The world is filled with cults and those which are counted among their followers.

These cults – whether existing in the spheres of organized religion, politics, etc. etc. – are held together by two main elements: 1.) a galvanizing personality or cult leader and, 2.) a unifying dogma, philosophy or doctrine.   

If you’re still one of those looking for a wellspring of truth from either the MSM or the “alternative” media, then, indeed, you’re futilely attempting to draw from one very dark, bottomless, and very dry well.

The emergence of Doctor Robert F. Kennedy Junior on the public stage represents yet another example as to why everyone should be skeptical of those who’ve been posed as medical “experts”.

Just as in the case of  “Doctor Kelly Victory”, the fabricated character scheme of “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy Junior” was set up as an advocate for those – a growing majority among the general public – whom may have developing concerns, about the documented dangers of vaccinations distributed by pharmacological giants.

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But for those who trust in such fabricated characters, they are inviting great despair and grave disappointment.

Unfortunately, as everyone has lately observed, many invest their faith into such public figures, naively trusting in the validity of their character and, in the end, are all-too-easily fooled by the manufactured biographical credentials utilized to prop up their superficial public images.

In the case of “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy Junior”, greater examination into the biography of his identified host actor indicates the possibility of both  historical and genealogical connections to European royalty, and to the House of Stuart.

Ironically, this celebrated and award-winning Hollywood actor, identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy Junior”, was once cast in Oliver Stone’s JFK.


Though he appears to exude an affable and professional demeanor, there are several problems with “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy”.

As evidenced in the following video excerpt, though he may appear – and rightfully so – to voice deep concerns over the effectiveness and even the dangers of Covid-19 vaccinations, rather than deeply, or at all, questioning the veracity of the MSM narrative, regarding the global spread of an airborne virus which has neither been isolated under proper laboratory conditions nor satisfactorily proved to exist, instead, Kennedy merely states reservations that the vaccinations won’t retard or even preclude the spread of the alleged “Covid-19” virus.

As well, throughout the interview, Kennedy also fails to mention anything about the well-documented billions of dollars – prior to the beginning of the “pandemic” – paid out by many of those same pharmaceutical corporations which have recently been contracted by the U.S. corporate government to distribute millions of vaccinations, both globally and nationwide.

Though, oftentimes, the MSM may reference Kennedy in the pejorative – “anti-vaxxer” – Kennedy’s talking points, regarding the Covid-19 psychological operation and the covert nature of its grander agenda, in the final analysis, are not entirely dissimilar from that of the official MSM narrative.

If paid close attention, everyone will be able to surmise that – in addition to the fact a sound processing filter has been applied to his microphone to disguise the voice of his host actor – Kennedy’s talking points are designed to formulate a widely accepted doctrine or to establish a form of socially acceptable protest among his adherents or followers, those with concerns about the effectiveness and even dangers of vaccinations.

But the timing of Kennedy’s distinct emergence in the public’s eye represents a covert objective on the part of those whom created his character scheme, directed his efforts, and scripted his carefully crafted talking points.


If examined closely, it becomes readily observable, from the content of his official biographical entry published at Wikipedia, Kennedy’s activist credentials fall in line with those whom, over the last several decades, have also worked to promote the climate change agenda, an agenda in which the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have heavily invested.

According to Wikipedia, one of Kennedy’s primary involvements as a social and political activist involved an organization called Waterkeeper Alliance, “a worldwide network of environmental organizations founded in 1999, in response to a growing movement of organizations with such names as Riverkeeper, Baykeeper, and Soundkeeper. By December of 2019,” Wikipedia goes on to inform us, “the network had grown to 350 members in 46 countries, with half the membership outside the U.S., the alliance added 200 groups in the last five years.”

Surely, everyone noticed the numerological significance of the numbers listed in the preceding quote? 1.) 350=8, aces and eights, Saturn, the mark of the Jesuit order, 2.) 46 (4X6)=24(2+4)=6/33, highest degree of Scottish rite freemasonry and, 3.) 2=the twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin + 5= 7, the Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon.

