’s human and natural resources and to maximize profits from their monopolization, large industrial infrastructures must be constructed.

But the Templars, ever the shrewd businessmen, never use their own money (gold and silver) to pay for the construction costs of such immense projects.

Instead, the populations inhabiting these markets must bear the burden of the exorbitant construction costs with ever increasing tax rates which, of course, are levied by the presiding corporate governments.

These levied taxes are paid with currency (paper units of commercial exchange representing debt certificates or promissory notes) which is issued on an ever increasingly inflationary scale by the central merchant banks holding control over the economies of the markets targeted for exploitation, banks which are, of course, subsidiaries of the Crown Temple and controlled by the economic policies of the Templars.

When the human resources and the corporate governments cannot pay the interest owed on the loan’s principal, the market defaults.

It is then, that the Templar bankers will make alternative but no less crushing demands for compensation from the defaulted market:

1.) Demanding the market’s oil, water, or wheat grain be sold to corporations owned by the thirteen families (Shell oil, Pfizer, General Foods ) for bargain basement rates so they can be exported and sold to foreign markets at a steep upmarket price.

2.) The Templar bankers will also demand that the market’s government make a political concession to the UN in the form of a vote, in favor of the economic exploitation of some foreign market which has also been identified as being rich in both human and natural resources.

3.) The Templars will also demand that military complexes, overseen by the intelligence jackals of the Jesuit order, be built on the soil of the defaulted markets for the purposes of ongoing “security”.


Over time, both the Jesuits and the Templars were able to effectively develop and perfect yet another powerful tool which came to be known as the philosophy of the Hegelian dialectic, or, the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy.

Dividing populations along superficial racial, economic, and political lines has always caused commercial markets (countries) to become easier to control and much easier to economically exploit.

Using these effective strategies, time and again, both the Jesuits and Templars have been able to thoroughly consolidate their control over the globe’s populations (slaves).

Both the Jesuits and Templars quickly discovered that, while conspiring with the ruling royal monarchs, Hegelian dialectical political strategies could also be used to promote propaganda in the field of not just politics, economics, or religion, but, as well, in the field of the creative arts.

The Jesuits, in particular, as financiers of the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, and as covert patrons of the works of “William Shakespeare”, have always highly valued the political utility of both the theatrical and the creative arts.

Today, the entertainment industries, which are broadcast through the technological mediums of television, radio, and movies, and all of which are dominated by the descendants of the thirteen families while posing as either celebrities and, or, corporate executives, have developed into powerful technological vehicles of weaponized propaganda.

While portraying roles as actors, Hollywood celebrities, rock and pop stars, and even politicians and presidents while posing under the cover of an array of religions, races, genders, and pseudonyms, the descendants of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, through a nearly inexhaustible arsenal of subversive and exploitive tactics, seek to sedate, divert, control and, ultimately, profit from the general public’s misinformed political perceptions and programmed social behaviors.

That, folks, is the essence of Post-Modern Reality Simulation; the grandest tool of psychological warfare ever devised.

While your contemplating all of that, keep in mind, these are the same families holding the coronavirus’ psychological operation over the American general public’s heads like a Sword of Damocles; a grand smokescreen for the gross criminality of economic and political terrorism.

And now, finally, we shall move on to the subject-at-hand: the Hollywood legend of James Dean and the co-conspirator who helped him hoax his death, Sir Alec Guinness.


The keepers of the legend of James Dean would have us believe one of Hollywood’s most iconic young actors died just as a he lived: dangerously.

Though a sense of reckless abandon and the perils of mortal danger were alleged to have ended his short-lived career in Hollywood —-  to-this-day —- the immortal legacy of James Dean still persists.

Hailed, during the era of the 1950’s, as Hollywood’s titan of teenaged angst while still alive, his sudden death helped sear into posterity’s collective memory Dean’s emotive on-screen performances and, in death, a living legend was thereafter given birth.

As we’ve grown to discover, the spiritual cycle of death, rebirth, and resurrection is symbolically revered by those at the highest echelons of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic global brotherhood.

But, what if, Dean didn’t die?

IF 6 WAS 9?

What if, James Dean’s death was an elaborate and symbolically oriented masonic hoax, and he went on to star in the guise of a greater and even grander characterization?