Most notably, when these numerological codes are, in turn, added together, we arrive at a total of 48(4+8)=12, 21, 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

Thus far, from this symbolic representation alone, we can begin to surmise just whom are the sponsors of the doctor known to the public as “Robert F. Kennedy”, and just what it is they’ve hired his services for.


Most likely, the man identified as Kennedy’s Hollywood host actor was hired to perform as a counter-intelligence agent and a fabricated character scheme.

Seems likely, too, he was cajoled into willingly participating and portraying his role in what is tantamount to an ongoing social media sting, one designed solely to psychologically profile, index, target, and to discredit those – rallied around a centrifugal cult of personality – whom may be identified as “anti-vaxxers”.

At present, according to Wikipedia, Kennedy is “president of the board of Waterkeeper Alliance, and the chairman of Children’s Health Defense.”

Everyone can rest assured, the objectives of the latter organization – “Children’s Health Defense” – has little to do with the health and welfare of “children”.

As everyone has surely observed, when it comes to the execution of their psychological operations, the Jesuit order, in control of Vatican City in Rome, has demonstrated a shameless propensity to exploit the innocence of children as emotional props to thoroughly manipulate the general public.

Again, according to Wikipedia, “Children’s Health Defense is an America 5013c nonprofit advocacy organization, known for its anti-vaccine activism. Much of the material put forth by the organization,” Wikipedia warns us, “involves misinformation on vaccines and anti-vaccine propaganda.”

That latter statement, alone, indicates the fabricated character scheme known as “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy” was designed, not to bring awareness of the dangers of vaccinations, but, to only contribute, in the public’s collective perceptions, to the efficacy and the dire need for vaccines, and to marginalize those acutely stricken with “vaccine hesitancy” .

As has been previously documented, 5013c charities or non-profits are merely funnels for tax free donations which, through the magic and sorcery of creative bookkeeping and off-shore accounting and banking, can be manipulated into financial profits.

Non-profit organizations – particularly those which have been built on the grand scale of CHD – can also be utilized to covertly fund social and political agitation movements, to launder illicit narcotics profits, or as a covert financial siphon to private foundations beyond the reach of an IRS audit.

This, regarding Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense, comes also from Wikipedia: “Established under the name World Mercury Project in 2016, it {CHD} has been campaigning against various public health programs, such as flouridation of drinking water. The group has been contributing to vaccine hesitancy in the United States, encouraging citizens and legislators to support vaccine regulations and legislation.”

Yes, god forbid someone or anyone should stand as an impediment against the unchallenged charge of the UN’s Agenda 2030.

Mercury, as everyone whom frequents this blog knows, is symbolic of the occult process of sorcerer’s alchemy, the divine gift enabling base metals to be transformed into gold. In that context, it could also be said, the “Covid-19” psychological operation represents a global alchemical transformation of humanity and its capacity for free will into an efficiently managed and obedient machine (“Internet of Things”).

Notably, as well, while many legions of others have been overtly censored online and on social media platforms for expressing “vaccine hesitancy”, Doctor RFK is still allowed to appear on talk shows, to conduct television interviews, and to publicly broadcast videos on You Tube without, apparently, drawing any “community guideline strikes”. That is, until Kennedy is befallen by a public scandal and, along with his followers, is discredited. If history has taught us anything, it is this: the Jesuit order loves to set up those named Kennedy for heroic exploits, only to, later, offer them up as tragic sacrifices.

Concerning the following statement, Wikipedia all but confirms this hypothesis: “He {Kennedy} is an anti-vaccine activist and conspiracy theorist and believes in the scientifically debunked link between vaccines and autism. Similar to many who share his beliefs, Kennedy has claimed that he is not against vaccines but wishes that they be more thoroughly tested and investigated according to his preferences.”