As we shall also soon learn, both the narrative details of Dean’s biographies and his demise at the age of twenty-four, on September 30, 1955, are conspicuously coded with numerous examples of gematria and numerological markers, as well as masonic symbolism.

1.) September=9

In the tradition of the occult, through the concept of the reflecting pool, or the transformative reversal of the mirror, 9 can also be a 6 (33).

This reversal of 9 into 6 also represents the masonic concept of the duality of man, or, of black and white; the grand chessboard observed on the ceremonial main floor of most masonic lodges.

The Grand Chessboard of the lodge (masonic duality of man):

2.) Day of Dean’s death: 30=3 (33)

3.) 11X3=33 (high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry)

3.) Dean’s year of death, 1955: 19+55=74/11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin).

Twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin:

4.) September, the 9th month + 3 = 12/21/777 (Alistair Crowley’s Lieber Al/intelligence joker code)

Additionally, the alleged location of Dean’s automotive crash and its landmark’s topographical nature, when viewed from an aerial perspective, appear to suspiciously resemble a square and compass.

Masonic square and compass:

This, of course, is a familiar geometric pattern, and recognizable as symbolism which, traditionally, is associated with the masonic order.

The “late” James Dean’s alleged crash site also appears to resemble the geometric topography of another famous location known to American history: Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

From an aerial view, the layout of Dealy Plaza appears to resemble not only a masonic square and compass, but also a pyramid.

The pyramid, to those of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic brotherhood, is symbolic of the sun, through which flows the light of Lucifer.

To those initiated into the highest levels of the Jesuit order, Lucifer is the ‘light of the world’, or, an ‘angel of light’.

Aerial view of Dealy Plaza (Dallas, Texas):

Before examining these curious connections further, the following video clip presents us with an even more curious and rather bizarre testimony from another of Hollywood’s most legendary actors, Sir Alec Guinness, regarding the death of James Dean.

SIR ALEC GUINNESS TO JAMES DEAN: “Don’t get into that car!”

From the very beginning of the clip, before launching into the story of his “odd encounter” with James Dean, outside of an Italian Hollywood eatery, we observe Alec Guinness formulating his hands into a recognizable shape under his chin, into what appears to be a masonic related gesture, the ‘V’ or ‘due-guard’ gesture, a symbolic gesture which is also commonly associated with those initiated into the Knight’s Templar order.

There are some loyal readers who may recall, Guinness was outed as having portrayed the key role of a fabricated character, George Hill Hodel, as part of the concocted narrative of the Black Dahlia homicide hoax, involving the murder of a would-be Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Short.

Turns out, “Short” was portrayed by an Egyptian royal princess, Fawzia Fuad, the daughter of Egypt’s King Fuad I and the wife of Iran’s former monarch Shah Reza Pahlavi, who, in 1953, took power after the American CIA’s engineered coup, which ousted President Mohammed Mossadegh .

SEE: Hollywood Black Dahlia murder finally solved

As the interview proceeds, Guinness also mentions Grace Kelley, an award-winning Hollywood actress and the late spouse of Prince Rainier Grimaldi of Monaco, father of the, then, heir apparent to the monarchial throne of Monaco’s principality, Prince Albert Grimaldi II.

One of Kelley’s royal family relations was Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA Brain Williams AKA, the current US president, Donald Trump.

Assuredly, there will be more profound revelations published, regarding Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, and they’ll be coming very soon.

It turns out, “Donald Trump” and “George H.W. Bush” are not the only former US presidents Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA Brian Williams has portrayed.

In fact, in addition to “Trump”, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi has not only portrayed a host of “Bush” family members, he is also currently portraying another famous politician.

Needless to say, my findings shall make the 2020 presidential election very interesting, indeed.

But for now, suffice to say, having extrapolated just a few of those royal connections from what Sir Alec Guinness has claimed during his television interview, thus far, it appears the renowned actor’s recounted story of the “late” James Dean is standing on a most precarious foundation.

Before Guinness even mentions the name of James Dean, he claims, to both the host and to the audience, his plane “took sixteen hours” to reach Hollywood from the shores of England.

The number of 16, when summed, equals 7, which is symbolic of the Kabbalah’s Zayin, the mind weapon, or, the hook.

Correspondingly, when divided, 16 also equals a pair of eights, 88, or aces and spades, which marks the Jesuit order’s philosophy of the double or dual symbols of an infinite looping universe, believed to exist as both infinitely small and large, a concept which is often symbolically represented by “Saturn”, both in the anthropomorphic form of the ancient god, and in the form of images depicting the solar planetary body.

At the 1:30 mark of the video, Guinness begins to describe the very vehicle he alleges to have predicted would lead to the Hollywood actor’s youthful demise.

“It was silver, very smart thing,” Guinness claimed, concerning Dean’s shiny new sports car, “all done up in cellophane with a bunch of roses tied to its bonnet.”

In both occult and Wiccan lore, the color of silver is symbolic of magic and healing, and is often used when casting spells to ward off evil.

Then, at, approximately, the 1:30 mark of the video, Guinness makes a fascinating allusion to ‘roses’.

Regarding Templar/Jesuit/Masonic symbolism, roses, both white and red, are symbolic of the Rosicrucian order, which was founded by the Templars, and depictions of roses can often be discovered inside most masonic Grand Lodges.

Rose Croix masonic degree:

While continuing on with our viewing of Guinness’s interview and, we begin to notice, it appears the veteran theater and Hollywood actor’s characteristic poise starts to somewhat unravel.

While waving his right hand in the air, Guinness not only blinks several times, but he also begins to have difficulty keeping eye contact with the host.

This is a sure sign something is amiss, and Guinness begins to appear uncomfortable while continuing to recount what he knows to be a purely fabricated tale.

“How fast can you drive,” Guinness claims to have asked the Hollywood actor a mere week before his alleged death, in reference to Dean’s ‘silver’ death car.

“Oh, I can do 150 {mph} in it,” he goes on to cite Dean’s alleged reply. 150, when summed, equals 6 (33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry).

As heard in the interview, while admiring Dean’s spanking new car, Guinness goes on to issue the young actor a solemn warning: “Please do not get into that car, because if you do, and I looked at my watch,” Guinness claims, pausing for a moment to consider, “if you do get into that car at all, its now Thursday…whatever the date was,” he says, pausing again while stifling a shrug of his shoulder, “10 o’clock at night…and by 10 o’clock at night, next Thursday, you’ll be dead, if you get into that car.”

Sure enough, as Guinness confirms, Dean was alleged to have died on that very day.

Was Guinness some sort of Nostradamus-like figure, a clairvoyant, perhaps?

No, certainly not, because like all high-degree masonic figures, Sir Alec Guinness is cruelly mocking the public while, at the same time, sneakily informing all and sundry Dean’s death was staged as a hoax.

“Nonsense,” Guinness finally blurts out, punctuating his thinly cloaked disgust with a dismissive hand wave at the juncture of 2:15 in the video.

Also, everyone probably took note of the fact, while talking about his oddly clairvoyant vision of Dean’s death, Guinness mentioned the number 10 twice (20=2/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin).

Notice too, at approximately 1:43 in the video, when Guinness recounts observing Dean’s ill-fated sports car in the Hollywood restaurant’s courtyard, his thumb and forefinger come together in the shape of a pyramid, which is symbolic of the sun, a symbol frequently utilized by the Jesuit order.

Jesuit order logo:

Not only does Guinness claim to have ‘predicted’ the death of James Dean, he also claims to have met with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.


Though appearing, at first, to be somewhat of an oblique anecdotal nexus, Guinness’s alleged meeting with Castro also turns out to exist as a connective lynchpin between the assassination of JFK, Dealy Plaza, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and a UN bureaucrat directly involved with John F. Kennedy’s short-lived administration, Adlai Stevenson.

This is the very man, history tells us, who, while making an impassioned testimony before the UN general assembly, in 1962, publicly excoriated the Soviet Ambassador, concerning the alleged presence of Soviet offensive missile systems installed on the isle of Cuba.

But the Cuban Missile crisis —– like the current coronavirus psychological operation —– was thoroughly staged as a militarily executed grand spectacle of geopolitical theater.