Before Wikipedia self-righteously claims the beliefs of “conspiracy theorists”, concerning the link between vaccines and autism, have been “scientifically debunked”, they ought to take a look at the following contradictory evidence, from both MSM and alternative news sources.


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As for setting up the fabricated character scheme known as “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy Junior” in a position of prominence and authority only to, later, be discredited, one has to admit, such a gambit appears to have been cleverly orchestrated by the Jesuit order and their loyal minions at CIA.

Then again, over the course of centuries, as masters of the execution of psychological warfare, those numbered among the highest echelons of the Jesuit order are nothing if not infamous for their calculating cleverness.

In that respect, the role of “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy Junior” was designed much in the identical manner as yet another of the Jesuit’s renowned counter-intelligence agents, the protestant religious reformer known to history as Martin Luther.


But the Children’s Health Defense is not the only non-profit with which Kennedy has been actively involved. “From 1986 until 2017, Kennedy was a senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a non-profit environmental organization. From 1984 until 2017,” Wikipedia also informs, “he was a board member ad chief prosecuting attorney for Hudson Riverkeeper. For over thirty years, Kennedy has been an adjunct professor of Environmental Law at Pace University School of Law.”

It seems, Kennedy’s profile as a counter-intelligence agent was well-designed, to feature bona fides in the contradicting arenas of both environmental causes and “vaccine hesitancy”, a clever maneuver which, there can be no doubt, was designed to dragnet the attentions and devotions of both political progressives and conservatives, alike.


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate that, indeed, “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy” is a fabricated character scheme, which was designed, by way of negative association (logical fallacy), to identify and to discredit those among the general public harboring “vaccine hesitancy”.

It is likely, at one time or another, everyone has seen Kennedy’s host actor perform on the silver screen, in such cinematic productions as Bull Durham and – wait for it, folks – JFK.

While examining the pair of images posed at similar angles, everyone will begin to observe that the geometrical contours of the right-hand side ears – positioned to your left as you’re looking at the picture – are, in fact, identical. In addition, the geometrical contours of the eyes are also identical.

Below from L to R: Doctor Robert F. Kennedy Junior, Kevin Costner


Costner’s official biography indicates his father’s lineage traces to the original colony of Carolus (Latin for Charles), which became the state of North Carolina. Further examination of this biographical anecdote offers us a clue as to Costner’s royal ancestors: “His {Costner’s} father’s heritage originates with German immigrants to North Carolina in the 1700’s.”

Further investigation into those “German immigrants to North Carolina” directly leads us to the lineage of Europe’s royal bloodlines. According to Wikipedia, “North Carolina was established as a royal colony in 1729 and is one of the original Thirteen Colonies. North Carolina is named in honor of king Charles I of England who first formed the English colony, Carolus, being Latin for “Charles”.

Again, according to Wikipedia, Charles I was king of England, Scotland, and Ireland from 27 March 1625 until his execution in 1649. He was born in to the House of Stuart as the second son of King James VI of Scotland.”

Some of those among Charles’s ancestry include Christian III of Denmark, Mary, Queen of Scotts, and William of Orange. The House of Stuart also has genealogical ties to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor) and to the House of Pallavicini, an ancient family of powerful Italian nobles whom , it is rumored, are still in control of Hollywood, even today.

With possible connections to powerful families such as that, just perhaps, was this how Kevin Costner, the award-winning host actor behind the mask of the fabricated character scheme known as “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy”, was able to become such a big star in Hollywood?

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  1. Fascinating, again! I’ve asked Richard Willett from YT channel, Glitch in the Code, to look into your work. He does great interviews and seems to a genuine journalist. I hope you guys collaborate. I would like to see more of your work getting noticed and up for discussion. As I previously mentioned, YT channel SparkieLee (now 2.0 because his first channel was taken down) suggested your work to me. He does a good job of showing this farce. Anyhoo, thanks. Wish more people knew the truth.

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