Though, at that time, Guinness was a prominent man of the British stage and screen, American audiences, during this era, were not quite as familiar with Guinness’s growing reputation as a man of the theater, which explains why, he was chosen to be cast in the role of UN Ambassador, Adlai Stevenson.

US/UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson:

Yes folks, not only was Sir Alec Guinness the ‘man of one-thousand faces’ , he was also the man who appeared to be serving as a ring leading agent of two of American history’s most colossal hoaxes – the staged death hoax of “James Dean”, and the “Cuban Missile crisis” psychological operation.

Is it any wonder, then, Guinness went on to star in George Lucas’s Star Wars, and cast in the role of a Jedi master?

By the way, “George Lucas” is a pseudonym for Gary Lewis, who, also, during the era of the 1960’s, starred as the ‘voice of a generation’, Bob Dylan.

SEE: The Voice of a Misled Generation

SEE also: George Lucas And His Death Star Deception

While, prior to the beginning of the “Cuban Missile crisis”, in 1959, Guinness was in Cuba, most likely to convey the nature of the staged “Cuban Missile crisis” and to coach Fidel Castro on the role he would play, it was Dennis Hopper, James Dean’s co-star in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, who would go on to portray US president John F. Kennedy, the fabricated historical character who would also go on to stage his own “assassination”, four year later, in Dallas’s Dealy Plaza, on November 22, 1963 (11+22=33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry).


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and extensive image comparison analysis confirm, Dennis Hopper, Dean’s co-star in Rebel Without a Cause, portrayed JFK, America’s legendary presidential martyr.

John F. Kennedy:

Dennis Hopper:

John F. Kennedy:

Dennis Hopper:

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicate Hopper’s hidden brother, “Jack Nicholson”, was the host actor who portrayed JFK’s attorney general and, later, became a US presidential candidate. Like his brother, “RFK” was involved in hoaxing his own assassination, a staged event which, not coincidentally, also starred one of Hopper and Dean’s co-stars from ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, Sal Mineo, as the alleged “assassin”, Sirhan Sirhan.

Sal Mineo:

Sirhan Sirhan:

The following image was taken from Kennedy’s final US presidential campaign stop at the Ambassador Hotel, and right at the moment before Robert Kennedy was allegedly assassinated. Notice that, in the following image, he flashes the sign for the Vesica Pices.

RFK flashing the Vesica Pices:

This was the identical and occulted signifier which was frequently utilized by former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill AKA Alistair Crowley.

Sir Winston Churchill flashing the Vesica Pices:

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

Symbolically, and in keeping with the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic philosophy of the duality of man, the Vesica Pices stands in polar opposition to that of another highly misunderstood occult symbol, the Swastika.

According to the text of Thelema: An Introduction to the Life, Work & Philosophy of Alistair Crowley, “For Crowley, “V” stood for the destructive power of the Egyptian deity Apophis, leveraged as a counter to the use of the Nazi swastika.”

The use of the swastika has an ancient history, and before becoming synonymous with the National Socialists of wartime Germany and negative connotations, the symbol was utilized in ancient Greece and during the era of the Roman Empire as well as used by many other ancient cultures. According to the site,, “the word ‘swastika’ is a Sanskrit word (‘svasktika’) meaning ‘it is’, ‘Well Being’, ‘Good Existence, and ‘Good Luck’.



“Jack” (Jack of spades) Nicholson, regarding the results of yet another investigation into the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, is a pseudonym for the Prince consort of Denmark, Henri de Monzepat, a royal European family genealogically connected to the House of Glucksburg, to the royal House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, and to the British royal family.

Prince Henrik and Princess Margarethe of Denmark:

SEE: “Artist” Andy Warhol’s Death Hoax Factory

Nicholson also portrayed music legend Neil Young, who, in the earliest stages of his career in the music recording industry, recorded a song about the Kent State shooting hoax.

SEE: Was Kent State shooting ‘Hippy’ Sandy Hook?

SEE also: “Artist” Andy Warhol’s Death Hoax Factory Part II

Recall too, that historians have often referred to “John F. Kennedy” as “Jack”.

At both the highest levels of the occult and regarding the occult symbolism of the tarot card deck, symbolically, the Jack of Spades is connected to the dual energies of Saturn, who rules over the energies of sorrow and regret and things connected with the past, and most high-level occultists are said to believe that only through suffering can one enter through the doorway to wisdom.

Bobby Kennedy:

Jack Nicholson:

Bobby Kennedy:

Jack Nicholson:


Presumably, there may be those still wondering, why these actors would take the risk of faking their deaths. Really, what’s the point, they may say?

As for addressing any quantifiable risks that may arise in faking deaths, there isn’t any, especially, when you consider that, at the very highest levels of the MSM, entertainment industries, and television networks, every field of profitable business endeavor has been monopolized by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, and their global industrial cartels.

Consider also, it is their very descendants, the sons and daughters of these royal families and ancient bloodlines which control the majority stock and numbered shares of every known industry of profit, starring in these psychological operations and, while operating under a myriad of clever disguises and pseudonyms, therefore, each of the thirteen families possesses both mutual and vested interests, in keeping their secrets hidden away from the prying eyes of the general public.

As for “James Dean”, he, indeed, survived his fatal accident, and you’ve probably seen him in the formerly popular television production, ‘West Wing’, but, you may have also failed to recognize him.


By the way folks, the names ‘Dean’ and ‘Sheen’, in English Ordinal gematria, both, respectively, sum to 24 and 51.

Adding 2+4 gives us 6 (33), and, of course, 5+1 also adds to 6, or, 33, the highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry.

The Templar/Jesuit/Masonic global network always takes pains to hide their fingerprints at the scene of the crime, but, to find them, one must employ patience and perseverance while digging beneath the trash heaps of mythical rubble or navigating the treacherous labyrinths of fabricated stories spun by actors like Sir Alec Guinness

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  1. Very interesting. I know little about economics and finance, that’s why there is one point that I’m missing. They own the whole country like USA for instance, with its natural and human resources since its foundation, so why do they need cause it fail economics and then buy back it with its natural and human resources?

    1. I can sympathize with your sentiments, the economic aspects of the article can seem confusing. To put it simply, the behavior of the families, when it comes to economic exploitation, is similar to that of a parasitic organism, which looks to exploit and exhaust the energy of its host before moving on to exploit another market opportunity. I believe, during our last correspondence, you made an allusion to a pair of popular movies. After clicking the following link, the dialogue of the character, beginning at approximately 1:22, offers what, perhaps, best describes the nature of the thirteen families’ economic behavior.

    2. Consider also, the technological advances in AI and robotics, as it relates to industrial production and consumer markets. With the widespread implementation of these technologies, the families no longer require human resources to staff their production factories and they no longer need the physical presence of administrative managers, which are predominantly drawn from the middle-classes, to oversee and manage the levels of production. These functions which, in the past, were dutifully performed by droves of human resources, can now be remotely performed by AI algorithms. Therefore, the populations of human resources must be downsized and their previous reproduction levels must be significantly decreased. From the relatively nominal level of exploitable consumer markets which will allowed to remain, significant profits can still be made. The Covid-19 psychological operation is a cover for this ongoing and underlying economic transition.

      1. This behavior seems very clear. So they will not buy back the heavily exploited countries/areas, but they will simply empty them exterminating the populations, leaving these areas to restore themselves naturally. While at the same time they will turn their interests towards new areas more convenient for natural and human resources to exploit. Everything will be organized and done with new AI technology and bio-tech.

      2. Absolutely, and with the scale of global business efficiency afforded by developing AI technologies, the families can still, and with an even greater degree of efficiency, thoroughly and profitably exploit streamlined populations of human resources, both in the West, and elsewhere

      3. As for ‘buying back’, please understand, the families are not, nor will they ever, either give up monopoly ownership of markets or surrender ownership and control of the means of production. With the fast development and implementation of AI technologies and its “granular” surveillance capabilities, they have merely decided, they can garner even greater profits from the commercial exploitation of downsized numbers of human resources.

      4. Essentially, yes, that is correct. Also consider, that, it is China which has come out on the winning end of the latest trade deals with both Australia, Italy, and the US, countries which have defaulted on their interest loan payments to the Crown Temple merchant banking system. The deal will stipulate that both nations must import valuable natural resources to the Far East, resources which will be bought up by China at nominal prices. Those materials will be used to make commercial goods coveted by the populations of those markets (nations), but will be imported back to them at upmarket prices.

  2. May I firstly congratulate The Author on another multi faceted and brilliantly articulated attack upon the parasitic infestation known as The Thirteen Jesuit Families and their cohorts .

    My ponderings are however directly unrelated to this installment as regards the specific storyline , yet running alongside consecutively in a broader sense .

    Having been, at a distance , an avid follower of both yours and others work regarding this subject for some time now,
    I have been doing my own investigative work and sharing results with my ever burgeoning followers commonly asking the same question ,

    How do these illusive and nefarious , creatures , masters of so many disciplines and seemingly tireless advocates of such widespread involvement in trades , sports , associations, corporations …. the list goes on , manage to facilitate all such enterprise alongside travel , change of character and all other logistical challenges , whilst seemingly never missing , messing up or even looking outwardly jaded ?

    My musings gravitate around having body and / or face doubles and the obvious CGI ( for instance the popes vanishing act a few weeks prior to our correspondence ).

    However somehow this still doesn’t seem sufficient to fully understand the meeting of demands due to such a plethora of work and characters ?

    Of course I’ve toyed with the idea of how illusory their appearances may be to some ,in the sense of the population only recognizing their appearances in prominence and not the gaps which punctuate .There will also be much read and heard about which gets logged in the psyche alongside visuals which can he misconstrued as
    ‘ known to be true , ‘ or even seen in reflected memory ?

    Still this leaves a workload of monumental scale which is very hard to explain , especially alongside the topics covered by The Author within this chapter , when asked by those wishing one to elaborate . As I’ve no doubt your aware , a multitude of well recieved information is dashed by a single question unanswered or seemingly flapped at by most with curiosity , especially in a chat involving multiple people .

    I should be very grateful to hear your take on this aspect as it can be very hard to elaborate without seeming to ‘ clutch at straws ,’ and of course , who better to ask than one who has become the standard repository of all things ‘ post modern reality simulation !’

    Kind Regards

    1. Thank you for your interest in Newsspell, and for taking the time to field an engaging enquiry. On the contrary, I am not, as you say, at all ‘flapped’ when confronted with questions which demand more thorough explanations. Nevertheless, allow me to attempt to fundamentally explain, as to why, these hosts of deceptions, which are continually proffered and promoted by the monopolized MSM, remain so effective. The seeds for these deceptions are planted in the fertile soil of the minds of those belonging to the youth, and at the earliest possible juncture of their lives. The psychological gulf, which exists between the proletariat and the ruling class, is both established and reinforced by the public schooling system. From the earliest ages, the proletariat are trained, through rigid psychological conditioning, to be obedient taxpayers and workers, and to respect and unquestioningly follow the dictates of those perceived to be in positions of authority. Having been taught to learn by rote memorization, rather than to formulate critical analysis, by the time the proletariat comes of age, any capacity which held the potential to critically or effectively challenge those in positions of “authority” has been significantly, if not completely, destroyed. Effectively, their behaviors and thought processes have been programmed and regimented, and in ways which are profitably beneficial to the global economic system of the ruling elites. Throughout the remainder of their lives, the rigid psychological conditioning, to which the proletariat has been subjected, becomes further reinforced by parents, church leaders, employers, as well as both friends and family. Of course, this slavish psychology is reinforced, to an even greater degree, through the repetitive bombardments of various forms of political and social propaganda which are broadcasted through the television medium and, through popular entertainments, such as music, movies, and ‘popular culture’ and, of course, the mainstream media. In essence, entire generations of the proletariat have been trained to have a ‘slave’ mentality, as opposed to those of the ruling class, who, from the earliest ages, are trained to be leaders, owners, and executive decision-makers. This prevailing state of disproportionate affairs most easily facilitates the all-encompassing effects of psychological warfare, or, as it has been termed here, at Newsspell, Post-Modern Reality Simulation. Fundamentally, this existing state of affairs makes it easy for those, presented before the general public as “experts”, to convince entire populations of the perilous existence of a “pandemic” or the threat of “terrorists”. Though the answer I’ve provided is, by no means, comprehensive, I do hope it will suffice, at east for now.

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